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[Local 1 Executive correspondence and other material]

File contains correspondence and other materials, dated January 14, 1982 to November 9, 1982. Topics discussed include strikes and honouring HEU picket lines, support for rape relief centres, protesting the UBC Engineers' Lady Godiva ride, wage controls and social services cutbacks, interactions with VGH staff and administration, report from union office staff to the executive, committee and financial reports, job descriptions, university funding, and "AUCE in a Nutshell." File also contains a copy of the UBC Faculty Association Newsletter (vol. 14, no. 10) dated March 23, 1982.

[Local 1 Executive correspondence-- Engineering Week Protest]

File contains correpondence with the UBC administration, the Coalition for Equality, and the UBC Law Student's Association, dated March 8, 1982 to February 17, 1982. Topics discussed include Engineering Undergraduate Society activities such as the Red Rag publication, the Lady Godiva Ride, and the Smoker event, and the AUCE and other organizations' opposition to these activities.

[Minutes of meetings and correspondence of CUE executive]

File contains meeting minutes, correspondence, and memos dated August 4, 1987 to February 2, 1987. Topics discussed include communication committee policies, claiming legal fees, clarification of booking off, staffing, contracts, finances, day care facilities, criticism of the newsletter cover, a statement from the CUE president, and the CUPE merger.

[Local 1 Executive correspondence and other material]

File contains correspondence, news releases, the proposed contract for 1976-77, and other records dated September 15, 1976 to January 13, 1978. Topics discussed include AUCE using the campus mail system, tension between Locals and AUCE Provincial, discussion of a UBC Anti-Inflation Board report, negotiations, dues, contract proposals, a referendum to donate money to SORWUC, and interactions between the CUPE national office and CUPE 116. File also contains a copy of the AUCE newsletter "Across Campus" from September 15, 1976 that includes information on CUPE 116 and possible strike action, and a vote and recommendation to respect CUPE picket lines.

AUCE Annual Convention: amendments, minutes

File contains amendments and resolutions passed in the June 1976 annual Provincial AUCE Convention, and minutes of the convention. Topics discussed at the convention include local reports. Topics of the resolutions and constitutional amendments discussed include affiliation with other unions, a cross-local newsletter, access to research, formation of local sub-committees (such as on wage control), organization of unorganized workers, the per capita tax, the right to strike, absenteeism, office vacancy, strikebreaker discipline, provincial amendment ratification, AUCE staffing and job descriptions, revenue, and office administration.

[Publications, leaflets and other materials]

File contains several publications, leaflets, and bulletins, dated 1973 to 1974, including undated document entitled "Forming A Union" and clipping of 'How to Form A Union" from White Collar, a publication of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OTEU), AFL-CIO and CIC, Labour Code of British Columbia Act, A.U.C.E. informational leaflets, and Hospital Employee's Union Proposed Settlement. Topics discussed include forming a union, reasons to join the union, wages and negotiations. File contains a publication from the Office and Professional Employees International Union, a copy of the 1974 Labour Code of British Columbia, and several leaflets and reports.

AUCE History

File contains materials relating to the formation of the Association of University and College Employees, including two issues of the AUCE Local 1 newsletter Across Campus, photocopies of articles, a report on the history of CUPE 2950 (AUCE successor), and an account of signing the first AUCE collective agreement, dated 1972 to 1999.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 5, April 1, 1974, urges members to vote for AUCE Local 1 (UBC) to represent library and clerical staff at UBC, and includes information on division meetings and stewards.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 8, June 4, 1974, describes a mass contract study session undertaken by 831 AUCE members, negotiations with UBC, a meeting notice, mediation strategies, powers of the executive, the grievance committee, provincial union representatives, notice of bylaw amendment, wage demands, AUCE members working at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), statement of income and expenses for September 24, 1973 to May 15, 1974, UBC wage proposals, the treasurer's report including proposed expenditures for furniture and office equipment, and office staffing and duties.

Other topics discussed include a comparision of employee rights and benefits from the 1970s to the 1990s, discussions about other unions (OTEU, CUPE), wages, organizing, membership, voting, contracts, negotiation, benefits, and the history of unions in Canada.

[Scrapbook of 1992 strike]

File contains materials relating to the 1992 CUPE strike, including photocopies of articles and photographs (originals moved, see below) and news clippings dated February 20, 1992 to March 26, 1992. Topics discussed include background information on the strike, working conditions and wages, pay equity, negotiation, effects of the strike, scabs and strikebreakers, UBC student, administration, and faculty responses to the strike, a B.C. Supreme Court injunction limiting picket locations, the student sit-in at the president's office and related statement, and the end of the strike. File also contains an envelope of additional news clippings.

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General correspondence outgoing (1 of 5)

File contains AUCE outgoing correspondence dated September 17, 1981 to December 28, 1981. Topics include union representatives and representation, leaves of absence, elections, administrative expenses, publication and equipment orders, buttons, union dues, membership meetings, employee benefits, shop stewards, tax payment, staff appointment and lay-offs, cooperation with other unions, maternity leave, pensions, building maintenance, visual display terminals, contract negotiations, conferences and seminars, budget cuts, and legal representation.

[Provincial Affiliation committee] (2 of 2)

File contains reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and other records dated March 1980 to June 16, 1980. Topics discussed include AUCE affiliation with other unions (CLC, CUPE, OTEU, BCGEU), membership meetings, convention and referendum information, and notes and questions from meetings with other unions. File also contains a copy of La Chispa, a TSSU (AUCE Local 6) newsletter from March 1980.

