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Alan Haig-Brown fonds
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Pacific Coastal Region

Sub-series contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown to document the marine industry and culture in British Columbia, Alaska and Washington state primarily, with some files related to Oregon, California and Hawaii. The file-level arrangement preserves the original order of the creator, who grouped his photographs by date and - typically - location.

Subjects depicted include BC Ferries and their crews, the Vancouver Harbour and the Fraser River.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Alan Haig-Brown fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1698
  • Fonds
  • 1951 - 2012, predominant 1984-2012

The fonds consists primarily of Alan Haig-Brown's written and photographic works on the marine industry in Canada and internationally. Photographs document ships and boats, maritime scenes and personalities in fishing and ship-building. The geographical scope of the photographs includes British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii; Southern Coastal US (Texas and Louisiana); Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines; Netherlands; Brazil.

Textual records include annotated drafts for several of Haig-Brown's books, hand-written notes, newspaper clippings, design schematics and correspondence.

The fonds also contains audio recordings of interviews and oral histories with figures in the maritime trades.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Southern United States

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown over various visits to Southern United States, mostly to Louisiana and Texas. The photographs document the fishing and marine industries in the area, including boats and ships, shipyards and crews.

Haig-Brown, Alan


Series contains photographs documenting various aspects of the marine industry and culture on the western and southern coasts of North America and the Asian Pacific coast primarily; there are some photographs taken in the Netherlands and Brazil.

Subjects depicted in the photographs include exteriors and interiors of numerous types of boats and ships, as well as practices, technologies and personalities in the marine trades. Some photographs are of marine engines produced by Cummins, for whom Haig-Brown writes a regular web newsletter called Hotips (alternately, Hottips).

The series also contains several photographs of Alan Haig-Brown's family, including his spouse Anya; his sister, Valerie Haig-Brown, editor and eldest daughter of Roderick Haig-Brown; and his daughter, filmmaker Helen Haig-Brown.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Asia Pacific

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown documenting people and activities involved in the fishing and commercial marine industries in coastal East Asia. Numerous regional boats and shipyards are also captured.

Haig-Brown, Alan

South America

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown in and near Manaus, Brazil, mostly of tugs, canoes and waterfront scenes.

Haig-Brown, Alan


File contains photographs of various boats and ships in Astoria, OR and Vancouver, BC. Included are photographs of Seven Daughters (fishing boat), Calamari (fishing boat), Chellisa Michelle (fishing boat), Celebrity Mercury (cruise ship), Spirit of Oceans (passenger ship), Manfred Nystrom (towing vessel), Norwegian Sun (cruise ship), Veendam (cruise ship) and the R. G. McBeath (Vancouver Police boat). Also contains photographs of the Maritime Memorial Park beneath the Astoria bridge.

From descriptive metadata created by Alan Haig-Brown: "Anya and I stayed overnight in Astoria and took pics along the river and then went out to the ship wreck at the ocean beaches."

Haig-Brown, Alan


Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown over several trips to the Netherlands and Belgium. Photographs are of various boats and ships, shipyards and locks.

Haig-Brown, Alan


File contains a combination of historical (1964-5) photographs of Clay's Wharf, and contemporary photographs of tall ships in Steveston, BC. Also contains a black-and-white photograph of Alan Haig-Brown as a young man, and Arrawac Freighter (ex Beatrice) upon which he worked.

On the historical photographs of Clay's Wharf, Alan Haig-Brown comments: "We lived there from 1962 to 1964 while I went to school and university in Vancouver. Rent free for caretaking, had use of the little cliner built boat." Of the tall ships, he notes: "Fraser River pilots greeted in the Gulf and then each rode a ship up the river."

Haig-Brown, Alan


File contains scanned copies of Alan Haig-Brown's photographs of various boats along the Fraser River, including the Delta Queen V, and of a damaged container ship towed into Seattle from Gulf of Alaska. Also included are photographs of Northern Girl, operated by Logger Freight Services out of Granville Island in 1966; Alan Haig-Brown was second engineer (deck hand) on Northern Girl in May and June 1966.

Haig-Brown, Alan


File contains handwritten notes by Alan Haig-Brown about his archival research on boats at the Maritime Museum and elsewhere, handwritten and typed drafts of "Scotty Neish: The Union and the Navy" with annotations and correspondence between Alan Haig-Brown and Neish. Also contains historic photographs of BC boats; many of the photographs appear to be identified in the archival research notes.

The Suzie A

File contains a typed draft of "The Suzie A," a children's book written by Alan Haig-Brown, with annotations. Also contains correspondence with the Pacific Educational Press and other materials related to preparing a unit planning guide around the Suzie A for use in upper elementary and junior secondary curricula in British Columbia schools.


Series contains materials related to Alan Haig-Brown's marine writing, including drafts of his published books and research sources.

