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Executive meeting minutes (2 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 3, 1979 to November 26, 1979. Topics discussed include committee reports, correspondence, pension plans, Local 2 strike and picketing at UBC, striking of sub-committees, grievances against UBC, union duties, compensation for duties, support for causes and other unions, disciplinary action, purchase of office supplies, union certification, job descriptions, sick leave, disability benefits, office restructuring, newsletters, and the implementation of a third-party employee benefits program. File also contains proposed agendas for executive meetings, and correspondence regarding solicitation of funds for SORWUC.

Executive meeting minutes (6 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated September 11, 1973 to December 18, 1974. Topics discussed include defining the bargaining unit, support for women's action, registering members, membership dues, leaflets and postering, grievances and grievance procedures, membership parties, the union's constitution, press releases, office rental and organization, relations with the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Universities Act, negotiations with UBC and SFU, probation pay, office finances and administration, the newsletter, elections and voting, a negotiation seminar, International Women's Day, general membership meetings, shop stewards, communications with the Labour Relations Board, benefits, support for other unions, committee reports, contract priorities and negotiations, job classification, organization of the union, role of the executive, a conference of women in Canadian colleges and universities, nominations, membership cards and steward buttons, correspondence, record keeping, relations with the Provincial Association, the Provincial Convention, by-law amendments, general strike, division structure, unfair ballot protest, harrassment of union employees by their supervisors, establishing a credit union, job retraining, working conditions, and relations with the new Labour Council.

File also contains correspondence regarding the unfair ballot, and a list of restructured divisions.

Executive meeting minutes (7 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 9, 1980 to December 16, 1980. Topics discussed include correspondence, cutbacks, donations and donation policy, reimbursements, individual and committee reports, inappropriate disciplinary action, the newsletter "On Campus", grievances, job reclassification, leaves of absence, relations with the Provincial Association, increased Per Capita Tax, office rental and supplies, office administration, financial reports, the strike fund, union membership, general membership meetings, job evaluation, by-law amendments, resignation of the President, the bi-weekly pay period, vacation pay, union dues, the Stewards' Seminar, support of other unions, duties of Local association officers and committees, committee structure and functioning, union job descriptions, enforced retirement, allegations against Marcel Dionne, support for womens' rights and anti-nuclear endeavors, striking and lock-outs, letters of complaint arising from a strike, arbitration and negotiation with UBC, office insurance, seniority for employees excluded from the union, union affiliation, Benefacts, purchasing of office equipment, and the employee assistance program.

File also contains a poster to a "public rally and dance in support of the Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade."

Executive meeting minutes (8 of 8)

File contains several executive meeting minutes dated May 15, 1979 to February 19, 1981. Topics discussed include correspondence, individual and committee reports, support of other unions and causes, the donation policy, relations/disagreements with and contributions to the Provincial Association, union affiliation, office administration, union publications, grievances, contract and pension negotiation, AUCE/CUPE certification, cutbacks, the "On Campus" newsletter, union dues, by-law amendments, job evaluations, job classification, financial budgets, inappropriate disciplinary action, reimbursement, resignation of the President, office administration and expenditures, and enforced retirement.

File also contains a letter of appointment for a mediator from the Labour Relations Board. File also contains correspondence received by AUCE in November and December 1981, and a list of division members.

General membership meeting minutes (1 of 4)

File contains general and special meeting minutes dated September 11, 1973 to December 12, 1974. Topics discussed include amendments and review of by-laws, elections and nominations, contract negotiations, union organization, communications through the press and with UBC, role of the executive, hiring union staff, correspondence, meeting schedules, the provincial association, finances, office administration and equipment, grievances with UBC, strike action, meeting attendance, the annual convention, union dues, consultation with legal counsel, job classification, constitutional amendments, establishing a credit union, office rental, certification, vacation leave, probationary periods, gender discrimination, overtime, seniority, cost of living, the Stewards Seminar, health insurance, record-keeping practices, and the President's Committee on Charitable Donations.

File also contains official reports; minutes of the August 30th, 1973 Charter Meeting of Local #1; drafted and signed by-laws; minutes of the May 5, 1974 executive meeting; a copy of the Agreement of Interpretation of Grievance Procedure between AUCE Local 1 and UBC; and preparations for the first contract negotiations between Local 1 and UBC.

