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Hollingsworth (Smiling under water)

Subseries contains textual records related to Margaret Hollingsworth's volume of short stories titled <i>Smiling Under Water</i>. These records include drafts of the volume as well as copies of correspondence and the contract between Hollingsworth and Lazara Press. Other records include reviews and promotions of <i>Smiling</i> and other works by Hollingsworth. The photographs are of Hollingsworth featured in the published book.

International work

Subseries consists of documents related to Reid, Collins and Associates work in Pakistan, China, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Feindel (A particular class of women)

Subseries contains textual records related to Janet Feindel's play <i>A Particular Class of Women</i>. These records include drafts of the play and copies of correspondence and the contract between Feindel and Lazara Press. Other records include other copies of correspondence in regards to the production of the play, reviews, press releases and order forms.

Art Miki

Sub-series consists of materials that relate to Art Miki when he acted as President of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC). Records reflect his leadership among the Japanese Canadian community at the time of the redress movement, settlement, and the implementation of redress. This includes minutes and agendas from meetings, notes (both handwritten and photocopies of handwritten notes), financial reports and statements, newsletters, redress proposals, correspondence, memos, and records about other related topics like fundraising, programs, awards (such as the Canadian Mennonite Scholarship), projects, and the development of the NAJC (such as the association’s Constitution, by-laws, updates, future directions of the association, and structure recommendations). While the bulk of the sub-series relate to Art Miki’s activities, there are some records that relate to the activities of the National Executive Committee (NEC), Gordon R. Kadota’s activities, who was the NAJC President before Art Miki, and to the activities of representatives from the NAJC’s member centers or chapter organizations.

1991 provincial election records

British Columbia's 35th General Election was held on October 17th, 1991. Prior to the election the NDP held 22 seats in the legislature, and they emerged from the 1991 election with 51, taking power with Mike Harcourt as the newly elected Premier of British Columbia. Though the Social Credit party had previously been in power since 1975, a series of scandals and shifts in social policy negatively affected the party's public standing, culminating in the conflict of interest scandal surrounding Premier Bill Vander Zalm's sale of his Fantasy Gardens flower garden and theme park, which led to his resignation as premier. These events opened a window of opportunity for the BC ND, who campaigned strongly on the theme of "It's time for a change." The next general election was not held in British Columbia until 1996.

Records in this series have been created by two distinct creators:

  • Files 400-02 to 404-11 created by Hans Brown, Provincial Secretary
  • Files 404-12 to 407-03 created by Ron Johnson, Director of Communications
    Records include correspondence, drafts, notes, campaign literature and public communications, media clippings, budgetary documents, candidate biographies, strategy documents, minutes and agendas, polls, and other related materials.

3-Day Novel Contest

Sub-series consists of correspondence concerning registration for the Labour Day weekend event, promotional material, press releases about winning entries, registration lists, and reviews of the annual event and winning entries.

Beth Cuthand

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Cuthand's works including: <i>Horse Dance to Emerald Mountain</i>, <i>Voices in the Waterfall</i> and <i>Crossing the Lake</i>. Records include drafts and manuscripts, correspondence, layouts, and other publishing information about Cuthand's works.

Funding agencies.

Series documents TRAS’ fund development activities. Files contain correspondence and other documentation with Canadian and international agencies with whom TRAS requested and/or received financial assistance from.

George Bowering bibliography research, writing and publication records.

Sub-series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, photographs,
photocopied documents, reviews, articles, and other records relating to Miki’s
research for and writing and publication of A Record of Writing: An Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography of George Bowering. Includes some photographs of George Bowering, as well as copies of correspondence between Bowering and many prominent Canadian authors.

Lumber Promotion Committee.

Sub-series contains minutes relating to the Council of Forest Industries’ Lumber Promotion Committee. Material consists of meeting minutes that include meeting proceedings, attendees and a brief summary of the items discussed. Topics of discussion include budgets, promotion of lumber in different countries, and synopses of reports.

