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Correspondence with family

Subseries consists of correspondence to Hanne from Hedwig Herrmann (her mother), Elizabeth Fischer (her sister), and Peter and Fritz Fischer (her nephews). There is also correspondence from Ilse, Peter’s wife.

Correspondent-specific correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence with employees, book publishers and distributors, government granting agencies, literary reviews and businesses as well as correspondence about particular subjects.

Council of Forest Industries members and presidents.

Sub-series contains photographs of Council of Forest Industries presidents and members. Photographed individuals include: J.A. Humbird, J.O. Cameron, F.R. Pendleton, J.D. McCormack, Aird Flavelle, R. Abernathy, B.M. Farries, J.H. MacDonald, J.G. Robson, H.J. Mackin. F.A.E. Manning, M.D.B King, J.M. Edward, W.J. van Dusen, A.D. Anderson, L.L.G. Bentley, W.K. Nichols, H.A. Renwick, B.B. Gattie, J.S. Johannson, J.V. Christensen, T.E. Burgess, H.A. Smith, R.H. Ellison, R.C. McMillan, and various members of forest and lumber association in British Columbia.

Court documents

Sub-series consists of manuscripts written by Belcher in defence of charges laid against him with respect to his naval command. Includes an original and a transcript copy of a defence prepared by Belcher against charges of tyranny and severe treatment of his men during his service as Captain of the HMS Sulpher and related documents. Series also includes an original copy of a statement of defence written by Belcher when he was courtmartialled for abandoning ships under his command during the Franklin expedition in 1854.

Crown Zellerbach Canada (Southern Interior Wood Products) Labour Relations

Subseries consists of documentation of Crown Zellerbach Canada’s interactions with its workers, as well as their labour union, the International Woodworkers’ Association.
Subseries contains primary instance documents including forms (blank and completed), collective agreements, meeting minutes, seniority lists, job categorization lists, correspondence, committee rosters, contracts, bulletins, etc.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Crown Zellerbach Canada (Southern Interior Wood Products) Operations Files

Subseries consists of partial documentation of the substantial forestry, logging, and sawmill operations conducted by Crown Zellerbach Canada (Southern Interior Wood Products) during the 1960s through 1980s. Predominantly, this subseries is comprised of prepared reports, prospectuses, industrial profiles, and descriptions of assets, work processes, and mill specifications.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Crown Zellerbach Canada (Southern Interior Wood Products) Photographs

Subseries consists of photographs created or acquired by Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd. This aggregation consists of photographs concerning the former S.M. Simpson Ltd. mills as well as other mills purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada at the same time.
The majority of these images are contact prints of aerial photographs from commercial photography studios, commissioned by Crown Zellerbach Canada:
Hans Giesen of British Columbia Ltd.
Jennings Ltd. Photography
Images depict sites, workers, events, processes, and capital projects at Crown Zellerbach mills, including those holdings in Enderby, Armstrong, Falkland, Monte Lake, Lumby, and Kelowna.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Day Planners

Consist of Rosemary’s day planners, ‘While you are out’ appointment forms and to-do lists.


Sub-series consists of Trutch's daily diaries for the years 1870, 1897, 1902, and 1906 . Diaries include notations pertaining to his appointments and activities, financial transactions, correspondence, and the weather.

Dignitary photographs.

Series contains photographs of Mike Apsey with various dignitaries, including Presidents, Senators, and Prime Ministers. Photographs include: Mike Apsey and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, B.C., photos of Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George P. Shultz (American Economist), Max Baucus (Montana Senator), Clayton Yeutter (US Secretary of State for George H.W. Bush, Lloyd Bentsen (Senator for Texas), David Durenberger (senator Minnesota), Bill Frenzel (Representative Minnesota), Rudy Boschwitz (Senator Minnesota), Bob Packwood (Senator), and photos of Mike Aspey with former Prime Ministers Kim Campbell, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, and Joe Clark.

Directors meetings.

Sub-series contain minutes related to director meetings of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of meeting minutes describing committee reports, applications for membership, highlights important correspondence between individuals and the BCLMA, and discusses subjects such as the U.K. Timber Development Association, timber control, and trade extension.

Directors meetings.

Sub-series contains meeting minutes from the British Columbia Loggers Association Directors committee. Materials consists of ledger books with meeting minutes pasted inside, which document the core functions and forestry, more specifically logging, related issues, their follow-up and consultation with other interested organizations. Also included are meeting minutes that discuss the Association’s finances, reports from various organizations including the Council of Forest Industries, and a discussion of topics including Timber Land Assessment procedures, stumpages, publicity, and forest fire protection.

Directors meetings.

