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[Minutes of Local 1 membership meeting]

File contains meeting minutes, bulletins, memos, and other records dated December 17, 1980 to November 30, 1979. Topics discussed include committee nominations, a presentation from CUPE Local 2278 (UBC teaching assistants), financial statements, committee reports on grievances, benefits, job evaluation, a speaker from the Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade, affiliation, potential resignation of the president, referendum results, budget cuts, strikes, the collective agreement and negotiations, bylaws, and constitutional amendments.

[Minutes of Local 1 membership meeting]

File contains meeting minutes dated December 1, 1983 to July 28, 1983. Topics discussed include nominations, a report on the secession ballots, a report from the ombuds committee, information on the UBC campus situation, strikes and legal information, grievances, contracts, bylaw amendments, a Solidarity report, labour legislation, layoffs and fired BCGEU workers, and supporting Tranquille workers.

[Minutes of Local 1 membership meeting]

File contains reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and other records dated December 13, 1984 to January 19, 1984. Topics discussed include the potential merger and a presentation from CUPE, recommendations and the merger committee's final report, a report on the other union options (OTEU, BCGEU, VMREU, HEU), reports to members on the merger and increased dues, finances, nominations, grievances, contracts, health and safety, and a report entitled "Solidarity as a Trade Union and its Present Situation".

[Minutes of Local 1 membership meeting] (1 of 2)

File contains agendas, meeting minutes, and other records dated November 25, 1982 to January 20, 1983. Topics discussed include nominations, financial reports, executive and provincial reports, committee reports on grievances, health and safety, contracts, communications, correspondence, the convention, affiliation, referendum results, bylaws, the legal position of the union, picketing, an Operation Solidarity report, and reports on legislation.

[Minutes of Local 1 Merger committee]

File contains a ballot, meeting minutes, and financial statements dated November 7, 1984 to December 31, 1983 and attached ballot for members to vote on whether to remain an independent union. Topics discussed include the potential merger, discussion of a draft budget, and detailed auditor's reports and financial statements from December 31, 1983.

[Minutes of meetings and correspondence of CUE executive]

File contains meeting minutes, correspondence, and memos dated August 4, 1987 to February 2, 1987. Topics discussed include communication committee policies, claiming legal fees, clarification of booking off, staffing, contracts, finances, day care facilities, criticism of the newsletter cover, a statement from the CUE president, and the CUPE merger.

Miscellaneous AUCE files

File contains miscellaneous documents, such as the agenda for a Communications Committee meeting dated September 1974, correspondence, a petition from Local 3 for strike fund contributions, a a daycare petition from the Social Services' Employees Union of British Columbia, and a report of the Student Support Sub-Committee dated October 22, 1974.

[Miscellaneous correspondence]

File contains correspondence between the Association of University and College Employees and other organizations, from 1973 to 1975. Topics discussed include the status of women in education and employment, health and safety information from the Workman's Compensation Board, conferences and seminars, flexible work week. Organizations corresponded with include UBC and the The Women's Office of the Alma Mater Society (AMS), the Workman's Compensation Board, Variety Club, Service, Office, and Retail Workers Union of Canada News ( SORWUC), the University Endowment Lands Tenants Society (UELTS), and others. File also contains pamphlets, a SORWUC newsletter (vol. 1, no. 1) from Spring 1975, an information package from the UELTS including surveys about housing and a map of the area, a copy of the HEU newsletter (vol. 11, no. 1) from January 1974 including their proposed collective agreement, and photocopies of case law.

[News clippings 1975 strike]

File contains clippings and photocopies of news stories, dated April 21, 1975 to September 1975. Topics discussed include contracts, strike actions, suspensions, negotiations, and crossing picket lines. File also contains a letter from Students in the Faculty of Law supporting the AUCE strike, and an AUCE Local 1 (UBC) newsletter dated September 1975.

[News clippings 1976]

File contains news clippings of The Ubyssey, UBC reports, and University Endowment Lands (U.E.L.) special planning project, dated January 8, 1976 to January 13, 1976. Topics discussed include AUCE interactions with UBC, contracts, wage rollbacks, mediation, faculty crossing picket lines, and university endowment lands. Also included is the Engineer's Week undergraduate publication, The Red Rag, which the A.U.C.E. protested for its sexist content.

[News clippings 1992 strike]

File contains three envelopes of newspaper clippings relating to the 1992 CUPE strike, dated December 9, 1992 to August 13, 1992. Topics discussed include equity, women in the workplace, finances, strikes, crossing picket lines, court injunctions, other unions such as the HEU, student actions supporting or opposing the CUPE strike, and university policy for students during the strike. File also contains several complete issues of newspapers such as the Ubyssey and the first issue of the UBC Student dated March 17, 1992.

[News clippings 1999 strike]

File contains photocopies of news clippings relating to the 1999 CUPE strike, dated January 7, 2000 to September 7, 1999. Topics discussed include picketing and strikes, negotiations, essential services, the UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS) supporting CUPE, contracts, and a proposed union for sessional instructors at UBC.