Spirit of redress: Japanese Canadians in conference

Notes and correspondence contained in this sub-series document Miki’s role in organizing the Spirit of Redress conference held in Vancouver in 1987. The sub-series contains transcripts of workshops and presentations from the conference and drafts of the manuscript of the conference proceedings which Miki co-edited with Cassandra Kobayashi and which was published in 1989. The process of compiling and publishing the conference proceedings is also reflected in notes, a grant application, and other documents related to financing the project. The sub-series also contains photographs of conference participants and reproductions of historical photographs related to the internment of Japanese Canadians which appear in the published proceedings. Manuscript drafts follow files related to conference planning and coordination of the publication of the proceedings.

Being Brown: Autobiography

Sub-series consist of the proposal and outline, research, chapter drafts, the final proof, publicity and correspondence with Random House Publishing all pertaining to Brown’s autobiography.

Records of electoral redistribution and the Fisher Commission

For many years, British Columbia made use of two or three-member ridings in its electoral representations; these distributions did not keep pace with the rapid population growth of some areas however, and consequently many areas were soon found to be grossly under-represented. In 1985, John Dixon of the BC Civil Liberties Union petitioned the British Columbia Supreme Court to apply the Charter of Rights to the Constitution Act, and review the current allocation of seats. The case took over three years, resulted in three decisions (most notably, the conclusion that the disparity of voters to members in some regions was in fact unconstitutional), and prompted a variety of efforts to redistribute the electoral boundaries, including the Fisher Commission of Inquiry.

In the campaign leading up to the 1986 General Election, the Social Credit candidates committed their government, if re-elected, to eliminating the 17 dual-member electoral districts. After winning the election, in April of 1987 the Vander Zalm government appointed Judge Thomas Fisher to head a Royal Commission on the issue of electoral boundary redistribution. While Fisher’s initial mandate was limited, the contiguous nature of all the boundaries made redistribution within the initial terms both ambiguous and challenging, and by September 1987, his terms of reference were expanded so that his recommendations might consider all the electoral districts. Fisher’s solution was to propose increasing the number of electoral districts (thereby increasing the seats in the Legislature as well) from 69 to 75, due to population increases in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, and the need for proportional representation within an acceptable margin. As a party, the NDP supported Fisher’s recommendations, and made several submissions to the Commission throughout its review. Ultimately, the Legislative Assembly eventually adopted Fisher’s recommendations to increase the number of electoral districts, in the Electoral Districts Act, SBC 1990, c. 39, Schedule 2, as well as Fisher’s recommendation for new legislation, as enacted in the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act, SBC 1989, c. 65.

The files in this series document the NDP’s participation in this Commission, and its internal strategizing and research. These records appear to have been created by both the Provincial Secretary, and the Chair of the Redistribution Committee, Jeff Hoskins. File 392-16 appears to have been created by Blair Marshall, Redistribution Organizer. The subseries includes correspondence, memos, notes, drafts, reports, research materials, statistics, public communications, and other related materials.

Brent family collection

Biographical sketch:
Alexander Theodore “Sandy” Brent (1912-1990) was as lifelong resident of the South Okanagan. After the death of his mother in the influenza epidemic of 1918, he and his siblings (Frederick (Eddie), Mary, Alice, Margaret and Donald) were raised by his grandparents at the Shingle Creek Ranch. Brent married Harriet Morgan and together they raised two sons (Kenneth (b. 1942) and George (b. 1945). His sister Alice married Hal Tweddle; she and her family is photographically documented in the Richter and Tweddle families collection.

The Brents lived variously in Allen Grove, St. Andrews by the Lake, and Penticton. Sandy Brent worked in ranching, hard rock mining (Nickel Plate mine above Hedley), logging, and finally as a foreman and later superintendent for the Hatfield family’s Interior Contracting Company.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of recorded interview and transcripts of recorded interviews. Not all audio recordings associated with transcripts are extant; likewise not all audio tapes have an associated recording. Content of interviews includes personal reminiscences, descriptions of photographs, and family histories. Subseries also includes a suite of interviews with his sisters, Margaret, Alice, and Margaret.

