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Doug Cox photography and videography

Series consists of original still and moving photography attributed to Doug Cox from the 1970s through to 2008 in support of his career as author and historian Frequently, Cox’s images form a time-lapse continuation of the older photographs he collected for research purposes. There are many reprisals of people, buildings, landscapes, and subjects first treated in his acquired collections. In addition to this, Cox documents many of his interview subjects photographically, and this series in large part complements his corpus of recorded interviews/oral histories and collected manuscripts.

Notable are objects of documentation are locations, specifically Penticton, Blakeburn, and Coalmont, and themes, specifically ranching, mining, and rodeo.

The VHS tapes include recordings of Penticton infrastructure such as the sanitary landfill, water purification plant, recycling depot, as well as the closure of Nickel Plate Mine’s last day of operation in 1996.

The contents of the La Cie hard drive have not yet been reviewed. Physical photographs have been separated, or are in the process of being separated.

Doug Cox manuscripts and publications

The series consists of textual works by Doug Cox, occasionally edited by Joyce Cox. Includes curricular materials developed for the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, short compositions, historical drafts, biographical drafts, proofs for works destined for publication, and materials prepared as a regular column for the Western Producer. Includes 6 scrapbooks of clippings from the Western News Advertiser covering a recurring column contributed by Doug Cox.

Doug Cox research materials

Series consists of Doug Cox’s collecting activity carried out in support of his writing. Points of origin are from various interior regions of British Columbia. Collections acquired are predominantly composed of photographic material, secondarily of textual material, with thematically compiled interviews and associated transcripts also included. Contents depict, describe, and comment upon a variety of scenes and settings, primarily concerning industry and infrastructure, family life, city scenes, and landscapes during the first half of the twentieth century. Many photocopies of images exist with annotations by original donor identifying human subjects, their relationships, and their locations.

The series contains 21 subseries.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Series consists of records generated by the business activities Stanley M. Simpson, the corporation he founded (S.M.S. Ltd) and its various subsidiaries between 1906 and 1965, when S.M.S. Ltd. was purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd.
Series documents the operations of several sawmills and wood manufacturing plants, forestry harvesting operations, and retail outlets owned by S.M.S. Ltd. operating throughout the Central Okanagan, predominantly during the mid twentieth century.
Series includes an extensive collection of artifacts, robust photographic record, and company records.
Series descriptions within this sous fonds continue at 2.1.2.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Series is comprised of documentary record generated by the business activities of Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd (Southern Interior Wood Products) which purchased the business holdings of S.M. Simpson Ltd. in 1965. Series also includes older materials from mills acquired at the same time as S.M. Simpson Ltd., but which were not affiliated with S.M. Limited during its active existence, namely Lumby Sawmill.
For several years after the acquisition of S.M.S. Ltd., those holdings taken over from S.M. Simpson Ltd. were referred to the S.M. Simpson Ltd. Division of Crown Zellerbach Canada.
In 1973, the name was changed to Crown Zellerbach Canada, and the corporation embarked on a modernization program, documented in this series. In 1981, it was purchased by Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd. and the company name was changed to Crown Forest.
Series contains documentation of sawmills located in Kelowna, Lumby, Enderby, Armstrong, Falkland, and Monte Lake, British Columbia.
Series within this sous fonds continue at 2.1.3.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd. / Crown Forest

Series consists of partial record of operations of Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd, which purchased Crown Zellerbach in 1981 with coverage of safety programs and vendor relations. This subseries is predominantly photographic.
This corporate entity did business as Crown Forest from 1981 to 1987 following its purchase from Crown Zellerbach. After 1987, the name of the entity was changed to Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd.

Fletcher Challenge Canada Limited

Bea Millar Photographs

Series consists of images depicting Beatrice Millar working on a television set, staff at B.C. Hydro, publication photographs, electrical products and facilities discussed in the company's slide programs on home economics topics, and images of Beatrice Millar


Series consists of three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings of articles concerning Nicol, reviews of his work, and his columns.

Drafts and Notes

Series contains notes and different stages of drafts for Mary McAlpine's books, articles, and short stories as well as those of other related authors that came included in her records.

Polar Research and Work

The series consists of research, correspondence, and notes relating to Arctic Exploration and Arctic Literature dating from 1973 to 1976.

Correspondence and Personal Notes

Series consists of letters written to Cotsworth, personal notes (mostly written on envelopes and scraps of paper), drafts of printed material that may have been used in his publications, and miscellaneous articles written by other individuals. All of the records deal with calendar reform, but the personal notes reflect the wide range of Cotsworth's interest in this matter . They include notes taken on his travels to Stonehenge, Egypt, Northern British Columbia, and Alaska. The personal notes also include descriptions, even lists, of photographs taken on his trips. The articles written by other individuals deal with calendars and religious topics.

