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Genealogical research and childhood days

Sub-series consist of records generated in the course of Burch’s genealogical research and research on the town of Moyie for his autobiography. The sub-series is divided into 13 files: 9 relating to genealogy, one file of correspondence with another family member, one file of photographs, one file of newspaper clippings relating to his ancestors, and one file of research on the town of Moyie. Types of records include marriage and death certificates, descendent charts, correspondence, and other textual materials, as well as photographs, both historical childhood photographs and those taken during the course of Burch’s research, such as those of ancestral gravesites.

Helen Potrebenko

Subseries contains textual records related to the broadsides created by Helen Potrebenko and published by Lazara Press including: <i>17 Years and a Coffee Truck</i>, <i>"Almost Morningside" - An Excerpt</i>, <i>Displacement</i>, <i>I Was Riding Home </i>, <i>La Critique Litteraire</i>, <i>Encore une faute de frappe toute bete</i>, <i>Dictatyping</i>, and other unpublished works. Records include drafts of Potrebenko's broadsides and chapbooks, and, in many cases, the published editions as well. Other records include correspondence, invoices, reviews, and production records such as layouts and prototypes.

Ed Aldredge collection

Biographical sketch:
Edgar “Eddie” Wilfrid Aldredge (1901-1992) was one of Penticton’s best known residents. After having worked stints with on the railroad with CPR and in the mining industry with Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company (Trail) in his youth, Aldredge returned to Penticton and began his career as a journalist with the Penticton Herald newspaper in the 1920s. He eventually settled into writing a recurring column dedicated to profiling prominent white settler families of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Later, he wrote a similar column for Okanagan Sunday. He married Winnfred Sadler of Kaleden (d. 1986) in 1963. Ed Aldredge was awarded the City of Penticton’s Merit award for his contributions to the community at in 1973 at the age of 72.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of 265 photographs taken by Ed Aldredge of notable people, structures, landmarks, and events in Penticton, BC. The subseries consists secondarily of a collection of his published columns in the Penticton Herald and Okanagan Sunday as clippings, mounted in two large scrapbooks.

Board of Director meetings.

Sub-series contains meeting minutes of the Council of Forest Industries’ Board of Directors. Material consists of meeting minutes that detail the meeting agenda, a summary of proceedings, a list of attendees, financial reports, president reports, economic reports, management reports, and appointment of new members and members to committees.

New Iceland Research collection

The New Iceland Research collection subseries began from a research project Robert Ásgeirsson pursued for a potential documentary film called “The Twelve Year Republic,” about New Iceland, Manitoba. He began looking for photographic evidence from the first years of the community in the 1870s and early 1880s but ultimately found that most of the photographs were from the turn of the 20th century. He accumulated research information, correspondence, publications and photographs (copies and originals) from community members of the Icelandic National League (INL) in Manitoba and the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. Many of the photographs depict the lifestyle of New Icelanders.

He wrote a proposal for the documentary but ultimately, the project did not come to fruition. Ásgeirsson gave the photographs to the Gimli Museum in 1975. What remains in the subseries are the textual research documents kept in subject files in their original order, and copies of the original photographs of New Iceland Ásgeirsson collected during his original project. This subseries is the first collection created by the Icelandic Archives of British Columbia and was the inciting force of its collecting practices in the future.

Kootenay School of Arts

Records in this subseries relate to Kujundzic's time spent in the Okanagan, including teaching materials from his time as an educator at the Kootenay School of Arts, photographs, correspondence, and records relating to his development of the Arts Centre in Nelson, B.C.

Smelter, air pollution, and forest health research

Subseries consists of research and reports done by Hubert on the topic of the effect of air pollution on forest health. Most of the research is around the Alcan aluminum smelter in Alberta. In 1972, the aluminum manufacturing company Alcan (now known as Rio Tinto Alcan) approached Reid Collins to do a study on the effect of emissions from their Kitimat aluminum smelter plant on the surrounding environment and forests. This became a long term project on which Bunce was heavily involved. A number of published articles and maps were produced over the years, some of which can be found in this subseries.

