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Lillian Sumarlidason collection

Subseries consists of genealogical records of the Sumarlidason family, recordings of Sumarlidason’s recollections in 1990 and 1991, as well as a biography of Sumarlidason. The subseries also includes a copy of the Icelandic Canadian, Winter 1979, in which Sumarlidason wrote an article about her mother, an essay about Iceland written by M.C. Christian, and the Sumarlidason family scrapbook. The scrapbook contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, discharge papers, and ephemera.

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Sub-series consists of miscellaneous incoming and outgoing correspondence, mainly of a business nature. Includes a few letters related to Doyle's position as General Manager of the British Columbia Packers Association. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Incoming Correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence received by Doyle, including letters of a business nature, letters related to his involvement with various fisheries associations and organizations, and correspondence pertaining to his concerns regarding hydroelectric dams. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Incorporation Records and Directors' Reports

Sub-series consists of early records ofthe British Columbia Packers' Association, including a proposal to create the Association written by Henry Doyle in February, 1922, as well as the Association's Certificate of Incorporation, and Directors' reports for 1904 to 1907.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Dora Hatton collection

The subseries contains the original finding aid and collection information made by the Icelandic Archives of British Columbia for the Dora Hatton collection. The subseries also contains a manuscript written by Hatton’s father, Halldor Eriksson about his life and participation in different Icelandic communities in Canada. Additionally, the subseries contains a large series of family photographs and a scrapbook of the Eriksson and Hatton families.

Statistics and Reports

Sub-series consists of statistics and reports collected by the B.C. Canners Association from various canneries and fishing centres.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Minutes, Resolutions, Agreements

Sub-series consists of minutes, resolutions, and agreements of the British Columbia Canners' Association, Fraser River Canners' Association, Rivers Inlet Canners, and other related associations .
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Financial records.

Sub-series consists of financial records of Fraser River Saw Mills, Limited and
Fraser River Lumber Company, Limited. Includes financial ledgers and accounts,
payroll and other records pertaining to employee wages, as well as records
concerning company purchases and sales.

Family Finances

Subseries consists of records related to the Manson family's personal finances. These records date from as early as Manson's university days and continue past his death with records produced by other members of the Manson family.

These records include bank statements, receipts, insurance policies, mortgages, tax returns, household valuations, stocks purchased for family members, account books, and ledgers.

Lumber Mills Branch meetings.

Sub-series contains meeting minutes relating to the Lumber Mills Branch meetings, a division of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Materials consists of minute books which document the meetings proceedings including issues such as lumber exports to the United States, market surveys, transportation rates, and reports from various sub-committees.


Sub-series consists of photographs and negatives pertaining to Pacific Mills
Limited’s operations in Ocean Falls, B.C., and the construction and operation of
the previous mill. Sub-series also includes many photographs relating to the
development of Ocean Falls, B.C. as a community.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Financial Files

Subseries consists of remaining financial records describing the debits and credits of S.M. Simpson prior to the founding of S.M. Simpson Ltd, as well as those generated as a natural by-product of operations of the enterprise, S.M. Simpson Ltd.
Contents of series include banking records, invoices, company financial reports, and payroll & remittances to Workman’s Compensation (currently known as WorkSafe BC).

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

R.D. Symonds collection

Subseries consists of photographic materials attributed to photographer R.D. Symonds per various identifying annotations by Doug Cox. Geographical coverage is predominantly the south Okanagan - Kaleden and Okanagan Falls - with predominant association with the ranching industry.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's social life. Materials related to events that Manson was invited to are particularly prominent in this subseries, such as luncheons with King George VI and the Queen Mother and later with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

These records include travel itineraries and travel receipts, Christmas cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, calling cards, invitations, and seating charts.

General meetings.

Material consists of meeting minutes, details concerning the grading of cedar logs, the incorporation of the association, new rules and procedures for committees, committee reports, the approval of meeting minutes, and reports on the auditing of the B.C. Loggers Association’s accounts.


