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CUE Executive minutes (2 of 5)

File contains meeting minutes dated July 7, 1988 to March 1, 1988. Topics discussed include the newsletter, staffing issues and executive turnover, recruiting, budget and financial reports, grievances, health and safety, contracts, job evaluation, education, communications, bylaws, office expenses, UBC sexual harrassment report, tuition waivers, a job exchange program with an Australian university, and membership meetings. File also contains agendas .

[Provincial constitution and other material]

File contains 2 copies of Association of University & College Employees Provincial Constitution, Provincial Policies & Procedures as amended May 1979. Subject to revision at Convention — UBC — June 1979. Local 1. Executive Copy. Topics discussed include objectives, jurisdiction, membership, charters, Local autonomy, the role of the provincial executive, committees, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, procedures and bylaws. File also contains the AUCE policies and procedures.

[Provincial Constitution]

File contains a provincial constitution, rules of order, and policies and procedures dated May 1981 to June 21-22, 1980. Topics discussed include objectives, jurisdiction, membership, charters, Local autonomy, information on the provincial executive and officers, nominations and elections, referendums, committees, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, procedures, bylaws, rules of order, affiliations, student employment, education, and resolutions of support.

[Provincial Constitution]

File contains Provincial Constitution, Provincial Policies & Procedures, Rules of Order Governing Convention dated June 26-27, 1982. Topics discussed include objectives, jurisdiction, membership, charters, Local autonomy, information on the provincial executive and officers, nominations and elections, referendums, committees, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, procedures, bylaws, rules of order, affiliations, student employment, education, and resolutions of support.

Bylaws And Amendments (1 of 3)

File contains the Provincial Constitution of the Association of University and College Employees, Local 1 (UBC), and bylaws and amendments dated August 5, 1980. Topics discussed include jurisdiction, membership, charters, Local autonomy, executive duties and elections, committees, conventions, revenue and finances, strikes and lockouts, discipline, approval of contracts, organizational year, and bylaws and amendments.

Executive correspondence

File contains incoming and outgoing executive correspondence dated March 1974 to June 1977. Topics include membership, recycling on campus, relations with the Provincial association, daycare and maternity benefits, public relations, leaves of absence, requests for and letters of support from outside organizations and unions, letters of resignation and termination, job descriptions and evaluations, cutbacks at UBC, referendum procedure, dissatisfaction with local governance, negotiations and contracts with UBC, general and executive membership meetings, health care plans, strikes and demonstrations, strikebreakers and discipline procedure, educational workshops, union jurisdiction, retirement, surveys, rent and rent control, gender discrimination, by-laws and constitutions, office expenses, and pay equity. File also contains a copy of the October 5, 1973 "Dental Care Plan Service Contract" (and subsequent riders) between the Medical Services Association and the University of British Columbia.

AUCE Provincial Special Convention September 1982

File contains material and handwritten notes from the September 1982 AUCE Provincial Special Convention. Material includes the agenda, financial statements, and proposed constitutional amendments. File also contains a copy of the AUCE Provincial constitution (amended June 1981), a copy of the Provincial's "Policies and Procedures" (amended June 1981), and a copy of the "Rules of Order Governing AUCE Convention".

Local 1 Executive minutes (1 of 2)

File contains Executive Minutes for Local 1, and Full Strike Committee Executive Minutes dated October 15, 1975 to December 16, 1975. Topics discussed include strike and negotiations, disciplinary actions against scabs, and the Full Strike Committee Meeting minutes, along with supporting postal workers, sharing an office with the provincial executive, reports from committees on pension plans, daycare, grievances, job evaluation, contracts, discussion of federal legislation, and staff and organization issues brought up during the November 1975 Provincial Convention.

Provincial Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes dated January 13, 1979 to December 15, 1979. Topics discussed include reports from Locals, the arrest and support of SFU 18 picketers, financial reports, expense compensation, contracts and negotiations, the Essential Services Disputes Act, UIC Maternity leave and benefits, a UIC information seminar held by AUCE and the Labour Studies program at Capilano College, planning the 1979 convention, correspondence, current strikes and discussion around students crossing picket lines at SFU, potential affiliation with other groups (CLC, CUPE, BCGEU), newsletter business, offering support for CCCA (Concerned Citizens for Choice on Abortion), changing the name of the Association of University and College Employees to the Union of University and College Employees, interactions with SORWUC in regards to an outstanding loan and other communication and support issues.