[Provincial Affiliation committee -- CUPE]

File contains transcript from the meeting of the AUCE Provincial Affiliation Committeee with CUPE Representatives, correspondence with CUPE, facts from CUPE Constitution, and analysis of the constitutions of the B.C. Government Employee's Union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the AUCE. Records are dated December 11, 1979 to August 24, 1979.

[Provincial Affiliation committee -- SORWUC]

File contains reports and news releases dated January 1980 to March 10, 1980. Topics discussed include the Muckamuck strike, finances, bylaws, conventions, affiliation meetings with SORWUC representatives, and information about different unions. File also contains a copy of SORWUC's National Union Constitution, and the SORWUC newsletter from February 1980.

[Local 1 Merger Committee]

File contains reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, and other records dated July 17, 1984 to October 22, 1984. Topics discussed include the potential merger with CUPE, recommentations from the Merger Committee, an overview of the service contract with CUPE, other affiliation options investigated (with OTEU, BCGEU, VMREU, HEU), a budget report with income and expenses, questions and answers comparing AUCE Local 2 (SFU) with BCGEU, and background on AUCE Local 1. File also contains detailed auditor's reports and financial statements from December 31, 1983 to October 1984.

[Local 1 Contract committee bulletins]

File contains posters, agendas, bulletins, and other records dated May 19 and 20, 1982 to January 14, 1982. Topics discussed include bylaw amendments on dues and finances, information on grievances, a Union Sisters meeting, contract bulletins #1-8 containing information on transfer and layoff procedures, probationary employees, promotion, job postings and selection, job classification, paygrades, pension, insurance, and health plans, sick and maternity leave, notice of resignation, and wages, press releases on contract negotiations, and an overview of correspondence. File also contains meeting minutes from January 14, 1982 featuring executive and contract committee reports.


File contains the AUCE Local 1 (UBC) newsletter ""Across Campus"" and other records dated February 4, 1974 to December 31, 1974. File contains an hours of work proposal, division reports, research on other union contracts, information on wages, a draft proposal on grievance procedure and arbitration, and the following copies of the AUCE newsletter:

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 1, February 4, 1974 includes information on membership meetings, bylaw amendments on executive positions, proposals for contract negotiations, donations, pay increases being withheld by the university, length of coffee breaks, planning a seminar on contract negotiation, and reports from division meetings.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 2, February 18, 1974 includes information on contract demands from the different divisions on wage increases, job descriptions, and sick leave, notice of a special membership meeting, an update on certification, communications and the role of stewards, formation of Local 2 at SFU, hiring and discrimination, details on a negotiation seminar, possibility of forming a Local at VGH, university staff wages and government budgets, end of probation pay increases being withheld, certification of SORWUC, a list of division stewards, and AUCE financial statements.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 3, March 7, 1974 includes information on membership meetings, grievance procedures and probationary period regulations, an update on the Labor Relations Board certification process, formation of Local 3 at Notre Dame University in Nelson, results of a special membership meeting on contract demands, a list of division stewards, wage increases and operating budgets, a union panel held at SFU, UBC Faculty Association's potential interest in union certification or forming a professional association, the contract negotiation seminar, pay increases being withheld, and contract committee activities and members.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 4, March 25, 1974 includes information on contract proposals, demands for wages, overtime, probation, and vacation, notice of membership meeting, executive nominations, the role of the shop steward, pay increases being withheld, discrepanices between UBC policies on holiday pay and legislation, reports on cost of living and discrimination against women at UBC, AUCE financal report, constitutional amendments, and a list of stewards and executives.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 5, April 1, 1974 includes information on the vote for certification, divison meetings and the voting campaign, a list of division stewards, and a summary of interactions with the Labor Board.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 6, April 29, 1974 includes information on the successful certification campaign, notice of general and special membership meetings, a summary of the voting process and activities leading up to the vote, organizing a seminar for division and shop stewards, contract committee progress, looking for a recording secretary for negotiations, a summary of how negotiations work, contract proposals passed at the special membership meeting, proposals for hours of work, time off for union meetings, help with the newsletter, and collecting dues.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 7, May 21, 1974 includes information on proposed bylaw amendments, office staffing, Local 3's (Notre Dame) certification, progress of contract negotiations, advice for stewards, a report on a steward's seminar, a report on Local 2 (SFU), the AUCE Provincial Convention, softball, a Labour Relations Board decision on voting lists, and dues collection.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 8, June 4, 1974 includes information on a contract study session, notice of membership meeting, mediation, an executive report, elected representatives, proposed bylaw amendment, the UBC wage proposals, approval of VGH variance, AUCE statement of income and expenses, treasurer's report, and office staffing.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 9, June 26, 1974 includes information on contracts, communications, democracy in AUCE and changing bylaws, discussion on strike actions, the grievance committee and a grievance resolution, election results, referendum procedure, the National Conference of Women in Colleges and Universities, letters to the editor and editor's comments, and a list of union executives.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 10, July 31, 1974 includes information on motions passed at the special membership meeting, contract proposals, and the report of the contract committee, a proposed meeting agenda and the motions up for adoption, grievance committee report, an update on the union office, a credit union on campus, negotiations, background on the AUCE Provincial and Locals, and the AUCE Provincial Convention.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 11, August 19, 1974 includes information on the strike process and serving a strike notice, the strike committee report, contract committee report, strike strategy, and a meeting of the BC Federation of Women.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 12, September 19, 1974 includes information on the AUCE Local 1 elections and positions to be filled, the agenda for a special membership meeting, notice of amendments to bylaws, an AUCE party, a list of division stewards, interest in on-campus credit unions, renting a Xerox, a letter of thanks to the UBC Faculty Association, information on the union office and organizer's position, reports from the contract and grievance committees, reprinted correspondence with the University Labour Committee on the topic of grievances, the Irene Murdoch Trust Fund, and a notice of a labour law course given by the Vancouver People's Law School.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 13, October 3, 1974 includes information on contract negotiations, the dental plan, retroactive pay, the annual AUCE elections, a proposal for re-organizing divisions, a membership meeting agenda, a message of thanks to the Strike Committee, a list of division stewards, the AUCE party, news from the Labour Relations Board, a notice to division stewards on collecting dues, an executive report, and a report on the provincial convention.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 15, November 7, 1974 includes information on election results, an editorial, a report from the union office, division stewards list, committee reports on contracts, strikes, and grievances, CUPE representation at the Traffic Office, and interview with members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers on contract negotiations, the stewards seminar, AUCE contract information on part time employees, statutory holidays, and vacation time, a copy of the October 10, 1974 meeting mintues, the agenda for the upcoming membership meeting and notices of motions, and updates on Locals.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 15, November 29, 1974 includes information on the contract arbitration report and paternity leave, re-classification, and sick leave, a grievance committee report, an editorial, notice of meeting and agenda, notice of motions, losing vacation time, disputes with UBC, meeting minutes from November 14, 1974 and October 10, 1974, Local reports, a strike committee report, a report from SORWUC, the end of a strike at the University of Saskatchewan, differences between temporary and continuing full time workers, the Winter Sports Centre facilities, division restructuring, an update on credit unions on campus, election results, the lack of a campus staff centre, and a report from the union office.
Across Campus Volume 2, Number 16, December 31, 1974 includes information on grievances, the provincial report, income and expenses, a letter to the editor on the topic of reclassification, a reply to the letter, CUPE 116 negotiations, job evaluation, working conditions, and the meeting minutes from December 12, 1974.

