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IBEW Local 213 papers

The subseries contains materials related to the activities of IBEW Local 213 between 1949 and the mid-1970s, including affidavits, reports, correspondence and newspapers. Documented within the subseries is the internal conflict between the IBEW’s American leadership and trade union activists within Local 213, and attempts to unite IBEW Locals in British Columbia through a provincial council. Also contains numerous issues of IBEW Local 213’s newspaper, the 213 Live Wire, between the mid-1950s and mid-1970s.

Working and management plans

Subseries contains records related to the working and management plans of various Tree farm licenses (TFLs) operated by Western Forest Products and its predecessors. This subseries contains mostly textual records. Map portions of the working and management plans are located in the Maps subseries of the TFL series.

Kootenay School of Arts

Records in this subseries relate to Kujundzic's time spent in the Okanagan, including teaching materials from his time as an educator at the Kootenay School of Arts, photographs, correspondence, and records relating to his development of the Arts Centre in Nelson, B.C.

Board of Directors

Sub-series consists of meeting minutes that outline the attendees, reports and recommendations from various committees, dates of other meetings relating to the PMBC, discussion concerning the promotion of western softwood plywood, and budget discussions.


Sub-series consists of slides of Ethel and Wallace Wilson.


Subseries contains maps, reports, and informational packages on various tree farm license projects carried out by Western Forest Products and its predecessors. The subseries is arranged by project.

Legal records.

Sub-series consists of documents pertaining to company legal concerns, including records related to the company’s acquisition of Beatty Laminated, Ltd., and records concerning a patent dispute with Unipak Industries in 1959.

George Bowering bibliography research, writing and publication records.

Sub-series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, photographs,
photocopied documents, reviews, articles, and other records relating to Miki’s
research for and writing and publication of A Record of Writing: An Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography of George Bowering. Includes some photographs of George Bowering, as well as copies of correspondence between Bowering and many prominent Canadian authors.

R.O.S.S. Committee

Subseries consists of various studies, surveys, and news clipping associated with the Skagit Valley in general and the ROSS Dam project as well as several printed testimony logs and accompanying exhibits related to the R.O.S.S. Committee.

Charles H. Lansborough correspondence

Subseries consists of letters and photographs sent to Hanne by her friend and fellow Austrian, Charles Lansborough (born Carl H. Landsbergh/Landsberger). Charles fled to London during the Second World War, where he established himself as an art expert/valuer. Charles and Hanne corresponded until his death in 1974. This subseries also includes two letters from Charles’ partner, Mina, who wrote to Hanne telling her of her friend’s death. The photographs in this subseries feature interior shots of a well appointed home. There are also photographs of Charles and Mina.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Civic Engagement

Subseries contains documentation of the awarding of the Freedom of the City of Kelowna to S.M. Simpson in 1957
Includes declaration, speaking notes, and other documents. Related photographs available in S.M. Simpson Photographic Record subseries.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Publicity Files

Subseries contains newspaper clippings, copies of newspaper clippings, and tear sheets from publications which provide press coverage of the activities of S.M. Simpson Ltd. and which were published during the operational tenure of the business.
Subjects covered include the opening of the plywood plant in 1957, labour union disputes and strikes, mill fires, land sales, news of the acquisition of S.M. Simpson Ltd. By Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd., and various advertisements placed by the company.
Related retrospective press coverage written and published recently, particularly in reference to the Simpson Covenant can be found in the Simpson Covenant series of the Sharron J. Simpson sous fonds.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Plywood Plant

Subseries consists of compiled records, photographs, and memorabilia commemorating and documenting the development, launch, and reception of the S.M. Simpson Ltd. Plywood plant between the years 1957 and 1959.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Biographical Material

Sub-series consists of the postscript to Doyle's "Rise and Decline of the Pacific Salmon Fisheries," which contains an outline of his involvement in the fisheries. Title based on contents of sub-series.