Provincial Executive minutes (1 of 2)

File contains meeting minutes dated January 19, 1980 to June 24, 1980. Topics discussed include strikes, student employment, wages, reports from Locals, convention and referendum planning, update on the SFU 18, financial reports, providing financial support to Locals and other organizations, correspondence, convention on affiliation with other groups (CLC, CUPE), office equipment, negotiation and mediation, grievances, emergency resolutions, the B.C. Student Federation, the CAIMAW strike, and childcare issues.

[Local 1 Executive correspondence and other material]

File contains reports and materials relating to affiliation, from 1979 to 1980. Topics discussed include an affiliation committee meeting with SORWUC, a report from the special provincial convention on affiliation, contracts, ballots and results, reports from Locals from June 1979 to 1980, strikes, dues, job descriptions, negotiations, grievances, student employment, membership, and elections. File also contains the SORWUC newsletter from February 1980, AUCE Affiliation Bulletins, the Report of the University Librarian 1979/80, and the President's Report 1979-80.

[Local 1 Executive correspondence]

File contains correspondence to the UBYSSEY, the Province Newspaper, and the UBC board of governors, as well as incoming correspondence from Union Construction Workers, and Barristers McGrady & Young and other records dated October 2, 1984 to June 26, 1984. Topics discussed include wages, opposition to an AMS decision on essential services, opposition to UBC awarding the Gage Residence contract to a non-unionized construction firm, legal information, and ballot instructions and candidate statements.

Executive outgoing correspondence

File contains copies of outgoing executive correspondence dated December 6, 1977 to December 22, 1977. Topics include union exemption, grievances, finances, maternity leave and benefits, union representatives and representation, leaves of absence, arbitration, request for membership statistics, pay-back compliance plan with the Anti-Inflation Board (AIB), job classifications and descriptions, employee aptitude, intelligence and psychological assessment testing, communication and negotiation with UBC, media relations and press release, hiring policy, pension plan, office administration, rubber stamp requisition, payment of arbitration attendance expenses, vacation allowance, status of women and pay equity, membership meetings, retroactive pay, hiring for catalogue conversion project, and union fees. Recipients consist primarily of UBC officials and employees, and include other unions, arbitrators, union federations, and the AIB. File also contains applications for the appointment of a Labour Relations Board officer.


File contains copies of outgoing executive correspondence dated April 29, 1980 to December 18, 1980. Topics include strike notice, collective agreement interpretation, strike fund assessment deductions, strikebreakers, union representatives and representation, bonuses, cutbacks, affiliation, relationship with the Provincial, office relocation and administration, funding cuts of the AMS Women's Office, the University Detachment of the RCMP, cooperation with other unions, and membership dues. Recipients consist of UBC officials and employees.


File contains master copies of form letters, and blank vacation entitlement schedules. Form letters include notice of severance, a description of AUCE and Local 1, a notice of reimbursement for lost wages, and a notice of overdue initiation fee.

Executive meeting minutes (4 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 15, 1975 to December 17, 1975. Topics discussed include correspondence, grievances against UBC, insurance, purchase of office supplies, division and committee reports, consolidation of campus units with CUPE, coordination with and support of other unions, budgets, relations with the Provincial Association (including delegates thereof), rules of order, student assistants, contracts, grievance procedures, pension plan negotiations, daycare, credit unions and loans, division elections, office administration and organization, strikes and picketing, strike strategy, and discipline of strikebreakers. File also contains a photocopy of Robert's Rules of Order.

Executive meeting minutes (6 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated September 11, 1973 to December 18, 1974. Topics discussed include defining the bargaining unit, support for women's action, registering members, membership dues, leaflets and postering, grievances and grievance procedures, membership parties, the union's constitution, press releases, office rental and organization, relations with the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Universities Act, negotiations with UBC and SFU, probation pay, office finances and administration, the newsletter, elections and voting, a negotiation seminar, International Women's Day, general membership meetings, shop stewards, communications with the Labour Relations Board, benefits, support for other unions, committee reports, contract priorities and negotiations, job classification, organization of the union, role of the executive, a conference of women in Canadian colleges and universities, nominations, membership cards and steward buttons, correspondence, record keeping, relations with the Provincial Association, the Provincial Convention, by-law amendments, general strike, division structure, unfair ballot protest, harrassment of union employees by their supervisors, establishing a credit union, job retraining, working conditions, and relations with the new Labour Council.

