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December 7 & 8/96

Contains records relating to the Provincial Council meeting, December 7th and 8th, 1996. Includes meeting agendas and minutes, financial statements, handwritten notes, sign-in sheets, committee reports, and other related materials. Also includes a VHS video cassette of Glen Clark delivering a speech to Provincial council.

Label on the VHS tape reads: "Glen Clark speech to P. Council Dec 7/96. Also Q.A. session. Approx 1.5 hours"

Provincial council March/96

Contains provincial council meeting minutes and agenda, handwritten notes, resolutions, financial statement, attendance sheets, and other related materials, including 2 audio cassette tapes of Glen Clark addressing the Provincial Council:

Tape 1 label reads: "Glen Clark @ Provincial Council Sept 21/96 VCR"
Tape 2 label reads: "Glen Clark Nov 2/96 VANC. Tape 2"

Table officers March 1996

File includes meeting agendas and minutes, handwritten notes, financial statements, resolutions, reports, and other related materials, including a copy of the final "Report of the Renewal Commission for Party Reform," dated February 1, 1996. The report contains recommendations "to restore the confidence of the public and the party members in the B.C. NDP and its' goals and aims" following public controversy surrounding the investigations into the activities of the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society.

Provincial council Dec 6 + 7

File includes meeting agendas and minutes, handwritten notes, financial statements, resolutions, reports, and other related materials.

Also included is a large pack of photocopied news clippings and media transcripts related to the various recall campaigns against NDP members, and the David Stockell case.

Table officers June 10/97

Contains meeting notes and agendas; handwritten notes; financial statements; 1997 federal election results; a copy of a court document from the Friesen v Hammell case ("Further Particulars of Misrepresentation and Non-Disclosure Referred to in Paragraph 47 of the Petition Herein that Constitute the Fraudulent Means Referred to as Violations of 256(2) of the Elections Act in Paragraphs 49 and 50 of the Petition"); a copy of 1996 general election results from the electoral district of Surrey-White Rock; a memo from Ron Stipp, Director of Organization to the Table officers, dated June 9, 1997 ("Re: post-election and looking ahead"); and other related documents.

Prov exeutive Sept 18 Vancouver

Contains meeting minutes and agendas, handwritten notes, future meeting schedules, motions submitted by NDP constituency associations, budget and financial documents, media clippings (topics covered include: NDP candidate Leonard Krog running in an upcoming 1998 Parksville-Qualicum byelection; coverage of a 1998 anti-NDP rally; and coverage of political commentary concerning a treaty with the Nsga'a First Nations), and a legal document with the ruling of Commissioner Murray L. Smith on the investigation into the activities of the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society (known as the Smith Commission), accompanied by a copy of a press release dated August 5, 1998, that announced the adjournment of the Smith Commission Inquiry until the criminal proceedings against Dave Stupich and his associates are concluded.

Prov executive October 17 Kelowna

Contains meeting minutes and agenda, copies of court documents, correspondence and memoranda, financial statements, membership tracking spreadsheets, media clippings related to the Paul Ramsey recall campaign, and other related materials.

Court documents and legal correspondence include:
*Two factums prepared by legal representative John Finlay for NDP appelants in the Friesen v. Hammell case

*Legal correspondence related to the Paul Ramsey recall campaign and the Harkonen v. Patterson case

*A writ of summons and a statement of defence from the defendants in a defamation case brought forward by Bruce Ralston (President, BC NDP) and Brian Gardiner (Provincial Secretary, BC NDP) against Southam Publishing and several writers for the Vancouver Sun (September and October, 1998)

Table officers April 15th

Includes meeting minutes and agenda, strategy documents electoral constituencies, clippings about recall campaigns, financial statements, a draft copy of a "Submission to the Electoral Boundaries Comission Submitted by Bruce Ralston, President On Behalf of the New Democratic Party of British Columbia", and other related materials.

Prov council Dec 5 + 6 Vancouver

Includes minutes and agenda, handwritten notes, correspondence and memoranda, media clippings (including some about the recall campagain against Paul Ramsey), notices of motion, updates and reports from the Provincial Secretary and various committees, budgetary and financial documents, convention booking arrangements, fact sheets and other public communications, and other related materials.

Financial reports

Contains copies of proposed budgets and other financial documents. These records are duplicated elsewhere throughout the series, but this file has been kept as a useful means of bringing various financial documents together. Includes as well a copy of "BC NDP Legal Expenditures 1996-1999", (reproduced in file 445-14) that outlines the amount of funds the Party has spent on various court cases since 1996, including the Stockell court case (Friesen v. Hammell), the Paul Ramsey libel case, other recall-related cases, and the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society (NCHS) investigations.

Table officers June 14, 2000

Contains meeting agenda and minutes. Also includes a "Statement of outstanding external accounts payable as of June 13, 2000" financial document that indicates some of the costs associated with the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society (NCHS) and the David Stockell case, Friesen v. Hammell

Party material from 1996

Contains several folders with NDP material from 1996, with a cover letter from David Bieber to Ian Aikenhead (one of the legal counsel for the respondents). Materials in the folders include radio and TV advertisements, general messaging, constituency material, press releases and media questionnaires, and fact sheets.

Media clippings

Contains copies of news clippings collected by David Bieber (Communications officer for the BC NDP) for review and use by Ian Aikenhead, one of the legal counsel for the respondents.

Court document drafts

Contains two draft "Notes for submissions on behalf of the respondents Hon. Sue Hammell and Hon. Graeme Bowbrick" and related documents, speaking notes for the cross-examination of Leonard Friesen, and a transcript of a television interview with David Stockell, April 11, 2000.

Court documents - Electoral Officers

Contains two bound books of submitted court documents: "Chambers Brief of the Chief Electoral Officer", submitted February 3, 1997, and "Memorandum of Argument of the Respondents, the Chief & District Electoral Officers of British Columbia", submitted September 22, 1997.

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