Haig-Brown has written several published books, most focusing on the commercial fishing industry in British Columbia. The drafts in the series include the non-fiction, award-winning "Fishing for a Living" (1993) and the children's book, "The Suzie A" (1991). The research sources relate to various figures in the BC fishing industry, and to specific boats. Several schematic drawings of boats are also included within individual files.

Haig-Brown, Alan

[Interviews and Oral Histories]

File contains audio cassette recordings of interviews and oral histories with personalities in the maritime trades created by Alan Haig-Brown. Includes recordings with Pat Moone, Capt. C. Clarke [same as Charlie Clarke?] (2 cassettes), Charlie Clarke, Louis Percich, Dick Anzulovich, Burt Menchions (2 cassettes), Robert Allen Jr. (+ Charlie Clarke on side 2), Phil Haydon, Julie Edwards, Sam Matsumoto, Scotty Neish, Harry Assu and Al Renke. Names were transcribed from handwritten cassette labels. Additional information about the interview (e.g. date, location or boat) is also written on the cassette labels.

Haig-Brown, Alan


File contains handwritten notes and a handwritten chapter on seine and halibut fisherman Fred Kohse, as well as correspondence with Kohse and Kohse's handwritten annotations on the "Fred Kohse" chapter. There are several references to the boat Sleep Robber, which has been photographed by Alan Haig-Brown. Also contains a photograph of Kohse, scanned photographs of ships annotated by Kohse, and two photocopied articles written by Alan Haig-Brown on Kohse for Western Fisheries and National Fisherman, respectively.


File contains several typed drafts of "The Ladner Boats" and handwritten notes from Alan Haig-Brown's interview with Joe Tara in August 1985.


File contains correspondence and ephemera from the Whatcom Museum of History and Art in Bellingham, WA, relating to an exhibition on naval architect H.C. Hanson.


File contains a draft copy of Alan Haig-Brown's "Fishing for a Living," with annotations and edits. Includes the book sections "Native to the Waters" and "Introduction."


File contains a draft copy of Alan Haig-Brown's "Fishing for a Living," with annotations and edits. Includes the book sections "Percich and Anzulovich," "They Built a Fleet" and "Menchion's Boats."


File contains a draft copy of Alan Haig-Brown's "Fishing for a Living," with annotations and edits. Includes the book sections "The Ladner Boats," "The Haida Boats," "Kitaka" and "Seine Boat."

Assu, Herb

File contains several typed, annotated and handwritten drafts of "Native to the Waters."


File contains typewritten drafts of "Keep on Fishing," as well as handwritten drafts and notes.

Kishi + Nakade

File contains handwritten notes, handwritten and typewritten drafts of "They Built a Fleet" and "Not Only Gillnetters," and newspaper articles related to Japanese-Canadian fishermen. Also contains photographs of various boats, Japanese-Canadian fishermen and boat-builders, and a boatworks in Steveston, BC.


File contains handwritten notes from "Masumoto" cassette, and other ephemera related to Matsumoto shipyards LTD in North Vancouver. Also contains an undated photograph of the Sunnfjord fishing boat.


File contains handwritten notes and other research materials related to Bert Menchions, as well as an edited draft chapter entitled "W.R. Menchions" and correspondence from Bert Menchions to Alan Haig-Brown. Also contains paper copies and mylar originals of technical drawings of purse seiners by naval architect Robert Allan.


File contains handwritten and typewritten drafts of "The Haida Boats" with annotations, as well as a handwritten transcription of the Florence Davidson interview cassette.


File contains several typewritten and edited drafts of "Kitaka," handwritten notes and a handwritten transcription of an interview with Phil Haydon. Also contains photographs of the Kitaka and correspondence with Kitaka owners Barbara and Phil Haydon.

Anzulovich + Percich

File contains hand-transcribed notes from interviews with Louis Percich and Dick Anzulovich, and Christmas letter from Alan Haig-Brown to Louis Percich. Also contains several drafts of "They Love to Fish" - one handwritten, one with edits from Valerie Haig-Brown and one clean copy.

Clarke, Charlie

File contains handwritten transcription of Charlie Clarke interview cassette, a handwritten draft and typewritten draft of the "Captain Clarke" chapter with handwritten annotations, other handwritten notes and an untitled black-and-white photograph of boats in a harbour (Vancouver Public Library photo no. 11831).


File contains handwritten notes and chapter drafts related to "Canfisco and Sterling Shipyards" (also: "Canfisco and Jack Ballard").

Nelson, Ritchie

File contains handwritten and typed drafts of "Ritchie Nelson and the Company," and "Laissez-Faire," a biographical account of Ritchie Nelson by an unidentified author (possibly Alan Haig-Brown). Also contains a photocopied technical drawing of a fishing boat belonging to Nelson Bros Fisheries.

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