1988 federal election records

These records relate to Provincial NDP activities in support of the November 21, 1988 Federal Election. During this election, the Federal NDP party secured 43 seats, 19 of which were in British Columbia. Records in this subseries appear to have been created by the Provincial Secretary, Hans Brown, and were kept at the central office of the NDP.

Records in this subseries include party strategic documents such as the Spring Campaign and Fall Campaigns for membership, fundraising, and political support; committee minutes and communications such as the Revenue Sharing Task Force and the Revenue Generating Task Force; correspondence and public communications; surveys; notes and drafts; and other related materials.

Saving face: selected poems, 1976-1988

Sub-series consists of drafts of poems considered and selected for Saving face
followed by successive versions of drafts of the manuscript and a copy of the
book jacket.

Kobayashi, Cassandra

Sub-series consists of records made or received by Cassandra Kobayashi which she transferred to Miki for research purposes. The sub-series contains agendas and minutes of meetings, correspondence and memoranda, notes, reports, research material, financial documents, and other records that Kobayashi produced in her capacity as secretary of the Greater Vancouver JCCA Redress Committee, as assistant to Miki during his term as National redress coordinator, and related to her work on the Strategy Committee of the NAJC.

Candidate biographies

This subseries contains photographs and brief biographical portraits of NDP candidates, used prior to and during election campaigns. In most cases, after nomination, the Provincial Secretary would request photographs and a brief biography for use in the creation of promotional materials and press releases. These would often be updated before each election period. In some cases a standard form was used, which the candidate would fill out; in others, the candidate submitted their own documents. Records include those of many former Party leaders, including David Barrett, Ujjal Dosanjh, Michael Harcourt, Robert Skelly, and Robert Strachan. The subseries appears to have been added to by multiple Provincial Secretaries, and though different naming conventions were followed, a general alphabetic order was maintained.

Files in this subseries include items such as textual records, drafts, clippings, printed materials, photographs and related media.

Speeches 1987-1989

Subseries consists of files related to speaking engagements and speeches given or planned by Thomas Berger from 1987 to 1989, in a range of venues in Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe, on a variety of themes including native rights, the Arctic, the environment, human rights, multiculturalism in Canada, and J. S. Woodsworth, among others. This subseries is the third within a series entitled Speeches. Title based on contents of subseries.

Nomi Wall

Subseries contains drafts of Wall's chapbook <i>Fantasizing Pat Smith</i>. The photographs in this subseries contain images featured in the published edition of the work.

Lefty literature collection

This subseries contains copies of leftist literature pertaining to political and social justice movements that Adams was interested in. Some of these themes include: anti-war in Vietnam and amnesty rights for American war resisters; political landscape in Latin and South America; socialist, communist, and Marxist-Leninist publications in Vancouver, Canada, and the United States; labour and working class rights; Indigenous peoples rights; women’s rights; minority rights; and publications related to the political landscape of Vancouver and British Columbia. The publications included newspapers; magazines; periodicals; news bulletins and newsletters; flyers, pamphlets and brochures; booklets; articles and reports; and books.

Some common titles of publications found in this subseries include the following: AMEX (American Exiles); Canadian Dimension magazine; GRAPE; Georgia Straight;; Venceremos; Kinesis; Pacific Tribune; The Guardian: Independent Radical Newsweekly; Vietnam Courier; Ramparts; South Vietnam in Struggle; Newsweek; Black Panther Black Community News Service; El Malcriado; Pedestal: Women's Liberation Newspaper; Last Post magazine; The Realist; GRAMMA newspaper; NACLA; Indochina Focal Point; Southern Exposure; Osawatomie; and others.

General Files

Sub-series consists of correspondence, notes, financial documents, speaking notes, reference queries, legal agreements, research files, newspaper clippings, prospectuses, certificates, and other records made or received by Norman Colbeck in the course of his activities as a book dealer and collector in England and later, in Canada, and his work cataloguing his book collection for the University of British Columbia Library.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

South India projects.

Sub-series documents the annual activities of partner organizations supported by TRAS in South India. Project files contain correspondence, requests for assistance, reports, statements regarding finances, and photographs.

