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Kathryn Shoemaker fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1800
  • Fonds
  • 1942-2018

The fonds consists of records related to Kathryn Shoemaker's illustrative works, and includes final artwork and sketches, as well as draft texts, dummy copies, resource materials, published reviews and correspondence, including the author and publisher, relating to the production of the work.

Shoemaker, Kathryn

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge is a graphic novel written by Irene N. Watts and illustrated by Kathryn Shoemaker. Published in 2016, the work is a sequel to the 2008 graphic novel Good-bye Marianne, and it is an adaptation of Watts' 2000 novel Remember Me. The work tells the story of a young refugee relocated as part of the Kindertransport prior to World War II.

Records in the series include the original art and sketches by Shoemaker (done in pencil) and manuscript by Watts, as well as correspondence between the writer, illustrator, and publisher, and various drafts, corrections, proofs, and research material. Research materials include items used by Shoemaker for illustrations, as well as materials originally belonging to the author, Irene N. Watts, and used to produce Remember Me and Seeking Refuge. These include transit and travel guides, maps, and informally and formally published writing about wartime experiences, particularly focused on the experiences of children.

Together, the files of the series covers the production of Seeking Refuge, from early text to final art, and illustrates much of the creative process by and between Watts and Shoemaker, including transitioning from print to graphic novel, developing graphics, and fitting illustration and text.

slippages – Study Score

File consists of a bound version of the graphic score, produced by Maestro Jonathan Girard after the performance of slippages as a method of documentation. Notes included on the pages are his.

slippages – Original Graphic Score

File consists of 27 pages, made up of a front cover, 25 score pages, and back cover. The graphic score is on 18” x 24” bespoke St-Armand cotton paper, in acrylic ink with sea salt. Carruthers commissioned St-Armand, a paper-making company in Montréal, to make the paper special for the project and include random holes.

As for the art itself, Carruthers worked with a palette of yellows, blues, and greys similar to the hues she observed during her fieldwork in the Columbia Icefield. She painted the scores on the specially commissioned and perforated paper. Her idea was that, when stacked, they would mimic the layers of a glacier. Accordingly, the original graphic score is meant to be presented stacked, with page one on top. Staying true to glaciers, each sheet represents a history, with the most recent history first.

In their collaborative interpretation of the score, Carruthers and Maestro Girard mapped out the relationship between the layered pages of the artwork and how they reflect the revealed histories of glaciers as they melt due to climate change. In practical terms, this means that parts of the score two pages down will be revealed through the holes in previous pages, so parts of the score begin to be played several pages before they are fully realized.

Gateways – Movement 3

File includes planning notes, sketches, and drafts of Movement 3 of Gateways, entitled "games," along with a photocopy of each page and Chang's explanation and timeline of changes.

Zosha Di Castri

Series consists of scores, sketches, notes, edited drafts, correspondence, inspirational materials, and photographs related to Zosha Di Castri’s composition Sprung Testament: Duo for Violin and Prepared Piano. The work is a collaborative piece between composer/pianist Di Castri and violinist Jenny Koh. Koh was planning a series of concerts for National Sawdust, an innovative arts institution located in Brooklyn, New York, and reached out to various composers/performers to participate. Koh set the theme of the concert, asking each composer to engage with the idea of rebirth and evolution. In response, Di Castri wrote Sprung Testament which encapsulates the concepts of spring and rebirth. In their conversations, the two musicians questioned the journey one goes through in life to transcend personal struggles. Di Castri used sticky mounting putty to modify the piano, thereby creating unique sounds and highlighting Koh’s theme of transformation. Print photographs of the prepared piano can be found in the "Images" file of the fonds. Koh and Di Castri premiered Sprung Testament at National Sawdust on March 15th, 2018.

Di Castri, Zosha

[Di Castri Photos]

Photographs depict: Di Castri's unique piano preparation for Sprung Testament; Di Castri handing her scores over to Kevin Madill, the Head Librarian of UBC's Music, Art, and Architecture Library, for the purpose of this collection; and a screenshot of Jennifer Koh's show description.

Gary Pearson

File consists of notes, promotional and gallery materials, and other published articles related to Gary Pearson's life and art work used by Ainslie in the writing of her book.

Julie Oakes

File consists of notes, interview transcripts, promotional and gallery materials, and other published articles related to Julie Oakes' life and art work used by Ainslie in the writing of her book.

Awards and Honours

Series includes certificates, programs and letters of congratulations, and plaques for various awards (including the Order of Canada and Simon Fraser University Alumni award) and honours bestowed upon Miki.


This series contains records created by Kurt Hutterli in the course of his work as author and artist between 1959 and 2018. The series "Works" contains files related to Hutterli's Literary Works, Radio Works, Theater Works and Plays, Art, Unpublished Works, Diaries, Political Works and Actionism, Articles in Newspapers and Journals and Presentations or Speeches. These classifications were made by Hutterli himself. The records are arranged and described by Hutterli - a file usually contains documents related to a single project. Each file has got an identifier (M1 to M131) assigned by Hutterli, that correspond to the description in his finding aid.


This series contains correspondence between Hutterli and friends, fans and accomplices. The correspondence is usually not connected to a specific project or of private nature. It contains fan-letters and general correspondence about Hutterli's work.

[Reviews of How to See Fairies and Other Tales]

File consists of print-outs of online reviews of van Sandwyk's 2018 book How to See Fairies and Other Tales. One review is from The British Fantasy Society, the other is from a blog called greydogtales. File also includes a Christmas card produced by the Folio Society featuring an illustration from How to See Fairies and Other Tales.

