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Jim Wong-Chu fonds Series
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Asian American communities

Series consists of textual records related to Asian American communities primarily based in the state of Washington and San Francisco, California. Records relate to various types of community events including conferences, media, plays, protests regarding the International Hotel in San Francisco and workers rights, Asian American studies, and racial equality.

Asian American communities and organizations

Series consists of records relating to Asian American ethnic communities, in particular the American Chinese communities in San Francisco, California, and the state of Washington. Newsletters, photographs, flyers, correspondence, brochures and pamphlets, and audio material in this series focus on Asian performing, visual, and literary arts and cultural events.In addition, there is material relating to protests for tenants of the International Hotel in San Francisco (a low-cost hotel where many Asian immigrants lived) and Chol Soo Lee, a Korean American who was wrongly convicted for murder in 1973.

Asian Canadian communities

Series consists of essays, newspaper clippings, correspondence, conference proceedings and planning documents, newsletters, pamphlets, and flyers regarding Asian communities living in British Columbia and other parts of Canada, particularly the Chinese community in Vancouver.

Asian Canadian communities and organizations

Series consists of textual and photographic records related to Asian Canadian communities in Canada especially the Chinese Canadian community in Vancouver and in other parts of British Columbia. Material includes newsletters from various Asian Canadian cultural organizations in Canada, material from conferences related to Asian Canadians, material from the Saltwater City exhibition in Vancouver, Powell Street Revue, protests in Vancouver's Chinatown, material about Chinese Canadian youth, collected articles on Asian Canadians in the news, materials commemorating the second Sino-Japanese War and Chinese railroad workers, and educational material from the Britannia Shipyards in Richmond, British Columbia.

Asian Canadian Writers Workshop

Series consists of textual records relating to the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop (ACWW) including grant applications, meeting agendas and minutes, financial reports, correspondence, manuscripts submitted for writing contests held by the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop, records that explain the purpose and structure of the ACWW, and one sub-series that includes records from Ricepaper, the magazine published by the ACWW. The series also has meeting minutes from the Asian Canadian Writers Group which was a precursor to the ACWW.

Chinese Cultural Centre series

Series consists of textual records related to the Chinese Culture Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. Records cover topics such as publicity, the Chinese Cultural Centre Workers Conference, and Cantonese classes offered by the Chinese Cultural Centre.


Series consists of correspondence sent to Jim Wong-Chu by friends, family, colleagues, and others. In addition, the series includes correspondence collected by Jim Wong-Chu with correspondence belonging to or sent by others, including Rick Shiomi, Helen Koyama, Joy Kogawa, Andy Quan, Kam Sein, Paul Yee, Phil Hayashi, and Linda Uyehara Hoffman.

The series is arranged by senders' last name and first name (if correspondence was sent on behalf of an organization then the organization name appears in parentheses by the senders' name) or by subject (e.g. correspondence with unidentified senders and collected correspondence).

Film production

Series consists of textual records related to Garrick Chu's film projects and productions including "Sai Yup", "Getting There", and "Paws". It also includes records related to a trip to China which was the topic of his film "Sai Yup".

Go for Broke Festivals

Series consists of records relating to the Go for Broke festivals, which were held in 1995 and 1996. Go for Broke featured Asian cultural performances including performing arts, music, and literary art. These events were responsible for the creation of the Asian Canadian Performing Arts Resource (ACPAR) and a precursor to Vancouver Asian Heritage Month. Records include headshots and actor resumes of the performers involved with Go for Broke, program planning records, production schedules, programs and posters, articles about Go for Broke, photographs, and scripts.


Series consists of drafts of transcribed interviews conducted by Garrick Chu and others with Byng Thom, Andrew Joe, and Roy Kiyoki and a basic list of questions for war subjects.

Literary and performing arts projects

Series consists of correspondence, lists, flyers, and a play program from literary and performing arts projects that Garrick Chu was involved with including "Inalienable Rice: A Chinese and Japanese Canadian Anthology".

Literary, performing, and visual arts

Series consists of cultural event programs and flyers from Canada and the west coast of the United States, predominately events taking place in Vancouver, Toronto, Washington and California. Events include musical performances, author readings, art exhibits, plays, festivals, film screenings, and conferences on arts and cultural topics. Other material in the series include cartoons, photographs of musical artists, dancers, and stage performers from Vancouver and elsewhere, meeting minutes of the Vancouver Cultural Alliance (now known as the Alliance for Arts and Culture), and material from the Vancouver Folk Music society.


Series consists of manuscripts sent and given to Jim Wong-Chu. Manuscripts have been arranged in alphabetical order by author's last name. Some manuscripts have been sorted by genre by Jim Wong-Chu into categories such as fiction, poetry, and plays, but these folders may contain other types of writing as well.

Personal records

Series consists of personal records belonging to Jim Wong-Chu. Record types include an expired passport from childhood, certificate of change of name, elementary school records, personal correspondence, personal photographs of friends and family, secondary and post-secondary school records, news clippings, notes, reports, biographical information, immigration records for Jim Wong-Chu's mother, business contracts, and artwork, posters, and ephemera collected by Jim Wong-Chu.

Personal works

Series consists of materials related to literary, visual, and research projects and works by Jim Wong-Chu including notebooks with writings and sketches, the Pender Guy Radio program, Break Even Productions, Expo 1986, Yellow Peril: Reconsidered, Gum San Po, conference presentations, cartoon drawings, proposals and correspondence relating to research of youth crime in Vancouver's Chinese Canadian communities and photographs. In addition to these materials are manuscript and type-written records of Jim Wong-Chu's own literary works as well as books and anthologies he edited and contributed to, articles about Jim Wong-Chu and his works and community involvements, publicity materials for public events featuring Jim Wong-Chu, and photographic prints, slides, and negatives of Jim Wong Chu's visual works.


Series consists of three photographic prints of three unidentified children and 345 slides (both in black and white and color) which were a part of a project about Asian stereotypes in media. The content of the slides are primarily of Chinese characters in early 20th century film as well as comic books and advertisements.

A number of the slides also feature locations in and around Vancouver including the Chinese Cultural Centre's Mid-Autumn and Spring festivals and protests of the Quebec-Columbia connector and other community protests in Chinatown in Vancouver.

Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society

Series consists of records related to the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS) including project proposals, committee meeting agendas and minutes, programs and posters from events, budgets, grant applications, photographs, correspondence, and event planning records.

Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre

Series consists of textual records related to the Chinese Cultural Centre (CCC) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Materials include a guide to Chinatown-Strathcona, publicity materials related to events sponsored by the CCC, a media briefing, a photograph of Howe Lee (a former director of the CCC), and a speech by Dr. Wallace Chung.