Correspondence with other unions and UBC

File contains correspondence with other unions and with UBC dated February 13, 1974 to June 1, 1976. Topics include seminars, leaves of absence, union membership, speaking invitations, and financial and moral support.

File also contains copies of informational leaflets advocating for AUCE, a press release, and drafts towards a Union Organizer manual. File also contains one undated copy of CAIMAW's newsletter "Sparker" and a report of the Canadian Confederation of Unions - B.C. Council Convention dated February 22, 1976.

Correspondence, incoming (1 of 3)

File contains incoming correspondence dated February 1979 to June 1979. Topics include referendums, constitutional amendments, office equipment, newsletters, support of causes and other unions, university procedure, union staffing and membership, disciplinary action, leaves of absence, public visibility, grievances with UBC, unemployment insurance, symposium proceedings on UBC day care, job descriptions, legal representation, educational courses, insurance benefits, the All-items Index of Consumer Prices for Canada, membership meetings, and a request for student volunteers.

Correspondence, incoming (2 of 3)

File contains incoming correspondence dated December 1978 to March 1979. Topics include support of causes and other unions, newsletters, arbitration, the Provincial Convention, the Consumer Price Index, educational courses, union staffing and membership, formation of an AUCE Travel Club, office equipment, pension plans, finances, the Essential Services Disputes Act, relations and negotiations with UBC, job descriptions, debates of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, steward seminars, and human rights.

Correspondence, incoming (3 of 3)

File contains incoming correspondence dated March 1979 to December 1979. Topics include support of causes and other unions, grievances with UBC, newsletters, union staffing and membership, contract negotiations, Labour Relations Board reports, gender discrimination on campus, human rights legislation, gay rights, membership meetings, educational courses, the Employee Assistance Program, availability of legal reference to prison inmates, unemployment insurance, office equipment and administration, leaves of absence, the Consumer Price Index, charges against union members, working conditions, referendum procedure and outcomes, job descriptions, conferences, resignations and appointments, support of Vietnamese refugees, and the Muckamuck Restaurant strike.

General correspondence, outgoing

File contains copies of outgoing correspondence dated January 1979 to January 1980. Topics include union membership and staffing, letters of thanks, donations and letters of support, speaking engagements, membership meeting notices, leaves of absence, employee assistance programs, educational courses, gender discrimination, membership dues, requests for publications, purchases, negotiations with UBC, retirement and pensions, working conditions, job classification and evaluation, disciplinary action, referendums, temporary employee appointments, workers' rights, women in the workforce, by-law amendments, the Provincial Dispatch, wage indemnity, maternity leave, steward seminars, worker insurance benefits, union elections, harrassment, and members of the executive. File also contains a copy of the October 5, 1973 "Dental Care Plan Service Contract" (and subsequent riders) between the Medical Services Association and the University of British Columbia.

Executive correspondence

File contains incoming and outgoing executive correspondence dated March 1974 to June 1977. Topics include membership, recycling on campus, relations with the Provincial association, daycare and maternity benefits, public relations, leaves of absence, requests for and letters of support from outside organizations and unions, letters of resignation and termination, job descriptions and evaluations, cutbacks at UBC, referendum procedure, dissatisfaction with local governance, negotiations and contracts with UBC, general and executive membership meetings, health care plans, strikes and demonstrations, strikebreakers and discipline procedure, educational workshops, union jurisdiction, retirement, surveys, rent and rent control, gender discrimination, by-laws and constitutions, office expenses, and pay equity. File also contains a copy of the October 5, 1973 "Dental Care Plan Service Contract" (and subsequent riders) between the Medical Services Association and the University of British Columbia.

Office log

File consists of the Union Organizer's handwritten office log, dated November 3rd, 1975 to November 17, 1976. The log documents the Organizer's duties and activities, including general administration and organization, phone calls, speaking to members, preparing reports, compiling arbitration cases, office renovation, peparing for membership meetings, writing newsletter articles, recordkeeping, and constructing an office manual.