[News clippings and other materials 1992 strike]

File contains multiple copies of fliers dated March 13, 1992 to February 10, 1992, and 3 copies of the Ubyssey "The Strike Issue" dated March 24, 1992. Topics discussed include contract negotiations between UBC and CUPE Locals 116 and 2950, strike actions and picketing, a student sit-in supporting CUPE, wages, a news bulletin from Law Students in Support of CUPE, an open letter to UBC from a group of concerned academics, a letter from the UBC president, and the impact of the strike. File also contains a photocopied diagram of the the strike structure.

Ninth Annual Provincial Convention (1 of 3)

File contains annual provincial convention minutes, dated June 26-27, 1982. Topics discussed include nominations, executive reports, relationship between Locals and Provincial, reports from committees and Locals, organizing, finances and budgets, contracts, arbitration, grievances, AUCE independence and the question of affiliation, potential restructuring of the Provincial Executive into a Provincial Council of Locals, reducing costs, amendments, member rights and responsibilities, secession of Locals, and planning the convention.

[Notebooks of provincial executive minutes]

File contains four notebooks of Melody Rudd, member of Executive Committee. Four handwritten exercise books (notebooks) containing notes on union activities in the form of phone numbers, addresses, to-do lists, lists of supplies, calculations, financial information, scheduling, drafts of correspondence, questions, information about the newsletter, and the activities of Locals 1-6. One of the notebooks appears to have been used for class or personal notes as it mostly contains psychology and mental health information with a section on union and strike activities at the end.

Office log

File consists of the Union Organizer's handwritten office log, dated November 3rd, 1975 to November 17, 1976. The log documents the Organizer's duties and activities, including general administration and organization, phone calls, speaking to members, preparing reports, compiling arbitration cases, office renovation, peparing for membership meetings, writing newsletter articles, recordkeeping, and constructing an office manual.

File also contains correspondence, a Civil Engineering Department list, administrative instructions, reports written by the Organizer, meeting notes, committee membership lists and terms of reference, an executive membership list, and a library loan list.

File also contains "Strike Progress" material, documenting AUCE's strike activity and administration in December 1975. Records include activity logs, an official brief to UBC's Board of Governors, executive meeting minutes, a transcript of a meeting between AUCE and the BC Federation of Labour, and correspondence.

[Organizing new locals]

File contains Association of University and College Employees organizing materials, dated 1973 to 1974. Topics discussed include the benefits of union membership, the history of AUCE, membership and application forms, and outlines of charter meeting minutes. File also contains meeting minutes from the founding convention of the AUCE, dated August 29, 1973, and the charter of Local 5 (Malaspina College), dated November 24, 1974.


File contains copies of outgoing executive correspondence dated April 29, 1980 to December 18, 1980. Topics include strike notice, collective agreement interpretation, strike fund assessment deductions, strikebreakers, union representatives and representation, bonuses, cutbacks, affiliation, relationship with the Provincial, office relocation and administration, funding cuts of the AMS Women's Office, the University Detachment of the RCMP, cooperation with other unions, and membership dues. Recipients consist of UBC officials and employees.

Outgoing correspondence

File contains outgoing correspondence and other material dated January 15, 1983 to December 7, 1983. Other records include press releases, fliers for upcoming events, ballots, reprinted AUCE newsletter articles, candidate statements, and membership meeting minutes. Topics discussed include study conducted on Visual Display Terminals (VDTs), layoffs, the British Columbia Reconstructive Conversion (Recon) Project, implementation of the BC Library Network, the July 7, 1983 provincial budget and consequent proposed legislative changes, Operation Solidarity, UBC Campus Community Alliance, the Residential Tenancy Act, support of other union, by-law amendments, secession from AUCE Provincial, strike action, Local 1 elections, pornography shown on Canadian Pay TV channel, and sick leave negotiations.

Peter Moogk collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1759
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1867-2004, predominant 1870-1960]

The collection comprises records acquired by Peter Moogk about aspects of British Columbia’s history, including the British Columbia Electric Railway Company’s interurban train lines (predominantly from 1909-1958), and photographic representations of persons (especially white settlers, from 1870-1960), places, events and activities in the province.

The collection includes five series: British Columbia Electric Railway Company Records, Portraits of Persons in British Columbia, Photos of places, streets, and architecture in British Columbia, Photos of events and activities in British Columbia, and British Columbia ephemera.

Records relating to the first series, British Columbia Electric Railway Company Records, include: photographs; postcards; original BCER documents, such as union agreements and timetables; BCER employee publications; transit tokens; signs and posters from within Vancouver streetcars; and a copy of a CJOR radio script.

Records relating to the second series, Portraits of Persons in British Columbia, include: photographs and handwritten notes by Moogk about Vancouver photographers operating from 1858-1920.

The focus of the third series, Photos of places, streets, and architecture in British Columbia, is photographs of structures and places of British Columbia, notably building exteriors and interiors, and street views from 1880-1959.

The fourth series, Photos of events and activities in British Columbia, includes photos of notable events and public activities(predominantly dating 1911-1941), as well as everyday life, and also includes handwritten and photocopied information on the provenance of the photos and activities depicted.