Forestry issues

After his retirement from B.C. Forest Products, Burch remained active in the forestry sphere as a consultant. Documents in this sub-series reflect his continued interest in forestry related issues. The sub-series consists of two files, containing documents such as correspondence, ephemera, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. The division between the files is based on Burch’s own classification of the items as “G” or “H.”

Annual General Meeting.

Sub-series contains the Council of Forest Industries’ Annual General Meeting minutes. Material consists of minutes that provided specific details about the meetings’ proceedings, a list of attendees, the agenda of the meeting, and transcriptions of speeches from the AGM luncheons, and reports from different committees.

Pacific windows: collected poems of Roy K. Kiyooka

Sub-series consists of copies of poems by Roy Kiyooka, notes and research files, drafts of sections of Pacific windows that Miki wrote including the After Words and a commentary on an interview Miki conducted with Roy Kiyooka, and five complete and successive drafts of the manuscript of this book which Miki edited.

By-elections, civic elections, and other electoral materials

This subseries consists of files from several different individual creators, relating primarily to by-elections and civic elections, with some materials in file 398-11 that relate to the federal electoral district of Okanagan-Shushwap.

Elections covered by the series include:

  • The 1988 Surrey municipal election, in which the Surrey Civic Electors ran as an NDP-supported party
  • The 1988 federal election in the newly created riding of Okanagan-Shushwap, in which Lyle MacWilliam of the NDP ran and won
  • The 1989 Cariboo by-election, called after the death of MLA Alexander Fraser, in which NDP member David Zirnhelt was elected.
  • The 1989 Oak Bay-Gordon Head by-election, called after the resignation of MLA Brian Smith, in which NDP member Elizabeth Cull was elected.
  • The 1994 Matsqui by-election, called after the resignation of MLA Peter Dueck, in which NDP member Sam Wagar was originally uncontested for NDP nomination in the riding, until a controversy surrounding his Wiccan religious beliefs prompted a second nomination election, which Wagar lost by two votes to Lynn Fairall. In the election, Fairall was defeated by Liberal Party member Mike de Jong.
  • The 1995 Abbotsford by-election, called after the resignation of MLA Harry de Jong, in which NDP member Rollie Kieth was defeated by Liberal Party member John van Dongen.
  • The 1997 Surrey-White Rock by-election, called after the resignation of MLA Wilf Hurd, in which NDP member David Thompson was defeated by Liberal Party member Gordon Hogg.

Creators included in this subseries include:

  • Elaine Bernard, Provincial President (files 398-10/11)
  • Ron Johnson, Communications Director (files 398-12 to 399-02)
  • Carol Adams, Communications officer (file 399-03)
  • Hans Brown, Provincial Secretary (files 399-04/05)
  • Lin Rubin, Director of Administration (file 399-06)
  • Patrice Pratt, Provincial President (file 399-07)
  • Sherry Hyde, Director of Administration (file 399-08)
  • Brian Gardiner, Provincial Secretary (files 399-09 to 400-01)

The subseries includes correspondence, media clippings, drafts, campaign materials, leaftlets, public communcations and memoranda, polls, and other related materials.


Subseries contains general textual records pertaining to Lazara Press' Discussion Series publications, such as mailing lists and inquiries made to and from Goldsmith about potential future publications in the series.

Environmental Reports

Subseries contains environmental reports generated by Western Forest Products and its predecessors. Also included are the summaries of silvicultural projects performed by MacMillan Bloedel Limited; the majority of these summaries date to the 1980s and early 1990s.

Keiko Miki

Sub-series consists of records that predominately relate to Keiko Miki’s activities as the Chairperson of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) Human Rights Committee and some records that reflect her role as the President of the NAJC. Records reflect the focus of her leadership as centering on human rights issues, ant-racism and other human race relations for Japanese Canadians and for other ethnic groups. This includes correspondence, Human Rights legislation in Canada, journal publications and articles by various writers, conference summaries and reports, Annual General Meeting (AGM) reports, Human Rights Committee reports, evaluations, questionnaires, and newspaper clippings.