File also contains correspondence, a Civil Engineering Department list, administrative instructions, reports written by the Organizer, meeting notes, committee membership lists and terms of reference, an executive membership list, and a library loan list.

File also contains "Strike Progress" material, documenting AUCE's strike activity and administration in December 1975. Records include activity logs, an official brief to UBC's Board of Governors, executive meeting minutes, a transcript of a meeting between AUCE and the BC Federation of Labour, and correspondence.

Communications Committee minutes

File contains Communications Committee meeting minutes dated May 5, 1975 to August 5, 1980. Topics discussed include nominations and elections, correspondence, newsletter contents and distribution, editorial policy, and recordkeeping.

File also contains a Communications Committee Information Sheet, correspondence, committee membership lists, and a 1976 synopsis of the December 1975 strike. File also contains notes of the Management Alternatives Committee dated April 2, 1980, and notes of the Affiliation Convention dated April 12, 1980.

AUCE Eighth Annual Convention (1 of 2)

File contains the agenda and associated material of the June 1981 AUCE 8th Annual Provincial Convention. Associated material includes delegates, rules of order, 1980 convention minutes, provincial executive reports, financial statements, provincial committee reports, local reports, resolutions, constitutional amendments, emergency proposals, and miscellaneous documents (report appendices and copies of correspondence).

AUCE Eighth Annual Convention (2 of 2)

File contains the agenda and associated material of the June 1981 AUCE 8th Annual Provincial Convention. Associated material includes delegates, rules of order, 1980 convention minutes, provincial executive reports, financial statements, provincial committee reports, local reports, resolutions, constitutional amendments, emergency proposals, and miscellaneous documents (report appendices and copies of correspondence).


File contains master copies of form letters, and blank vacation entitlement schedules. Form letters include notice of severance, a description of AUCE and Local 1, a notice of reimbursement for lost wages, and a notice of overdue initiation fee.

Strike pay

File contains outgoing and incoming correspondence regarding 1978 strike pay, a list of cheques released to signatories, and statements of earnings. Correspondence includes memoranda to Local 1's union office authorizing release of strike pay cheques to third parties. File also includes Local 2's Annual Report 1978/9 Supplement. Topics discussed include maternity benefits, strike action, negotiations with Simon Fraser University, and committee reports.

Working conditions

File contains material relating to working conditions at UBC. Records include "Second draft of amendments to Industrial Health & Safety Regulations (First Aid Section)" from the Worker's Compensation Board of British Columbia (dated September 25, 1978), documents produced by Local 1's Working Conditions Committee, correspondence regarding working conditions, an inspection report, a report regarding the detrimental effects of fluorescent lighting, and a newspaper clipping regarding stretching exercises for office workers.

File also contains a pamphlet from the UBC Alumni Association's Wesbrook Society (possibly from 1982), and copies of Local 1's grievance form.

Working conditions

File contains correspondence, reports, and ephemera produced or received by Local 1's Working Conditions Committee. Topics include fluorescent lighting, the Workers' Compensation Board manual, grievance procedure, and first aid kit maintenance.

Grievance Committee: old agendas etc.

File contains agendas and several handwritten minutes of Grievance Committee meetings dated May 3, 1976 to March 25, 1977. Topics discussed include individual grievances, employee discharges and layoffs, job classification, stewards seminars, job postings and applications, correspondence, arbitration, working conditions, employee files, stack attendants, leaves of absence, student assistants, meal periods, seniority, and maternity leave.

Treasurer's files

File contains records of the union office treasurer, dated June 20, 1978 to November 20, 1979. Documents include material concerning a 1979 office reorganization. Topics discussed include administrative restructuring, dues restructuring, subsequent by-law amendments, and union income. File also contains correspondence and invoices regarding payments to AUCE Provincial, legal arbitration, employee benefits, office rental, pest control, and union dues. File also contains the following miscellaneous documents: an account log photocopy, agenda and minutes of membership meetings, financial statements, and Local 1 by-laws. File also contains issues of Across Campus (October 1979, March 1979), and Contract Bulletin 3.

Miscellaneous AUCE files

File contains miscellaneous documents, such as the agenda for a Communications Committee meeting dated September 1974, correspondence, a petition from Local 3 for strike fund contributions, a a daycare petition from the Social Services' Employees Union of British Columbia, and a report of the Student Support Sub-Committee dated October 22, 1974.