Sub-series consist of Directors meetings minutes from the Consolidated Red Cedar and Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material contains four ledger books of meeting minutes documenting the committee’s decisions, and includes division reports, the organizations functions and activities, and daily business.

Documents of a national significance

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to the history of more than one region, or to Canada in general. Includes an original financial statement of Sir Alexander MacKenzie's account with the North West Company in 1807, an original 1833 manuscript letter from Edward Ellice to Samuel Gerrard concerning financial matters in the Canadas, as well as transcript copies of letters by William Lyon Mackenzie and Edward Blake.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Dolphin SOS

Series includes research materials, posters, and press for Roy and Slavia Miki's book Dolphin SOS (published 2014).

Dora Hatton collection

The subseries contains the original finding aid and collection information made by the Icelandic Archives of British Columbia for the Dora Hatton collection. The subseries also contains a manuscript written by Hatton’s father, Halldor Eriksson about his life and participation in different Icelandic communities in Canada. Additionally, the subseries contains a large series of family photographs and a scrapbook of the Eriksson and Hatton families.

Drafts and notebooks

Subseries consists of drafts of letters and documents, notes, and supporting material regarding sealing claims. Most of the series is made up of lined notebooks. Draft documents include memorials to various Canadian government officials, a draft resolution, relevant data, descriptions, etc. The draft letters are addressed to many of the same Canadian government officials, representatives, and others found in the Correspondence series. Loose notes, drafts, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera are interleaved throughout the notebooks. In addition to newspaper clippings and ephemera, supporting materials include some incoming correspondence. Though the drafts in the notebooks are roughly in chronological order, some gaps occur. The contents of the subseries were received by the archivist in a leather briefcase.

Early British Columbia History

Subseries consists of records related to the early history of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. These records pertain to a great many areas of British Columbia history and highlight the development of the province, including voyages of discovery and exploration in the Pacific Northwest, the fur trade (including records from the Hudson's Bay Company), British Columbia geography such as the mapping and navigation of rivers and mountains, British Columbia flora and fauna, and the development of communities and regions around British Columbia including the social, cultural, and economic history of major centres such as Victoria and Vancouver.

These records include published monographs, manuscripts, pamphlets, cards, serials, correspondence, maps and maritime charts, technical drawings, journals and diaries, newspaper clippings, broadsides, scrapbooks, photographs, engraving plates, certificates, stamps, and ephemera such as calendars, menus, invitations, and receipts.

This subseries includes a number of rare items, such as "Order in council constituting the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of Vancouver Island" (1858) which is thought to be the first book published in B.C. or "The Frazer River Thermometer: Great Gold Discoveries of 1858” which provides a very rare example of a San Francisco broadside advertising the Fraser River gold rush.

Early Canadian History

Subseries consists of records related to early Canadian history, particularly as relates to Canada outside of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. This subseries includes records produced during early periods of Canada's history as well as records that were produced later but which pertain to early Canadian history.

These records include essays, speeches, booklets, and artwork.

Ed Aldredge collection

Biographical sketch:
Edgar “Eddie” Wilfrid Aldredge (1901-1992) was one of Penticton’s best known residents. After having worked stints with on the railroad with CPR and in the mining industry with Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company (Trail) in his youth, Aldredge returned to Penticton and began his career as a journalist with the Penticton Herald newspaper in the 1920s. He eventually settled into writing a recurring column dedicated to profiling prominent white settler families of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Later, he wrote a similar column for Okanagan Sunday. He married Winnfred Sadler of Kaleden (d. 1986) in 1963. Ed Aldredge was awarded the City of Penticton’s Merit award for his contributions to the community at in 1973 at the age of 72.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of 265 photographs taken by Ed Aldredge of notable people, structures, landmarks, and events in Penticton, BC. The subseries consists secondarily of a collection of his published columns in the Penticton Herald and Okanagan Sunday as clippings, mounted in two large scrapbooks.

Editing — Books, pamphlets journals and other works.

Series consists of manuscripts, drafts, correspondence, booklets, research and other material relating to books, pamphlets, and other works edited and/or published by Miki. Includes some files concerning Miki's Pomflit project, material relating to Miki's compilation and publication of Tracing the Paths: Reading & Writing The Martyrology. Also includes files relating to Miki's role as editor of The Line (1983-1989) and West Coast Line (1990-1999) magazines, as well as a proof copy of “Trans.Can.Lit: Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature” edited by Smaro Kamboureli and Roy Miki.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's education. These records are predominantly related to his time at the University of Toronto, where he belonged to University College, although a small number of records from his time at Osgoode Hall Law School, Niagara Falls Collegiate Institute, and public school can also be found in this subseries.

