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R.O.S.S. Committee

Subseries consists of various studies, surveys, and news clipping associated with the Skagit Valley in general and the ROSS Dam project as well as several printed testimony logs and accompanying exhibits related to the R.O.S.S. Committee.

3¢ Pulp Book notes

The item is a set of notes and sketches relating ideas about the layout and content of a potential book about 3¢ Pulp, anticipated for release in the fall of 1921.

3¢ Pulp records

The file consists of textual records drafted and used in the preparation for publication of 3¢ Pulp, a serial of poetry and prose published by Pulp Press. Included are issues of 3¢ Pulp (1974 and 1975), and notes and sketches relating to the publication of 3¢ Pulp dated 1981.

George Walker correspondence

Subseries consists of correspondence mailed to George Walker since his coming to North America, except for two letters written to George by his wife, Hanne, during her transatlantic crossing several days before his. The subseries includes a large collection of letters from George’s older brother William (“Billy”) Orr Walker in Northern Ireland.

Theses: MA and PhD

Sub-series consists of copies of Miki’s MA thesis, submitted to the English
Department at Simon Fraser University in 1969, and his PhD thesis, submitted to the English Department at the University of British Columbia in 1980.

Lillian Estabrooks collection

Biographical sketch:
Lillian Estabrooks (née Gibson), occasionally known as Bill Gibson, (b. 1902 August 1 in Almada, SK, d. 2003 August 17 in Penticton, BC) grew up in Keremeos. She and husband Richard (Dick) Estabrooks had three children. In 1981 under the pen name Bill Gibson she collaborated with Doug Cox to publish Under The K: Memories of Growing Up in Keremeos. Lillian Estabrooks was also a regular contributor to the Okanagan Historical Society annual reports.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of materials with provenance or pertinence to Lillian Estabrooks. Subseries is predominantly composed of photographs taken, collected, or otherwise attributed to Lillian Estabrooks, primarily during the years 1913-1920. Subseries also includes collected manuscripts, family trees, and notes, and one interview by Doug Cox with “Billy Estabrooks.”

Educational Colour Slides

These visuals consist of phototransparencies used in consumer education and home economics classes. They mostly depict appliances of the 1960s and 1970s, explain their functions and how to use them. The phototransparencies and the two program kits which are included in this series are a sampling of the materials made by B.C. Hydro to educate homemakers and home economics students. They are Bea Millar's own set and are all that are known to exist from the slide library. Approximately 60 of the images are of Bea, staff and Home Service Centre at B.C. Hydro.


Images depict Beatrice Millar engaged in various product demonstrations, preparing for one or more television appearances, group photos of B.C. Hydro staff. The subseries also includes photographs used for the publications Millar worked on while at B.C. Hydro.

BC1932/249-50: Bea Millar with CHAN-TV announcer Bill Phillips and producer, Brian Warkman producing home freezer commerical for 7 o'clock news. May 10, 1961, b&w, 21x26cm.
BC1932/251: Bea Millar demonstrating Christmas ornamentation, b&w, 21x26cm.
BC1932/252: Bea Millar on Channel CKPG2 program, b&w, 21x26cm
BC1932/253: Bea Millar on television wrapping foil around object, b&w, 21x26cm
BC1932/254: Beatrice Millar reading booklet "Keeping the Heat In," b&w, 14x20cm
BC1932/255: Beatrice Millar, Pat Bates, Dan Bowditch and Sandy Ghitan, b&w, 9x13cm
BC1932/256: Beatrice Millar in Cable 11 Cranbrook Office, b&w, 9x13cm
BC1932/257: Beatrice Millar preparing set? b&w, 9x13cm
BC1932/258: Beatrice Millar in group photo, b&w, 13x18cm
BC1932/259: Beatrice Millar standing in front of backdrop of poster, col., 18x13cm
BC1932/260: Beatrice Millar in front of B.C. Hydro Office, Golden B.C. in snow, January 1971, col., 9x13cm
BC1932/261: Beatrice Millar standing alone in a field, col., 9x9cm
BC1932/262: Beatrice Millar in group photo, col., 9x9cm
BC1932/263-267: Beatrice Millar on set preparing for a television appearance, 1979, b&w, 13x18cm
BC1932/268: Kitchen, c. 1950, b&w, 21x26cm. Dominion Photo Co., Vancouver
BC1932/269: Kitchen, c. [197-?], b&w, 21x26cm, Don Berg Studios, Minneapolis
BC1932/270: Kitchen, b&w, 21x26cm. Copy print
BC1932/271-278: Home Economics Open House Meeting and School Program Set Up, b&w, 9x9cm. Negatives available.


Sub-series consists of incoming and outgoing material, some of which was exchanged between Emily Carr and Nan Cheney, some of which was collected by Cheney.

