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Incoming correspondence

Sub-series consists of the incoming correspondence of Sir Joseph William Trutch. Correspondence is mainly from family members, including Charlotte H. Trutch, Caroline Agnes Trutch, William Pinder, and Emily White.

Incoming correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence of a personal and a business nature, and includes letters received by Belcher from Buxendale, Tatham, Upton & Johnson, A.W. King, and M. Wilson.

Incoming Correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence received by Doyle, including letters of a business nature, letters related to his involvement with various fisheries associations and organizations, and correspondence pertaining to his concerns regarding hydroelectric dams. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Incoming correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence received by Belcher while in the South Pacific on a voyage of the HMS Sulpher, 1837-1840, and letters received from his brother, Alexander Brymer, in 1844 and 1845, during Belcher’s command of the HMS Samarang.

Incorporation Records and Directors' Reports

Sub-series consists of early records ofthe British Columbia Packers' Association, including a proposal to create the Association written by Henry Doyle in February, 1922, as well as the Association's Certificate of Incorporation, and Directors' reports for 1904 to 1907.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Indo-Chinese refugees.

Sub-series documents various projects having to do with Indo-Chinese refugees. Project files contain correspondence, requests for assistance, reports, statements regarding finances, and photographs.

Inferior Court of Civil Justice

In response to a growing number of petty claims in Victoria in the newly established colony of Vancouver‟s Island, Governor James Douglas established the Inferior Court of Civil Justice (later changed to the Supreme Court of Civil Justice in 1860) in 1857.
This series is composed of one-hundred and sixty-eight case files comprised of three hundred and eighty-three documents pertaining to small claims suits in Victoria between 1858 and 1866.

Internal Communications

Sub-series consists of communication records that do not appear to have been shared with the public outside the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) at the time of their creation; the sub-series reflects the internal activities of the NAJC. Records include an extensive amount of correspondence (which includes interoffice correspondence, correspondence between NAJC members and members of the Canadian government, correspondence between different chapters of the NAJC, and correspondence between the NAJC and various other individuals) on topics such as the redress campaign, the success of achieving settlement, financial operations, implementing compensations after settlement, information and updates on various meetings, conferences and events, the passing of motions, contract proposals, collaboration with and support of other groups (such as the Indigenous peoples of North America), the Nikkei Voice, funds, and other topics. Records also include cards, reports, newsletters, faxes, memos, printed emails, and letter files.

International work

Subseries consists of documents related to Reid, Collins and Associates work in Pakistan, China, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Investments & Trusts

Subseries consists of records related to Manson's personal investments, investments made on behalf of others, and trusts managed by Manson. These trusts include the Alexander Malcolm Manson Trust (often abbreviated as AMMT), the Beckwith Trust, the Stella Manson Trust, and the M. M. Trust. The earliest records in this subseries were created while Manson was attending law school and continue until shortly after Manson's death.

Records in this subseries include stock certificates, annual reports, shareholder reports, licenses, leases, land and road surveys, statistics, meeting minutes, statements of return, balance sheets and ledgers, and correspondence with trustors and with companies. Mining companies are particularly well-represented among Manson's records, most notably Germansen Mines Limited. Other investments represented include oil companies and laundries.

Jack Anawak

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Jack Anawak's "Who is Equal? The Passage of Nunavut's First Human Rights Act" publication in Lazara Press' Discussion Series. The subseries contains drafts of the publication, as well as the final copy. Other records include correspondence related to the chapbook.

Jacqueline Marcus

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Jacqueline Marcus' poetry chapbook titled <i>No Excuses</i>. The records include drafts of the chapbook, as well as the published edition, and copies of correspondence between Marcus and Lazara Press.

