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Geoffrey Smedley fonds
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Correspondence series

The series consists of Smedley’s personal and professional correspondence and includes incoming and copies of outgoing letters, printed e-mails, and other messages.

Files are arranged in alphabetical order by subject or correspondent.

Digital Media series

The series consists of various formats of CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks containing digital images, textual documents, and audiovisual recordings.

Items are organized in chronological order.

Geoffrey Smedley fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1481
  • Fonds
  • 1951-2018

Fonds consists primarily of the working files and other materials of Geoffrey Smedley, together with some personal records. The materials include notebooks, drawings, written notes, correspondence, photographs, biographical and professional information, exhibition catalogues and other published items, and reference materials, in both hardcopy and digital media. They are organized in the following series: Notebooks, Works, Correspondence, Professional/Biographical, House and Studio, Grants and Awards, Reference and Research, Photographs, and Digital Media.

Smedley, Geoffrey

Grants and Awards series

Series consists of materials documenting various grant programmes for which Smedley was eligible and includes correspondence and documentation for granting agencies.

The files are arranged in chronological order.

House and Studio series

Series consists of materials documenting the design and construction of the Smedleys’ home on Gambier Island, including its reconstruction after a fire in 2004, and includes architectural drawings, building permits, correspondence, and related documentation.

The files are arranged in chronological order.

Notebooks series

Series consists of notebooks filled with drawings, diagrams, and written notes. These volumes and the information included in them arguably constitute the documentary core of Geoffrey Smedley’s work. They are organized into three sub-series. Numbered Notebooks consists of 35 sequentially-numbered volumes, dated 1964-1988, with notes and drawings on various topics and projects. “Descartes’ Clown” Notebooks consists of 12 volumes, sequentially numbered in Roman numerals, documenting Smedley’s Descartes’ Clown project. Other Notebooks brings together the remainder of Smedley’s notebooks covering various topics and projects.
Where the volumes are numbered, they are arranged sequentially; otherwise, they are arranged in chronological order based on dated notebook entries.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographs of Geoffrey Smedley, his wife Brigid, and Geoffrey’s sculptural and other artistic works. Most titles are derived from notes written on the envelopes or boxes in which they were originally stored – other titles derived from the images themselves or based on conjecture are in square brackets.

Professional/Biographical series

The series consists of materials documenting Smedley’s professional and artistic career and his personal life, including CVs, exhibition catalogues and related documentation, review articles, and press cuttings.

The files are arranged with the CVs placed first and then chronologically.

Reference And Research series

Series consists of research materials assembled and used by Smedley throughout his career and includes copies of articles and other publications, mostly annotated or otherwise marked by Smedley, along with some written notes.

Most materials are undated – the range is estimated based on the few items that are dated. The files are arranged alphabetically by file or item title.

Works series

Series consists of documentation of Smedley’s sculptures and other artistic creations and includes written and typed notes and manuscripts, drawings and sketches, photographs, and various digital media. The series is primarily organized into sub-series: Notes and Research Materials, Rowingbridge, Descartes’ Clown, Magneto, Dissections, Piero della Francesca, Cloud of Numbers, Other Works, and Oversized Materials.

The sub-series are based primarily on Smedley’s works, except where the materials refer to more than one work or are more general. Within each subseries, the materials are arranged in chronological order.