Communications (1 of 2)

File contains the AUCE Local 1 newsletter ""Across Campus"" dated February 4, 1977 to May 27, 1977.

Across Campus Number 1, February 4, 1977 includes information on budget and staff cuts, a review of Cy Gonnick's ""Inflation and Wage Controls,"" meeting minutes from January 20, 1977, membership mailing lists, loans from the University Credit Union, increasing quorum, an article on SORWUC challenging the Bill of Rights over discrimination against women, grievance reports, a corrected financial report, a meeting agenda for February 10, presidential election ballot results, a help needed notice, a list of current executive, and a statement from the new president.

Across Campus Number 2, February 28, 1977 Contract Edition includes information on contract negotiations, union and university opinions on outstanding articles, maternity leave provisions and conflict with the UIC, a list of motions, and an obituary.

Across Campus Number 3, March 4, 1977 includes a list of contract articles signed to date, letters of support and criticism for the union president, the steward's seminar and producing a members handbook, a poem, a message from the union organizer, a correction to the financial statement, ballot results on the AIB rollback, a grievance report, a letter from the president discussing elections, a membership meeting agenda for March 10, and a financial report.

Across Campus Number 4, March 30, 1977 Special Edition: Strike Vote contains a report on the the university's wage proposal, pay grade tables, detailed reports on mediation and arbitration, information from the strike committee, and notices to members.

Across Campus Number 5, April 7, 1977 includes information on AIB repayment options, an analysis of the UBC wage offer, meeting minutes from February 10 and 24, 1977, and March 3 and 10, 1977, discussing topics such as contracts, lighting, correspondence, grievances, finances, an AIB report, strike committee reports, and nominations, a summary of a student rally against tuition increases, developing a members information handbook, opinions and letters from members on strike votes, membership participation, solidarity, support and criticism for union executives, benefits, SORWUC, contract negotiation, and wages, a list of executive positions and description of duties, notice of motions, and an agenda for the April 14 meeting.

Across Campus Number 6, May 6, 1977 includes information from the strike committee on preparing for a strike vote, the AIB payback, an appeal from the president for increased union participation, grievance reports, opinions and letters from members on negotiations, resignations and withdrawals, and wages and seniority, a meeting agenda for May 12, 1977, a list of current executive, meeting minutes from April 14, 1977, poetry, a reprinted article on a strike at SFU, a letter from an investment broker, and an essay on the ""non-union experience"" and the need for women to organize. Across Campus Number 7, May 27, 1977 Special Edition: Across the Board vs. Percentage includes background and debate around the different types of wage increases, including articles and commentary from members.

Communications (2 of 2)

File contains the AUCE Local 1 newsletter ""Across Campus"" dated July 8, 1977 to August 8, 1977.

Across Campus Number 8, July 8, 1977 includes a summary of the collective agreement for July 1, 1977 to June 30, 1978, information on negotiations, wages, the AIB, highlights from the arbitrator questionnaire, correspondence, grievances, a reprinted article on incomes in BC, a summary of the provincial convention and discussions on affiliation, organizing, supporting other groups, and the new provincial executive, letters from the membership expressing criticism of handing out pamphlets, encouraging participation, and a message to temporary employees, referendum results and notices, an article on the preparation of a strike vote, comments on the AIB rollback, rules of order regarding motions, information from the strike committee, a meeting agenda for July 14, 1977, meeting minutes from June 9, 1977 and May 12, 1977, and a report from the union organizer.

Across Campus Number 11, October 7, 1977 includes a meeting agenda for October 13, 1977, meeting minutes from July 14, 28, and 29, 1977, and August 11, 1977, a reprinted article from the Miners Voice on an arbitration case, notices and letters from members, details of labour studies courses, a report from the provincial association, grievances and arbitration, the AIB payback, and a message from the president about the contract.

