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Frances Hanson collection

The subseries consists mainly of four scrapbooks made by Frances (Olafson) Hanson of the Olafson family in Osland and Prince Rupert. Textual materials in the subseries include diaries of Hanson’s father, Olafur Olafson, correspondence and ephemera of the Olafson family, and some photocopied materials used to write Hanson’s book, Memories of Osland.

Accounts and statements.

Sub-series consists of financial accounts and statements of the Canadian Western Lumber Company, Limited and its subsidiary companies. Includes accounts, monthly statements, interim monthly statements, annual balance sheets, and annual statements and reports.

Liberal Party

Subseries consists of records related to the Liberal Party of Canada and, in particular, the Liberal Party of British Columbia. The majority of the records in this subseries date from Manson's time as an MLA.

These records include early Liberal publications such as the "Canadian Liberal Monthly" and, predominantly, correspondence between Manson and Liberal Associations across British Columbia. Manson grouped many of these files under the headings "Liberal Associations" or "Liberal Ass’n."

This is my own: letters to Wes and other writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941-1948, by Muriel Kitagawa

Sub-series contains photocopies of material gathered by Miki in the course of researching and editing This is my own. The sub-series also contains records related to Mild’s grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, his leave of absence from Simon Fraser University, copies of Muriel Kitagawa’s letters after having been edited by Miki, drafts of the manuscript of the book, and published reviews of the book. Finally, the sub series contains originals and reproductions of photographs of Muriel Kitagawa and other Japanese Canadians and of internment centres and audio recordings of interviews with Muriel Kitagawa’s brother Wes Kitagawa conducted by Miki in Toronto in 1984.

Photographs taken by various European photographers

Subseries consists of portraits of Hanne (and another woman, possibly her sister Elizabeth) taken by European photographers. At least five photographs of Hanne were taken by Grete Weissenstein (known professionally as Ingret) and at least two by Madame D’Ora, a famed Austrian fashion and portrait photographer. Those photographers responsible for the remaining pictures in this subseries are unknown.

Notes pertaining to modus vivendi sealing claims...

Subseries consists of drafts of letters and documents and notes regarding sealing claims, as well as newspaper clippings. Documents include drafts of multiple letters to Gordon M. Grant, barrister and solicitor. Drafts and notes appear to be in rough chronological order. The subseries also consists of a daily log book for the sloop "Nymphe" and a Commissioner of Fisheries Report for 1913.


Subseries contains Thomas’ research on prominent individuals in or related to British Columbian folk music or British Columbian history. Material includes published information, interview notes, and correspondence. Subseries is arranged alphabetically according to the individual's surname.

Helga Howardson collection

The subseries consists largely of photographs from three albums compiled by Howardson depicting events and organizations in the Vancouver Icelandic community. Howardson was very involved in the various community organizations. Resultantly, the textual records in her collection consist of correspondence, minutes, and reports from the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia, the Icelandic National League, the Sólskin Society, the Icelandic Care Home Höfn House and the Icelandic Lutheran Church. The subseries contains eight recordings of Icelandic music and events that were broadcast over Icelandic community radio. The subseries also includes a copy of The Icelandic-Canadian Poet Stephan Gudmundsson Stephansson: A Tribute by Kerry Wood.

Financial records.

Sub-series consists of correspondence and figures concerning financial transactions between the Fraser Mills Sash, Door & Shingle Company, Limited and the Canadian Western Lumber Company, Limited (1914), and other financial records of the Company.

Correspondence Series : World War I

These letters, grouped together by Douglas, are from soldiers stationed in England and France in World War I. Some were personal acquaintances, other correspondences were initiated as a result of lists in newspapers of soldiers seeking correspondents. Most letters are together with their envelopes.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's family.

These records include correspondence with family members, invitations for family events, and papers related to Stella Manson's estate.

Records of incorporation

Sub-series consists of copies of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (1912) for the company, as well as a copy of a supplemental agreement (1914) to the original memorandum, and copies of related company minutes, dating from 1913-1918.

Printed Material

Printed material has been glued into both scrapbooks. The pages have been numbered and general notes in each item's record refer to page numbers in the scrapbooks. The brochures located in folder 02-02 were advertisements for Stephen's publications.

