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Doug Cox photography and videography

Series consists of original still and moving photography attributed to Doug Cox from the 1970s through to 2008 in support of his career as author and historian Frequently, Cox’s images form a time-lapse continuation of the older photographs he collected for research purposes. There are many reprisals of people, buildings, landscapes, and subjects first treated in his acquired collections. In addition to this, Cox documents many of his interview subjects photographically, and this series in large part complements his corpus of recorded interviews/oral histories and collected manuscripts.

Notable are objects of documentation are locations, specifically Penticton, Blakeburn, and Coalmont, and themes, specifically ranching, mining, and rodeo.

The VHS tapes include recordings of Penticton infrastructure such as the sanitary landfill, water purification plant, recycling depot, as well as the closure of Nickel Plate Mine’s last day of operation in 1996.

The contents of the La Cie hard drive have not yet been reviewed. Physical photographs have been separated, or are in the process of being separated.

Doug Cox manuscripts and publications

The series consists of textual works by Doug Cox, occasionally edited by Joyce Cox. Includes curricular materials developed for the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, short compositions, historical drafts, biographical drafts, proofs for works destined for publication, and materials prepared as a regular column for the Western Producer. Includes 6 scrapbooks of clippings from the Western News Advertiser covering a recurring column contributed by Doug Cox.

Doug Cox research materials

Series consists of Doug Cox’s collecting activity carried out in support of his writing. Points of origin are from various interior regions of British Columbia. Collections acquired are predominantly composed of photographic material, secondarily of textual material, with thematically compiled interviews and associated transcripts also included. Contents depict, describe, and comment upon a variety of scenes and settings, primarily concerning industry and infrastructure, family life, city scenes, and landscapes during the first half of the twentieth century. Many photocopies of images exist with annotations by original donor identifying human subjects, their relationships, and their locations.

The series contains 21 subseries.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Series consists of records generated by the business activities Stanley M. Simpson, the corporation he founded (S.M.S. Ltd) and its various subsidiaries between 1906 and 1965, when S.M.S. Ltd. was purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd.
Series documents the operations of several sawmills and wood manufacturing plants, forestry harvesting operations, and retail outlets owned by S.M.S. Ltd. operating throughout the Central Okanagan, predominantly during the mid twentieth century.
Series includes an extensive collection of artifacts, robust photographic record, and company records.
Series descriptions within this sous fonds continue at 2.1.2.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Series is comprised of documentary record generated by the business activities of Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd (Southern Interior Wood Products) which purchased the business holdings of S.M. Simpson Ltd. in 1965. Series also includes older materials from mills acquired at the same time as S.M. Simpson Ltd., but which were not affiliated with S.M. Limited during its active existence, namely Lumby Sawmill.
For several years after the acquisition of S.M.S. Ltd., those holdings taken over from S.M. Simpson Ltd. were referred to the S.M. Simpson Ltd. Division of Crown Zellerbach Canada.
In 1973, the name was changed to Crown Zellerbach Canada, and the corporation embarked on a modernization program, documented in this series. In 1981, it was purchased by Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd. and the company name was changed to Crown Forest.
Series contains documentation of sawmills located in Kelowna, Lumby, Enderby, Armstrong, Falkland, and Monte Lake, British Columbia.
Series within this sous fonds continue at 2.1.3.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd. / Crown Forest

Series consists of partial record of operations of Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd, which purchased Crown Zellerbach in 1981 with coverage of safety programs and vendor relations. This subseries is predominantly photographic.
This corporate entity did business as Crown Forest from 1981 to 1987 following its purchase from Crown Zellerbach. After 1987, the name of the entity was changed to Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd.

Fletcher Challenge Canada Limited

Newspaper issues

The series consists of What’s On, What’s On Magazine, Kootenay Weekly Express, and The Express newspapers starting in November 1988 until its end in February 2011. The newspaper covers events in the city of Nelson, B.C., and was published and owned by Nelson Becker throughout its run.

Publication files

The series consists of records generated during the What’s On, What’s On Magazine, Kootenay Weekly Express, and The Express newspaper production from November 1988 until its end in February 2011.
Series includes an extensive collection of photographic records and textual documents such as collages, pamphlets, letters, business cards, and notes.