1997 federal election records

Records in this series relate to provincial NDP activities in support of the 1997 Federal Election, called on April 26, 1997, and held on June 2, 1997. The federal NDP, under the leadership of Alexa McDonough, managed to regain official party status (lost after securing only 9 seats in the 1993 federal election) by winning 21 seats. The next federal election was not held until 2000.

In British Columbia, former Provincial Secretary Gerry Scott was engaged as the BC Campaign Manager, and current Provincial Secretary Brian Gardiner joined the Communications Working Group of the Elections Planning Committee (EPC). These records appear to have been created by Brian Gardiner, Provincial Secretary, and include public communications, memoranda, messaging documents, newsletters, candidate biographies, correspondence, reports, polls, and other related materials.

West coast line: a journal of contemporary writing and criticism

Sub-series consists of correspondence and other records documenting Miki’s
activities as editor of West coast line followed by drafts of the manuscripts of issues of the journal arranged chronologically according to date of publication and drafts of articles which were submitted to the journal. The sub-series also contains photographs of illustrations and plates appearing in issues of West coast line. Miki founded West coast line (under the title Line) in 1983 and was editor of the journal until 1999.

Susan Musgrave

Subseries contains two copies of Musgrave's broadside <i>The situation in which we are both amateurs</i>.

Historical mining research collection

Subseries consists of collected materials with pertinence to the mining industry in the late 19th and early 20th century in the Kootenay, Boundary, and Similkameen regions of British Columbia.
Includes collected photographs, clippings, government publications, maps (mineral claims) and textual records.

Subseries documents the Nickel Plate and Mascot mines near Hedley, BC, and several short-lived mining boom towns in the Kootenays and Boundary country (Phoenix, Camp McKinney) as well as Blakeburn and Coalmont (also now abandoned) in the Similkameen.


Sub-series consists of drawings and photographs for mockups and cover proofs of Pulp Press publications, oversize photographs for Pulp publications, and oversize mockups of a Press magazine Flush Times.

Guðrun Johnson collection

The subseries consists largely of photographs of the Johnson family and friends, and also includes correspondence, Johnson’s biography, her postcard collection, textile projects as well as her husband Fred’s Certificate of Discharge from the Active Militia of Canada. Notably, the subseries contains a braid of Johnson’s hair.

Multicultural committee records

Files in this subseries reflect the function and activities of the Multicultural Committee of the BC NDP, including its various subcommittees and liaisons.

According to a “Proposed Statement of Purpose” contained in file 460-01, the Multicultural Committee of the BC NDP was established by the Provincial Executive on November 3, 1990 as a means of connecting better with cultural and linguistic constituent communities, and to support the particular needs, struggles, and interests of those communities. As a whole, the committee aimed to make Party material available in a broader range of translations, introduce relevant resolutions at Convention, organize workshops and participate in community cultural events, and encourage both the Party and the provincial government to consider the broader needs of British Columbia’s diverse communities. In 1992, the Committee also began running a regular page in the Democrat, the party’s newspaper.

Like most BC NDP committees, the Multicultural Committee was headed by a Steering Committee which included two Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, past-Chairs, a member of the Democrat Committee, several members at large, and various liaisons and representatives from other parts of the BC NDP; this structure evolved over time as the committee established itself. In 1993, the Steering Committee consisted of "16 Steering Committee members plus four members at large for a total of 20 voting members. ...In addition, there will be non-voting members: two Minister's staff and the Multicultural Organizer" (from file 460-02). In 1991, the Committee engaged a Multicultural organizer, a paid staff position that was terminated later by the incoming government, and reinstated in a part-time capacity in 1993. Various subcommittees were formed within the Multicultural committee as well on either a standing or adhoc basis, such as the Membership, Education, Resolutions, Policy, and Working subcommittees. File 459-14 (under the March 10, 1992 tab) contains a "Strategy and Tactics" document that further outlines the intended outcomes and methods of the committee.