Newspaper Articles

Series consists of two folders containing newspaper clippings. The first folder contains loose clippings of articles from newspapers and journals. They deal with a diverse array of topics, most notably Stonehenge, telling or measuring time, and calendars and calendar reform. The second folder is a bound volume of newspaper clippings taken from a variety of sources covering the time period of August 4 to November 3, 1931, done by Editorial Services Ltd. on behalf of the International Fixed Calendar League. These clippings are mostly about calendar reform and the activities of the League.

Statistical Charts and Graphs

Series consists of hand drawn and machine produced statistical charts and graphs. The main areas of everyday life that Cotsworth analysed were: business, schools, production, customs and duties, hotels, post office, retail stores, and railways. He used these statistical analyses to show that there would be fewer inconsistencies in the data if the months were made up of four weeks/twenty-eight days. The series also consists of charts and diagrams/maps (of Canada) showing values for mean rainfall.

Public Consultation

Series contains records produced by the Regional District Review Committee's efforts to seek briefs from interested parties and to hold public hearings at various locations throughout the province of British Columbia. Series is divided into three files: briefs, public hearings, and correspondence.
Briefs consists of submissions by individuals, associations, and other public or private bodies, stating opinions, issues, and recommendations relating to the regional district governance model.
Public hearings contains the transcripts of public hearings held throughout the province as well as documents related to these hearings.
Correspondence consists of communications between the Committee and Districts, collections of correspondence and records regarding specific issues, and expressions of the opinions and recommendations of members of the public.

Supporting Documentation

Series contains reference materials supporting the Regional District Review Committee’s Mandate to examine the functions and roles of the Regional Districts. Files consist of maps, reports, press clippings, background materials to the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s submission to the RDRC, and a selection of acts and bills.
Maps includes three maps of restricted development areas, two in Calgary and one in Edmonton.
Reports consist of studies or other written materials on diverse topic including summaries of regional districts, annual reports, assessments of the regional district governance model, and reports of services and industries. Also includes small booklets and pamphlets.
Press clippings is a collection of photocopied newspaper and magazine articles pertinent to the Regional District Review Committee’s examination.
The Greater Vancouver Regional District’s background materials includes information related to budget, services, staff and board members, and proposal to deal with future growth and to develop a light rail transit system.
The selection of acts and bills include acts of the Province of British Columbia pertinent to the regional district system of governance, proceedings in the legislative assembly of the Province of British Columbia, environmental regulations of Alberta, and the municipality of metropolitan Toronto act.


Series consists of manuscripts and sections of manuscripts from poems, novels, plays, essays, and other written works by Hood.

Files consisting of many short texts, or untitled texts, have simply been named "Manuscripts." In all other cases, existing file names have been respected or, where available, have been attributed by the archivist according to the manuscript contained in the file.

Canadian Authors' Association

Series consists primarily of correspondence, in addition to other documents related to the Canadian Authors' Association and Hood's various roles in its membership, including President of the Vancouver branch. Also included is a scrapbook containing photos, clippings, and printed materials related to the CAA.

The correspondence files include both incoming and outgoing, and are arranged chronologically.

Research data and bibliographies

Series consists of research data, statistics, and bibliographies gathered by Knight for his thesis and other published works and articles . Research data includes notes, proposals, outlines, glossaries of terms, and reviews concerning various topics, including native peoples of Canada and the Cauca Valley, Columbia.

Interview transcripts and sound recordings

Series consists of transcripts and sound recordings of interviews conducted by Rolf Knight. Includes transcripts of interviews with Harvey Murphy and John Smith, and transcripts and sound recordings of interviews with Bob Chestnut.

Nan Cheney

Series contains material collected by Cheney about Canadian art and artists other than Emily Carr. It also contains records relating to her medical drawings and the publication of her letters with Humphrey Toms and Emily Carr. Series includes clippings, bulletins, brochures relating to art exhibitions in Vancouver, photographs, letters, memorabilia, drawings, and gallery catalogues.

Nan Cheney Photographs

The photographs, negatives, and slides (the slides are duplicate images of the photos, with one or two exceptions) BC1849/1-86 are primarily images of Emily Carr and her artwork.

The slides BC1849/90-158 are primarily informal images taken by Cheney of her numerous Canadian artist friends, as well as slides portraying various U.B.C. dignitaries and other well-known Canadians. These date from 1951-1969 and include a section (numbered BC1849/149(a-f)-158) that is devoted to Dr.’s Ethel and Wallace Wilson.

Photographs numbered BC1849/159-200 are mainly photographs of Nan Cheney’s many friends and acquaintances, as well as photographs of art work, including her own. Also there is a series of photographs which record a sculpture show at U.B.C. in 1956 (BC1849/196a-1).

Manuscript Collection

Series consists of correspondence, notebooks, and other literary manuscripts of many of the authors represented in the Colbeck Book Collection.
Title based on contents of series.

Biographical information

Series consists of a file relating to the births and deaths in the family and a list of highlights in the career of Rev. Thomas Crosby. For further biographical information, see clippings in box 3-1.


