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Directors meetings.

Sub-series contains meeting minutes from the British Columbia Loggers Association Directors committee. Materials consists of ledger books with meeting minutes pasted inside, which document the core functions and forestry, more specifically logging, related issues, their follow-up and consultation with other interested organizations. Also included are meeting minutes that discuss the Association’s finances, reports from various organizations including the Council of Forest Industries, and a discussion of topics including Timber Land Assessment procedures, stumpages, publicity, and forest fire protection.

<i>Songs of the Pacific Northwest</i>

Subseries documents the development of Philip J. Thomas’ book of folk songs entitled <I>Songs of the Pacific Northwest</I>, which was published in 1979. Material includes correspondence, proofs, permissions, and reviews for the book. Subseries is arranged alphabetically by material genre.


Subseries consists of records related to speeches that Manson gave and which he did not identify as belonging to a specific area of his life or career or which belong to multiple areas of his life and career.

These records include speech notes and drafts of speeches.

Political Correspondence

Subseries consists of correspondence with other MLAs and MPs during Manson's time in government. This correspondence is both with British Columbia politicians as well as with those in Ottawa, and includes correspondence with well-known political figures such as William Lyon Mackenzie King and Duff Pattullo.

Manson grouped many of these files under headings such as "Members," "Cabinet Members," "Cabinet Ministers," "Members of Parliament," and "Members of Provincial Parliament."

General Industries Committee meetings.

Series contains general industries committee meeting minutes a committee of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Materials consist of meeting minutes recording various topics discussed during the committee meetings including the 8 hour Day Bill, about the committee’s finances, publicity of the reasons the eight hour bill would be detrimental to lumber workers and workers compensation.

Timber Council Director’s meetings

Sub-series contains of Timber Council Director’s meeting minutes, which relate to the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Materials consist of minutes that cover the expenditure for developing the market for B.C. wood products, the future of the council, the election of officers, financial statements, and the council’s reorganization.

Genealogical research and childhood days

Sub-series consist of records generated in the course of Burch’s genealogical research and research on the town of Moyie for his autobiography. The sub-series is divided into 13 files: 9 relating to genealogy, one file of correspondence with another family member, one file of photographs, one file of newspaper clippings relating to his ancestors, and one file of research on the town of Moyie. Types of records include marriage and death certificates, descendent charts, correspondence, and other textual materials, as well as photographs, both historical childhood photographs and those taken during the course of Burch’s research, such as those of ancestral gravesites.

Correspondence Series: 1925-1929

These letters, from a myriad of boyfriends, were kept together as a group by Douglas and attest to her lively social life during the period from her return to Toronto in 1925 after the breakdown of her first marriage until her second marriage in 1929.

Work as a health and fitness instructor

Subseries consists of materials related to Hanne's work as a health/fitness educator and trainer. Most of these records are from her time in North America, first leading workshops and hosting lectures in the United States (1940-1943) and later in Vancouver, where she worked as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and massage therapist. This subseries also includes materials used to promote and advertise her gym and schools in Austria, her work as a fitness instructor and trainer, her fitness method, and other services she offered.

George Allen Aerial Photography Ltd. collection

George Allen Aerial Photography was a photo studio based in Vancouver, BC.
Subseries consists primarily of 25cm x 20 cm b&w photographs with George Allen Photos Ltd., 4609 Main Street, Vancouver BC.
Locales photographed include Okanagan, Thompson, Cariboo, Kootenay, and Boundary regions.

Directors meetings.

Sub-series contain minutes related to director meetings of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of meeting minutes describing committee reports, applications for membership, highlights important correspondence between individuals and the BCLMA, and discusses subjects such as the U.K. Timber Development Association, timber control, and trade extension.

Photographs by Hanne Wassermann Walker

Subseries consists of photographs, negatives, and associated materials (envelopes, metadata papers), most of which were created by Hanne. These images document aspects of her life in Europe prior to immigrating to the United States and eventually Canada. There are photographs from her travels in Austria, France, Italy, and other countries, which reveal an interest in hiking, landscape photography, and architecture. There are also many photographs taken of Hanne’s friends, family, and even an apparent boyfriend/lover with whom she travelled extensively in the 1920s and 1930s. After arriving in North America, Hanne’s photos capture her life with husband George Walker — their hiking trips, the home they made for themselves in Vancouver, the many dogs they owned and loved over the years, and their friends and family in North America. Hanne’s interest (not to mention her education as a young woman) in portrait photography is also reflected in this subseries through the many pictures taken of herself, George, and the members of several local families, including the Koerners. Hanne also photographed the many sculptures she produced while living in Vancouver — sculptures which are not part of this fonds and are likely impossible to ever locate/recover.

Financial records.

Sub-series consists of financial records of companies taken over by Crown
Zellerbach Canada Limited. Includes statements of accounts, balance sheets and operating statements for Bartram Paper Products Company Limited and its subsidiaries Bartram Properties Limited and Bartram Industries Limited, and a general financial ledger for Beatty Laminated Limited.