Sub-series consists of clippings from newspapers relating to Wilson’s activities.

Smelter, air pollution, and forest health research

Subseries consists of research and reports done by Hubert on the topic of the effect of air pollution on forest health. Most of the research is around the Alcan aluminum smelter in Alberta. In 1972, the aluminum manufacturing company Alcan (now known as Rio Tinto Alcan) approached Reid Collins to do a study on the effect of emissions from their Kitimat aluminum smelter plant on the surrounding environment and forests. This became a long term project on which Bunce was heavily involved. A number of published articles and maps were produced over the years, some of which can be found in this subseries.

Les McDonald papers

The subseries contains materials collected by and about Les McDonald including notebooks on his union activities and his participation at the Community Party Education Camp in 1964, newspaper articles he wrote, documents related to the appeal of his suspension from IBEW Local 213, personal correspondence and photographs of IBEW Local 213 members engaging in a job action in 1965. In particular, there are a large number of postcards that he sent to his mentor, Bill Stewart, while McDonald was traveling in his bid to get the sport of triathlon into the Olympics.

McDonald, Les, 1933-2017

Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society records

Subseries consists of records related to the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society, its related organizations, and the various commissions and investigations into its activities, 1988-2001.

The Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society (NCHS) was a non-profit organization created by the CCF in 1954 to hold properties, provide event spaces, and support the organizing efforts of what would become the New Democratic Party. One of its primary methods of fundraising was through bingos. The formation of the NCHS was largely assisted by David Daniel Stupich, a former chicken farmer and accountant, who was later elected as the Nanaimo MLA for the NDP in 1963. Stupich remained heavily involved in Nanaimo politics, acting as a provincial NDP MLA from 1963-1969 and 1972-1988, and then as a federal NDP representative for the Nanaimo-Cowichan district from 1988 until 1993.

Under provincial regulations at the time, at least 25% of a bingo’s gross revenues were to be donated to charity. However, in 1988 the RCMP received a tip from Frank Murphy, one of the directors of the NCHS Charities Society (NCHS C/S) concerning the misdirection of funds. The RCMP proceeded to investigate, but the case failed to proceed due to lack of evidence. In May of 1992, allegations about the NCHS’s redirection of charity funds reached the media, including allegations that some of these funds had been redirected for NDP use, and the event quickly became known among the press as “Bingogate”. This prompted the RCMP to re-open an investigation (dubbed "Project Enigma"), and in 1993 search warrants were obtained. The investigation led to charges against the NCHS and several of its related societies in 1994 but, on the recommendations of Special Prosecutor Ace Henderson, not against any individuals involved. As the details of the case came to light, the NDP faced increasing public pressure to account for its actions, and in 1994, the services of Ron Parks, a forensics accountant with Lindquist Avey Macdonald Baskerville, were engaged to further analyze the collected evidence. The Parks Report, as it became known, was submitted in May of 1995, and among many other allegations, it suggested that in 1983-1984, the NCHS had funneled money ear-marked for charities into the NDP-owned Democrat Publications, which the NDP then attempted to pay back in 1993 as the NCHS allegations reached the media. This led to public accusations of a cover-up on the part of the NDP, and following the submission of the Parks Report, Bill M 207, the “Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society Public Inquiry Act” was passed in the legislature in 1995, calling for a public commission to investigate the activities of the NCHS. Headed for the majority of its time by Murray Smith and publicly known as the Smith Commission of Inquiry, the public inquiry began in late 1996, and continued until 2001. In 1999, at the age of 77, David Stupich pleaded guilty to fraud and the illegal operation of a lottery. He died in February of 2006.

Subseries includes court documents (primarily related to the Smith Commission of Inquiry), media clippings and transcripts, correspondence, public communications, reports, drafts, and other related material.