File also contains correspondence regarding the unfair ballot, and a list of restructured divisions.

Correspondence with other unions and UBC

File contains correspondence with other unions and with UBC dated February 13, 1974 to June 1, 1976. Topics include seminars, leaves of absence, union membership, speaking invitations, and financial and moral support.

File also contains copies of informational leaflets advocating for AUCE, a press release, and drafts towards a Union Organizer manual. File also contains one undated copy of CAIMAW's newsletter "Sparker" and a report of the Canadian Confederation of Unions - B.C. Council Convention dated February 22, 1976.

Correspondence, incoming (3 of 3)

File contains incoming correspondence dated March 1979 to December 1979. Topics include support of causes and other unions, grievances with UBC, newsletters, union staffing and membership, contract negotiations, Labour Relations Board reports, gender discrimination on campus, human rights legislation, gay rights, membership meetings, educational courses, the Employee Assistance Program, availability of legal reference to prison inmates, unemployment insurance, office equipment and administration, leaves of absence, the Consumer Price Index, charges against union members, working conditions, referendum procedure and outcomes, job descriptions, conferences, resignations and appointments, support of Vietnamese refugees, and the Muckamuck Restaurant strike.

[Minutes of Local 1 Merger committee]

File contains a ballot, meeting minutes, and financial statements dated November 7, 1984 to December 31, 1983 and attached ballot for members to vote on whether to remain an independent union. Topics discussed include the potential merger, discussion of a draft budget, and detailed auditor's reports and financial statements from December 31, 1983.

[Local 1 Merger committee CUPE service contract records]

File contains correspondence, reports, and other records dated July 22, 1985 to February 11, 1985. Topics discussed include available CUPE services such as legal and research services, an assessment of the union office procedures and staffing, office restructuring and related bylaw amendments, copies of the service contract between CUPE and the AUCE Local 1, drafts of the Merger Committee Final Report, a copy of the final report, an outline of the organization of AUCE, BCGEU, and CUPE, blank and filled ballots along with ballot instructions, a CUPE pamphlet, and a statement from the AUCE executive in favour of accepting the CUPE service contract.

[CUPE merger correspondence and other materials]

File contains correspondence, memos, reports, and other records dated March 4, 1987 to January 5, 1987. Topics discussed include opposition and support for CUPE affiliation, the affiliation referendum and results, greivances, and copies of an office administration and membership servicing report including observations and recommendations.

[Local 1 Newsletters and minutes of membership meetings]

File contains meeting minutes, newsletters, and other records dated January 22, 1981 to November 1981. Topics discussed include non-profit housing on university endowment lands, correspondence, financial statements, nominations, technological changes, charges against Local 5 (Caledonia College), negotiations, proposed wage rates, and health effects of VDTs and CRTs. File contains the following newsletters:

On Campus February 1981 includes information on an increased per capita tax, bylaw amendments, conflict between Locals and provincial organization, a reprinted article on health and video display terminals, an appeal for participation from the job evaluation committee, the wage gap in Canada, an unofficial job description, letters and responses, the effects of federal budgets cuts to higher education, reprinted articles on working mothers, exploitation of women workers, and domestic abuse of women and referrals to shelters, meeting minutes from December 17, 1980, and January 22, 1981, Capilano College Labour Studies Program courses, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for February 19, 1981.

On Campus March 1981 includes reprinted articles on International Women's Day and women and unions, information on working conditions, video display terminals (VDTs), a reprinted article on pensions, background on the provincial committees for education, the newsletter, Discovery Parks, and superannuation, letters from members, employee bus passes, reprinted articles on education funding cuts and the UBC Faculty Club, meeting minutes from February 19, 1981, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for March 19, 1981.

On Campus April 1981 includes information on constitutional amendments, notices, reprinted articles on equal pay, BCGEU bargaining, a letter from the Employers' Council of British Columbia on the topic of equal pay for work of equal value, a table of clerical and labourer settlements in Lower Fraser Valley towns, reprinted articles on unions in the public sector, women's wages in Canada compared to other countries, women's activities in unions, and pregnant women and VDT use, meeting minutes from March 19, 1981, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for April 28, 1981.

