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Bill Collings fonds
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Acid & Ph

File contains correspondence with Summerland Research Station with acid & pH analysis reports addressed to Bill Collings. Article on same by Bill Collings. Research materials - photocopies and tearsheets.

Bill Collings fonds

  • CA OSC-ARC-19
  • Fonds
  • 1941 - 2007

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the winemaking career of Bill Collings. Fonds includes records such as correspondence files, articles and writings, research documents, as well as posters and prints. Fonds contains records both created and received or collected by Bill Collings. This fonds is arranged into three series: 1) Correspondence; 2) Writings; 3) Collected materials.

Collings, Bill

[Bill Collings loose documents]

File contains BCAWA Provincial Competition folio (1990); personal bibliography for winetasting; proposal by Bill Collings to change BCAWA competition; "Acid Adjustments" by BC, 1992; Hazelmere Research Ltd. assessment folio (acid); "Correcting Acid Balance" by BC, 1992; Bill Collings / Better Winemaking correspondence folio; BC Correspondence to BC Grape Marketing Board; "The Home Winemaking Market" by Bill Collings; "The Home Winemaker's market - What's it all about" by Bill Collings (drafts, multiple copies); "Grapes to Home Winemakers: A Report" by Bill Collings; multiple other reports, articles, proposals by Bill Collings.

Collected materials

Series consists of materials collected by Bill Collings that pertain to the wine and wine-making industry. Series includes records such as research materials, meeting minutes, and regulation files. Series also contains a framed print. Abbreviated as COLLECTED in the file list.


The series consists of Bill Collings’ correspondence records. Records in this series include fax sheets, copies of letters, printed emails, and memos between Bill Collings and various people such as government bodies, research entities, consultants, and other individuals involved in the wine industry. Abbreviated as CORRESPONDENCE in the file list.

European Grape Growing : Rittich

File contains copy of "European grape growing in cooler districts where winter protection is necessary" by VG Rittich and EA Rittich. Selected chapters copied from an unidentified book.

Malic & Tartaric Acid Testing

File contains articles by Bill Collings: 1. Malolactic Fermentation; 2. Hydrogen Sulfide and its derivatives; 3. Fining and fining agents; 4. Acid/pH Adjustments; 5. Potassium sorbate; 6. Titration for tartaric and malic acids; annotated research materials.

Red Wine Production Shortcourse

File contains Book of the different speeches that were presented in different sessions from the shortcourse that was put on by the Central Washington Wine Technical Group in conjunction with Washington State University Cooperative Extension.

Strategic Plan Growers Material

File contains correspondence between Bill Collings and Ministry; strategic plan committee and W. Gehringer; article "Situation of Grape Growers: post 1994" by Bill Collings; correspondence between Bob McRitchie and Bill Collings plus associated memos; research package including confidential strategic plan (provincial) via Sumac Winery; correspondence between wineries and the Province (fax, faded); strategic committee composition, incl Bill Collings; handwritten notes.

Tony Aspler’s Vintage Canada

File contains letter to Tony Aspler from Bill Collings and a reply from Tony Aspler to Bill Collings. Found in Tony Aspler’s Vintage Canada (1993).

Writings and personal records

Series consists of records pertaining to the writings and works done by Bill Collings, along with some personal records. Series includes records such as copies of articles and presentations written by Bill Collings. Series also includes a photograph of Bill Collings, as well as a manuscript and self-published book written by Bill Collings’ father, Tom Collings. Abbreviated as WRITINGS in the file list.