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New Democratic Party of British Columbia fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1394
  • Fonds
  • 1930 - 2006

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the NDP and CCF in B.C. Included are notices and agendas, minutes, correspondence, membership lists, financial records, policy, policy committees, maps, photographs, convention proceedings, geographical materials and constituency records. Also included are films and sound recordings.

New Democratic Party of British Columbia

Committee records

This series reflects the activities and functions of various of the standing and ad hoc committees of the BC New Democratic Party. Committees were a regular part of NDP organizational structure, most often mimicking the structure of the Party Executive, with elected Chairs, Secretaries, Table Officers, representatives and liaisons from other committees and organizations, Members-at-large, and in some cases, a paid Organizer who could devote all of their energy to accomplishing the objectives of the committee. Committees regularly prepared reports on their activities for convention (and sometimes to Provincial Council, just as each committee's Organizer would prepare reports on their activities between meetings. Most standing committees would articulate a mandate, mission statement, or constitution, and would prepare resolutions to be voted on at Convention.

This series contains the records of various committees of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia, including: the Computer Committee, the Constitution & Party Affairs Commitee, Labour Liaison Committee, the Democrat Committee, the Young New Democrats (YND), the Revenue Generation Task Force, the Standing Committee on the Environment, and more. Further subseries contain records relating to the Women's Rights Committee, the Policy Review Committee, and the Multicultural Committee are also included. Items include: meeting minutes and agenda, memos and correspondence, financial documents, clippings, strategy and constitutional documents, resolutions, notes, and other related material.

Women's Rights Committee (WRC) records

Files in this subseries reflect the activities of the Women’s Rights Committee of the BC NDP, including its various subcommittees, committee liaisons, and coordination with the federal NDP Participation of Women Committee.

According to a 1992 document prepared by Anne Frost, past WRC Chair, and Charley Bersford, WRC Chair (“Women’s Rights Committee: Herstory”, 1992, in file 450-12), the Women’s Rights Committee was officially made a standing committee of the New Democratic Party of BC by a motion passed at Convention in 1971, building on previous women’s councils and federal women’s committees in the BC NDP and the CCF. The Committee’s mission statement in 1992 was “To guarantee fairness and equality for women in British Columbia; to address the roots of systemic discrimination and initiate legislation, services and programs to ensure women equal participation in all aspects of society; and to ensure access for all women to social justice” (“Mission Statement & Goals for Women’s Equality in a New Democratic Government,” WRC, spring 1992; in file 455-04). The Committee sought to achieve these goals through a variety of activities reflected in the files contained within this subseries, including authoring white papers on women’s issues, producing handbooks (such as the “Winning Nominations” handbook, created to assist women seeking to run for and win nominations in provincial elections; found in files 449-17 and 449-20), organizing workshops, producing and distributing a publication focused on women’s issues (entitled “Priorities” and launched in 1972; see for example file 450-05), introducing motions on gender-related issues at Convention, and more.

The Committee has its own executive structure, including Table Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), Past-Chair, Priorities Coordinator, Democrat Page, POW Representative (the federal NDP women’s committee, known as Participation of Women), a Women’s Rights Organizer (WRC paid staff position), as well as regional representatives for the electoral constituencies, members at large, and representatives from and to other committees, such as the Young New Democrats, the Policy Review Committee, etc. Further, the WRC also formed its own subcommittees to engage with particular issues, such as the Nomination Support Committee, or the Committee on Sexist Behaviour. Like the BC NDP itself, these positions were generally elected at Convention, and “all women who are members in good standing of the B.C. New Democratic Party are eligible to attend Women’s Rights Committee Steering Committee meetings and have both voice and vote, except on money matters.” (“Women’s Rights Committee – Membership & Structure,” June 24, 1992; in file 450-07).

File 449-18 contains a copy of the “WRC Objectives -1992/93,” which gives a general sense of the goals and strategies of the WRC at the time, while file 456-05 contains the most recent draft constitution of the WRC included in this accrual (January 2003). Other materials in this subseries include meeting minutes and agenda, handwritten notes, correspondence, financial documents, reports, convention materials, memoranda and public communications, clippings, and other related materials.

Women's Rights Committee

Contains meeting minutes and agenda, memos and correspondence, handwritten notes, financial and budget documents, resolutions, reports, discussion about the creation of a Women's Organizer for the NDP, and other related materials.

WRC nominations support committee minutes 1990, 1989

Contains meeting minutes and agenda, memos, reports,and other related materials, including a draft copy of the Nominations Support Committee's Manual, created "as part of its attempt to assist women to seek and win nominations leading up to the next provincial election" and to provide "women with information, advice, examples, and options to consider" when seeking nomination.

WRC minutes 2000

Textual materials include WRC executive meeting minutes, and occasional other items distributed at meetings.

Computer disks bear the following labels:

WRC 1998

  • June 8 Exec Oct 98
  • Steering May Sept Nov 98
  • Welcome letter
    -Welcome cover page
  • 2000 Newsletter info

WRC steering mtg 1999

  • Feb 13, 1999
  • May
  • Sept 11, 1999
  • Dec 4, 1999
  • WRC Rep (constit) Form
  • Letter to Constit. Presidents

WRC Exec Meeting 1999

  • Jan
  • April
  • May
  • Aug
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Steering Notice to elected mem.

WRC Steering 2000

  • May 6, Sept 16, Dec 2
  • WRC Constitution Amended Dec 2, 2000
  • Letters to: Dawn Barron, Gail Davidson

WRC Exec Mtg's 2000

  • Jan 11 2000
  • Feb 14 2000
  • Mar 13 2000
  • Aug 14 2000
  • Nov 6 2000
  • Sept 16 Notice of motion to Prov. Council
  • Dec 18, 2000

Housing - 1989

Contains a copy of "Addressing British Columbia's Housing Needs: A discussion paper for the Lower Mainland Regional Converence 14 October 1989," submitted by Robin Blencoe, New Democrat Housing Critic, as well as an accompanying summary document.

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