On Campus May 1981 includes information on negotiation, pay grades, and wages, letters from members, objectives and methods of job evaluation, notice of motions, grievances, a report from the benefits committee, speakers and films available for meetings, opposition to parking fee increases, reprinted articles on health and safety and use of VDTs, stress levels among women office workers, sweatshops, salary negotiation, and labour trends, meeting minutes from April 28, 1981, a list of correspondence, reprinted articles on a HEU strike at the Windermere Central Park Lodge, women bank workers, automation, a secretary's bill of rights, a short profile on E. Cora Hind, and occupational health and safety, a copy of Bourinot's Rules of Order, and an agenda for May 21, 1981.

On Campus June 1981 includes a communications committee editorial, a report from the union office and the grievance committee, an appeal for participation in the safety sub-committee, a reprinted article on VDT use, information on job evaluation, letters from members and responses, bylaw changes, a notice about a strategy committee meeting, meeting minutes from May 21, 1981, reprinted articles on technology in the workplace, legal secretaries, job hazards, VDTs, and policies supporting working women, a Local 1 annual report, reprinted articles on office automation, employee protection from sexual harrassment, VDTs, reproductive health problems of workers in Silicon Valley, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for June 18, 1981.

On Campus July 1981 includes information on maternity and parental leave, a report on the 1981 AUCE convention discussing discipline, charges against Local 5 (Caledonia College), Local 1 and the per capita tax, constitutional amendments, affiliation and merger, resolutions of support and opposition for several social and political issues, nominations, job evaluations, the safety sub-committee, reprinted articles on stressful occupations and tampon regulations, letters from members and responses, correspondence on the UBC retirement policy, a WCB hazard notice, financial information including an auditors' report, balance sheet, and statements of revenue and expenditure as at December 31, 1980, reprinted articles on burn out and inflation, an article on contracts and technological change, and an agenda for July 16, 1981.

On Campus August 1981 includes information on grievances, reprinted articles on IUDs and a clerical workers' contract, an update from the contract committee, motions from the grievance committee and on technological changes, reprinted articles on strike pay for the International Woodworkers of America, union organization by black workers in South Africa, strike action in Johannesburg and police responses, and equal pay for work of equal value, a warning against Liquid Paper correction fluid, air quality in the union office, lists of executive and committee members, a reprinted article on unemployment insurance benefits for retiring workers, notices, family planning and abortion services in Surrey and Delta, UBC mail services handling mail during a CUPW strike, reprinted articles on student employees in hospitals, women's literacy, the possibility of male pregnancy, women's pensions, and opposition to mandatory retirement, an obituary, issues with the tuition waiver, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for August 20, 1981.

On Campus September 1981 includes meeting minutes from August 20, 1981, a reprinted article on burn out, a contract committee report, wages and job security negotiation issues, a grievance committee report on the pension plan, tuition waivers, and the difference between orientation and probationary periods, notice of motions, a reprinted article on the economic value of a housewife, information on newsletter publication and term deposits, wage proposals, letters from members, a notice about an AMS cabin in Whistler, correspondence with UBC management on topics such as involuntary transfers, a hiring freeze, adn insurance coverage, a table of pension and health plan contributions, opposition to rejecting a wage increase for computer operators, a car dealership offer to union members, a reprinted article on wage controls, a satirical play on the rejection of the computer operators pay upgrade, a list of stewards, a list of correspondence, motions on grievances, data from a housing study by the Douglas House Building Society for non-academic staff at UBC, a reprinted article on secretaries not having to serve coffee, and an agenda for September 17, 1981.

On Campus October 1981 includes information on processing grievances, representation, and forms and powers of arbitration, a reprinted article on workplace health hazards for women, a report from the parking fee committee, motions, a grievance report, Labour Studies course fee assistance, Capilano College Labour Studies courses, an appeal to support a union in Poland, letters to members, a report from the contract committee, meeting minutes from September 17, 1981, a list of stewards, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for October 22, 1981.