Across Campus Number 12, November 14, 1977 includes a meeting agenda for November 17, 1977, reports on the contract and grievances, notices and letters, correspondence with UBC Employee Relations, maternity benefits and the UIC, a division organizer report, notice of motions and their motivation, meeting minutes from October 13, 1977, employees not receiving their paycheques on time, requesting information from stewards, information on the new contract committee, reprinted articles on the wage gap, life insurance, an update on the BCGEU contract, sick leave and disability plans, a report from the treasurer and financial statements, a list of motions, a list of divisions, a union job posting, and a list of AUCE officers.

Across Campus Number 13, December 9, 1977 includes a meeting agenda for December 13, 1977, a grievance report, a reprinted article on arbitration, a report from the division organizer, motions and motivations, notices, a message from the secretary, meeting minutes from November 17, 1977, a letter of censure to the Provincial Court of BC in regards to a judge's treatment of women witnesses, comments on the contract negotiation process, a poem, reprinted articles on CUPE, and criticism of the slogan ""Right to Work.""

Across Campus Number 10, August 8, 1977 includes a meeting agenda for August 11, a report from the division organizer, a press statement from Local 2 (SFU), grievances and arbitration, a financial statement, the dental plan, and retirement policies.

Across Campus Addendum to Special Issue includes information on the strike referendum, the contract proposal, and a special membership meeting.


File contains the AUCE Local 1 newsletter ""Across Campus"" and other records dated October 1979 to September 11, 1979. Topics discussed include creating a third paid union position, notice of referendum ballots, and statements supporting and opposing the creation of a secretary-treasurer position and the resulting dues increase. File also contains the following newsletters:

Across Campus October 1979 includes an update on maternity benefits, a union organizer's report, articles on women in the workplace, contract information on job duties, meeting minutes, correspondence, financial statements, comments from members, the hazards of liquid paper, workers compensation for stress, lists of division and shop stewards, and an agenda for October 25.

Across Campus August 1979 includes information on a Labour Relations Board decision, the AUCE name change and an increase in per capita taxes, denial of tuition waivers for sessional employees, change in dues structure and hiring a third salaried officer, notice of motions and meeting minutes from July 19, correspondence, financial statements, grievances and arbitration, letters from members and responses, health and visual display terminals (VDTs), lists of shop stewards and executives, and an agenda fpr August 23.

Across Campus June 1979 includes information on potential affiliation with the CLC, table officer nominations, the AUCE name change, referendum results, the per capita tax, an update on SORWUC and Provincial Executive disbursement of funds, constitutional amendments, grievances and arbitration, letters from members, an account of an AUCE trip to Las Vegas, a union organizer's report, a summary of a shop steward seminar, organizing workshops and classes, financing a women's building, a treasurer's statement, auditor's report, a resolution in support of the SFU 18, correspondence, notices, and an agenda for June 21.

Across Campus May 1979 includes short interviews with several federal candidates (Ron Johnson - New Democratic Party, Pat Carney - Progressive Conservative Party, Burt Ogden - Communist Party, Art Phillips - Liberal Party, Fred Gilbertson - Revolutionary Workers' League) asking their positions on collective bargaining and the right to strike for public sector employees, improving conditions for women in the workforce, and housing affordability, information on grievances, arbitration, letters from members, a reprinted article on personnel records, meeting minutes from April 29, 1979, AUCE members employed in Interlibrary Loans, a treasurer's statement, correspondence, a rally to support striking Muckamuck Restaurant workers, a letter from CUPW, reorganization of the union office and structure of the executive, job descriptions, motions passed at the AUCE convention, an agenda for May 24.

Across Campus April 1979 includes information on the UIC maternity benefits decision, notice of a staff BBQ, report from the grievance committee, AUCE Local 2 strike at SFU and the arrest of 18 picketers, presidential election results, a reprinted article from the AUCE Local 2 bulletin on the strike and arrest of picketers, letters to the editor, an overview of frequently abused contract articles, information on the campus crisis line, meeting minutes from March 15 and 22, 1979, a treasurer's statement, constitutional amendments, the situation at the union office, a reprinted article on politics, contract information, lists of shop stewards and committee members, and an agenda for April 19.

Across Campus includes a meeting agenda for March 15, meeting minutes from February 15, 1979, constitutional amendments, an appeal for member participation, correspondence, finances, proposed bylaw amendments, objections to bonuses, a benefit dance for CUPW and INCO Workers of Sudbury, contract information, and a notice on the formation of the Sick Leave Study Committee.

Communications (2 of 2)

File contains the AUCE Local 1 newsletter ""On Campus"" dated December 1980 to September 1980.

On Campus December 1980 includes a list of executives for 1981, information on AUCE Local 1's change of address, a grievance report and related correspondence, a notice on job evaluation committee questionnaires, support for UBC teaching assistants seeking a collective agreement, a year end report from the union office staff, letters from the Repeal 251 Committee, the Nicaragua Literacy Committee, CUPE, and the BC Teachers Credit Union, the secretary-treasurer's report, information on a group for women over 50, reprinted articles on a federal government clerks strike, BC labour law, pension plans and inflation, government controls of public sector bargaining, and a Metro Toronto Library assistants strike, background on the AUCE per capita tax, a list of current strikes, lockouts, and other disputes in BC, meeting minutes from November 30, 1980, a list of boycotted products and companies, a review of an NFB film ""Operation Finger Pinky,"" notice of bylaw changes, correspondence, and an agenda for December 17, 1980.