Crown Zellerbach Canada (Southern Interior Wood Products) Photographs

Subseries consists of photographs created or acquired by Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd. This aggregation consists of photographs concerning the former S.M. Simpson Ltd. mills as well as other mills purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada at the same time.
The majority of these images are contact prints of aerial photographs from commercial photography studios, commissioned by Crown Zellerbach Canada:
Hans Giesen of British Columbia Ltd.
Jennings Ltd. Photography
Images depict sites, workers, events, processes, and capital projects at Crown Zellerbach mills, including those holdings in Enderby, Armstrong, Falkland, Monte Lake, Lumby, and Kelowna.

Crown Zellerbach Canada

Financial Management committee.

Sub-series contains records relating to the British Columbia Loggers Association’s Financial Management Committee. Material consists of meeting minutes that discuss the organization’s financial statements, accounts payable vouchers, and balance sheets outline the Association’s surplus, liabilities and assets.

Educational Colour Slides

These visuals consist of phototransparencies used in consumer education and home economics classes. They mostly depict appliances of the 1960s and 1970s, explain their functions and how to use them. The phototransparencies and the two program kits which are included in this series are a sampling of the materials made by B.C. Hydro to educate homemakers and home economics students. They are Bea Millar's own set and are all that are known to exist from the slide library. Approximately 60 of the images are of Bea, staff and Home Service Centre at B.C. Hydro.

S.M. Simpson Ltd. Retrospectives

Subseries consists of various compiled manuscripts and informally published materials either relating directly to the historical narrative of S.M. Simpson Ltd. or to aspects of its operations.
Date range extends beyond the corporate existence of S.M. Simpson Ltd but is included in the series and parent series because of its pertinence to the company.


Sub-series consists of incoming letters and envelopes from Ethel Wilson, Wallace Wilson, and Dorothy McNair to Cheney.

Professional affiliations

Records in this subseries include materials relating to Kujundzic's professional roles with art organizations and societies, including: the Sculptor's Society of British Columbia and the Sculptor's Society of Canada, Federation Internationale de la medaille (FIDEM), the Washington Potters Association (WPA), the Central Washington Artists Association, the Allied Arts Council of Allied Arts Association, the Pioneer Crafts Council, North West Designer’s Craftsmen (NWDC), and Fine Arts Connection.

Also included are records relating to his service on the editorial board of “Earth & You” publication, as a member and coordinator of the IAC, and as president of the Okanagan Contemporary Artists.

Photographs and illustration

Sub-series consists of photographs and an illustration pertaining to the Canadian Tugboat Company, Limited. Photographs related to crew members, launching ceremonies and christenings, tug and barge operations, tug damage, the tug powerplant, and vessel construction.

Apex Mountain collection

Subseries consists of a collection of documents covering the inception and development of Apex Mountain Resort near Penticton, BC. Includes form letters to Apex members, reports, and some financial statements. Also included is a collection of promotional brochures from the 1970s – 1990s

An additional sequence of photographs related to Apex Mountain can also be found in series 1.3-1 (Historical Photograph Collection) at the item range 1.3-1/00766 – 1.3-1/00813.


Images depict Beatrice Millar engaged in various product demonstrations, preparing for one or more television appearances, group photos of B.C. Hydro staff. The subseries also includes photographs used for the publications Millar worked on while at B.C. Hydro.