Papers and vouchers belonging to the schooner "Kate"…

File contains documents relating to the schooner "Kate." Documents include exhibits to support claim of losses; account and expense sheets, including vessel inventories and lists of repairs and improvements; vouchers for expenses incurred by "Kate;" statements and declarations by Spring regarding "Kate;" insurance policy; related correspondence, a copy of the warning letter from H.M.S. "Daphne" against entering Bering Sea; claim to Pelagic Sealing Commission.

Correspondence 1895, 1906-1912

File contains letters related to Spring's requests for the appointment of a commission for the final settlement of Modus Vivendi claims. Notable correspondents include Louis-Philippe Brodeur, Minster of Marine and Fisheries; William Templeman, Acting Minster of Marine and Fisheries; A. Johnson, Deputy Minister of Marine and Fisheries; Martin Burrell, Minister of Agriculture; Charles J. Doherty, Minister of Justice; John Douglas Hazen, Minister of Marine and Fisheries; W.T. White, Victoria Board of Trade. File also includes an index created by Spring of select letters from 1892 to 1928, entitled "List of letters, referring to correspondence on Modus Vivendi Claims for Season 1892."

Correspondence 1913-1914

File contains letters related to "Modus Vivendi" claims for the schooners "Kate" and "Favorite" and correspondence in response Spring's 1914 petition and memorial to Parliament. Notable correspondents include George Henry Barnard, Member of Parliament for Victoria City; John Douglas Hazen, Minister of Marine and Fisheries; Charles Edmund Kingsmill, Director of Naval Services; Martin Burrell, Minister of Agriculture. The file also includes typed copies of the notice of liability to interruption issued to sealers in March 1892, a copy of a letter received from L.A. Cattaliar, Under Secretary of State, in 1895 regarding the sealers' unsuccessful claims for losses, and estimates of losses incurred during the season.

Provincial Executive minutes (3 of 3)

File contains meeting minutes dated January 18, 1975 to September 21, 1975. Topics discussed include constitutional amendments, correspondence, financial reports, reports from Locals, planning the second annual convention, staffing, bylaws, strikes, dues, contracts, and committees. File also contains a letter from AUCE Local 2 (SFU) and a thank you letter.

Provincial Executive minutes (2 of 2)

File contains meeting minutes dated August 16, 1980 to December 13, 1980. Topics discussed include office business and meeting structure, reports from Locals, correspondence, financial statements, loans, undertaking an AUCE history project, the convention and referendum, "Regina vs. Pappajohn" Supreme Court Decision, the affiliation question, protesting the Ku Klux Klan, grievances, strikes, committee reports, and per capita taxes. File also contains letters from AUCE Locals to AUCE Provincial on the affiliation ballot and the special convention, and an AUCE Provincial Bulletin to AUCE members on the topic of elections and nominations.

Local 1 Executive minutes (2 of 2)

File contains Executive Minutes for Local 1 dated May 13, 1982 to December 13, 1982. Topics discussed include correspondence received throughout the year, financial reports, contracts, strikes, grievances, communications, overtime policies for union staff, student employment, health and safety, negotiations, secession of Locals 4 and 5, conflict between Provincial and Locals, changes in AUCE organization and the role of the Provincial Executive. File also contains committee terms of reference, the 1982 Provincial Convention Annual Report from the President and Vice-President, a job description, a letter, notes, photocopies of the newsletter.

Local 1 Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes dated January 12, 1983 to December 6, 1983. Topics discussed include correspondence, executive reports, the union office and personnel, the reports of union organizers, grievances, contracts, health and safety, bylaw amendments, financial reports, stike fund information, the newsletter, interactions with CUPE, strike actions, secession ballot results, disciplinary actions for members crossing picket lines. File also contains multiple job descriptions, and a list of involuntary transfer exemptions, safety and overtime reports, legal correspondence, letter of agreement between UBC and AUCE, and lists of cheques issued.

