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British Columbia Coast Steamship Service
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Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1679
  • Collection
  • ca.1860-2008

The collection consists of documents, archival records, photographs, ephemera and artifacts related to three broad themes: British Columbia history, immigration and settlement and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Included are the archival fonds of the Yip family and Yip Sang Company, the Dart Coon Club and Chinese Freemasons of Victoria, Hugh G. Robinson (regarding the S.S. Greenhill Park Explosion), Rev. MacDonnell (regarding the Clandonald colony of Scottish immigrants in Alberta) and the British Columbia Coast Steamship Service. Includes documents, ephemera and artifacts of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, including records of travelers on CPR rail and steamships.

Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung

Cassiar Gold Rush collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1806
  • Collection
  • 1862 - 1914

The Cassiar Gold Rush collection contains materials related to the Cassiar gold rush which occurred in the late 19th century, prompting an influx of transportation, industry, and resource extraction in the northwest region of British Columbia known today as Cassiar County.

The records in the collection contain information relating to working and living conditions, business transactions, weather reports, and transportation; particularly that of the steamship industry.

Record types include receipts, advertisements, correspondence, legal affidavits, post cards, and newsletters.

Diary of Captain W.H. Porter

A diary kept from 1904 to 1917 by W. H. Porter, a captain with the B.C.C.S.S. The diary includes several carbon copies of letters from Porter. The diary also includes annotations by Dr. W. B. Chung regarding the diary, inside front cover, and is accompanied by a typed transcription made in the 1980s.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company


Menus and a beverage list related to the British Columbia Coast Steamship Service, including menus from its Triangle Route Service between Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle, Alaska service, Nanaimo-Vancouver Service, and its Vancouver, Ocean Falls and Prince Rupert Service.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Plans for Barge No. 3 and Tug "Kyuquot"

File consists of technical drawings and plans related to the C.P.R. Barge No. 3 and the tug Kyuquot, and one plan for the C.P.R. Barge No. 16. Titles include: Barge No. 3 Detail of Rudder Trunk, Barge No. 3 Spars and Fittings : Steel Barge Spars and Fittings, Barge No. 3 : Boiler No. 11, Barge No. 3 Midship Section : Proposed Combination 3 Track Car Barge & Freighter (No. 1, 2, 3), Barge No. 3 Lines No. 6, Barge No. 16 Long WT Bulkheads, Tug "Kyuquot" Repairs to Shell Bottom, Modifications to After Rollers : S.S. Kyuquot Roller Fairlead, Kyuquot No. 11 Stern Frame, Kyuquot Displacement Plan No. 1, Kyuquot Diagram of Electric Lighting No. 12 : HM Tugs "Rescue" Class Diagram of Electric Circuits, Tug Kyuquot : Showing Framing Below Water Line, Kyuquot Engine No. 3 Tail Shaft : S.S. Kyuquot Propellor Shaft and Stern Bushes, Tug Kyuquot Flying Bridge as Drawn for Court Case, Kyuquot General Arrangt of Lighting No. 4 : H.M. Tugs "Rescue" Class General Arrangement of Electric Lighting, Kyuquot Arrangt of Control Valve Gear for Towing Winch No. 1 : Arrangement of Control Valve for 8x8 Four Cylinder Towing Winch, Tug "Kyuquot" Fuel Oil Surroundings, Kyuquot Plumber Work Arrangt No. 2 : Single Screw Tugs Plumberwork Arrangement Deckplans, and Kyuquot Arrangt of Control Valve Gear for Towing Winch No. 2.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Inspection trip to Alaska, Princess May

A memorandum, typed notes, and a manuscript table regarding a trip made by a Canadian Pacific Railway Company employee from Seattle to Skagway, Alaska, aboard the Princess May, in order to inspect towns along the way as possible ports of call for B.C.C.S.S. ships.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Princess Maquinna

Newspaper clippings, a telegram, and other material related to the life of the Princess Maquinna, including a Christmas card featuring a photograph of the ship.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Northern British Columbia inspection, Princess Mary, Princess Sophia

A report titled Alaska and Northern British Columbia Inspection, 1912, Princess Mary and Princess Sophia, regarding a trip made by a Canadian Pacific Railway Company employee from Vancouver, British Columbia to Alaska, aboard the Princesses Mary and Sophia to look for possible ports of call for British Columbia Coast Steamship Service ships.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

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