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British Columbia Coast Steamship Service
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Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1679
  • Collection
  • ca.1860-2008

The collection consists of documents, archival records, photographs, ephemera and artifacts related to three broad themes: British Columbia history, immigration and settlement and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Included are the archival fonds of the Yip family and Yip Sang Company, the Dart Coon Club and Chinese Freemasons of Victoria, Hugh G. Robinson (regarding the S.S. Greenhill Park Explosion), Rev. MacDonnell (regarding the Clandonald colony of Scottish immigrants in Alberta) and the British Columbia Coast Steamship Service. Includes documents, ephemera and artifacts of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, including records of travelers on CPR rail and steamships.

Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung

Vancouver Island

Three 1924 copies and four 1925 copies of a Canadian Pacific Railway pamphlet titled Vancouver Island, advertising trips to and tours of Vancouver Island aboard Princess ships.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company


Two pamphlets titled Canada's Evergreen Playground, Vancouver, British Columbia, regarding trips to Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia from Washington State via Princess ships.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

T.S.S. Princess Kathleen & T.S.S. Princess Marguerite (I)

Photo-reduced sheets reproducing plans and sections for the Princess Kathleen and its sister ship, the first Princess Marguerite, built and launched in 1924 by John Brown and Company, Shipbuilders and Engineers, Clydebank, Scotland. File includes a copy of plan A, showing the Outward Profile, two copies of plan B, showing the Inboard Profile, Promenade Deck and Upper Deck, and single copies of plan C, showing the Main Deck, Orlop Deck and hold, and plan D, showing the Navigation Bridge, Tops of Houses and the Boat Deck.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Third copies, September 1977

Circular copies of outgoing correspondence and memoranda for a few days of September, initialed and passed along by staff members. File also contains memos regarding schedules of the Princess of Vancouver and Easter Weekend Schedules for ships in 1978.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

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