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Subseries contains general textual records pertaining to Lazara Press' Discussion Series publications, such as mailing lists and inquiries made to and from Goldsmith about potential future publications in the series.

General administrative files

Sub-series consists of a register of incoming mail, a card file of media addresses, a card file of addresses of subscribers to Three-Cent Pulp and some photographs.

General Correspondence

Subseries contains traditional and email correspondence from 1972-2012 covering a range of subjects related to Howard’s writing career, her involvement with The Writer’s Union of Canada, her position as an instructor with Capilano College, her political interests, and her personal life. Material related to Howard’s writing career includes correspondence with literary agents and fan mail regarding “The Manipulator” and “A Memoir of Friendship.” Notable correspondents include Don Shields, Anne Giardini, short-story author Merna Summers, politician Iona Campangola, and author Janet McNaughton. Howard also sent letters to writers to express her appreciation for their work, including Margaret Atwood, Alberto Manguel, and Susan Hill. Related ephemera in the subseries includes grade reports and registration forms for classes taken at Capilano College, a brochure on literary agents, photocopied and printed articles, and reviews and clippings.

[General Correspondence]

Subseries consists of correspondence between Pro-CAN and: its members; other pro-choice supporters; anti-choice groups and individuals; government officials; and supportive members of the public. Content covers such topics as requesting retractions of false information, explaining government stances on abortion, and thanking supporters.

General correspondence

Sub-series consists of general and editorial correspondence and postcards received at Pulp Press from 1973 to 1978. Files are arranged in chronological order. “in” refers to letters received, “out” to those sent. “in/out” indicates that letters received and copies of those sent are filed together.

General events

Subseries consists of correspondence, programs, articles, draft speeches, speaking notes, press clippings, posters, photographs, and slides relating to Miki’s attendance and participation in literary and cultural conferences, panels, talks, and other local, national and international events. The majority of these cultural events concern racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian experience. The subseries also includes a photo album documenting Miki’s participation on the Canada Council’s Racial Equity Committee, the 1997 book launch of Roy Kiyooka’s Pacific Windows (edited by Miki), Miki’s 2003 trip to Japan with Hiromi Goto, Miki’s 2003 trip to Berlin with Glen Lowery to present a paper at the Free University of Berlin conference on multiculturalism, Miki’s 1999 trip to Australia with Ashok Mathur, Miki’s trip to the Alberta badlands with Scott McFarland for the Race/Pedagogy retreat, Miki’s 2000 Australia trip with a group of Canadian authors (including Ashok Mathur, Aruna Srivastava, Rajinder Pal, Hiromi Goto, Rita Wong, Larissa Lai, and Tamai Kobayashi), and Miki’s 2001 trip to Calgary for an exhibit curated by Harry Kiyooka.

The subseries includes slides used in a performance of “This is Munal Kitagowa” at Expo ’86 and a painting presented to Miki as a thank you gift for speaking as aguest writer for the “American Odysseys: Literary Explorations of Historic and Current Events in the Multicultural Americas” at Utah State University in 2008.

General files

The General files subseries contains promotional and marketing materials for Harbour Publishing as a company, such as seasonal marketing plans, as well as files that contain records for multiple authors and publications, such as awards applications. Some notebooks and planners from former managing editor Mary Schendlinger are also included.

General Files

Sub-series consists of correspondence, notes, financial documents, speaking notes, reference queries, legal agreements, research files, newspaper clippings, prospectuses, certificates, and other records made or received by Norman Colbeck in the course of his activities as a book dealer and collector in England and later, in Canada, and his work cataloguing his book collection for the University of British Columbia Library.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

General government files

The subseries contains materials not coded for filing that accumulated while Lauk was acting as both Minister of Mines & Petroleum Resources and Ministers of Economic Development, as well as materials accumulated during the provincial general election. Records include research materials and submissions and correspondence received.

General government files

The subseries consists of records pertaining to Lauk's personal files as an MLA. These records include papers, private members bills, and newspaper articles he wrote, as well as his research files relating to those papers. Other records include records pertaining to various committees Lauk was a member of during his time as an MLA from 1976-1985. The photographs contained in this subseries mainly consist of Lauk's official portraits for the NDP party. There are also some photos of a dinner party that Lauk attended.

General Industries Committee meetings.

Series contains general industries committee meeting minutes a committee of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Materials consist of meeting minutes recording various topics discussed during the committee meetings including the 8 hour Day Bill, about the committee’s finances, publicity of the reasons the eight hour bill would be detrimental to lumber workers and workers compensation.

General ledgers and files.