Subseries consists of textual materials, most of which were written by Hanne, however, this subseries does include some items written/created by other individuals. There are unpublished articles, draft versions of published articles, and newspaper/magazine clippings of articles — many written by Hanne, some written by other writers but featuring Hanne. There are also articles on the subject of health/fitness but which were written neither by Hanne nor about her. Other materials include pamphlets describing Hanne’s fitness method, pamphlets related to the rescue and transportation program she developed in the U.S., and artists’ mock-ups of possible covers for Hanne’s book “Methode Hanne Wassermann.” (It is unclear whether this book was ever published; however, typed copies are available as part of this subseries.)

Annual General Meetings of Consolidated Shingles Mills of B.C.

Sub-series contains annual general meeting minutes for the Consolidated Shingle Mills Association of British Columbia a division of the CRCSABC. Material consists of ledger books documenting the associations’ decisions, including the founding of three standing committees and reports from the standing committees and other groups with an interest in lumber and forestry in the region. The ledger includes a list of registered directors and members.

Directors meetings.

Sub-series consist of Directors meetings minutes from the Consolidated Red Cedar and Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material contains four ledger books of meeting minutes documenting the committee’s decisions, and includes division reports, the organizations functions and activities, and daily business.

Annual General Meetings.

Sub-series contains General meeting minutes from the Consolidated Red Cedar and Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material consists of ledger books documenting the associations’ decisions, including the founding of three standing committees and reports from the standing committees and other groups with an interest in lumber and forestry in the region.


Sub-series contains notes taken by Nan Cheney on articles and lectures.

Drafts and notebooks

Subseries consists of drafts of letters and documents, notes, and supporting material regarding sealing claims. Most of the series is made up of lined notebooks. Draft documents include memorials to various Canadian government officials, a draft resolution, relevant data, descriptions, etc. The draft letters are addressed to many of the same Canadian government officials, representatives, and others found in the Correspondence series. Loose notes, drafts, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera are interleaved throughout the notebooks. In addition to newspaper clippings and ephemera, supporting materials include some incoming correspondence. Though the drafts in the notebooks are roughly in chronological order, some gaps occur. The contents of the subseries were received by the archivist in a leather briefcase.

Book Collection

This series contains over 20 books on Swedish culture, history, and emigration and immigration to North America. Some of the books are in English while the others are in Swedish. A book index is available.

Magnus Eliason collection

Subseries consists of correspondence to both Magnus Eliason and Guðmundur Eliason, Magnus Eliason’s journals, writings, collected ephemera, and photographs. Included in Magnus’ collection are two journals: the Icelandic Canadian, March 1946 and Tímarit Þjóðræknisfélags Íslendinga.

Printed Material

Sub-series consists of catalogues, bulletins, and brochures relating to art exhibitions. Sub-series also contains biographical information on Nan Cheney.


Sub-series consists of drawings and photographs for mockups and cover proofs of Pulp Press publications, oversize photographs for Pulp publications, and oversize mockups of a Press magazine Flush Times.

Personal and miscellaneous correspondence

Subseries consists of correspondence pertaining to certain topics (such as health, travel, anniversaries, and day-to-day events) or sent by specific individuals. This correspondence takes the form of letters, cards, personal notes, and postcards. Some of the senders include Hedy Lamarr, Marie Louise Wanamaker, John Martin Gilbert, Adolf Ludwig Mandl, and many other friends and acquaintances.

Market Committee.

Sub-series contains records relating to the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association’s Market Committee. Material consists of meeting minutes that discusses rail prices, export conditions, freight conditions, mining timber rates, decisions on base prices, and list prices of lumber.


Sub-series consists of prints and slides of artists, paintings, Cheney’s work, and her friends.

Trade Extension committee.

Series contains meeting minutes from the Trade Extension Committee of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of plans to implement lumber trade representatives in various countries throughout the world to represent Canada’s interest. Records also include details of the committee’s finances and budget, and progress reports from individual members.


Sub-series consists of incoming and outgoing material, some of which was exchanged between Emily Carr and Nan Cheney, some of which was collected by Cheney.


Sub-series consists of prints and slides relating to Emily Carr, her work and house.

Education and boyhood.

Sub-series consists of records from Burch’s school days and boyhood, from his early years at University of British Columbia, and from school reunions. The sub-series is divided into 3 files: Public schooling, Reunions, and Photographs. The Reunion file also contains several photographs. Among the textual records are school report cards from 1930 till 1936, a high school entrance certificate, university entrance examination certificates, a high school graduation certificate, and newsletter and correspondence regarding high school reunions. The photographs are reflective of Burch’s extra-curricular activities through boyhood and his teenaged years.

