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Manufacturing Consent fonds
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Film Production series

Series consists of various audio and visual formats as well as textual records. Film, video, sound and music logs directly relate to the audiovisual materials. The series also includes film proposals, project profiles, correspondence between Noam Chomsky regarding the development of the project, as well as letters written in support of the film. Most audiovisual material has been catalogued according to the original numbering system given the material by the creator but has been re-housed. The material also retains original box numbers created by Anna Sikorski for Necessary Illusions, which can be disregarded in the new arrangement.

Manufacturing Consent Companion Book series

Series consists of research material specifically collected for the book, correspondence, manuscripts, graphic material and publicity materials relating to the creation and publication of the companion book to the movie Manufacturing Consent. The series also includes several versions of working manuscripts, most of which are annotated, copies of the published book in digital and analogue form.

Manufacturing Consent fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1507
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2000

Fonds consists of textual and audiovisual material relating to the production of the movie "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media", released in 1992, and the companion book by Mark Achbar published in 1994. The filmmakers chose to capture
the majority of their work on film, rather than video, for several reasons. Firstly, during the 1980’s, video resolution was significantly lower than film negative and in an effort to ensure the image resolution was high film was chosen as the predominant medium.
As well, the NFB (National Film Board) was equipped primarily for film shooting, processing and editing. Finally, the motivation to participate in film festivals, which wanted film rather than video, compelled the filmmakers to use film as their medium. Some small format video, captured using rented broadcast quality video gear, was used for long talks or events which would have been uneconomical to shoot in film. The audiovisual material includes original camera negatives, audio and video tapes and sound bites used as research material and in the making of the film as well as some post-production rough cuts, alternative versions and promotional material relating to the distribution of the film and subsequent video. The textual material includes pre and post-production materials as well as production logs and graphical materials. Much of the post-production material relates to the promotion of the film and the media coverage of the film and of Noam Chomsky.

Manufacturing Consent

Photograph series

Series consists of photographs and slides prepared for use in the film and companion book for Manufacturing Consent. It also includes several portraits of Chomsky and some photographs of window displays at Vancouver bookstores which coincided with the film/book’s release.

Post-production and Publicity series

Series consists of clippings, circulars, media releases, media kits and other promotional material relating to the film Manufacturing Consent. Series also includes movie release information, film festival programs and awards, correspondence and articles published in response to the film’s release and educational materials prepared alongside the TV and VHS releases of the film. It also includes some graphic material ready for the promotion of the film.

Research Material series

Series consists of articles, clippings, fliers, pamphlets, essays, graphics and correspondence relating to the production of the movie Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. Many of the files consist of articles featuring Noam Chomsky, his work and ideas, and media controversies prevalent in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including the situation in East Timor and the first Gulf War.