Rachel Epstein

Subseries contains textual records from Epstein's poem <i>In the Sliding Passenger Seat</i>. The records include a draft of the poem, the published edition of the poem, and correspondence between Epstein and Lazara Press.

Financial records.

Series documents TRAS’ financial activities. Files contain disbursement sheets (income and expenses), petty cash records, audited financial statements and reports, donor lists, and sponsorship correspondence.

Poster collection

The subseries contains various prints related to Adams' interest in political and social justice movements. The publications include posters, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, banners, signs, brochures, and magazine pages. These prints relate to the political landscape in Vancouver in the 1960s and 1970s; Vancouver benefits, fundraisers, and community events; anti-Vietnam War activism; draft resistance and amnesty movements in Canada and the United States, Anti-Nazi publications; women, refugee, and minority rights; the Latin American political landscape; and Marxist-Leninist publications. Also included are some musical band posters, protest signage, and replica drawings and prints.

Button collection

The subseries contains buttons, pins, and other small objects that Adams collected related to numerous political and social justice movements he was interested in. Themes that the buttons and pins generally relate to include: Vancouver and British Columbia; Pop Culture; Conservation and the Environment; Communist China and Chairman Mao; Women and Minority Rights; Anti-Racism, Black Panther, and Black Liberation Movements; Workers' Rights; Latin America Anti-War and Resistance; Anti-War and Nuclear Power; the Vietnam War; American and Canadian Politics; Miscellaneous Activist Groups; and Miscellaneous buttons.

Also included are badges from Adams' time as a boy scout, ribbons from his high school years, buttons pinned onto felt mats, 4 buckles, 8 coins, and 1 key.

Japanese Canadian Citizen’s Association

Series consists of a transcript of an interview with Mrs. Kabayakawa, a prominent member of the Japanese Canadian Citizen Association (JCCA), a copy of the program from her funeral and speech given by Miki in her honour as well as photographs of Mrs. Kabayakawa as a young woman. The series also contains a copy of the “Redress for Japanese Canadians Information Package” created by the Vancouver Chapter of the JCCA which includes membership information, donation forms, volunteer applications, a chronological fact sheet of “pre-war discrimination, wartime interment, and redress for Japanese Canadians” from 1877-1980, an update on Redress written in 1984, newsletters of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) and photocopies of articles related to Redress. The series also consists of recordings of NAJC meetings. For other relevant records from previous accruals see earlier finding aids.

Correspondent-specific correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence with employees, book publishers and distributors, government granting agencies, literary reviews and businesses as well as correspondence about particular subjects.

1986 provincial election records

British Columbia’s 34th General Election took place on October 22nd, 1986. Prior to the election, the BC New Democratic Party held 22 seats in the Legislature; under the leadership of Bob Skelly, the Party fielded a full 69 candidates for the 1986 general election, emerging yet again with 22 seats, and approximately 42.6% of the popular vote. The incumbent Social Credit party, now under the leadership of Bill Vander Zalm, took the remaining 47 seats and returned to power. The next general election in British Columbia was not held until 1991.

Records in this subseries include candidate biographical statements and photographs, campaign literature and public communications, correspondence, drafts, memos, media and campaign strategy documents, committee reports and minutes, and other related materials. These records appear to have been predominantly created by Gerry Scott, Provincial secretary, or in some cases, Soren Bech, Director of Communications.

Enomoto, Randy

Sub-series consists of records made or received by Randy Enornoto which he transferred to Miki for research purposes. The sub-series contains agendas and minutes of meetings, correspondence and memoranda, notes, research materials, news clippings, drafts of a manuscript, and other records related to Enomoto’s involvement in the JCCP, the Greater Vancouver JCCA, and the NAJC in the early 1980s.