Subseries contains Thomas' historical research material. The majority of the subseries contextualizes the folk songs he researched. Material includes handwritten notes, reproductions of photographs, and reproductions of maps of British Columbia. It is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Emil Bjarnason collection

The subseries consists of photocopied records pertaining to parts of the Bjarnason family history, a postcard from Emil and his wife Millie depicting Wynard, Saskatchewan, and a short textual anecdote about Paul Bjarnason’s interaction with Henry Ford. The subseries also includes biographies of the Yorsh family and an English and Icelandic copy of The Beginning of the Universe by Halldor Fridliefson. A notable portion of the subseries consists of photograph albums of the Bjarnason family.

Investments & Trusts

Subseries consists of records related to Manson's personal investments, investments made on behalf of others, and trusts managed by Manson. These trusts include the Alexander Malcolm Manson Trust (often abbreviated as AMMT), the Beckwith Trust, the Stella Manson Trust, and the M. M. Trust. The earliest records in this subseries were created while Manson was attending law school and continue until shortly after Manson's death.

Records in this subseries include stock certificates, annual reports, shareholder reports, licenses, leases, land and road surveys, statistics, meeting minutes, statements of return, balance sheets and ledgers, and correspondence with trustors and with companies. Mining companies are particularly well-represented among Manson's records, most notably Germansen Mines Limited. Other investments represented include oil companies and laundries.

Lillian Estabrooks collection

Biographical sketch:
Lillian Estabrooks (née Gibson), occasionally known as Bill Gibson, (b. 1902 August 1 in Almada, SK, d. 2003 August 17 in Penticton, BC) grew up in Keremeos. She and husband Richard (Dick) Estabrooks had three children. In 1981 under the pen name Bill Gibson she collaborated with Doug Cox to publish Under The K: Memories of Growing Up in Keremeos. Lillian Estabrooks was also a regular contributor to the Okanagan Historical Society annual reports.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of materials with provenance or pertinence to Lillian Estabrooks. Subseries is predominantly composed of photographs taken, collected, or otherwise attributed to Lillian Estabrooks, primarily during the years 1913-1920. Subseries also includes collected manuscripts, family trees, and notes, and one interview by Doug Cox with “Billy Estabrooks.”

Wilkinson, Thomas Hooper

Papers of Thomas Hooper Wilkinson including a diary, business and financial correspondence and records, personal correspondence and statistical records recording logging in British Columbia.


Sub-series consists of a book containing minutes of the Company’s first
Directors’ meeting, first general shareholders’ meeting, as well as the Company’s first bylaw.

Law Firm

Subseries consists of records related to Manson's law firm and legal practise. This subseries includes records created both while Manson was based in Prince Rupert as well as after he had relocated to Vancouver. The records in this subseries predominantly pertain to the operation of the firm, such as purchasing furniture, rather than to specific legal cases.

These records include legal documents created by the firm, legal cases and court proceedings, financial records (including profits, budgets, and taxes), and correspondence.


Subseries consists of records related Manson's work as a politician and MLA in the British Columbia government, predominantly during his time as Speaker and as Attorney-General and Minister of Labour. The records in this subseries highlight many of Manson's political interests and activities, such as railways and game conservation. Particularly well-represented among this subseries are papers related to the Liquor Control Board, the Workmen's Compensation Board, and records related to Old Age and Mothers' Pensions.

These records include papers from legislative sessions, proposed and enacted legislation, regulations and licences, speeches and speech notes, meeting minutes, recommendations for positions (including police commissioners, notaries public, justices of the peace, and King's Counsel), Attorney-General cases, public accounts, expense reports, royal commissions, governmental reports, governmental publications, and correspondence with various governmental departments.

Presbyterian Church

Subseries consists of records related to Manson's involvement in the Presbyterian Church, such as his work fundraising for the construction of St. Andrew's Hall at the University of British Columbia.

These records include church publications, speech notes, papers related to church fundraisers, congregational lists, and correspondence.

General ledgers and files.