Local 1 Executive minutes

File contains the meeting minutes and correspondence of the Association of University and College Employees, Local 1, and its successor the Canadian University Employees (CUE). The CUE records date from December 10, 1985 to October 7, 1985, and the AUCE records date from September 18, 1985 to January 8, 1985. Topics discussed include reports on computer implementation, office and executive restructuring, financial reports, reports from the union coordinator, job descriptions, communications, interactions with Ritchie and Associates, "work to rule," the Local name change, grievances, health and safety, and contract negotiations. File also contains correspondence from the CUE legal team and CUPE, memos and notes, a news bulletin, and a service contract between CUPE and AUCE Local 1.

[Minutes and correspondence of CUE Executive] (3 of 3)

File contains meeting minutes and correspondence dated August 12, 1986 to January 23, 1986. Topics discussed include essential services, daycare, grievances, job classifications, contract negotiations, policies on alcohol and drug related problems, overtime, Ritchie and Associates, office staff wages, and health and safety. File also contains a draft report on clean indoor air and smoking .

CUE Executive minutes (1 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated December 8, 1987 to September 8, 1987. Topics discussed include hiring, bylaws, budgets, staff issues, contracts, grievances, education, health and safety, and communications. File also contains several agendas, job descriptions, a calendar page, handwritten notes, and correspondence with UBC.

CUE Executive minutes (2 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated September 8, 1987 to June 30, 1987. Topics discussed include executive reports, financial reports, contracts, grievances, education, health and safety, communication, hiring, arbitration, policies, newsletter, and overtime. File also contains correspondence from CUPE and others, and financial balance sheets.

CUE Executive minutes (3 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated June 30, 1987 to March 24, 1987. Topics discussed include contracts, grievances, communications, health and safety, education, financial reports, newsletter, recommendations from the sexual harrassment committee, hiring, pension plans, CUPE charter, strike fund, and budget projections. File also contains several agendas, memos, correspondence, a report from UBC, referenda reports, and authorization forms.

CUE Executive minutes (4 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated March 10, 1987 to February 17, 1987. Topics discussed include union staffing, financial reports, grievances, education, health and safety, communications, contracts, overtime, membership meetings, job descriptions, bylaws, and a report from the sexual harrassment committee. File also contains executive authorization forms, correspondence, memos, and several agendas.

CUE Executive minutes (5 of 5)

File contains Executive meeting minutes and records of CUE executive dated February 10, 1987 to January 5, 1987. Topics discussed include job descriptions, CUPE membership and merger, benefits, health and safety, grievances, contracts, and financial reports. File also contains agendas, correspondence, executive authorization forms, statement from the CUE president, a service contract between CUPE and AUCE Local 1, safety speakers lists, UBC policies and procedures, and an office administration and membership servicing report dated January 5, 1987.

CUE Executive minutes (4 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes and other records dated September 15, 1988 to February 22, 1988. Topics discussed include executive nominations, sexual harrassment committee report, tuition waivers, financial reports, budgets, grievances, health and safety, contracts, job evaluation, education, communications, newsletter, staffing, recruiting, bylaws, labour relations and arbitration, asbestos at UBC. File also contains agendas, information on Canadian Labour Congress seminars and course descriptions, notes on union organizing, an Industrial Relations Management Association (IRMA) of British Columbia seminar on personnel testing, memos, and correspondence.

CUE Executive minutes (5 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes and other records dated June 15, 1988 to January 19, 1988. Topics discussed include executive nominations, labour relations, grievances, contracts, organizing meetings, office staffing, health and safety, communications, education, the Australian job exchange, committee responsibilities, and bylaws. File also contains agendas, notes, a list of CUE executives and shop stewards, correspondence, an interim balance sheet dated March 31, 1988, sample forms, list of Butterworths publications, and a Canadian Labour Congress information package.

CUE Executive minutes (2 of 2)

File contains meeting minutes and other records dated May 24, 1989 to January 11, 1989. Topics discussed include executive elections, contracts, recruiting, financial reports, communications, grievances, nurses strike, office business, health and safety, job evaluation, interactions with the Trade Union Research Bureau (TURB), hiring, information about the sexual harrassment committee, staffing changes, and budgets. File also contains a photocopied page of executive duties and procedures, memos, executive position descriptions and policies, agendas, and correspondence.