On Campus November 1980 includes information on the union's change of address, the UBC retirement policy and the union's response, correspondence from Citizens for a Better Surrey and the East Indian Defence Committee, motions of financial support, grievances, Telecommunications Workers Union job action, reprinted articles on AUCE affiliation, contract settlements and inflation, a list of on and off campus resources, AUCE Local 4's comments on affiliation, a list of Nabob products to boycott, reprinted articles on preventing unionization and a general strike in Sweden, a list of stewards, meeting minutes from October 23, 1980, correspondence, and an agenda for November 20, 1980.

On Campus October 1980 includes information on budget cutbacks, job evaluation committee activities, a report on the AUCE president's resignation, letters from members on merging, support for COPE, CLC affiliation, and bureaucracy, an interview with Ted Byrne, a letter of criticism from the CCU, the secretary-treasurer's report, opposition to the Ku Klux Klan, an update on the contract, support for the Public Service Alliance and the Telecommunications Workers Union, an arbitration notice, Simon Fraser Student Society employees change in union representation from SORWUC to CUPE, support for the Pratt 3, health and Video Display Terminals, reprinted articles on union membership trends, a grievance case, ""How to Please Your Secretary,"" and unions and media interactions, meetin minutes from September 18, 1980, correspondence, and an agenda for October 23, 1980.

On Campus September 1980 includes information on the annual shop steward seminar, a list of stewards, a reprinted letter on media responses to strikes, a response from the contract committee, comments on organization, BC Teachers Credit Union services, graduate student centre operating hours, reprinted articles on sexism at work, equal pay for work of equal value, a walkathon for a women's shelter, notices, occupational health and women, meeting minutes from July 24 and August 14, 1980, opposition to the Ku Klux Klan, ""A Business Woman's Soliloquy,"" correspondence, and an agenda for September 18, 1980.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains meeting minutes, bulletins, and other records dated July 24, 1980 to May 1980. Topics discussed include picketing and strikes, nominations, contract proposals and negotiations, financial statements and auditors' reports, affiliation, delegates to the Special Provincial Convention, information on the CLC and CCU, ballot instructions, changes to the 1979/80 collective agreement, an agenda for July 24, Faculty of Education restructuring, reports on the AUCE Local 1 president and his resignation, union deductions, a list of correspondence, BC Teachers Credit Union seminars, and a list of the 1981 executive. File also contains the following newsletters:

Division D Newsletter Number 11, November 1980 includes information on the Divison D executive, Faculty of Education reorganization, and a guest speaker from the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Division D Newsletter Number 9, May 1980 includes information on the Division D elections, Faculty of Education reorganization, affiliation and the referendum ballot, and the postponement of a shop steward seminar.


File contains the AUCE Local 1 newsletter "On Campus" dated November/December 1982 to January 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 9, November/December 1982 includes information average pay for union members, pregnant women having the right to refuse work on a Video Display Terminal (VDT), a notice about a new safety committee, letters from members, BC Tel and postal services, job slotting, a breakdown of major contract changes compared with the previous contract, a list of correspondence, a list of shop stewards, meeting minutes from October 21, 1982, and an agenda for November 25, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 8, September/October 1982 - Special Issue on Negotiations includes an agenda for October 21, information on UBC's proposed contract articles, summaries of standard job descriptions for clerks and clerk-typists, library assistants, secretaries, clinical secretaries and office assistants, bindery and printing operators, layout and paste-up assistants, typesetters, word processing operators and supervisors, and buyers, commentary on the contract negotiation process, membership meeting minutes from August 19, 1982, and September 23, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 7, August 1982 includes a letter of thanks, a note from the auditor, information on the departure of union officials, motions on grievances, a reprinted article on counteracting the effects of VDT use, a grievance committee report, policies on handling grievances and proposed policy amendments, a detailed executive report on challenges affecting the AUCE, the potential link between coffee consumption and pancreatic cancer, press releases on contract negotiations, a list of correspondence, notices, meeting minutes from July 22, 1982, and an agenda for August 19, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 6, July 1982 includes the results of a vote for union organizer, a letter of thanks, a letter of resignation, notices on office staffing, the leave of absence clause, and a federal government commission on part-time women workers, commentary on detainee deaths in South Africa, a brief on wage controls and equal pay, a petition against wage controls and social services cutbacks, a report on wage and spending restraints in BC, information on AUCE affiliation and Local secessions, reprinted articles on office automation, exercising at work, a message from the Organization of Unemployed Workers, a list of correspondence, motions on grievances, grievance policies, meeting minutes from June 17, 1982, and an agenda for July 22, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 5, May/June 1982 includes lists of grievance committee and executive members, a report from the contract committee, a list of shop stewards, a reprinted article on pregancy concerns for VDT operators, meeting minutes from May 20, 1982, and an agenda for June 17.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 4, April 1982 includes a detailed article on pensions, the wage and spending restraint program in BC, a book review on "The Ladykillers: Why Smoking is a Feminist Issue" by Bobby Jacobson, letters from members on day care, arbitration rulings, and a VDT study, notices on taxation of medical benefits, volleyball, and lost and found, appeals for participation in the areas of contracts and safety, information on the strike, contract, grievance, and communications committees, a pension conference report, BC Teachers Credit Union services, secession of AUCE Locals 4 and 5, support for rape relief centres in BC, a newsletter questionnaire, and an agenda for April 14, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 3, March 1982 includes detailed articles on pensions, health and safety and the use of VDTs, a report from the contract committee, a letter on affiliation, a reprinted article on mandatory retirement in Manitoba, executive meeting motions from January 7 and 28, 1982, meeting minutes from February 18, 1982, BC Teachers Credit Union services, a notice on dues deductions, and an agenda for March 17, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 2, February 1982 includes a detailed article on pensions, a reprinted article on health and safety and the use of VDTs, commentary on a UBC 'Retrenchment Report,' a grievance report, notice of motions, letters from the executive and union office, HEU negotiations, a provincial report, executive motions, meeting schedules, a notice of an open house, a list of correspondence, a contract committee report, and an agenda for February 18, 1982. Newsletter also contains an insert of meeting minutes from January 14, 1982.