On Campus November 1981 includes information on affiliation, reprinted article on VDTs and a CUPE contract ratification at the Vancouver Public Library, committee reports on contracts and grievances, a provincial report and reports from Locals, health and safety committee news, meeting minutes from October 7, 1981, a notice on workplace hazards, a health and safety fact sheet, BC Teachers Credit Union services, dues deductions, a ""Working Women Resource Guide"" on organizing university office staff, a reprinted article on equal pay for work of equal value, information on how a to run a meeting, meeting minutes from October 22, 1981, a list of correspondence, and an agenda for November 26, 1981.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains notices of general special membership meetings dated March 8, 1984 to December 13, 1984. Topics discussed include technological change, committee reports, by-law amendments, contract proposals, solidarity in Poland, and nominations. File also contains AUCE Local 1 newsletter "AUCE Expression" dated January 1984 to October 1984.

AUCE Expression, January 1984 includes a union leadership directory, discussion regarding Operation Solidarity and provincial legislation, appeals regarding disciplinary action against strikebreakers, proposed by-law amendments, results of a referendum, grievance report, trustees report on the secession referendum, financial statement from June 1983 to November 1983, audited financial statement, and an agenda for January 19, 1984.

AUCE Expression [February 1984] includes a letter protesting against the closing of David Thompson University Centre (Nelson, B.C.), a letter protesting defunding of the Vancouver Status of Women, a telegram protesting the arrest of trade unionists at Jesuit Centre San Salvador, a reprinted Canadian Industrial Relations and Personnel Developments article regarding childcare, a discussion of disciplinary action against strikebreakers, a notice of an SFU symposium series, Operation Solidarity report, grievance report, a reprinted Canadian Labour Congress article regarding wage control, minutes of the October 31, 1983 and November 10, 1983 special membership meetings, minutes of the January 19, 1984 membership meeting, proposed by-law amendments, and notices of motion.

AUCE Expression, May 1984 includes a reprinted Vancouver Courier article on layoffs at UBC, information on AUCE discounts, information from the Telecommunications Workers Union regarding deregulation of the telecommunications industry, minutes of membership meetings dated May 19, 1983 to April 26, 1984, information on health emergency management at UBC, Local 1 news brief, a notice of motion regarding discipline, and an agenda for May 24, 1984.

AUCE Expression, June 1984 (Health and Safety Issue) includes directories of shop stewards and the Communications Committee, a letter of thanks, information on health emergency management at UBC, a reprinted article on sweatshops, a reprinted CUPE article on unsafe office buildings, a reprinted article on staying healthy at work, a reprinted The Province article on electronic offices, a reprinted Homemakers Magazine article on office indoor air quality, a reprinted Globe & Mail article about workplace automation and worker's rights, a reprinted Worklife article on video display terminals, a reprinted section from "A Hard Man to Beat" (Bill White, Pulp Press), a reprinted article from the Canadian Mental Health Association on the effects of unemployment, an reprinted article from the Women's Occupational Health Resource Center on indoor air pollution, a report from Local 1's Safety Officer, a report on B.C. Labour Code amendments' bias towards management, "Program for the Protection of Human and Workers' Rights" from the Federation of Labour Executive Board, Merger Committee report, Contract Committee report, minutes from the May 24, 1984 membership meeting, notice of motion, and an agenda for June 21, 1984.

AUCE Expression, September 1984 (Technological Change Issue) includes letters of thanks, correspondence regarding Operation Solidarity payments, letter protesting non-union construction firms hired by UBC, articles and reports submitted by Operation Solidarity, an article on Nellie McClung, a reprinted article from CUPE's The Facts regarding no-layoff protection clauses, reprinted articles regarding VDT health and safety risks (from VDT Newsletter Vancouver Sun, The Province, BC Medical Journal, Health Protection for Operators of VDTs/CRTs, The Facts), reprinted article from "Race Against Time: An Overview of Office Automation" (Working Women) regarding workplace automation, reprinted article from Science Digest regarding typing strain, a summary of a VDT report by Dr. Hari Sharma, a statement and appeal for correspondence from the Technological Change Committee, grievance report, minutes of the June 21, 1984 membership meeting, reprint of Current Disputes, and a Local 1 news brief. Issue also contains a supplement entitled "The Electronic Sweatshop" excerpted from Perspectives on Women in the 1800's (University of Manitoba Press, 1983).