CUE Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes and other records dated December 12, 1990 to February 20, 1990. Topics discussed include the library planning committee, correspondence, contracts, office staffing and equipment, budgets, grievances, policies, education, benefits, CUPE B.C. Convention, leasing an office, library cutbacks, relations with the university and other unions, and bylaws. File also contains notes, agendas, action lists, correspondence, a lease between CUPE and Dakralda Properties Ltd. for office space, and memos.

CUE Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes and other records dated November 19, 1991 to January 10, 1991. Topics discussed include a women's committee, correspondence, budgets, elections, steward training, office staffing, grievances, interactions with CUPE, bylaws, possible affiliation with B.C. Federation of Labour, education, pension committee, newsletter, health and safety, contracts, booking time off, presentations from political candidates, and a hospital strike. File also contains agendas, memos, and list of members' time off.

[Local 1 Strike committee report and other material]

File contains a bound 1976-77 strike committee report and other records dated August 13, 1976 to March 7, 1977. Topics discussed include contract negotiations, "absence from work" issue, job evaluation and classification, publicity and communication, interactions with other unions and organizations, preparing for strike, summary of activities, and recommendations. File also contains several brochures, bulletins, flyers, newsletters, an issue of the Ubyssey (UBC student newspaper), and correspondence.

[Universities and Colleges Conference Correspondence]

File contains Association of University and College Employees correspondence, dated October 17, 1977 to June 24, 1977. Topics discussed include planning the conference for support staff in colleges and universities (sponsored by the Public Sector Employees Council and co-ordinated by Melody Rudd of the AUCE), with details on expenses, delegates, and attending institutions, collaboration with other unions (BCGEU, CUPE, VMREU), and the conference program and order of proceedings. File also contains reports from AUCE Local 4 (Capilano College), BCGEU Local 2 (Okanagan College) including their collective agreement for 1977-78, BCGEU Local 57 and 64 (Northwest Community College) including a memorandum of understanding dated March 30, 1977, CUPE Local 951 (UVIC), CUPE Local 1341 (Selkirk College), CUPE Local 2081 (Camosun College), and the Fraser Valley College Faculty and Staff Association

[Universities & Colleges Conference records] (2 of 2)

File contains records relating to the Association of University and College Employees' participation in the Universities and Colleges Conference, dated October 25, 1977 to October 17, 1977. Topics discussed include the order of Local report presentations, the conference agenda, maternity leave and unemployment insurance, student employees, correspondence, and reports from CUPE Local 2081 (Camosun College), AUCE Local 4 (Capilano College), BCGEU Local 59 (BCIT), AUCE Local 3 (Notre Dame University), BCGEU Local 62 (Douglas College), Fraser Valley College Faculty and Staff Association, BCGEU Local 64 (Northwest Community College), BCGEU Local 63 (Northern Lights College), BCGEU Local 52 (Okanagan College), CUPE Local 1858 (Malaspina College), CUPE Local 1341 (Selkirk College), AUCE Local 1 (UBC), AUCE Local 2 (SFU), and CUPE Local 951 (UVIC).

Bylaws And Amendments (2 of 3)

File contains bylaws, amendments, and other materials of the Association of University and College Employees, Local 1 (UBC), dated January 1982 to August 1980. Topics discussed include jurisdiction, membership, executive duties and elections, committees, recall, meetings, dues and finances, approval of contracts, strikes and lockouts, changes to labour agreements, discipline, grievances, financial statements from January to July 1982, reports from the office staff to the executive, correspondence, job descriptions.

[Correspondence with other unions]

File contains correspondence between the Association of University and College Employees and other organizations, from 1977 to 1982. Topics discussed include donations, letters of support and appreciation, maternity benefits and the UIC, strikes, conferences on women and student workers, health seminars, lack of legal materials available in prisons, political and international causes, workers' rights, education, and childcare. Organizations corresponded with include the HEU, AUCE Local 2 (SFU), SORWUC, CUPE, CUPW, CAIMAW, the Canadian Federation of Students, VMREU, and others. File also contains a money order receipt for the SFU 18 Legal Defense Committee dated June 4, 1979, a partial copy of meeting minutes dated December 2, 1978, and press releases and several telegrams.

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