The fifth series, British Columbia ephemera, is mostly paper ephemera representing the variety of business and activity in the province from 1890 to 1990, and includes menus, theatre programs, business correspondence, and Chinese textbooks as well as some photographic materials.

Positive Women's Network fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1770
  • Fonds
  • 1991 - 2017

The fonds consists of records related to the Positive Women’s Network (PWN) various programs and projects, support and educational resources, and operations and administrative activities. The fonds reflects this in the following three series: Operations and Administration, Support and Education, and Programs and Projects.

The Operations and Administration series contains records related to the PWN’s administrative activities and day-to-day operations including the Board of Directors’ policies and procedures, operational budgets and applications for operational funding, correspondence with other organizations, strategic planning for the organization, and organizational budgets.

The Support and Education series consists of records related to the PWN’s various resources for training and supporting PWN members, their friends and family, health care providers, and the larger community as a whole. Record types include retreat materials, toolkits, pocket guides, training kits, educational materials, Positive Side newsletters, magazines, workshop materials, artwork, memorial and guest books, and other materials.

The Programs and Projects series features records related to the several programs and projects that the PWN launched either individually or as partners with other organizations.

Positive Women's Network

[Provincial Affiliation committee]

File contains committee bulletins and reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence dated January 17, 1980 to January 10, 1980. Topics discussed include AUCE affiliation options and background on the different organizations (CLC and the BC Federation of Labour, BCGEU, CUPE, OTEU, CCU, SORWUC), a list of major labour organizations in Canada, and a comparison of union constitutions (BCGEU, CUPE, AUCE) .

[Provincial Affiliation committee -- CUPE]

File contains transcript from the meeting of the AUCE Provincial Affiliation Committeee with CUPE Representatives, correspondence with CUPE, facts from CUPE Constitution, and analysis of the constitutions of the B.C. Government Employee's Union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the AUCE. Records are dated December 11, 1979 to August 24, 1979.

[Provincial Affiliation committee -- SORWUC]

File contains reports and news releases dated January 1980 to March 10, 1980. Topics discussed include the Muckamuck strike, finances, bylaws, conventions, affiliation meetings with SORWUC representatives, and information about different unions. File also contains a copy of SORWUC's National Union Constitution, and the SORWUC newsletter from February 1980.

[Provincial Affiliation Committee] (1 of 2)

File contains meeting minutes, news releases, bulletins, and correspondence dated October 9, 1979 to September 11, 1979. Topics discussed include affiliation, publishing a monthly bulletin, planning the convention, statements and open letters, keeping AUCE intact, referendum results, and a TSSU news release in favour of the CCU. File also contains a leaflet "the CCU and the CLC: Two very different Labour Centrals".

[Provincial Affiliation committee] (2 of 2)

File contains reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and other records dated March 1980 to June 16, 1980. Topics discussed include AUCE affiliation with other unions (CLC, CUPE, OTEU, BCGEU), membership meetings, convention and referendum information, and notes and questions from meetings with other unions. File also contains a copy of La Chispa, a TSSU (AUCE Local 6) newsletter from March 1980.

[Provincial Bargaining Strategies conference records]

File contains materials relating to the Association of University and College Employees' Bargaining Strategies Conference, held February 5-7th, 1982, as well as several articles and copies of legislation. Topics discussed include collective agreements, negotiations, contract language, job evaluations, sexual harassment, wage increases, benefits, bargaining, information on court cases, the Capilano College Labour Studies Programme from Spring 1982, copies of the 1979 Labour Code, the Essential Services Disputes Act (1977), the Employment Standards Act (1980), an article by David C. McPhillips entitled "The Duty to Bargain in Good Faith," "Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada" by H.W. Arthurs et al (Butterworths, Toronto, 1981), "Labour Relations and the Collective Bargaining Cycle" by G.E. Phillips (Butterworths, Toronto, 1981). File also contains a copy of AUCE Provincial News, dated January 1982, discussing affiliation with other unions (CLC, CCU), tensions between SORWUC and the Union of Bank Employees, reports from Locals, nominations, a report on the Constitution and Aboriginal People, the B.C. Federation of Labour Convention, Manpower training programs, video display terminals, additions to the Provincial Resource Centre such as publications, books, and reports, labour news, and a bargaining strategy workshop.

[Provincial Constitution]

File contains a provincial constitution dated September 25-26, 1982. Topics discussed include objectives, jurisdiction, membership, information on the provincial executive and officers, nominations and elections, referendums, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, procedures, and bylaws.

[Provincial Constitution]

File contains two copies of the provincial constitution dated June 1976 to June 1979. Topics discussed include objectives, jurisdiction, membership, charters, Local autonomy, the role of the provincial executive, committees, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, procedures and bylaws.

[Provincial Constitution]

File contains a provincial constitution, rules of order, and policies and procedures dated May 1981 to June 21-22, 1980. Topics discussed include objectives, jurisdiction, membership, charters, Local autonomy, information on the provincial executive and officers, nominations and elections, referendums, committees, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, procedures, bylaws, rules of order, affiliations, student employment, education, and resolutions of support.

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