Items in this subseries include meeting notices, agenda and minutes, visioning documents, correspondence, public communications, clippings, reports, memos, and other related materials.

Across currents: canada — Japan minority forum

Sub-series contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, notes, and other records related to Miki’s role in organizing the Injustice conference held in Vancouver in 1992. The sub-series also contains transcripts of presentations made at the conference and drafts of the conference proceedings which Miki co-edited with Scott McFarlane and which were published in 1996. Finally, the sub-series contains research files on the histories and experiences of minority groups represented at the Injustice conference and in the conference proceedings. Records related to conference planning precede the manuscript drafts which are followed by the research files arranged alphabetically according to the name of the minority group.

1996 provincial election

Records in this subseries relate to the BC NDP's activities leading up to and following the 1996 Provincial General Election. The 36th Provincial General Election was called on April 30, 1996, and held on May 28, 1996. The BC NDP, under the leadership of Glen Clark, ran a full 75 candidates in the election. Heading into the election the NDP held a 51 seat majority, but Mike Harcourt's resignation surrounding the "Bingogate Scandal" (see: the "Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society" subseries in the "Legal proceedings, investigations, and inquiries" series of this fonds) affected the party's public perception, at a time when the BC Liberal party was gaining popularity. Ultimately, the BC NDP secured a narrow majority government, with 39 seats, while the Liberals, previously holding only 17 seats, retained the Official Opposition with 33 seats.

Records in this subseries have been created by the following individuals:

  • Files 409-06 to 410-16, the majority of the files in this subseries, have been created by Jim Kirk, Director of Communications
  • File 410-17 appears to have been created by Hans Brown, former Provincial Secretary and Campaign Manager for the 1996 election
  • Files 410-18 to 411-04 created by Sherry Hyde, Director of Administration
  • File 411-05 appears to have been created by Brian Gardiner, Provincial Secretary

Files include polls, correspondence, memos, drafts and notes, public communications, clippings, financial documents, and other materials related to the 1996 election. File 411-04 contains correspondence around the implementation of recent changes to the Election Act, as well as challenges to the revised Election Act. File 411-05 includes court documents and legal correspondence about a judicial recount in the Okanagan-Boundary electoral district following the election.

pj flaming

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to pj flemming's broadside poem titled <i>Santa Cowboy Down on Main Street</i>. The records include copies of the published broadside, as well as other records such as copies of correspondence between flemming and Lazara Press, invoices, and publishing information.

Publishers, Agents & Representatives

This sub-series includes correspondence from book publishers, solicitors, literary agents, and author’s representatives. These groups are both Canadian and American based.

Justice in our time: the Japanese canadian redress settlement

Sub-series consists of correspondence, research notes, photographs, and publicity materials related to a pamphlet, Justice in our time: the Japanese Canadian redress settlement, published in 1988, and to a book of the same title published in 1991. Mild co-edited the pamphlet and the book with Cassandra Kobayashi. The series contains drafts of the pamphlet and records relating to its Japanese translation, as well as successive drafts of sections of the monograph and the entire manuscript. The photographs contained in this series are reproductions of images of Japanese Canadians from throughout the twentieth century, many of which appear in the book Justice in our lime.

Random access file

Sub-series consists of five complete and successive drafts of the manuscript of random access file, a book of Miki’s poetry published in 1995. Following the manuscript drafts is a file of notes describing changes to be made to different versions of the manuscript.

Honourary Life Membership Committee records

This subseries contains records pertaining to the Honourary Life Members (HLM) Committee. Each year, the committee, often made up of three individuals, would receive nominations from constituency associations including biographical sketches and letters of reference in support of long-standing and dedicated members. The committee would review the standing and contributions of these nominees, and would select candidates to be awarded Honourary Life Member status at the upcoming NDP provincial convention. Since at least the mid-1970's the standard number of annual HLM inductees has been 10, often with 2 alternates selected. Nominees not selected for the year in question are often kept on file by the committee for consideration the following convention year, and in some instances when conventions have not occurred yearly, up to 20 members will be selected.