AUCE Expression, 1984 includes a reprinted pages from the Solidarity Coalition Bulletin, an open letter from Local 1's president regarding contractual victories, correspondence to the AUCE Province newsletter regarding wage increases, solicitation of endorsement from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers , reprinted CUPE: The Facts articles regarding Canadian poverty and incremental wage systems, a reprinted Industrial Relations Bulletin article regarding wage settlement data, a bulletin from the BC Federation of Labour regarding Workers' Compensation Board regulations, information regarding the Famous Players lockout, reprinted information from Current Disputes, Merger Committee report, Contract Committee report, minutes from the September 27, 1984 membership meeting, and an agenda for October 25, 1984.

Annual Provincial Convention Minutes

File contains meeting minutes from the annual convention dated June 12-13, 1976 to June 27, 1976. Topics discussed include executive reports, Local reports, strikes, bargaining, arbitration, affiliation, referenda, communications, committees, interactions with other unions (SORWUC), resolutions and amendments, staffing and wages, job descriptions, and revenue and finances. File also contains a list of amendments passed and the rules of order governing the convention.

[AUCE Local 1 Union Contracts and Collective Agreements]

File contains six booklets of union contracts and collective agreements between Association of University & College Employees Local 1 and University of British Columbia, dated April 1, 1974 to March 31, 1982. Topics discussed include definitions of employees, probation, security, stewards, discrimination, union meetings, management's rights, committees, consultation, court duty, picket lines, technological or automation-related changes, job training, protective clothing, employee files, working conditions, statutory holidays, vacations, hours of work, overtime, benefits such as daycare, pension, and medical and dental plan, job description, evaluation, and reclassification, seniority, discharge, promotion, transfer, layoff, recall, grievances and arbitration, wages, contracts, shift work, sick leave, maternity leave, monthly and hourly rates of pay, and letters of agreement.

[Universities and Colleges Conference Correspondence]

File contains Association of University and College Employees correspondence, dated October 17, 1977 to June 24, 1977. Topics discussed include planning the conference for support staff in colleges and universities (sponsored by the Public Sector Employees Council and co-ordinated by Melody Rudd of the AUCE), with details on expenses, delegates, and attending institutions, collaboration with other unions (BCGEU, CUPE, VMREU), and the conference program and order of proceedings. File also contains reports from AUCE Local 4 (Capilano College), BCGEU Local 2 (Okanagan College) including their collective agreement for 1977-78, BCGEU Local 57 and 64 (Northwest Community College) including a memorandum of understanding dated March 30, 1977, CUPE Local 951 (UVIC), CUPE Local 1341 (Selkirk College), CUPE Local 2081 (Camosun College), and the Fraser Valley College Faculty and Staff Association

[Universities & Colleges Conference records] (1 of 2)

File contains records relating to the Association of University and College Employees' participation in the Universities and Colleges Conference, dated October 15, 1977, September 1977, 1973, and October 1977. Topics discussed include the AUCE's contributions to the Universities and Colleges Conference, correspondence, reports from Locals and committees, statement from a provincial secretary/treasurer candidate, and a breakdown of finances. File also contains annotated copies of Bill 89 (Labour Code of British Columbia Amendment Act, 1977), Bill 82 (Colleges and Provincial Institutes Act), the Labour Code of British Columbia (1973), and a copy of CUPE's report for the Universities and Colleges conference.

[Organizing new locals]

File contains Association of University and College Employees organizing materials, dated 1973 to 1974. Topics discussed include the benefits of union membership, the history of AUCE, membership and application forms, and outlines of charter meeting minutes. File also contains meeting minutes from the founding convention of the AUCE, dated August 29, 1973, and the charter of Local 5 (Malaspina College), dated November 24, 1974.

Across Campus

File contains the March 1980 issue of Across Campus. Topics discussed include mediation of contract negotiations with UBC, pension plans, Graduate Student Centre membership, Steward Seminar, leaves of absence, reprints of newspaper articles, Christmas leave, union job descriptions, boycott news from the B.C. Federation of Labour, correspondence, and general membership meetings.

[International women's year newsletters and other materials]

File contains newsletters in French and English and other records related to International Women's Year (IWY), dated November 1974 to July 1975.

Vol. 1, no. 4, November 1974, includes information on funding, criteria for IWY projects, submission guidelines, types of funding available, and an overview of relevant government agencies along with their addresses.