The series consists of slide transparencies from ca. 1930 through 1992, depicting Princeton and environs, including Allenby, Ashnola, Tulameen, Hedley, and Coquihalla. Some depictions of mines, or the areas of mining activities, including Nickel Plate, Coalmont, and Brenda. Featuring predominant coverage of the outdoors, the series includes photographs of many area mountains, creeks, and lakes. Scenes of recreation, including fairs, parades, and rodeos are also available. These slides are mainly attributed to Roy Thomas.

Prints feature photographs of members of the Allison family, with item-level descriptions under development.


The series consists of agreements, mortgage and construction records, some government correspondence including water rights, crown grants, maps and plans, wills, probates, and powers of attorney.


The series consists predominantly of postcards and greeting cards, with one file of letters to the editor by Roy Thomas. Some items are restricted due to the presence of personal information.

Journals and Writings

The series consists of Journals and personal writings based on practical, historical, and political concerns.

The Pocket Desert Production Files

The series consists of recorded interviews and supporting documentation. Sound recordings feature interviews with experts, including Dr. Jeanette Armstrong, and Dr. Geoffrey Scudder. Further contributors are Elder Delphine Derickson of the Westbank First Nation and Herman Edward of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band. Production notes from 1993-2007 are also included. The textual documents contain articles relating to the creation of a documentary, interview notes and correspondence between producers. Also included are newspaper clippings pertaining to the geography and ecology in the Osoyoos and South Okanagan area. Brochures advertising Ideas on CBC Radio include a programming schedule as well as brief description of The Pocket Desert.


The series consists of Bill Collings’ correspondence records. Records in this series include fax sheets, copies of letters, printed emails, and memos between Bill Collings and various people such as government bodies, research entities, consultants, and other individuals involved in the wine industry. Abbreviated as CORRESPONDENCE in the file list.

Writings and personal records

Series consists of records pertaining to the writings and works done by Bill Collings, along with some personal records. Series includes records such as copies of articles and presentations written by Bill Collings. Series also includes a photograph of Bill Collings, as well as a manuscript and self-published book written by Bill Collings’ father, Tom Collings. Abbreviated as WRITINGS in the file list.

Collected materials

Series consists of materials collected by Bill Collings that pertain to the wine and wine-making industry. Series includes records such as research materials, meeting minutes, and regulation files. Series also contains a framed print. Abbreviated as COLLECTED in the file list.

Bea Millar Photographs

Series consists of images depicting Beatrice Millar working on a television set, staff at B.C. Hydro, publication photographs, electrical products and facilities discussed in the company's slide programs on home economics topics, and images of Beatrice Millar

Series B: Other Activity 1926-1944

Series consists material related to other left-wing and labour activity in Evans’ life, including the Princeton mine workers strike, his work in support of the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and the Canadian Labour Defence League and the Communist Party of Canada.

Japanese Canadian historical documents

Series consists of documents created by civil rights organizations
concerned with Japanese-Canadian rights:

  1. Japanese Canadian Committee for Democracy (Toronto, ON) membership application forms (three copies, blank). Forms request name, age, address, occupation, and telephone number, and a membership fee of two dollars.

  2. Newsletter of the Citizenship Defence Committee (Toronto, ON) issued on April 25, 1946 by Kunic Hidaka, executive secretary. The newsletter discusses financing for an appeal to the privy council, the engagement of an English barrister for the appeal, the Ontario provincial convention, and time limits on permits and placement allowances.

  3. Memorandum issued by the Canadian Committee, World Federation of Democratic Youth (Toronto, ON) on June 22, 1946 concerning deportation and internment of Canadians of Japanese ancestry.

Colonial documents of British Columbia

Series consists primarily of documents from the colonial era of British Columbia, including material related to early settlers on Vancouver Island, the Fraser River and Cariboo/Yukon gold rushes, and the courts. The bulk of the series consists of correspondence, but also includes commission, coroner’s inquisition, court calendar, deposition, jury list, last will and testament, prospectus, receipt, and subpoena.