Series consists of documents to Thomas Crosby and Emma Douse commending them on various achievements.

Section Meetings

Records relating to section meetings. The series is organized into two subseries : Proposals and Minutes and Meetings. Theres is some overlap in the two subseries.


Series consists of 9 large maps of Vancouver Island and the Lower Coast Region. Some maps are oriented diagonally .

Scandinavian Central Committee

Series contains material pertaining to the Scandinavian Central Committee, located in Vancouver. The records include Seaholm's personal research and notes, meeting minutes, news bulletins, photographs, and news clippings.

Cash accounts

Series consists of two files which cover the general accounts for the cannery and contain information on cash, assets and liabilities, operations, and stores .


Documents include letters concerning termination, letters confirming appointment, Revenue Canada 1982 tax exemption returns, letters of reference and monthly payment statements. Also included are several files including curriculum vitae and correspondence.


This series consists of correspondence with and about companies relating to membership, payment of dues and labour disputes. The files were originally arranged into three separate groupings. This order has been maintained even though the nature of the correspondence appears to be the same. The files are arranged in alphabetical order by name of the company.

Family history

Series consists of a history of the Trutch family written by Mrs. Charlotte E.C. Morgan-Kelly.

Sir Joseph William Trutch records

Series consists of records of or pertaining to Sir Joseph William Trutch, including correspondence, legal documents, reports by Trutch, and biographical material. Series is arranged into the following sub-series: incoming correspondence, outgoing correspondence, reports, legal documents, and memorabilia concerning the death of Sir Joseph William Trutch.


The series contains records pertaining to Vancouver Status of Women’s (VSW’s) administrative activities. Administrative activities fall into several categories: financial administration, which included grant applications to governments and other organizations, budgeting, tax payments, bill payments, and resource distribution amongst staff; committee administration; volunteer administration; employment offers and employee management; correspondence with other organizations, particularly women centers in Vancouver; and strategic planning for the organization as a whole. Records in the series range in date from the early 1970s to 2008.

The physical order in which records were received has been maintained; original order has been re-constituted intellectually. Record types represented in the series include the following: grant applications, correspondence with funding agencies, budgets, cashflow statements, receipts, invoices, committee meeting minutes, volunteer training materials, employment offer letters, staff correspondence about internal issues, correspondence with other organizations, and annual reports.

Federal and provincial literature

Series contains election and general literature relating to federal and provincial politics. Political parties, groups, and organizations represented include BC Unity, Canadian Action Party, Communist Party, Conservative Party, Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, Democratic Reform BC, Emancipation Party of British Columbia, Family Coalition Party of B.C., Forward B.C. Committee, Labor-Pogressive Party, Liberal Party, Libertarian Party, Libertas Party of British Columbia, Majority Movement, Natural Law Party, New Democratic Party, New Populist Party of BC, People's Front, Progressive-Conservative Party, Provincial Party of British Columbia, Reform Party of Canada, Republican Party of Canada, Social Credit Party, Socialist Party, Sons of Freedom, United Party of British Columbia, L'Union des electeurs, Western Canada Party, Western Parliament Advocates, among others. Election literature includes material related to voting for Members of the Legislative Assembly, Members of Parliament, Prime Minister, and political party executive officers.


Series contains materials related to Alan Haig-Brown's marine writing, including drafts of his published books and research sources.

Haig-Brown has written several published books, most focusing on the commercial fishing industry in British Columbia. The drafts in the series include the non-fiction, award-winning "Fishing for a Living" (1993) and the children's book, "The Suzie A" (1991). The research sources relate to various figures in the BC fishing industry, and to specific boats. Several schematic drawings of boats are also included within individual files.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Drafts and working papers

Series consists of drafts, working papers, and support material relating to Charles Spring’s efforts to recoup financial losses as a result of the “Modus Vivendi.” The series includes drafts of letters and documents; notes; newspaper clippings and other ephemera; accountings of losses; declarations, petitions, and memorials; incoming correspondence; a daily log book; a Commissioner of Fisheries Report; and receipts. The series is arranged into subseries based on the creator’s arrangement of material into three separate groupings.

Posters and Promotions

Series consists of posters, promotional material, and newspaper articles about Greenboathouse Press and Jason Dewinetz. Some promotional material for the Greenboathouse Reading Series can be found in the Administration series.

White Pass & Yukon Route Files

This series consists of materials related to Brown's position in the White Pass & Yukon Corporation, with a significant portion concerning the building and launch of the M/V "Frank H. Brown," the M/V "Klondike," and the M/V "Clifford J. Rogers." Other notable inclusions are nearly then entire run of the White Pass Contact (employee newsletter) through 1975, nearly the entire White Pass Container Route News through 1975, and the run of White Pass Annual Reports through 1975.


Series consists of reports on washing tests, land transfer and the geology of
Graham Island.

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