Vol. 1, no. 5, December 1974, features a message from Marc Lalonde, the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, discussing the Canadian government's plan for the year including legislation, increasing awareness, and providing funding. This issue also includes information on international committees and conferences for IWY, resolutions by the National Council of Women, a Canadian National Railway study on the status of women within their company, a CBC task force on the status of women, the first Canadian Women's Chess Championship, information on Widows United, the Canadian Congress of Black Women's second annual congress, an advisory council on volunteerism, the appointment of the Chancellor of the University of Calgary, the National Council of Jewish Women's IWY organizing, a BC Federation of Women convention, the BC Police Commission Task Force on Women and the Police, and a list of publications and National Film Board films about women and IWY.

Vol. 2, no. 1, January-February 1975, includes information on international, national, and provincial IWY programs in Norway, France, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, UN and UNESCO conferences, corrections to the vol. 1, no. 4 issue of the newsletter, training grants, opportunities for youth, and news from across the country, such as women elected to the Yukon Territorial Government, surnames in Alberta, the "Women Today in Nova Scotia" conference, and a filmography and reading list.

Vol. 2, no. 2, February-March 1975, includes a message from the IWY Secretariat about responding to mail, and a press release issued by Marc Lalonde, the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women about federal government programs. The issue also contains information on international and provincial IWY programs, publications, and conferences in Japan, Cuba, New Brunswick, Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Ontario, and Québec, congratulations to the first woman principal of a public high school in Toronto, reports and programs from the Canadian Federation of University Women and the National Secretaries Association, a help wanted section, a filmography, and the Voice of Alberta Native Women's Society creating IWY jewellery.

Vol. 2, no. 3, April 1975, includes information on international IWY programs, publications, and conferences in Mexico, Chile, Australia, the Soviet Union, and India. Canadian programs include seminars across the country, some sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), an audio-visual kit produced by the Status of Women Study Group in Nanaimo, a public school course in Hamilton, a Fredericton Women's Centre event, a meeting of northern and Indigenous women in Yellowknife, a Redlight Theatre play about Nellie McClung, the opening of the Toronto Women's Bookstore, Status of Women Councils in Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick, and Québec, a Miles for Millions project entitled ""Canadian Women and the Third World,"" the establishment of the National Advisory Committee on the Female Offender, an IWY committee in Nova Scotia, and a Pioneer Women program in Montreal. Also included is an anniversary announcement, unions negotiating babysitting expenses and Father's Day Pay, total monthly costs for women's labour, Office of Native Employment consultant for Indigenous women seeking government work, seminars, meetings, and lectures in Ontario and Manitoba, "Interchange '75" seminars, film festivals, and recommended reading and music.

Vol. 2, no. 5, June-July 1975, includes excerpts from the Crossroads '75 conference in Québec on topics such as homemakers, women in business, legal and financial protection, rights of Indigenous women, creation of a Family Court system, gender ratio of teachers in schools, teaching materials including women's activism, prohibiting sex discrimination in schools, economic independence, pensions, preventing discrimination in insurance policies, recognizing housewives as workers, communications and representations of women, developing new policies at regulatory bodies such as the CRTC or CBC, preventative medicine including nutrition, internal health including venereal disease, cancer, and pregnancy, family planning including access to contraceptives and abortion, employment discrimination, benefits, and wages for domestic workers, standards for part-time work, organizing, politics, a recommended reading list and filmography, a congratulations section highlighting the accomplishments of Canadian women, a sex discrimination checklist published by CUPE, and list of conferences, courses, and seminars on topics such as women and the church, homemakers, urban planning, the Québec Human Rights Commission, and repealing laws against abortion.

File also contains correspondence from the IWY Secretariat to the AUCE, and from the Women's Office at UBC to the AUCE, informing them about events and programs.

[British Columbia policy research and reports] (2 of 2)

File contains reports distributed by the Pacific Group for Policy Alternatives, dated February and May 1984. Reports include "British Columbia's Budgets and the Need for Restraint" by Gideon Rosenbluth and William Schworm, Series 4-84-4, ISBN 0-88627-031-6, May 1984 ; "The Economic Impact of the British Columbia 'Restraint' Budget" by William Schworm, Series 4-84-5, ISBN 0-88627-027-8, May 1984 ; "Does British Columbia Need Fiscal Restraint?" by Gideon Rosenbluth and William Schworm, Series 1-84-1, ISBN 0-88627-021-9, February 1984 ; "Investment and Education in British Columbia: A Review of the Evidence in Restraint and Recovery" by Robert C. Allen, Paper No. P-84-4 ; Series 1-84 ; "The Ideology of Neo-Conservatism: Lessons for the Left" by Philip Resnick, Series 3-84-2, ISBN 0-88627-026-X, May 1984.