Three-Cent Pulp

Sub-series consists submissions for publication in Three-Cent Pulp (poetry and short prose pieces) and selections for re-publication of the best of Three-Cent Pulp. Includes submissions from Pulp authors: Don Austin, Ted Mann, C.W. Dolson, Norbert Ruebsaat, Roy Stone and Jon Fuberg.

Lumb Stocks collection

Biographical sketch:
Lumb Stocks (b. 1887 in Leicester, England, d. 1947 in Penticton, BC) immigrated to Kelowna in 1910. He traveled back in England in 1915 to marry his wife, Marion. Together they had five children: Peter, Beryl, Jack, Daphne, and David.

In Vernon, Stocks purchased a camera from G.H.E. “Huddy” Hudson. Soon Stocks was offered a job by Hudson and he joined his photography studio. He became a partner and took over operations of the firm in 1916 when Hudson returned to England during WWI, renaming the enterprise “Hudson-Stocks & Co.” After deciding to stay permanently in England, Hudson asked Stocks in 1918 to buy out his partnership. Instead Stocks made a purchase from Hudson and his Penticton partner, Ken Chadwick, for the photography firm there and moved his family to the Penticton area.

Lumb Stocks’ second son, Jack Stocks, took over the business upon his father’s death in 1947, and maintained the Stocks Photography until his own untimely death in 1979.

Scope and content:
Subseries consists of photographic record captured by Lumb Stocks and/or Jack Stocks and/or on behalf of Stocks Camera Shop, Penticton BC. These are commercial, professional photographs and the collection features an insignificant number of portraits or candid shots. The majority of the photographs were created during the lifetime of Lumb Stocks, and a minority by Jack Stocks, his successor.

Subseries documents landscapes, city scenes, events, disasters, buildings, and landmarks associated with Penticton, BC, primarily during the first half of the twentieth century.

Suite of postcards features a small subset of hand-tinted examples.

Photographs and illustration

Sub-series consists of photographs and an illustration pertaining to the Canadian Tugboat Company, Limited. Photographs related to crew members, launching ceremonies and christenings, tug and barge operations, tug damage, the tug powerplant, and vessel construction.

Correspondence related to fitness profession

Subseries consists of correspondence pertaining to Hanne’s career as a fitness professional in both Europe and North America. This correspondence includes notes of appreciation from former clients, letters of recommendation, letters related to programming Hanne offered in various countries, and more. There are also several letters from professional associations she was a member of, such as the Association of Physiotherapists and Massage Practitioners and the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.

General government files

The subseries contains materials not coded for filing that accumulated while Lauk was acting as both Minister of Mines & Petroleum Resources and Ministers of Economic Development, as well as materials accumulated during the provincial general election. Records include research materials and submissions and correspondence received.

The Bridge (Brggyan in Swedish)

This series contains copies of the periodical The Bridge, which is in English and printed in Sweden. The issues contain feature articles regarding Swedish immigration to Canada and the United States that Seaholm used in his research.

Government department files

The subseries contains files for 1973-74 and for 1975, organized alphabetically by name of British Columbia's Government Departments. The files contain memoranda, news releases and reports from the departments, in roughly chronological order. The series includes an extensive group of files for the Department of Industrial Development Trade & Commerce/Economic Development, which contains interdepartmental memos chiefly between the Minister, the Deputy Minister, and their Executive Assistants, briefing documents on departmental organization, staffing, policy and activities, drafts of legislation, minutes, and papers of Branch Head meetings, budgets and account printouts, and departmental bulletins, publicity and reports. Cabinet meeting agendas and briefing papers are filed under the heading "Provincial Secretary".

Ad Hoc Meeting on Packaging and Labelling Act.

Sub-series contains records relating to the Council of Forest Industries’ Ad Hoc Committee on Packaging and Labelling Act. Material consists of correspondence and meeting minutes that outline the topics discussed at the meeting concerning the interpretation of the Act.Sub-series contains records relating to the Council of Forest Industries’ Ad Hoc Committee on Packaging and Labelling Act. Material consists of correspondence and meeting minutes that outline the topics discussed at the meeting concerning the interpretation of the Act.

Printed reference material

Subseries contains printed reports on housing, police reform, and Vancouver planning; Legislative publications such as copies of <i>Hansard</i> and <i>Public Acts</i> for 1975; Department of Economic Development publications including a draft version of <i>The North East Report </i> of February 1975, prepared for the Minister by the staff of the Interim Planning Agreement Project, with a transmittal letter from the Deputy Minister and the published summary report released by the Minister in 1975.

C.D.C Press Releases & Project Records & Resolutions

File consists of press releases, letters to editors, resolutions taken at meetings, and open letters from C.D.C. to the Canadian parliament, Canadian cabinet ministers, the Prime Minister of Canada, the United Nations, the Chilean Embassy in Ottawa, and several Chilean government officials in Santiago. File also contains some pamphlets and flyers, and some correspondence.