Charles van Sandwyk fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1713
  • Fonds
  • 1984 - 2018

Fonds consists of material that reflects Charles van Sandwyk's development as an artist, illustrator and publisher of fine books in Vancouver. Materials include original artwork (watercolours, etchings), exhibition posters, book and book signing announcements, press proofs, broadsides, invitations, edition of the High Branch Society mail-outs (which include letters, cards, decorative envelopes, poems, and small copies of art), fabric banners, and medallions. Most of the items are signed by Charles. Some of these materials were brought together by Charles and the Joyce Williams Gallery; the arrangement of that material as it arrived has been maintained. Other materials were purchased from the creator and maintain the original order at the time of their acquisition.

Van Sandwyk, Charles

slippages – Conductor’s Score

File consists of the score co-created by Maestro Jonathan Girard and Deborah Carruthers to be used in the performance of slippages by the UBC Symphony Orchestra as well as the transparent overlay they used to map out responsibilities within the orchestra.

For their performance of slippages, Carruthers and Girard approached the task of interpreting graphic scores by mapping the seating arrangement onto the images themselves, creating a sort of geography of the orchestra. By creating a transparent overlay of the orchestral seating chart, they could go page by page and figure out which instruments would take responsibility for which parts of the images. Once areas of the image were assigned to orchestral sections, the musicians looked at the depth and saturation of the colours and translated them into musical intensity, texture, and so on. Next, Carruthers and Girard mapped out the relationship between the layered pages of the score, interpreting how glaciers reveal themselves and their histories as they melt due to climate change. In this composer's score, those parts are assigned based on the seating chart.

Gently to Nagasaki

Series contains records supporting the production of Joy Kogawa's nonfiction book "Gently to Nagasaki." Records include draft manuscripts, annotated drafts, notes, correspondence with editors, and extensive source materials. Source materials include magazines, newspaper clippings, and printouts of articles and books. Source materials relate to nuclear energy, nuclear bombs, the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese war atrocities, Japanese and Allied personal military accounts of World War two, issues of race, and genocide. Series is arranged by files according to original order.

Joy Kogawa fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1311
  • Fonds
  • 1931 - 2017

Fonds consists of material related to Kogawa's writing projects, her participation in literary, cultural, and human rights conferences and events, her involvement in community organizations, and her personal life. Fonds also includes some material accumulated by Kogawa's parents, the Rev. Gordon Goichi and Lois Kogawa. The fonds is arranged generally into series regarding Kogawa's written works; correspondence; documents related to conferences, speeches, organizations, and interviews; teaching materials; personal and legal records; family documents, other people's works; sound recordings; videocassette recordings; publications; subject files; and photographs.

Kogawa, Joy

Rolf Knight fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1306
  • Fonds
  • 1961-2017

The fonds consists of manuscripts, research files and printed material relating to Knight's activities as a student and university professor in the field of anthropology. Included are manuscript copies of A Very Ordinary Life, Indians at Work, Along the No. 20 Line and transcripts of interviews with Bob Chestnut, Harvey Murphy, and John Smith. Fonds also includes a typescript copy of Knight's and a manuscript copy of an autobiography of Homer Stevens.

Knight, Rolf

Provincial politics

Series contains files related to Waddell's role as a British Columbia MLA from 1996-2001. These records include both provincial and constituent topics, as well as conferences, events, and projects that Waddell contributed to, and subject files that reflect his multiple ministerial positions in environment, intergovernmental affairs, small business, tourism, and culture. Records include correspondence, reports, press clippings, research and agendas.

As Minister of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture, Waddell was heavily involved in the bid process for the 2010 Olympics. Olympic records focus mostly on the bid process, from applying for the Canadian bid to winning the 2010 Olympic bid. Some post-bidding materials are also included, such as Waddell's personal ephemera from attending the 2010 Winter Olympics. Committee strategies and planning documents, correspondence, research and reports, meetings and agendas are among the records, as well as press releases and press clippings about the Olympic bid.

As a Member of BC Legislature, Waddell chaired the inquiry into treaty negotiations and the Nisga'a Agreement-in-Principle. These records are located in the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs series.

Waddell's international interests during this time, including following the development of the International Criminal Court, can be found in the International work series.

[Spontaneity Went Out With Spartacus]

File contains an essay written by Ian McDonald on the Lenkurt strike and his father's role within the strike; the full title is "Spontaneity Went Out With Spartacus: IBEW Local 213, Les McDonald, and the Lenkurt Strike of 1966." Ian McDonald considers the essay to be a continuation of his work on his 1986 Master's thesis, which discussed the IBEW before the Lenkurt strike.

Literary and Cultural Events and Conferences Participation Records.

Series consists of correspondence, programmes, papers, and press clippings relating to Miki’s organization of and participation in literary and cultural conferences, panels, talks, and other events, locally, nationally and internationally. Cultural events concern racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian experience.

[Athabasca Oversize Prints]

Prints depict photographs taken by Carruthers during her research trip to Athabasca Glacier in Alberta on May 23rd, 2017 and subsequently used as inspiration for her composition, slippages.

Summer 2017 - High Branch Society mail-out

Item is a letter to High Branch Society members encouraging them to renew their membership. Letter is accompanied by a decorative envelope, a self-addressed envelope (to the creator's company), and a membership renewal slip.

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