[News clippings and other materials 1992 strike]

File contains multiple copies of fliers dated March 13, 1992 to February 10, 1992, and 3 copies of the Ubyssey "The Strike Issue" dated March 24, 1992. Topics discussed include contract negotiations between UBC and CUPE Locals 116 and 2950, strike actions and picketing, a student sit-in supporting CUPE, wages, a news bulletin from Law Students in Support of CUPE, an open letter to UBC from a group of concerned academics, a letter from the UBC president, and the impact of the strike. File also contains a photocopied diagram of the the strike structure.

UBC Alumni Chronicle: The Unionization of UBC

File contains an issue of the UBC Alumni Chronicle, dated Spring 1975. Topics discussed include the UBC Alumni Association election, unionization of UBC, an article on sports and culture, a profile on Tom Wayman, alumni annual giving and a list of scholarships, campus news including coverage of MLA Day, Senate election results, the Alumni Travel Program, and a message from the president, a spotlight section with alumni news, weddings, births, and deaths, and a letters section with submissions from readers.

[News clippings 1992 strike]

File contains three envelopes of newspaper clippings relating to the 1992 CUPE strike, dated December 9, 1992 to August 13, 1992. Topics discussed include equity, women in the workplace, finances, strikes, crossing picket lines, court injunctions, other unions such as the HEU, student actions supporting or opposing the CUPE strike, and university policy for students during the strike. File also contains several complete issues of newspapers such as the Ubyssey and the first issue of the UBC Student dated March 17, 1992.

[Solidarity coalition newsletters, bulletins, and reports]

File contains newsletters, bulletins, and reports, dated October 1983 to May 1985. Topics discussed include an NDP Caucus Labour Report on legislation, activities of the CUPE Solidarity Committee, a summary of Bill 28 (Labour Code Amendment Act), International Women's Day, unemployment in BC, rallies and protests against government budgets and policies, military expenditures, poverty, socio-economic policy alternatives and a people's commission, the displacement of Tranquille residents, a lockout of the Theatre Employeess Union, human rights, Expo 86, education cuts and cuts to government programs, and logging on Meares Island. File also includes a copy of the Solidarity Times Volume 1, Number 1, from October 15, 1983, copies of the B.C. Report from July 1984 and November 1984, and 15 copies of Solidarity Coalition Bulletins from 1984-1985.

General correspondence outgoing (3 of 3)

File contains outgoing correspondence of Local 1 to various organizations and union members, dated January 4, 1982 to December 20, 1982. Topics include leaves of absence, picket lines, contract negotiations and collective agreements, donations, parking, health and safety, union fees, membership meetings, maternity benefits and leave, job classification, AUCE representatives and representation, micro-electronics, shop steward seminar, material and subscription requests, newsletter, media relations, employee benefits, vacation, labour studies, visual display terminals, employee relations, legal advice, the Public Sector Compensation Restraint Program, grievances, newsletter advertisement costs, staff reporting relationships, Youth Employment Opportunity Program, day care for UBC employees, seniority, sexism at UBC, wage controls and social service cutbacks, May Day demonstration, support of Rape Relief Centres, membership cards, Stabilization Program, employee severance, support of Solidarnosc members interned by the military junta in Poland, and the effect of Canada Pension Plan on women.

[Minutes of CUPE 2950 general membership meeting]

File contains meeting minutes dated November 23, 1989 to January 19, 1989. Topics discussed include nominations, reports from the president, business agent, and trustees, committee reports on communications, contracts, grievances, health and safety, employment equity, and pension review, delegates for the CUPE National Convention, supporting a nurses union strike, bylaws, budgets, and opposition to the President's Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Harassment.

[Ritchie & Associates Records] (2 of 3)

File contains reports, bulletins, clippings, correspondence, and other records dated November 12, 1985 to October 22 and 24, 1985. Topics discussed include librarians' concerns with the Ritchie and Associates (R & A) review, the work-to-rule campaign, correspondence with the faculty association, other unions, and the president of UBC about R & A, legal information on implementing work-to-rule and strikes including copies of labour board rulings, grievances, and a schedule for MLA Day.

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