The records in this subseries include diplomas and certificates, examination grades, examination papers, pamphlets, student newspapers and newsletters, invitations and programmes from university events, class reunions and alumni events, lecture notes, and textbooks.

Education and boyhood.

Sub-series consists of records from Burch’s school days and boyhood, from his early years at University of British Columbia, and from school reunions. The sub-series is divided into 3 files: Public schooling, Reunions, and Photographs. The Reunion file also contains several photographs. Among the textual records are school report cards from 1930 till 1936, a high school entrance certificate, university entrance examination certificates, a high school graduation certificate, and newsletter and correspondence regarding high school reunions. The photographs are reflective of Burch’s extra-curricular activities through boyhood and his teenaged years.

Education Critic

This subseries contains records pertaining to Lauk's role as the Education Critic from 1976-1982. The records largely pertain to the issues relating to the education sector in British Columbia during that time period. The records include correspondence addressed to and written by Lauk, memos, briefs, reports, news releases and clippings, and articles and research notes written or collected by Lauk.

Educational Colour Slides

These visuals consist of phototransparencies used in consumer education and home economics classes. They mostly depict appliances of the 1960s and 1970s, explain their functions and how to use them. The phototransparencies and the two program kits which are included in this series are a sampling of the materials made by B.C. Hydro to educate homemakers and home economics students. They are Bea Millar's own set and are all that are known to exist from the slide library. Approximately 60 of the images are of Bea, staff and Home Service Centre at B.C. Hydro.

Electoral Campaigns

Subseries consists of papers related to provincial and federal electoral campaigns in British Columbia. Manson was often a candidate in these elections, although the series also contains materials related to elections in other districts, such as by-elections in Cranbrook and the Okanagan.

These papers include newspaper articles about campaigns, speech notes, lists of constituents and voters, papers related to the Omineca riding, campaign materials, pamphlets, election results, and correspondence about elections.

Emil Bjarnason collection

The subseries consists of photocopied records pertaining to parts of the Bjarnason family history, a postcard from Emil and his wife Millie depicting Wynard, Saskatchewan, and a short textual anecdote about Paul Bjarnason’s interaction with Henry Ford. The subseries also includes biographies of the Yorsh family and an English and Icelandic copy of The Beginning of the Universe by Halldor Fridliefson. A notable portion of the subseries consists of photograph albums of the Bjarnason family.

Enomoto, Randy

Sub-series consists of records made or received by Randy Enornoto which he transferred to Miki for research purposes. The sub-series contains agendas and minutes of meetings, correspondence and memoranda, notes, research materials, news clippings, drafts of a manuscript, and other records related to Enomoto’s involvement in the JCCP, the Greater Vancouver JCCA, and the NAJC in the early 1980s.


Sub-series consists of envelopes originally containing correspondence addressed to the Trutch family, particularly to John Trutch.

Environmental Reports

Subseries contains environmental reports generated by Western Forest Products and its predecessors. Also included are the summaries of silvicultural projects performed by MacMillan Bloedel Limited; the majority of these summaries date to the 1980s and early 1990s.

Ephemera and memorabilia

Sub-series contains announcements and invitations to literary and cultural events, plaques that Miki was awarded for his literary and political work, a t-shirt and posters advertising Miki’s 1960's rock and roll band Roy Miki and the Downbeats, two t-shirts and buttons advertising the redress movement, broadsheets with poems by Miki and one from the BC Heritage poetry festival which Miki compiled, posters announcing events that Miki participated in and advertising his publications, and two copies of a certificate from the Government of Canada officially acknowledging the redress settlement. Also contains audio discs Miki felt important to include with his work, as well as DVDs that include Miki in some way.

Erin Mouré

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Erin Mouré's poem <i>Coming Forward</i>. The records include a draft and the final published edition of the poem, as well as two invoices.

Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company

Subseries contains records related to the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company, which operated rail lines on Vancouver Island. The Canadian Pacific Railway Company extended the line to additional cities after acquiring the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway in 1905. Records in this subseries pertain to the railway's business and operations, and include records highlighting employee duties and activities.

These records include papers related to the construction and incorporation of the railway, financial statements, reports, correspondence, blueprints, train timetables, tickets and train passes, advertisements, newspaper clippings, employee handbooks, staff circulars, employee diaries and logs, shipping receipts, and photographs.


Sub-series consists of essays about Ethel Wilson.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's estate and date predominantly from after his death.

These records include a death certificate, an early will, and papers related to succession duties and probate.


Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown over several trips to the Netherlands and Belgium. Photographs are of various boats and ships, shipyards and locks.

Haig-Brown, Alan

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