Sub-series consists of financial files and ledgers of the Canadian Western Lumber Company, Limited. Files pertain to the financial organization of the company. Ledgers includes a general ledger, sales ledgers, a purchase ledger, a transfer book, and sawmill production records.

General literary manuscripts

Sub-series consists of manuscripts, proofs, photographs, artwork, author contracts and some correspondence relating to the publishing of books and broadsheets.

General meetings.

Material consists of meeting minutes, details concerning the grading of cedar logs, the incorporation of the association, new rules and procedures for committees, committee reports, the approval of meeting minutes, and reports on the auditing of the B.C. Loggers Association’s accounts.

General research files

Series consists of the accumulation of research materials compiled by Doug Cox in support of his author and historian function, and presumed compiled predominantly during the 1980s and 1990s. This series is defined by its collection and/or photocopying from existing published sources and/or other resources, for which the originals reside both within and without the Cox Collection.

Series is composed predominantly of original and photocopied tear sheets from various periodical publications (with emphasis on the annual reports of the Okanagan Historical Society, which have been digitized in full), monograph publications, photocopied photographs with identifying annotations, photocopies of correspondence, some original correspondence, and notes.

General works correspondence, manuscripts and other material.

Subseries consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and drafts relating to the research, writing and publication of various works by Miki including books, poems, articles and correspondence with publishers (including Mercury Press Publishers Limited and Talon Books). The series also includes photographs and negatives of images used in several of Miki’s books including “This is my Own,” and scanned images used for “Justice in our Time.”

George Allen Aerial Photography Ltd. collection

George Allen Aerial Photography was a photo studio based in Vancouver, BC.
Subseries consists primarily of 25cm x 20 cm b&w photographs with George Allen Photos Ltd., 4609 Main Street, Vancouver BC.
Locales photographed include Okanagan, Thompson, Cariboo, Kootenay, and Boundary regions.

George Bowering bibliography research, writing and publication records.

Sub-series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, photographs,
photocopied documents, reviews, articles, and other records relating to Miki’s
research for and writing and publication of A Record of Writing: An Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography of George Bowering. Includes some photographs of George Bowering, as well as copies of correspondence between Bowering and many prominent Canadian authors.

George Meeres collection

Biographical sketch:
George Albert Meeres (1878-1972), photographer and artist, was born in Grimsby, England in 1878. He emigrated to Canada in 1906. In 1910, he and partner Arthur John Lawrence purchased a photo studio from James Fenton in Russell, Manitoba. The partnership of Lawrence & Meeres continued until 1917 when it was dissolved. Meeres carried on under the name of George A. Meeres, Photographer, until 1925 when he sold the business and moved to Nelson, B.C. He purchased the Campbell Art Gallery, changing its name to George A. Meeres, Photographer. After a short time in Grindrod, he moved to Vernon, B.C., opening Meeres' Photographic and Art Studio in 1940. He specialized in portraits, wedding photos, and hand colouring. His studio operated in Vernon until 1968 and George Meeres died in Vernon in 1972 at the age of 94.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of professional photographs captured by George Albert Meeres. Geographies documented centre on the Okanagan, Shuswap, and Thompson regions ranging from Osoyoos, BC (southern boundary of coverage) to Revelstoke, BC (north-eastern boundary of coverage) and Chase, BC (northwestern boundary of coverage). Includes Penticton, Oyama, Winfield, Okanagan Centre, Vernon, Lumby, Armstrong, Falkland, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Grindrod, Sicamous, Malakwa, Tappen – with predominant coverage of Vernon, BC. A suite of photographs within the subseries provides coverage of the Armstrong Fall Fair, later termed the Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE) during the 1940s and early 1950s.

Scenes captured depict landscapes, street scenes, industry, and labour, with special attention paid to the orchard and forestry industries.

George Walker correspondence

Subseries consists of correspondence mailed to George Walker since his coming to North America, except for two letters written to George by his wife, Hanne, during her transatlantic crossing several days before his. The subseries includes a large collection of letters from George’s older brother William (“Billy”) Orr Walker in Northern Ireland.

George Walker personal records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the life of George Walker, including his immigration from Britain, official documentation (such as an application for divorce from his first wife or a photocopy of his death certificate), and personal papers such as notes for a sermon.

Walker, George Dickson

Gold dust publication records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the publishing of Howard's book, <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt</i>. Records include correspondence between Howard and Between the Lines Publishing House, chapter drafts and revisions, manuscripts, contracts, submission letters and rejections, book reviews, and promotional materials. The photographs in this subseries are images used in the book.