Jane Rule

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Jane Rule's "Detained at Customs" publication in Lazara Press' Discussion Series. This essay discusses the Little Sisters Bookstore vs Canadian Customs court cause in 1986. The subseries contains a copy of the published edition of the chapbook. Other records included in the subseries include newspaper and magazine clippings about Rule and/or her publication, correspondence, court transcripts, and Rule's obituary/celebration of life. The CD-ROM is a brief video clip depicting Margaret Atwood speaking about Rule after Rule's death in 2007.

Japanese Canadian Centennial Project (JCCP) redress committee

Sub-series consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, notes and a notebook, drafts, news clippings, transcripts and audio recordings of symposia proceedings, a grant application, and other records related to Miki’s participation in the Japanese Canadian Centennial Project, a project which aimed to document and celebrate the history of Japanese presence in Canada. The sub-series also contains a book on Japanese Canadian history prepared and published by the JCCP.

Japanese Canadian Citizen’s Association

Series consists of a transcript of an interview with Mrs. Kabayakawa, a prominent member of the Japanese Canadian Citizen Association (JCCA), a copy of the program from her funeral and speech given by Miki in her honour as well as photographs of Mrs. Kabayakawa as a young woman. The series also contains a copy of the “Redress for Japanese Canadians Information Package” created by the Vancouver Chapter of the JCCA which includes membership information, donation forms, volunteer applications, a chronological fact sheet of “pre-war discrimination, wartime interment, and redress for Japanese Canadians” from 1877-1980, an update on Redress written in 1984, newsletters of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) and photocopies of articles related to Redress. The series also consists of recordings of NAJC meetings. For other relevant records from previous accruals see earlier finding aids.

Japanese Canadian Citizen’s Association (Greater Vancouver JCCA)

Sub-series consists of agendas and minutes of meetings, correspondence and memoranda, reports, notes, news clippings, transcripts of forum proceedings, published guides, financial reports, proposals, and other records related to Miki’s involvement with the Greater Vancouver JCCA. 7 photographic contact sheets illustrate the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in Kaslo, British Columbia. The sub-series also contains audio recordings of community meetings and forum proceedings, Greater Vancouver JCCA Redress Committee meetings and elections and general JCCA meetings, and broadcast interviews relating the activities of the JCCA. Miki sat on the Greater Vancouver JCCA Board of Directors and served as Chair of the Greater Vancouver JCCA Redress Committee between 1984 and 1988. The sub-series documents Miki’s activities in both these capacities in particular, and the activities and campaigns of the organization in general. Board of Directors records and Redress Committee records are arranged chronologically followed by alphabetically arranged subject files.

Jaqueline Oker

Subseries contains textual records related to Jacqueline Oker's broadside poem titled <i>Remember</i>. The records include drafts of the poem, as well as the published broadside. Other records include Oker's biographical information, correspondence, and copies of other unpublished poems written by Oker.

Jo Corrello

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Jo Corrillo's broadside poem <i>And When You Leave Take Your Pictures with You</i>. Records include drafts and the final published edition of the broadside, as well as correspondence, invoices, and receipts.

Joe Harris collection

Biographical sketch:
Joseph Gleason Harris (b. 1910 July 6, d.1994 December 26) arrived in Penticton in 1917. At age 16 he was invited by Frank Richter, Jr., to the Richter Ranch in Keremeos, from which point he visited the Cathedral Mountains for the first time. Later, in 1939, Harris and Herb Clark of Keremeos launched a pack horse business which would take tourists to visit the Cathedrals. In 1944 he entered the ranching industry and in 1946 took over what was previously Ralph Overton’s ranch. This site was later home to Apex Mountain Guest Ranch. 1946 also saw the launch of a heavy equipment business.

Joe Harris and Margaret “Peggy” Burgess married 1945 April 4 and they made their home in Penticton. Together they raised seven children.

Joe Harris also was heavily involved in civic service. Harris served as the chairman of the Central Welfare Committee for fifteen years throughout the 1930s and 1940s. From 1950-1957, Harris also served as an Alderman on the Penticton City Council. Harris was a member of the Penticton Hospital Board for sixteen years and initiated a local volunteer search and rescue group. Harris participated in many local rescues himself.