File 434-21 contains a document from 1980 that reproduces the text printed on the member cards given to HLMs at convention:

"The cause of socialism is advance by the efforts of millions of dedicated individuals who remain anonymous,
To honour them, our convention decision is to proclaim the bearer of this card as one who, by courage and perserverance, illuminates the pages of our history.
Honourary Life Membership is the highest form of recognition the New Democratic Pary of British Columbia can bestow."

Records in this subseries include correspondence, convention materials, clippings, public communicaitons, forms, and other related materials.

African Canadians

Sub-series consists of proposals and outlines, research, character profiles and biographies, editorial correspondences, chapter drafts, and the final proof, all pertaining to the book, which highlights the achievements of African Canadians in each sector of Canada’s National community.

Education and boyhood.

Sub-series consists of records from Burch’s school days and boyhood, from his early years at University of British Columbia, and from school reunions. The sub-series is divided into 3 files: Public schooling, Reunions, and Photographs. The Reunion file also contains several photographs. Among the textual records are school report cards from 1930 till 1936, a high school entrance certificate, university entrance examination certificates, a high school graduation certificate, and newsletter and correspondence regarding high school reunions. The photographs are reflective of Burch’s extra-curricular activities through boyhood and his teenaged years.

Speeches 1990-1994

Subseries consists of files related to speaking engagements and speeches given or planned by Thomas Berger from 1990 to 1994, primarily during tours in China, Japan, South Africa, and South America, on various topics including human rights, the environment, and development, among others.

Promotional Material

This sub-series includes articles related to each book, including original and
copied articles with handwritten notes on several. Science fiction, literary, and
academic publications from Canada, the United States and Europe are
represented. There are also promotional book jackets included.

Policy review committee (PRC) records

Files in this subseries reflect the functions and activities of the Policy Review Committee (PRC) of the BC NDP, including its various policy subcommittees and committee liaisons.

The PRC functions as an aggregate body, composed of policy subcommittees formed by a motion of the Provincial Council to review and/or develop policies for the Party around a particular issue or topic. Policy subcommittees could be formed to respond to specific areas where a Party policy response was required immediately, or they could exist as standing subcommittees, as was often the case. Membership in any subcommittee is open to Party members in good standing, and committee membership is re-established on an annual basis. Each subcommittee has a Chair (or two Co-Chairs), and the Policy Review Committee is composed of all chairs of the policy subcommittees. Standing subcommittees have included: Advanced education, Agriculture, Economic, Education, Gay & Lesbian Rights, Health, Housing, Justice & legal affairs, Labour, Human Rights & Anti-racism, Social services, Tourism & cultural affairs, Transportation, and so forth. In many years, a representative of the Young New Democratics (YND) and a representative of the Women's Rights Committee (WRC) would also act as liaising members of the PRC. Policy subcommittees would review old policy, develop new policy as either resolutions for Convention or as Party policy statements, prepare background and/or discussion papers on relevant issues, and promote internal awareness and education about issues relevant to the Party. Finally, the PRC itself would often act in an advisory capacity to the Strategy & Election Planning Committee (SEPC) and the Elections Platform Committee (EPC) during the campaign period of of provincial elections.

Files in this subseries include materials from both the PRC itself, as well as records of its various subcommittees. Items covered include meeting minutes and agenda, memos and notices, background and discussion papers, media clippings, handwritten notes, drafts, public communications, policy documents and proposals, resolutions, and other related materials.

1993 federal election records

Records in this series relate to the British Columbia NDP's activities in support of the 1993 federal election.

The 35th Canadian federal general election was held on October 25, 1993. During this time, the BC NDP Central Office became an organizing hub for regional campaigns, with BC candidates running for 32 federal seats in the election. However, the Federal NDP party, under the leadership of Audrey McLaughlin, fared poorly in the 1993 election, securing only 9 seats. This was reflected in British Columbia, where all but two of the Federal NDP MP's lost their seats. The next federal election did not occur until 1997.