Speeches and Writings by Others

Sub-series consists of reports, addresses, and other writings relating to British Columbia fisheries, including material pertaining to the conservation and propagation of the salmon population, and to industry organization, production and regulation. Includes a circa 1942 prospectus of a proposed Fishermen's Cooperative Packing Company in British Columbia.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Financial records

Sub-series consists of the company’s financial records, including annual accounts and statements, trial balances, monthly statements, and a balance sheet. Includes statements for subsidiary companies, Canadian Boxes Limited, Northern Pulpwood Limited, Badwater Towing Company, and Hudson Paper Co., Ltd., and for construction performed on the mill at Ocean Falls in 1929 and 1930.

Electoral Campaigns

Subseries consists of papers related to provincial and federal electoral campaigns in British Columbia. Manson was often a candidate in these elections, although the series also contains materials related to elections in other districts, such as by-elections in Cranbrook and the Okanagan.

These papers include newspaper articles about campaigns, speech notes, lists of constituents and voters, papers related to the Omineca riding, campaign materials, pamphlets, election results, and correspondence about elections.

Other fitness photographs

Subseries consists of photographs and photographic negatives depicting Hanne as she demonstrates the various athletic stretches/poses she developed. There are also many photos of her engaged in other physical activities like diving, swimming, and group fitness exercises, as well as images of Hanne teaching swimming lessons, of her ring exercise demonstrations, and of exercises enacted with another model. The photographers responsible for taking most of these pictures are unknown, however some photos may have been taken by Trude Fleischmann. This subseries also includes photographs and corresponding to negatives taken by Edith Boeck from "Sport-Illustrationen" — these photographs are stamped on verso with Boeck's name, company, and address as well as a reproduction notification. Boeck's photographs capture Hanne stretching and posing on a rocky shoreline, as well as diving and swimming. Some the images in these series were taking in Brioni, Italy, however, most photo settings are not identified.

Council of Forest Industries members and presidents.

Sub-series contains photographs of Council of Forest Industries presidents and members. Photographed individuals include: J.A. Humbird, J.O. Cameron, F.R. Pendleton, J.D. McCormack, Aird Flavelle, R. Abernathy, B.M. Farries, J.H. MacDonald, J.G. Robson, H.J. Mackin. F.A.E. Manning, M.D.B King, J.M. Edward, W.J. van Dusen, A.D. Anderson, L.L.G. Bentley, W.K. Nichols, H.A. Renwick, B.B. Gattie, J.S. Johannson, J.V. Christensen, T.E. Burgess, H.A. Smith, R.H. Ellison, R.C. McMillan, and various members of forest and lumber association in British Columbia.

Frank Hunter collection

Biographical sketch:
Frank Hunter (b. 1909, d. ?) was born in Garneil, Montana, and immigrated with his parents to Saskatchewan as an infant. As a young man he ventured into the Peace River country of northern British Columbia. He married his wife, Doreen Hunter, in 1951 in Baldonnel, BC. They had two children.

Frank Hunter worked as a farmer upon his arrival in the Peace, and later on as a railroad surveyor and served as a school trustee during the 1950s.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of Hunter family photographs captured from about 1927 through the 1940s, as well as supporting textual reference materials. Photographs were taken by a Kodak Brownie box camera. Photographs depict images of landscapes, infrastructure (bridges and railroads), agriculture, rodeo, and pioneer family life in the Peace River region of British Columbia. Also includes a small subset of 35mm negative strips and 15cm x 13 cm photographic prints dated to 1992, taken by Sandy Baker, and documenting the same geographical area.

Trude Fleischmann photography

Trude Fleischmann was a renowned portrait photographer in Vienna whose rise to prominence coincided with that of Hanne Wassermann. Both women had studied photography at the “Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Photographie und Reproduktionsverfahren,” their time at the school overlapping for at least one year. The two were friends, with Hanne posing as a model for Trude, including at least one nude photo in the early 1920s. When Hanne opened her 'gymnastics' school, it was Trude who photographed her for publicity materials such as posters and cards. Similarly, Trude photographed Hanne (sometimes accompanied by other models) demonstrating the various stretches and poses associated with the fitness method she had developed.

This subseries consists of photographs by Trude, the majority of which depict Hanne's fitness programs (e.g. stretching, holding poses, and ring exercises). There are also portraits taken of Hanne and photos of Hanne apparently modeling clothes. While Hanne is the primary subject of these images, there are also portraits of two unidentified men, one of whom was Hanne's boyfriend. There is also a small quantity of textual materials associated with Trude such as a newspaper clipping featuring one of her photos, materials related to Hanne's lectures at her New York studio, and a single piece of correspondence to Hanne.

Fleischmann, Trude

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