Sub-series consists of financial files and ledgers of the Canadian Western Lumber Company, Limited. Files pertain to the financial organization of the company. Ledgers includes a general ledger, sales ledgers, a purchase ledger, a transfer book, and sawmill production records.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Operations Files

Subseries consists of contractor information, mill operations specifications and rules, notes, reports, customer and sales information, compiled descriptions of forestry sites, strategic planning, and geographical resources

S.M. Simpson Ltd.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's estate and date predominantly from after his death.

These records include a death certificate, an early will, and papers related to succession duties and probate.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Photographs

The subseries consists of commissioned commercial photography (portraits, candids, aerials) carried out primarily by three firms (Aero Surveys Ltd., ca. 1948 to 1958; Jennings Ltd. Photography, ca. 1971 to 1974; and Hans Giesen of British Columbia Ltd. ca.1973). None of these firms have a current detectable presence. Other commercial photographers include Jack Cash Photographic Studio, Pope's Studio, Paul Ponich, Kermode Studio, and Ribelin Photography. Of these, only Pope's Studio is clearly still extant. Other photographs originate from the mill(s) proper, and yet others have been collected from third parties' personal photo collections (acquired or copcopied) by Sharron J. Simpson. There are a total of approximately 2,350 images in the form of photographs, scans & photocopies on paper, slide transparencies, negatives, and contact prints documenting mill business (under various nomenclature and ownership) during the years ca. 1910 to 1994, in colour and black & white, with sizes ranging from oversize posters to 10x12cm prints.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Gold dust research records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to Howard's research for <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt.</i> These records mostly contain photocopies of materials that Howard consulted for her book, including: archival records such as birth, death, and wedding certificates, parish records, Workers' Compensation Board documents, historical newspaper articles, and chapters of books related to topics discussed in <i>Gold Dust</i>. Other records include copies of correspondence, maps, brochures and pamphlets, and Howard's handwritten notes that she took from reading various books and webpages. The series also includes some magazine articles Howard wrote for Highlander Magazine, many of which were later integrated into her book.

Historical photograph collection

Subseries consists of photographs collected by Doug Cox in service to his historical research and writing. Materials derive from a wide variety of provenancial and subject contexts, which are resolved at the item level.

Lumb Stocks collection

Biographical sketch:
Lumb Stocks (b. 1887 in Leicester, England, d. 1947 in Penticton, BC) immigrated to Kelowna in 1910. He traveled back in England in 1915 to marry his wife, Marion. Together they had five children: Peter, Beryl, Jack, Daphne, and David.

In Vernon, Stocks purchased a camera from G.H.E. “Huddy” Hudson. Soon Stocks was offered a job by Hudson and he joined his photography studio. He became a partner and took over operations of the firm in 1916 when Hudson returned to England during WWI, renaming the enterprise “Hudson-Stocks & Co.” After deciding to stay permanently in England, Hudson asked Stocks in 1918 to buy out his partnership. Instead Stocks made a purchase from Hudson and his Penticton partner, Ken Chadwick, for the photography firm there and moved his family to the Penticton area.

Lumb Stocks’ second son, Jack Stocks, took over the business upon his father’s death in 1947, and maintained the Stocks Photography until his own untimely death in 1979.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of photographic record captured by Lumb Stocks and/or Jack Stocks and/or on behalf of Stocks Camera Shop, Penticton BC. These are commercial, professional photographs and the collection features an insignificant number of portraits or candid shots. The majority of the photographs were created during the lifetime of Lumb Stocks, and a minority by Jack Stocks, his successor.

Subseries documents landscapes, city scenes, events, disasters, buildings, and landmarks associated with Penticton, BC, primarily during the first half of the twentieth century.

Suite of postcards features a small subset of hand-tinted examples.

Penticton area research collection

Subseries consists of a photographic and oral history record of Penticton civic life from approximately 1910 through the mid 1970s, with predominant coverage during the middle decades of the twentieth century. Materials relate to sports, cultural events, landmarks and buildings, industry, transportation & infrastructure, and agriculture. Many of the photographs can likely be attributed to the Penticton Herald.

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