Records in this series have been predominantly created by Jim Kirk, Director of Communications (files 407-04 to 408-10). Files 408-11 to 409-05 were located in the Executive Secretary's office at the time of appraisal, though their creator is uncertain; file 409-05 appears to have been created by Sherry Hyde, Director of Administration.

Records include correspondence, memos, policy and strategy documents, public communications, campaign advertisements and media scripts, clippings, pamphlets, polls, minutes, meeting agendas, and other related materials.


This subseries contains records of the incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences of the Vancouver Women in Focus Society. Incoming correspondences came from a number of places, including other feminist, film, and/or art organizations in Vancouver, Canada, and internationally. Incoming correspondences include: tape and catalogue requests; letters from other organizations; letters from artists; invitations to participate in events or special projects; bulletins from organizations that Women in Focus was a member of; and letters of support.

Women in Focus also often kept copies of the mail they sent out, including: letters to politicians and government branches; WIF press releases about upcoming projects and events; letters to members about the status of the society; and responses to incoming mail. Women in Focus was also involved in lobbying efforts relating to issues such as censorship and representations of women in pornography. These lobbying efforts frequently resulted in letter campaigns which are included in the Correspondence series.

Internal correspondences pertain mostly to the status of Women in Focus, such as firing and hiring or changes to the Board of Directors and other committees. There are further correspondences throughout the fonds as they relate to different functions.

Pennsylvania State University

Records in this subseries relate to the time when Kujundzic's served as the head of the Arts Department at Pennylvania State University's Fayette Campus from 1968 until 1982. It includes teaching materials, interdepartmental correspondence, applications and notices, and records relating to art projects undertaken at the University.

Smith (The oldest-living)

Subseries contains textual records related to Pat Smith's play titled <i>The Oldest-Living</i>. These records include correspondence, reviews and promotions of the play, as well as records related to the production of the work. The photographs contained in this subseries are images featured in the <i>The Oldest-Living</i> publication.


This subseries contains records relating to the financial management and upkeep of the Women in Focus Society and its projects. Records include: invoices for video and equipment rentals; invoices for art sales; ledger books; grant applications to governmental and private programs; project budgets; yearly financial summaries; tax audits; and fundraising applications. Many grant applications relate to WIF’s projects and events that are present throughout the fonds.

A record of writing: an annotated and illustrated bibliography of George Bowering and George Bowering selected: poems 1961-1992

Sub-series contains photocopies of material gathered by Miki from the Public Archives of Canada and other sources in the course of compiling A record of writing. The sub-series contains audio tapes of conversations between Miki and Bowering regarding books Bowering published recorded between 1985 and 1989 as well as transcripts of some of those discussions. The sub-series also contains copies of poems by George Bowering and drafts of the manuscript of George Bowering selected. Files related to A record of writing precede those related to George Bowering selected.

Theresa Tait

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Theresa Tait's " Inside Out: First Nations on the Front Line" publication in Lazara Press' Discussion Series. The subseries contains drafts of the publication, as well as the final copy. Other records include correspondence, cataloging information, and newsclippings.

Frank Hunter collection

Biographical sketch:
Frank Hunter (b. 1909, d. ?) was born in Garneil, Montana, and immigrated with his parents to Saskatchewan as an infant. As a young man he ventured into the Peace River country of northern British Columbia. He married his wife, Doreen Hunter, in 1951 in Baldonnel, BC. They had two children.

Frank Hunter worked as a farmer upon his arrival in the Peace, and later on as a railroad surveyor and served as a school trustee during the 1950s.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of Hunter family photographs captured from about 1927 through the 1940s, as well as supporting textual reference materials. Photographs were taken by a Kodak Brownie box camera. Photographs depict images of landscapes, infrastructure (bridges and railroads), agriculture, rodeo, and pioneer family life in the Peace River region of British Columbia. Also includes a small subset of 35mm negative strips and 15cm x 13 cm photographic prints dated to 1992, taken by Sandy Baker, and documenting the same geographical area.

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