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A supplement to the tract written in the year 1766 and entitle d Considerations on the expediency of procuring an Act of Parliament for settling the Province of Quebec

Attorney-General Francis Maseres, to whom the document is attributed, supports the right of Parliament to legislate for the conquered Province and opposed the argument that the ownership and power to legislate fall exclusively to the Crown. While he rejects such a royal prerogative, he also dismisses the claim of the American colonies to be co-ordinate states within the Empire with the power to reject taxation.

Autograph letter of Rev. Antoine Labelle concerning Riel and other matters

Letter of Curé F.X.A. Labelle at Saint-Jérôme to G. de Molinari in Paris on France's relationship with Canada and the colonization movement. Sir Adolf Chapleau is described as a powerful patron in Ottawa. Labelle has been finding positions for French immigrants. The colony of La Montagne des Bois is to be a barrier to English-speaking influence. Labelle speaks of Riel's guilt, Tâché's pamphlet on the northwest, the Métis cause, a railway for the Laurentians, and of personal matters involving his sister (Mlle. Marie), Mme. Agostini, and M. Plouffe.

Autograph letter of Rev. Chartier, who sided with the rebels in 1837

Letter of Rev. Étienne Chartier, an exiled Patriote at St. Albans, Vermont, to F.A. La Roque in Montreal. The author writes warmly of the necessity of seizing independence from Britain to save French Canada . He speaks of the sorry lot of the exiles and fugitives from Canada and condemns the apathy of the Canadians and the servility of "La lâche aristocratie de Montreal. "The recipient is asked to slip across the border to confer with the exiles at Ward's Hotel in Milton. The want of communication with Canada and the lack of leadership is lamented . An English notation on the cover suggests that it was intercepted.

Autograph of Jean Talon

Receipt of Jean Talon, Intendant des Finances of Hainault, for 600 livres received from the Trésorier Général as payment for Talon's perquisites in September and extraordinary war expenses.

Brulart de Sillery. Letter of ---, French State Minister an d donor of the first Indian school at Sillery.

Letter of NoelBrulart de Sillery at Rome to an unknown recipent. Sillery speaks of his desire and that of Sieur Menoshio to meet him. Conte Jullio will be making a trip in place of Cardinal Ladvisio; Sillery suspects that he is an agent of the, King. The recipient is advised to ingratiate himself with Cardinal de Sagre and to remember Sillery's friendship.

Documents relating to shipping and trade in Canada

17 March 1758 - Bill of Lading signed by Capt. Thomas Lemonier for goods consigned to Tropes and Martin of Quebec on board Le Castelmauron from Bordeaux.

24 April 1758 - Insurance policy for half the value of the ship in case of loss or capture taken out by Pierre Honore Roux and Son of Marseilles. The vessel is Le Castelmaron (sic) under Lemonier in account for Paul Cusson and son.

3 Feb. 1759 - List of ten, varicoloured "pièces de peluches" destined for M. Tropes and Benjamin Martin of Quebec on a Bordeaux vessel under Capt. Nicolas Jussau.

31 May 1763 - Receipt of Jean André Boulle of Marseilles for 75 livres paid by Roux Freres, victualers of Le Castelmaron in 1758 . The vessel was apparently lost.

Expedition to Canada with an attempt to capture Quebec made by the forces of New England under the command of Sir William Phipps in 1690

Nineteenth century copy of a chronicle of Sir William Phipps' expedition against Quebec in 1690. The original was written in the first person by a Protestant Divine of Boston. He is critical of Governor Andros and hopes for a second assault against Canada which, he fears, will be a powerful naval base endangering New England .

Four letters of de Salaberry to Mondelet

Four letters of Ignace-Michel de Salaberry at Quebec to his friend, J .M. Mondelet, whom he calls "Le chevalier de Montréal."

(a) 21 May 1808 - Rejoicing and congratulations at Mondelelet's election, outrage expressed against one Germain, the impudence of Panet fils in court, de Salaberry claims to control the election of Bédard.

(b) 6 June 1808 - Praise for M.'s letter, M. is asked to thank de Salaberry's supporters, several veiled references to persons, de S. sends greetings to Boucherville and Grosbois.

(c) 12 June 1808 - Repeats desire to have his supporters thanked, complains of difficulty of writing in this house.