Gold dust research records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to Howard's research for <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt.</i> These records mostly contain photocopies of materials that Howard consulted for her book, including: archival records such as birth, death, and wedding certificates, parish records, Workers' Compensation Board documents, historical newspaper articles, and chapters of books related to topics discussed in <i>Gold Dust</i>. Other records include copies of correspondence, maps, brochures and pamphlets, and Howard's handwritten notes that she took from reading various books and webpages. The series also includes some magazine articles Howard wrote for Highlander Magazine, many of which were later integrated into her book.

Goldsmith (Second thoughts)

Subseries contains textual records related to Elise Goldsmith's volume of poetry titled <i>Second Thoughts</i>, as well as her poem titled <i>My War</i>. These records include drafts of the volume as well as copies of correspondence and the contract between Goldsmith and Lazara Press. Other records include reviews and promotions of <i>Second Thoughts</i> and <i>My War</i>, as well as records related to the production of the works. The photographs contained in this subseries are images featured in the <i>Second</i> publication.


Subseries consists of records related Manson's work as a politician and MLA in the British Columbia government, predominantly during his time as Speaker and as Attorney-General and Minister of Labour. The records in this subseries highlight many of Manson's political interests and activities, such as railways and game conservation. Particularly well-represented among this subseries are papers related to the Liquor Control Board, the Workmen's Compensation Board, and records related to Old Age and Mothers' Pensions.

These records include papers from legislative sessions, proposed and enacted legislation, regulations and licences, speeches and speech notes, meeting minutes, recommendations for positions (including police commissioners, notaries public, justices of the peace, and King's Counsel), Attorney-General cases, public accounts, expense reports, royal commissions, governmental reports, governmental publications, and correspondence with various governmental departments.

Government department files

The subseries contains files for 1973-74 and for 1975, organized alphabetically by name of British Columbia's Government Departments. The files contain memoranda, news releases and reports from the departments, in roughly chronological order. The series includes an extensive group of files for the Department of Industrial Development Trade & Commerce/Economic Development, which contains interdepartmental memos chiefly between the Minister, the Deputy Minister, and their Executive Assistants, briefing documents on departmental organization, staffing, policy and activities, drafts of legislation, minutes, and papers of Branch Head meetings, budgets and account printouts, and departmental bulletins, publicity and reports. Cabinet meeting agendas and briefing papers are filed under the heading "Provincial Secretary".

[Government Lobbying and Correspondence]

Subseries consists of reports, minutes, meeting notes, and correspondence related to the creation and maintenance of various government-sponsored projects in support of pro-choice aims. Correspondence mainly relates to Pro-CAN's lobbying of government agencies on behalf of abortion rights and support as well as its input on the aforementioned projects.

Growth & Yield Reports

Subseries contains reports on growth and yield projects undertaken by Western Forest Products and its predecessors. Material mostly focuses on the permanent sample plots (PSPs) instituted by British Columbia Forest Services in the 1950s and 1960s. Files are often labelled by project name, but sometimes by plot number.

Guðrun Johnson collection

The subseries consists largely of photographs of the Johnson family and friends, and also includes correspondence, Johnson’s biography, her postcard collection, textile projects as well as her husband Fred’s Certificate of Discharge from the Active Militia of Canada. Notably, the subseries contains a braid of Johnson’s hair.

Hand-Written Volumes of Poetry and Prose

Sub-series consists of volumes of poetry and prose of nineteenth century authors compiled by Norman Colbeck and written by his hand. The sub-series also contains several notebooks kept by Norman Colbeck containing notes and information about authors, manuscripts, and his book-dealing activities.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Healthcare provider and physician's education projects (HPEP)

The sub-series contains records related to the Physician’s Education Project and its successor, the Healthcare Providers Education Project (HPEP). The project was launched to facilitate education of healthcare providers and physicians regarding HIV/AIDS in general, particularly women-specific issues and needs for preventive care and treatment. Physicians and health care professionals attended presentations put on by the PWN.

Record types include project proposals, reports, project evaluation records, correspondence, and contracts between funding bodies, AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP) and Ministry of Health (MOH) and the PWN.

Helen Potrebenko

Subseries contains textual records related to the broadsides created by Helen Potrebenko and published by Lazara Press including: <i>17 Years and a Coffee Truck</i>, <i>"Almost Morningside" - An Excerpt</i>, <i>Displacement</i>, <i>I Was Riding Home </i>, <i>La Critique Litteraire</i>, <i>Encore une faute de frappe toute bete</i>, <i>Dictatyping</i>, and other unpublished works. Records include drafts of Potrebenko's broadsides and chapbooks, and, in many cases, the published editions as well. Other records include correspondence, invoices, reviews, and production records such as layouts and prototypes.