Miscellaneous photographs

Subseries consists of an assortment of photographs taken by Hanne or sent to her by family and friends. These images depict people and locations (many of which are unidentified), events and gatherings such as birthday parties, framed artwork by other creators, silverware, religious art, and several pictures in which George is wearing his pulpit gown and may be presiding over a child's baptism. Some of the photographs have messages or notes written on verso in English and German. There are many photos of children, including Michael and Stephen Fairweather (whose parents regarded Hanne and George as grandparent figures). Other photographs of note include one of Hedwig Herrmann's grave marker (PH-4133) and what may be the last image of Hanne (PH-4083 and 4084), taken with Jane Vaughan and two other women.

North India projects.

Sub-series documents the annual activities of partner organizations supported by TRAS in North India and nearby Nepal and Bhutan. Project files contain correspondence, requests for assistance, reports, statements regarding finances, and photographs.

This is my own: letters to Wes and other writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941-1948, by Muriel Kitagawa

Sub-series contains photocopies of material gathered by Miki in the course of researching and editing This is my own. The sub-series also contains records related to Mild’s grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, his leave of absence from Simon Fraser University, copies of Muriel Kitagawa’s letters after having been edited by Miki, drafts of the manuscript of the book, and published reviews of the book. Finally, the sub series contains originals and reproductions of photographs of Muriel Kitagawa and other Japanese Canadians and of internment centres and audio recordings of interviews with Muriel Kitagawa’s brother Wes Kitagawa conducted by Miki in Toronto in 1984.

Richter and Tweddle families collection

Biographical sketch:
The Tweddle and Richter families the Similkameen and South Okanagan have robust ties.

Richter: Francis Xavier Richter (1837-1910) was born in Freidland, Bohemia on November 5, 1837. In 1864 arrived in the Okanagan/Similkameen area to start cattle ranching. He and Lucy Simla (1846-1903, also notated as Lucy simla Acat, also notated as Lucy Sʔímlaʔxʷ), a member of the Okanagan First Nation from Vernon, BC, were married in 1867 or 1868. They had 5 sons: Charles (1869-1949), William (1872-1922), Joseph (1874-1971), Edward (1876-1971), and John “Hans” Richter (1877-1961).

Prior to the death of his first wife, Lucy Simla, F.X. Richter married Florence Elizabeth Loudon (1877 – 1959) in 1894 and subsequently fathered six more children: Betty, Freida, Frances, Helen, Kathleen, Francis X. Richter Jr. F.X. Richter’s oldest son, Charles, married Florence Loudon’s sister, Ada, in 1900 (Sources: OHS Report 14)

Richter has been described as being responsible for starting the fruit industry in the Similkameen Valley and he had a major orchard operation.

Tweddle: Haliburton “Harry” Tweddle (1876-1957) married Florence Elizabeth Richter (née Loudon, F.X. Richter’s second wife and widow) in 1912. They had 4 children: Haliburton T. (Hal), Margaret, Eileen, and Willa. (Source: OHS report 23). Harry Tweddle owned the Central Hotel in Keremeos, B.C., and operated a ranch, livery stable and stage line serving the Similkameen Valley.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of photographic and textual documentation of the F.X. Richter and Halliburton Tweddle families, as conjoined by Elizabeth Loudon, in the South Okanagan and Similkameen regions. Photographic subject matter treats themes of ranching and orcharding; textual records include copies of correspondence, wills, family trees, etc.

Lenkurt papers

The subseries contains materials related to the 1966 wildcat strike by IBEW Local 213 workers at Lenkurt Electric, in which 257 members participated in a walkout that resulted in the loss of their jobs. A large number of the group were women protesting the employer’s demands for them to work overtime. The month-long dispute that followed was at times violent in response to the court injunctions and police presence sought by the employer.

The subseries is predominantly comprised of newspaper articles collected around the time of the strike; there are also legal documents related to Les McDonald’s appeal of his suspension following the Lenkurt strike, pamphlets, correspondence and photocopies of meeting minutes made by Ian McDonald.

Speeches 1985-1986

Subseries consists of files related to speaking engagements and speeches given or planned by Thomas Berger during 1985 and 1986 primarily in venues in Alaska, British Columbia and across Canada, on various topics including the environment, native land claims, family law, human rights, and Japanese Canadians’ redress, among others.

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