On Campus Volume 1, Number 1, January 1982 includes a budget report, an article on pension plans, meeting minutes from November 26, 1981, letters from members and responses, a list of executives, an ad from the BC Teachers Credit Union, a list of correspondence, a reprinted article on a Labour Board decision at the BC Telephone Company, committee reports on grievances and contracts, a detailed executive report, lost and found, and an agenda for January 14, 1981.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains committee bulletins, ballots, and issues of the AUCE Local 1 newsletters "On Campus" dated February 1983 to May 1983, and "AUCE Expression" dated June 1983 to November 1983. Topics discussed in bulletins and ballots include special membership meetings, statements from and nominations of candidates for Union Organizer, action against provincial legislation, union solidarity, and the secession of Local 1 from AUCE Provincial.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 1, January/February 1983 includes contract information on how UBC should discuss dissatisfaction with employees, an article on workplace harassment, a book review of "Still Ain't Satisfied/Canadian Feminism Today" (The Women's Press, 1982), a light verse on caloric content, statements on workplace productivity, a forum on computer automation, Local 1's Ad Hoc Committee on Technological Change, inflation, International Women's Day, by-law amendments, and an agenda for February 24, 1983.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 2, March 1983 includes a notice for the AUCE Provincial Convention, a reprinted Canadian Labour article about union member wages, information on reclassification appeals, a letter of thanks, an open letter about leadership election criteria, a financial report, a call for volunteers for the Union Office, minutes of the January 20, 1983 membership meeting, and an agenda for March 24, 1983.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 3, April 1983 includes includes a letter of thanks, a reprinted Vancouver Sun article about the status of women in Canada, a call for opinion pieces on secession from AUCE, a warning about the potential hazards of video display terminals, two reprinted Vancouver Sun articles about video display terminals, the proposed 1983 budget, a notice of motions, a Local 1 news brief, minutes of the March 24, 1983 membership meeting, a recommendation for dues increase, notice of a film screening, notice of the April 21, 1983 special membership meeting on technological change.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 4, May 1983 includes the results of the Union Organizer election, responses to dues increase, responses to the proposed budget, an open letter regarding secession from AUCE, solicitation for critique of On Campus, resignation of Local 1's President, recommendation for dues increase, the proposed 1983 budget, a reprint of 1982 financial information, a notice of executive motions, a Local 1 news brief, an article summarizing daily union office duties, a notice of Local 1's application for certification as an independent union, reprinted Worklife articles about automation and video display terminals, minutes from the April 21, 1983 membership meeting, and an agenda for May 19, 1983.

AUCE Expression [June 1983] includes open letters from Local 1 members on the following topics: the proposed budget, a retraction, dues increase, motion for by-law amendments, thanks to the abdicating Union Coordinator, the labour pioneer Sarah Bagley, the Joint Union-Administration VDT Committee, striking public service workers of Alberta, secession from AUCE Provincial, and duties of a Library Assistant in the Fine Arts Library. Newsletter also contains an opinion ballot for contract negotiations, by-law amendments as regarding the Ombuds Committee, and an agenda for June 30, 1983.

AUCE Expression, August 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: critique of the June 1983 newsletter, Operation Solidarity against provincial legislation, support of Tranquille Institution workers, reprinted articles on automation, Library layoffs, secession from AUCE Provincial, solicitation for donations for food banks and promotion of human rights in Peru, solicitation of endorsement from the Concerned Citizens for Choice on Abortion, labour pioneer Rose Schneiderman, and a letter of thanks. Newsletter also contains minutes for the July 28, 1983 membership meeting, reports on Operation Solidarity and affects of provincial legislation, a Local 1 news brief, notices of motion of Local 1 resolutions of opposition to provincial legislation, and an agenda for August 18, 1983.

AUCE Expression, October 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: opposition to provincial legislation and reports on Operation Solidarity, a grievance report, merger discussion with OTEU, contributing to general membership meetings, union dues, and solicitation of endorsement for the Vancouver Women's Health Collective. Newsletter also contains minutes for the September 15, 1983 membership meeting, reprinted Provincial articles about job stress and relations with the provincial government, a Local 1 news brief, a union office report, and an agenda for October 20, 1983.

AUCE Expression, November 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: a letter of thanks, complaints about a membership meeting speech, opposition to provincial legislation, union office working conditions and harassment, staff shortage, secession from AUCE Provincial, and strikebreakers. Newsletter also contains "A Declaration of Rights of the People of British Columbia", a reprinted Vancouver Sun article on video display terminals, a reprinted Ubyssey article about strikebreakers, solicitation for membership information, a Local 1 news brief, minutes of the October 20, 1983 membership meeting, minutes of the October 31, 1983 special membership meeting, notices of by-law amendments, and an agenda for December 1, 1983.

[CUE Communications committee records]

File contains CUE newsletter On Cue, dated Summer [i.e. June] 1987 to Christmas [i.e. December] 1987.

On Cue, Summer [i.e. June] 1987 includes reviews of protest literature against Ritchie and Associates entitled "The Ritchy Poems", a Contract Committee report detailing UBC's proposals, reprint of Current Disputes from BCFED dated May 7, 1987, personals, and a VDT questionnaire.