Harris was also instrumental in local heritage initiatives and worked as the curator of the R.N. Atkinson (Penticton) Museum from 1973-1984. His deep knowledge of the history of the area poised him to deliver educational lectures to various organizations and to serve as president of the Penticton branch of the Okanagan Historical Society for five years.

Harris was an avid photographer, and won many awards. His photographic record documents local places and events throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

Harris was a close associate and valuable historical source for Doug Cox during his writing career.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of original photographs taken by Joe Harris as well as some pieces collected by Joe Harris and then subsequently transferred to the custody of Doug Cox. Predominant photographic coverage relates to the Cathedral Mountains, south of Keremeos, BC, during the 1930s. Includes a sequence of interviews with Joe Harris, and some associated transcripts.


Sub-series consists of originals and copies of journals detailing Belcher’s travels during the period 1821-1827, including his travels in Britain in 1821 and as part of the crew of the HMS Blossom during the Beechey expedition, 1825-1827.

Justice in our time: the Japanese canadian redress settlement

Sub-series consists of correspondence, research notes, photographs, and publicity materials related to a pamphlet, Justice in our time: the Japanese Canadian redress settlement, published in 1988, and to a book of the same title published in 1991. Mild co-edited the pamphlet and the book with Cassandra Kobayashi. The series contains drafts of the pamphlet and records relating to its Japanese translation, as well as successive drafts of sections of the monograph and the entire manuscript. The photographs contained in this series are reproductions of images of Japanese Canadians from throughout the twentieth century, many of which appear in the book Justice in our lime.

Keiko Miki

Sub-series consists of records that predominately relate to Keiko Miki’s activities as the Chairperson of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) Human Rights Committee and some records that reflect her role as the President of the NAJC. Records reflect the focus of her leadership as centering on human rights issues, ant-racism and other human race relations for Japanese Canadians and for other ethnic groups. This includes correspondence, Human Rights legislation in Canada, journal publications and articles by various writers, conference summaries and reports, Annual General Meeting (AGM) reports, Human Rights Committee reports, evaluations, questionnaires, and newspaper clippings.

Keith Hoff collection

Subseries contains genealogical records of Keith Hoff, a photo of Hoff, and transcriptions of oral histories made by him and his relatives. The subseries also includes a passenger list of the S.S. St. Patrick of the Montreal Ocean Steam-Ship Company on September 23, 1874.

Kobayashi, Cassandra

Sub-series consists of records made or received by Cassandra Kobayashi which she transferred to Miki for research purposes. The sub-series contains agendas and minutes of meetings, correspondence and memoranda, notes, reports, research material, financial documents, and other records that Kobayashi produced in her capacity as secretary of the Greater Vancouver JCCA Redress Committee, as assistant to Miki during his term as National redress coordinator, and related to her work on the Strategy Committee of the NAJC.

Kootenay School of Arts

Records in this subseries relate to Kujundzic's time spent in the Okanagan, including teaching materials from his time as an educator at the Kootenay School of Arts, photographs, correspondence, and records relating to his development of the Arts Centre in Nelson, B.C.

Laurie Nerman

Subseries contains a copy of Laurie Nerman's broadside <i>When Activism Stops</i> and correspondence.

Law Firm

Subseries consists of records related to Manson's law firm and legal practise. This subseries includes records created both while Manson was based in Prince Rupert as well as after he had relocated to Vancouver. The records in this subseries predominantly pertain to the operation of the firm, such as purchasing furniture, rather than to specific legal cases.

These records include legal documents created by the firm, legal cases and court proceedings, financial records (including profits, budgets, and taxes), and correspondence.

Law Societies & Bar Associations

Subseries consists of records related to Manson's participation in law societies and bar associations in Canada and British Columbia. These records date from after he became a judge.

These records include meeting minutes, memoranda, memorabilia, and correspondence.

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