Correspondence related to fitness profession

Subseries consists of correspondence pertaining to Hanne’s career as a fitness professional in both Europe and North America. This correspondence includes notes of appreciation from former clients, letters of recommendation, letters related to programming Hanne offered in various countries, and more. There are also several letters from professional associations she was a member of, such as the Association of Physiotherapists and Massage Practitioners and the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.


Sub-series consists of clippings from newspapers and periodicals relating to Emily Carr’s activities and work.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Labour Relations Files

Subseries consists of documentation of the interactions between S.M. Simpson Ltd. and its workforce.
Includes union documents featuring collective agreements, union charters, legal records of dispute, seniority lists, wage lists, payroll records, and pension plan documents,

S.M. Simpson Ltd.


Sub-series contains an address given by Emily Carr at Normal School.

Lefty literature collection

This subseries contains copies of leftist literature pertaining to political and social justice movements that Adams was interested in. Some of these themes include: anti-war in Vietnam and amnesty rights for American war resisters; political landscape in Latin and South America; socialist, communist, and Marxist-Leninist publications in Vancouver, Canada, and the United States; labour and working class rights; Indigenous peoples rights; women’s rights; minority rights; and publications related to the political landscape of Vancouver and British Columbia. The publications included newspapers; magazines; periodicals; news bulletins and newsletters; flyers, pamphlets and brochures; booklets; articles and reports; and books.

Some common titles of publications found in this subseries include the following: AMEX (American Exiles); Canadian Dimension magazine; GRAPE; Georgia Straight;; Venceremos; Kinesis; Pacific Tribune; The Guardian: Independent Radical Newsweekly; Vietnam Courier; Ramparts; South Vietnam in Struggle; Newsweek; Black Panther Black Community News Service; El Malcriado; Pedestal: Women's Liberation Newspaper; Last Post magazine; The Realist; GRAMMA newspaper; NACLA; Indochina Focal Point; Southern Exposure; Osawatomie; and others.

George Meeres collection

Biographical sketch:
George Albert Meeres (1878-1972), photographer and artist, was born in Grimsby, England in 1878. He emigrated to Canada in 1906. In 1910, he and partner Arthur John Lawrence purchased a photo studio from James Fenton in Russell, Manitoba. The partnership of Lawrence & Meeres continued until 1917 when it was dissolved. Meeres carried on under the name of George A. Meeres, Photographer, until 1925 when he sold the business and moved to Nelson, B.C. He purchased the Campbell Art Gallery, changing its name to George A. Meeres, Photographer. After a short time in Grindrod, he moved to Vernon, B.C., opening Meeres' Photographic and Art Studio in 1940. He specialized in portraits, wedding photos, and hand colouring. His studio operated in Vernon until 1968 and George Meeres died in Vernon in 1972 at the age of 94.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of professional photographs captured by George Albert Meeres. Geographies documented centre on the Okanagan, Shuswap, and Thompson regions ranging from Osoyoos, BC (southern boundary of coverage) to Revelstoke, BC (north-eastern boundary of coverage) and Chase, BC (northwestern boundary of coverage). Includes Penticton, Oyama, Winfield, Okanagan Centre, Vernon, Lumby, Armstrong, Falkland, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Grindrod, Sicamous, Malakwa, Tappen – with predominant coverage of Vernon, BC. A suite of photographs within the subseries provides coverage of the Armstrong Fall Fair, later termed the Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE) during the 1940s and early 1950s.

Scenes captured depict landscapes, street scenes, industry, and labour, with special attention paid to the orchard and forestry industries.

Poster collection

The subseries contains various prints related to Adams' interest in political and social justice movements. The publications include posters, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, banners, signs, brochures, and magazine pages. These prints relate to the political landscape in Vancouver in the 1960s and 1970s; Vancouver benefits, fundraisers, and community events; anti-Vietnam War activism; draft resistance and amnesty movements in Canada and the United States, Anti-Nazi publications; women, refugee, and minority rights; the Latin American political landscape; and Marxist-Leninist publications. Also included are some musical band posters, protest signage, and replica drawings and prints.

Button collection

The subseries contains buttons, pins, and other small objects that Adams collected related to numerous political and social justice movements he was interested in. Themes that the buttons and pins generally relate to include: Vancouver and British Columbia; Pop Culture; Conservation and the Environment; Communist China and Chairman Mao; Women and Minority Rights; Anti-Racism, Black Panther, and Black Liberation Movements; Workers' Rights; Latin America Anti-War and Resistance; Anti-War and Nuclear Power; the Vietnam War; American and Canadian Politics; Miscellaneous Activist Groups; and Miscellaneous buttons.

Also included are badges from Adams' time as a boy scout, ribbons from his high school years, buttons pinned onto felt mats, 4 buckles, 8 coins, and 1 key.


Subseries contains maps of various tree farm licenses owned and operated by Western Forest Products and its predecessors.

The majority of the subseries consists of atlases on particular tree farm licenses (TFLs), some of which form part of the working and management plans and are thus closely associated with that subseries. There are also maps of forest areas that are not part of tree farm licenses.

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