On Cue, Summer [i.e. July] 1987:2 includes notification of vacant executive positions, Contract Committee report detailing UBC's "contract language" proposals, President's report, contract report, Grievance Committee report, Education Committee report, Communications report, Treasurer's report, Health and Safety report, reprinted protest literature, personal essay on the picket line, open letter on union trustees' role, and personals.

On Cue, Summer [i.e. August] 1987:3 includes call for submissions, Contract Committee update, notice of vacant executive positions, photographs of CUE social, personals, and notice of infant care offered at UBC.

On Cue, October 1987 includes final report of sub-committee on stress, notice of CUPE National Convention, open editorial correspondence on union participation, VDT questionnaire response update, call for support of South African Congress of Trade Unions, notice of union resources, notice of women's group organized by Vancouver Status of Women, and notice of vacant shop steward positions.

One Cue, Nobemver [sic] 1987 includes update on contract negotiations, article on contractual vacation entitlement, national CUPE news, letter to the editor regarding financial insecurity, excerpt from address by CUPE president regarding CUPE's vision, advertisement for theatrical production Solidarity Forever...?, and notice of UBC's Sexual Harassment Report.

On Cue, Christmas [i.e. December] 1987 includes CUE President's report, article on vacation entitlement in Collective Agreement, notice on lunch time meetings as overtime, summary of proceedings B.C. Federation of Labour's Bill 19 Working Conference dated September 1987, notice of conference on privatization sponsered by Vancouver and District Labour Council, personals, letter to the editor on job dissatisfaction, and a blank petition against closure of the Medical Genetics Unit at Grace Hospital.

File also contains special issue of On Cue regarding CUPE 1987 National Convention dated October 1987. Newsletter includes reports by CUE delegates and various CUPE committees. Topics discussed include constitutional amendments and resolutions and discussion thereon, mandatory retirement, CUPE's finances, CUPE computerization, elections, education funding and reform, directory of CUPE locals, health and safety, employment rights, harassment in the workplace, national contracting-out and privatization, deregulation and privatization of airline service, free trade, support of international union action, native people and indigenous rights, municipal underfunding, and policy on refugee support.

Executive meeting minutes (5 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated May 29, 1974 to December 18, 1974. Topics discussed include correspondence, the newsletter, office administration and organization, finances, contract negotiations, functioning of the executive committee, position elections, committee reports, membership, pensions, union dues and fees, attendance, media releases, correspondence with and support of other unions, grievances with UBC, legal counsel, strikes, purchasing of office supplies, changes in division structure, budget proposals, the Provincial Convention, agendas for general membership meetings, job evaluations, meetings with CUPE, working conditions, and potential affiliation with a Lower Mainland Council of Canadian Unions.

Executive meeting minutes (7 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 9, 1980 to December 16, 1980. Topics discussed include correspondence, cutbacks, donations and donation policy, reimbursements, individual and committee reports, inappropriate disciplinary action, the newsletter "On Campus", grievances, job reclassification, leaves of absence, relations with the Provincial Association, increased Per Capita Tax, office rental and supplies, office administration, financial reports, the strike fund, union membership, general membership meetings, job evaluation, by-law amendments, resignation of the President, the bi-weekly pay period, vacation pay, union dues, the Stewards' Seminar, support of other unions, duties of Local association officers and committees, committee structure and functioning, union job descriptions, enforced retirement, allegations against Marcel Dionne, support for womens' rights and anti-nuclear endeavors, striking and lock-outs, letters of complaint arising from a strike, arbitration and negotiation with UBC, office insurance, seniority for employees excluded from the union, union affiliation, Benefacts, purchasing of office equipment, and the employee assistance program.

File also contains a poster to a "public rally and dance in support of the Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade."

Executive meeting minutes (8 of 8)

File contains several executive meeting minutes dated May 15, 1979 to February 19, 1981. Topics discussed include correspondence, individual and committee reports, support of other unions and causes, the donation policy, relations/disagreements with and contributions to the Provincial Association, union affiliation, office administration, union publications, grievances, contract and pension negotiation, AUCE/CUPE certification, cutbacks, the "On Campus" newsletter, union dues, by-law amendments, job evaluations, job classification, financial budgets, inappropriate disciplinary action, reimbursement, resignation of the President, office administration and expenditures, and enforced retirement.

File also contains a letter of appointment for a mediator from the Labour Relations Board. File also contains correspondence received by AUCE in November and December 1981, and a list of division members.

Executive meeting minutes (1 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 5th, 1977 to November 21, 1978. Topics discussed include agendas for general membership meetings, steward seminars, correspondence, grievances, strikes (including Steelworkers local 2655), nominations for sub-committees, committee reports, expenses, maternity leave, John Hrube's funeral, communications with students, vacation entitlement, newsletter preparations, formation of a questionnaire for AUCE members at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), babysitting relief for attendees, creation of a promotional leaflet, wages, finances, support of causes and other unions, paybacks, communications and negotiations with UBC, off-campus certification issues between AUCE and CUPE, purchase of office equipment, an apparent act of collusion, a charge of an illegal strike, an Employee Assistance Program, and Operation Liberte. File also contains lists of meeting attendees, a copy of the promotional leaflet, and a copy of the VGH questionnaire.

General membership meeting minutes (4 of 4)

File contains general and special meeting minutes dated May 12, 1977 to November 28, 1979. Topics discussed include correspondence, committee reports, elections and nominations, office expenses, finances, the Anti-Inflation Board, grievances with UBC, by-law and constitution amendments, maternity benefits, daycare, contract negotiations, Provincial Association reports, vacation and sick leave, Provincial and Steward Seminars, publicity, strikes and picket lines, strike finances, support for other unions (especially IUOE, SORWUC, CUPW, AUCE Local 2), wage increases, relations with SORWUC, job classification, Christmas bonuses, medical and dental plans, and support of sexual assault initiatives.