Helen Potrebenko

Subseries contains textual records related to the works of Helen Potrebenko published by Lazara Press, including <i>Two Years on the Muckamuck Line</i>, <i>Taxi</i>, <i>Riding Home and Other Poems</i>, <i>Letters to Maggie</i>, <i>Hey Waitress and Other Stories</i>, <i>Life, Love + Unions </i>, <i>Walking Slow</i>, and other unpublished chapbooks and collections of poems. Records include drafts and manuscripts, as well as the published editions of many of Potrebenko's works. Other records include correspondence, invoices, reviews and promotional information, distribution lists, and production records such as layouts and prototypes. The photographs in this subseries are images taken and/or selected to be featured in Potrebenko's published works.

Helga Howardson collection

The subseries consists largely of photographs from three albums compiled by Howardson depicting events and organizations in the Vancouver Icelandic community. Howardson was very involved in the various community organizations. Resultantly, the textual records in her collection consist of correspondence, minutes, and reports from the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia, the Icelandic National League, the Sólskin Society, the Icelandic Care Home Höfn House and the Icelandic Lutheran Church. The subseries contains eight recordings of Icelandic music and events that were broadcast over Icelandic community radio. The subseries also includes a copy of The Icelandic-Canadian Poet Stephan Gudmundsson Stephansson: A Tribute by Kerry Wood.

Historical mining research collection

Subseries consists of collected materials with pertinence to the mining industry in the late 19th and early 20th century in the Kootenay, Boundary, and Similkameen regions of British Columbia.
Includes collected photographs, clippings, government publications, maps (mineral claims) and textual records.

Subseries documents the Nickel Plate and Mascot mines near Hedley, BC, and several short-lived mining boom towns in the Kootenays and Boundary country (Phoenix, Camp McKinney) as well as Blakeburn and Coalmont (also now abandoned) in the Similkameen.

Historical photograph collection

Subseries consists of photographs collected by Doug Cox in service to his historical research and writing. Materials derive from a wide variety of provenancial and subject contexts, which are resolved at the item level.


Subseries contains Thomas' historical research material. The majority of the subseries contextualizes the folk songs he researched. Material includes handwritten notes, reproductions of photographs, and reproductions of maps of British Columbia. It is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Hollingsworth (Smiling under water)

Subseries contains textual records related to Margaret Hollingsworth's volume of short stories titled <i>Smiling Under Water</i>. These records include drafts of the volume as well as copies of correspondence and the contract between Hollingsworth and Lazara Press. Other records include reviews and promotions of <i>Smiling</i> and other works by Hollingsworth. The photographs are of Hollingsworth featured in the published book.

Honourary Life Membership Committee records

This subseries contains records pertaining to the Honourary Life Members (HLM) Committee. Each year, the committee, often made up of three individuals, would receive nominations from constituency associations including biographical sketches and letters of reference in support of long-standing and dedicated members. The committee would review the standing and contributions of these nominees, and would select candidates to be awarded Honourary Life Member status at the upcoming NDP provincial convention. Since at least the mid-1970's the standard number of annual HLM inductees has been 10, often with 2 alternates selected. Nominees not selected for the year in question are often kept on file by the committee for consideration the following convention year, and in some instances when conventions have not occurred yearly, up to 20 members will be selected.

File 434-21 contains a document from 1980 that reproduces the text printed on the member cards given to HLMs at convention:

"The cause of socialism is advance by the efforts of millions of dedicated individuals who remain anonymous,
To honour them, our convention decision is to proclaim the bearer of this card as one who, by courage and perserverance, illuminates the pages of our history.
Honourary Life Membership is the highest form of recognition the New Democratic Pary of British Columbia can bestow."

Records in this subseries include correspondence, convention materials, clippings, public communicaitons, forms, and other related materials.

IBEW Local 213 papers

The subseries contains materials related to the activities of IBEW Local 213 between 1949 and the mid-1970s, including affidavits, reports, correspondence and newspapers. Documented within the subseries is the internal conflict between the IBEW’s American leadership and trade union activists within Local 213, and attempts to unite IBEW Locals in British Columbia through a provincial council. Also contains numerous issues of IBEW Local 213’s newspaper, the 213 Live Wire, between the mid-1950s and mid-1970s.

Income Tax & Charitable Gaming

Sub-series contains financial records related to tax returns and the society‟s status as a charitable organization including charitable receipts, income tax material, GST/HST returns, registered charity information returns, and applications for direct charitable access funding. Invoices, copies of outgoing cheques, bank statements and expense lists for the society‟s Gaming Account are included in this series.

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