(d) 19 Jan. 1809 - Mme. de S. is ill, M. is asked to come, speaks of rumours about the opening of the Legislative Assembly which is uncertain, the speaker complains of "obstinate fellows" but is ignorant of M. P[apineau]'s undertakings. M. is authorized to read these letters publicly, de S . recommends loyalty to the Crown.

French Canadian history collection

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  • 1622-1912

The collection, started at the turn of the century by Michaud, consists of documents, correspondence, and records relating to French-Canadian history. It includes transcripts and photographic copies of material in the Archives Nationales in Paris and Quebec and elsewhere.

Letter of C. B. Rouleau, North-West Justice, on Riel's trial

Letter of Charles B. Rouleauat Aylmer to C.A. Lesage in Ottawa in response to his request for information on events in the Northwest. The Justice from N .W.T . makes eight observations on the land title question, Métis probity, Government delays, the wood-cutting tax, and the number and composition of the rebels ("en un mot, c'était presque tous des anciens rebelles de la Rivière Rouge.") White involvement is discussed as is Riel's reputation and motives. Riel's plea of insanity is described as being false.

Letter of Chief Justice Monk of Quebec to Secretary of State Dundas about Crown Lands, with a copy of the Executive Council's letter to Governor Prescott.

Signed duplicate of a letter marked "Private" from Chief Justice Sir James Monk at Quebec to the Secretary of State, Henry Dundas (8 pages). It involves a dispute between the Executive Council and Governor Robert Prescott in which Prescott publicly charged the Council with bad motives in delaying a decision on certain land applications. Annexed to this letter is a copy of the Council's proceedings of 20 Sept . 1798 with Prescott's observations (6 pages). The Council insisted on a public record of the distribution of Crown lands and opposed a secret record book as a "novelty."

Letter of Horace Nelson, a Canadian rebel living in the U.S.

Letter of Horace Nelson, an exile in Plattsburgh, New York State, to Jules Lamothe, a Montreal barrister . Nelson complains of police harassment and writes in a cryptic fashion of "M.", "N.", and "La chienne à Cantin. "The movements and situation of patriotes and their friends (Robert Cartier, Machiot, L' Ami Maurice) are described with metaphors. "La Guerre est dans tous les discours, quand viendra-t-elle? "

Letter of J. C. Provencher, arrested by Riel's followers on way to the Red River

Report of Joseph A.N. Provencher at Fort Pembina to William McDougall, Lieutenant Governor Designate, on his trip to Sale River to meet the Métis leaders and to explain the transfer of power from the Hudson's Bay Company to Canada. His trip is described. He reports the complaints he heard and the position of the Métis "President" (John Bruce).

Letter of Laurier discussing the political situation

Letter of Wilfrid Laurier at Arthabaskaville to "Mon Cher Ami." Laurier remarks on the similarity of Gambetta's ideas with those of Blusle (?). He speaks of the relationship of political corruption and public morality, especially in Quebec, and of the need to avoid partisanship.

Maps and Sketches

Series consists of a view of the French fort at Beausejour, a view of the Point of Beausejour and Pointe a Roger, a plan of the Baffle of St. Charles during the 1837 rebellion, and a plan of the Great Quebec Fire.

Memorandum concerning minerals in Canada

Memorandum of M. Huy at Paris evaluating samples of "Pierrailles du Canada Envoyées Comme Mines Métalliques (Minerals )" by M. Jacrau of the Quebec Seminary. They are listed as assayed and the writer concludes that their metallic content "n'est bon qu'à serrer des grandes chemins."

Official Report of the outbreak of Riel's rebellion

Legal copies on blue, folio paper of documents relating to the beginnings of the Red River uprising.

(a) Oct . 11-22, 1869 - A "memorandum of facts and circumstances connected with the active opposition by the French halfbreeds in this settlement to the prosecution of the Government surveys." This is a day-by-day chronicle of events certified and signed by "J.S." at Fort Garry.

(b) 22 Oct. 1869 - Deposition of Walton Hyman, Tanner of St . Norbert, before William Cowan, J.P. at Fort Garry, on the movements of armed parties in the area . This report is corroborated and some of the armed men are identified by Mr . Lyons, Merchant of St. Norbert.

(c) 15 Oct. 1869 - Letter of William Cowan to Col. Dennis reporting his failure and that of Governor MacTavish in overcoming the resistance of "the French settlers " to the land surveys.

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