File also contains statements of income and expenses.

General correspondence outgoing (2 of 5)

File contains AUCE outgoing correspondence dated June 26, 1981 to September 17, 1981. Topics include union membership and representatives, parking, building inspections, union dues, job descriptions, leaves of absence, membership meetings, conventions, publication orders, contract negotiations, records request, involuntary transfers, severance and lay-offs, legal representation, budget cuts, discrimination against union members, first aid regulations, women's rights, employee benefits, visual display terminals, health and safety, cooperation with other unions, employee record and payroll system, and labour disputes and arbitration.

General correspondence outgoing (4 of 5)

File contains AUCE outgoing correspondence dated March 3, 1981 to April 15, 1981. Topics include job evaluation and classification, employee benefits, union membership and representatives, union dues, women in the workplace, labor rights, publication orders, technological change, cooperation with other unions, lost wages reimbursement, building inspection, working conditions, severance and lay-offs, grievances, leaves of absence, seminars, tax payment, employee benefits, membership meetings, volunteer work, employment of disabled persons in UBC Crane Library, by-law amendment, committee investigations, and student employment.

Positive Women's Network fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1770
  • Fonds
  • 1991 - 2017

The fonds consists of records related to the Positive Women’s Network (PWN) various programs and projects, support and educational resources, and operations and administrative activities. The fonds reflects this in the following three series: Operations and Administration, Support and Education, and Programs and Projects.

The Operations and Administration series contains records related to the PWN’s administrative activities and day-to-day operations including the Board of Directors’ policies and procedures, operational budgets and applications for operational funding, correspondence with other organizations, strategic planning for the organization, and organizational budgets.

The Support and Education series consists of records related to the PWN’s various resources for training and supporting PWN members, their friends and family, health care providers, and the larger community as a whole. Record types include retreat materials, toolkits, pocket guides, training kits, educational materials, Positive Side newsletters, magazines, workshop materials, artwork, memorial and guest books, and other materials.

The Programs and Projects series features records related to the several programs and projects that the PWN launched either individually or as partners with other organizations.

Positive Women's Network

Bob Williams fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1794
  • Fonds
  • 1940-2011

The fonds reflects the efforts of Bob Williams’ political and business career. Records in the fonds relate to Williams’s various roles: teacher, M.L.A., community planning consultant, Minister, chair of ICBC, and Secretary of Crown Corporations. As such, the records relate both to Williams’ personal career as well as British Columbia's governmental systems of resource management, transportation, forestry, energy, housing, and recreation. Correspondence is featured throughout the fonds; other records types include reports, studies, speeches, notes, legal agreements, bills, acts, notebooks, daily journals, travel memorabilia, presentation materials, photographs, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, optical discs, news clippings, scrapbooks, and transcripts of interviews. The fonds is comprised of four series; Alderman and Member of Legislative Assembly records, Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Water Resources Records series, Crown Corporations Records series, and Business, Personal, and Academic Records series.

The Alderman and Member of Legislative Assembly Records consists of material related to Williams' roles as Alderman of the City of Vancouver and later as M.L.A. for East Vancouver. Records include letters, faxes, telegrams, newspaper clippings, reports, speeches, notes and other related material.

The Ministry of Forests Lands and Water Resources Records series relates to Williams's time spent on the provincial cabinet working under the government of Dave Barret. Records consist primarily of correspondence, especially between Williams and major corporations and individuals in the forest industry. Other records include reports, studies, news clippings, bills and acts, speeches, presentation materials, and transcripts.

The Crown Corporations records series is comprised of documents stemming from Williams' activities as chair of ICBC, and his work in the Crown Corporations. Many records relate to the construction of Surrey City Centre. Record types include correspondence, reports, legal documents, and news clippings.

The Business, Personal and Academic Records series contains records related Williams’ business career, personal memories and diaries, pictures and travel memorabilia, and his experiences meeting other politicians. Record types include planning consultant studies, correspondence, interviews, and materials from his academic career including course outlines and reading lists.

Williams, Robert Arthur

Local 1 Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes dated January 12, 1983 to December 6, 1983. Topics discussed include correspondence, executive reports, the union office and personnel, the reports of union organizers, grievances, contracts, health and safety, bylaw amendments, financial reports, stike fund information, the newsletter, interactions with CUPE, strike actions, secession ballot results, disciplinary actions for members crossing picket lines. File also contains multiple job descriptions, and a list of involuntary transfer exemptions, safety and overtime reports, legal correspondence, letter of agreement between UBC and AUCE, and lists of cheques issued.

CUE Executive minutes (1 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated December 8, 1987 to September 8, 1987. Topics discussed include hiring, bylaws, budgets, staff issues, contracts, grievances, education, health and safety, and communications. File also contains several agendas, job descriptions, a calendar page, handwritten notes, and correspondence with UBC.

CUE Executive minutes (4 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated March 10, 1987 to February 17, 1987. Topics discussed include union staffing, financial reports, grievances, education, health and safety, communications, contracts, overtime, membership meetings, job descriptions, bylaws, and a report from the sexual harrassment committee. File also contains executive authorization forms, correspondence, memos, and several agendas.

CUE Executive minutes (1 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated December 14, 1988 to August 10, 1988. Topics discussed include union expenses and purchased equipment, committee policy manuals, budgets, grievances, health and safety, contracts, job evaluation, education, communications, hiring, bylaws, and recruiting and membership. File also contains agendas.

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