BC1932/249-50: Bea Millar with CHAN-TV announcer Bill Phillips and producer, Brian Warkman producing home freezer commerical for 7 o'clock news. May 10, 1961, b&w, 21x26cm.
BC1932/251: Bea Millar demonstrating Christmas ornamentation, b&w, 21x26cm.
BC1932/252: Bea Millar on Channel CKPG2 program, b&w, 21x26cm
BC1932/253: Bea Millar on television wrapping foil around object, b&w, 21x26cm
BC1932/254: Beatrice Millar reading booklet "Keeping the Heat In," b&w, 14x20cm
BC1932/255: Beatrice Millar, Pat Bates, Dan Bowditch and Sandy Ghitan, b&w, 9x13cm
BC1932/256: Beatrice Millar in Cable 11 Cranbrook Office, b&w, 9x13cm
BC1932/257: Beatrice Millar preparing set? b&w, 9x13cm
BC1932/258: Beatrice Millar in group photo, b&w, 13x18cm
BC1932/259: Beatrice Millar standing in front of backdrop of poster, col., 18x13cm
BC1932/260: Beatrice Millar in front of B.C. Hydro Office, Golden B.C. in snow, January 1971, col., 9x13cm
BC1932/261: Beatrice Millar standing alone in a field, col., 9x9cm
BC1932/262: Beatrice Millar in group photo, col., 9x9cm
BC1932/263-267: Beatrice Millar on set preparing for a television appearance, 1979, b&w, 13x18cm
BC1932/268: Kitchen, c. 1950, b&w, 21x26cm. Dominion Photo Co., Vancouver
BC1932/269: Kitchen, c. [197-?], b&w, 21x26cm, Don Berg Studios, Minneapolis
BC1932/270: Kitchen, b&w, 21x26cm. Copy print
BC1932/271-278: Home Economics Open House Meeting and School Program Set Up, b&w, 9x9cm. Negatives available.

Minutes, newsletters and reports.

Sub-series documents the administrative activities of TRAS. Files contain minutes of meetings, newsletters, reports on visits to India, and other general material such as clippings, correspondence, and newsletters from other organizations.

Funding agencies.

Series documents TRAS’ fund development activities. Files contain correspondence and other documentation with Canadian and international agencies with whom TRAS requested and/or received financial assistance from.


Sub-series predominantly contains material related to the Alcuin Society
Journal Amphora and newsletter Notes from the Alcuin Society, including proofs, manuscript material and reference information. Woodblocks used in the illustration of the Amphora are also included. Material related to proposed and unpublished articles is also included.

Ephemera and memorabilia

Sub-series contains announcements and invitations to literary and cultural events, plaques that Miki was awarded for his literary and political work, a t-shirt and posters advertising Miki’s 1960's rock and roll band Roy Miki and the Downbeats, two t-shirts and buttons advertising the redress movement, broadsheets with poems by Miki and one from the BC Heritage poetry festival which Miki compiled, posters announcing events that Miki participated in and advertising his publications, and two copies of a certificate from the Government of Canada officially acknowledging the redress settlement. Also contains audio discs Miki felt important to include with his work, as well as DVDs that include Miki in some way.

Pennsylvania State University

Records in this subseries relate to the time when Kujundzic's served as the head of the Arts Department at Pennylvania State University's Fayette Campus from 1968 until 1982. It includes teaching materials, interdepartmental correspondence, applications and notices, and records relating to art projects undertaken at the University.

Financial records.

Series documents TRAS’ financial activities. Files contain disbursement sheets (income and expenses), petty cash records, audited financial statements and reports, donor lists, and sponsorship correspondence.

Candidate biographies

This subseries contains photographs and brief biographical portraits of NDP candidates, used prior to and during election campaigns. In most cases, after nomination, the Provincial Secretary would request photographs and a brief biography for use in the creation of promotional materials and press releases. These would often be updated before each election period. In some cases a standard form was used, which the candidate would fill out; in others, the candidate submitted their own documents. Records include those of many former Party leaders, including David Barrett, Ujjal Dosanjh, Michael Harcourt, Robert Skelly, and Robert Strachan. The subseries appears to have been added to by multiple Provincial Secretaries, and though different naming conventions were followed, a general alphabetic order was maintained.

Files in this subseries include items such as textual records, drafts, clippings, printed materials, photographs and related media.

Art O'Keeffe papers

The subseries contains materials collected by Art O’Keeffe, former business manager of the IBEW Local 213, including correspondence and legal documentation regarding his suspension from the union following the Lenkurt strike in 1966. Also contains newspaper clippings and court case summaries, some of which may have been added later by Ian McDonald.

O’Keeffe, Art, b. 1918

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