Projects: refused and funded

This series contains records relating to the selection and administration of funding for projects supported by the Boag Foundation. Material primarily includes application documents, inquires and correspondence.

Accounting documents

This series contains records relating to the accounting and finances of the Boag Foundation. Material primarily concerns financial statements, correspondence on financial matters, bills and invoices and income tax returns.

Poetry series

Series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, legal agreements, royalty statements, financial statements, and book reviews relating to his poetry.


Series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, book reviews, and book sales relating to anthologies edited by Tom Wayman.


Series consists of correspondence, documents, and research material arising out of his writing career including material relating to his public readings of poetry and Canada Council funding. Correspondence with George Woodcock relates to one of Wayman's essays.

Records related to Alaska

Series consists of materials related to Herring's consulting work in Alaska and with Alaskan companies, and to his ongoing interest in the state's forestry industry. Included in this series are materials related to the Alaska Pulp Corporation (APC) v. United States case, and updates on various APC projects and interests in which he was involved while he was employed with them. Many background and reference materials are also included, as well as annual reports from companies like Klukwan, Goldbelt, and Sealaska. Materials include reports, clippings and published materials, handwritten notes, correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, business cards, maps, conference proceedings, and more.

Writings and speeches

Series consists of annotated drafts of Rush's writings and public speeches from 1960 to 1996. Subjects covered in these items include Canadian history, British Columbia labour struggles and foreign affairs dealing with Cold War issues. This series also includes an annotated draft of Rush's 1995 political memoir, "We Have a Glowing Dream."

Personal and biographical

Series consists of records and published materials detailing the life and personal activities of Maurice Rush. Files in this series include an extensive newspaper clipping collection of articles about Rush as well as a transcript and videocassette of an interview with Rush entitled Maurice Rush: 55 Years in the Communist Party.


Series consists primarily of audio recordings of Rush's political speeches. Subjects covered in these speeches include the international arms race and social democracy.

Academic writing

Series consists of Potrebenko's Honours paper from Simon Fraser University, "Blessed are the Cynical: a clinical investigation of the function of the medical profession in Canada."

Labour Activism

Series consists of pamphlets, brochures, posters, handbooks, illustrations, correspondence, and other documentation related to Potrebenko's involvement with unions and labour activism. Also included is a laminated SORWUC charter establishing Local #One.

Minutes of council and trustee meetings.

Series contains minutes of meetings, memos, information packages, financial reports, and correspondences related to the Stichting Green Peace Executive Committee, the Toxic Coordination Committee, the European Toxics Committee, European trustees/representatives meetings, and other committees and councils on which Mulhall served. The series also contains copies of Annual General Meeting Minuets and reports.

Moving images

Series consists of film reels and videotapes showing footage of Herring's travels, both work-related and personal. Most of these trips were in and around British Columbia and Alaska, but also include Scotland, Australia, Tasmania, Tahiti, and other locations within North America. Subject matter includes Herring's hunting and fishing trips, Highland games, scenic views, wildlife, and scenes of logging, helicopter logging, forestry equipment, and mills.

General business records

This series consist of an assortment of records relating to the vast number of issues that concern the FVOA or directly relate to its operations. The Subjects include; the environment, fishing and vessels, spawning, fueling needs, membership, patrols, First Nations, Transport Canada policies and procedures, correspondence to and from the UFAWU, and correspondence to and from the FVOA management with numerous relevant individuals,
groups, associations, and governmental bodies. The folders are arranged by date.

Printed work

This series contains printed work. The majority of the material is the work of Robert Reid and includes business stationery and cards, certificates, greeting cards, posters and pamphlets. Material was printed under a number of pressed that employed Reid and under the presses owned and operated by Reid.

Also present in this series is the printed work of other publishers, designers and printers. Often, the creators of these works are unspecified.

W.H. White and D.V. White correspondence

Series is composed of incoming correspondence and drafts and originals of outgoing correspondence to and from William Hale White and/or Dorothy Vernon White. The large majority of files are W.H. White's incoming and outgoing correspondence . Correspondents include W.H. White's literary and other friends, communications with publishers, and with family members. Some files include correspondence with both W .H. White and D.V. White.

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