Subject files

The subseries chiefly consists of ministerial records, but also contains personal and political papers in which files are mainly organized alphabetically by subject and roughly arranged in chronological order. Two sets of "General" alphabetic files were created for 1973-74 and 1975, in which other material was filed by name of correspondent or sometimes geographic location or subject.

The records consists of correspondence and memoranda, telegrams, reports and briefs, agreements, transcripts, orders and bills, speeches, news releases, newsletters and circulars, newsclippings, notes, photographs, receipts, invitations and schedules. A number of files are associated with the British Columbia Railway, including agendas and minutes of the Board of Directors (1972-75) and 'Mini Board' (1973-74), annual and monthly reports, and a set of union contracts. These files appear to have been received from another source and integrated into the filing systems.

Additionally, a group of files under the head 'Political' contains material predating Lauk's appointment as Minister and pertains to issues situated in the riding of Vancouver Centre.

Outgoing correspondence

Subseries consists of copies of letters written by Lauk's Executive Assistants from June 1973 to October 1975.


Sub-series consists of incoming letters and envelopes from Ethel Wilson, Wallace Wilson, and Dorothy McNair to Cheney.

Historical photograph collection

Subseries consists of photographs collected by Doug Cox in service to his historical research and writing. Materials derive from a wide variety of provenancial and subject contexts, which are resolved at the item level.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's estate and date predominantly from after his death.

These records include a death certificate, an early will, and papers related to succession duties and probate.

Correspondence of Leo Nimsick, MLA for Kootenay, 1972-1973

  • Subseries
  • 1972-1975, predominate 1972-1973 (Creation)
  • Part of Gary Lauk fonds

The records in this subseries largely consist of copies of letters sent to Nimsick from his constituents and some routine correspondence sent to various provincial government departments. Minutes from the 1972 Land Use Committee Meeting of Cabinet are also in the series.

Nimsick, Leo

Subject files

Many of the records kept by the Executive Assistants consist of briefs or reports sent to Lauk, which were acknowledged and kept for reference but not acted upon. Other records include economic development reports collected by Eric Green, as well as a collection of volumes relating to the BC Government's Economic Mission to Japan in April 1974. The records include agendas and minutes, newsletters, newsclippings, news releases, speeches, notes, lists, invitations, copies of legislation, transcripts, schedules, photographs, and briefing books.

In addition, there is also a set of records called 'Steel Industry' which includes correspondence with a number of international steel manufacturers, as well as departmental studies, pursuant to engaging in a feasibility study.

IBEW Local 213 papers

The subseries contains materials related to the activities of IBEW Local 213 between 1949 and the mid-1970s, including affidavits, reports, correspondence and newspapers. Documented within the subseries is the internal conflict between the IBEW’s American leadership and trade union activists within Local 213, and attempts to unite IBEW Locals in British Columbia through a provincial council. Also contains numerous issues of IBEW Local 213’s newspaper, the 213 Live Wire, between the mid-1950s and mid-1970s.

Penticton area research collection

Subseries consists of a photographic and oral history record of Penticton civic life from approximately 1910 through the mid 1970s, with predominant coverage during the middle decades of the twentieth century. Materials relate to sports, cultural events, landmarks and buildings, industry, transportation & infrastructure, and agriculture. Many of the photographs can likely be attributed to the Penticton Herald.

Outgoing correspondence

Subseries contains copies of the Minister's outgoing correspondence, arranged chronologically and sequentially numbered.


Subseries consists of records related Manson's work as a politician and MLA in the British Columbia government, predominantly during his time as Speaker and as Attorney-General and Minister of Labour. The records in this subseries highlight many of Manson's political interests and activities, such as railways and game conservation. Particularly well-represented among this subseries are papers related to the Liquor Control Board, the Workmen's Compensation Board, and records related to Old Age and Mothers' Pensions.

These records include papers from legislative sessions, proposed and enacted legislation, regulations and licences, speeches and speech notes, meeting minutes, recommendations for positions (including police commissioners, notaries public, justices of the peace, and King's Counsel), Attorney-General cases, public accounts, expense reports, royal commissions, governmental reports, governmental publications, and correspondence with various governmental departments.


File consists of photographs documenting C.D.C. activities in late-1973 and 1974, including marches and rallies taking place under C.D.C. sponsorship, fundraising events, public meetings, and so on.


Sub-series consists of clippings from newspapers relating to Wilson’s activities.

Charles H. Lansborough correspondence

Subseries consists of letters and photographs sent to Hanne by her friend and fellow Austrian, Charles Lansborough (born Carl H. Landsbergh/Landsberger). Charles fled to London during the Second World War, where he established himself as an art expert/valuer. Charles and Hanne corresponded until his death in 1974. This subseries also includes two letters from Charles’ partner, Mina, who wrote to Hanne telling her of her friend’s death. The photographs in this subseries feature interior shots of a well appointed home. There are also photographs of Charles and Mina.

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