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 Community and political activity

This series consists of records that were created and received predominantly after the late 1970s that reflect Lee’s involvement with the Social Credit and Conservative parties of Canada as well as her work to organize as part of the Chinese Canadian community in Vancouver.
Records in this series include ephemera collected by Lee from events that she was invited to and attended as a result of her political and community involvement; correspondence between Lee and the politicians that she volunteered for and lobbied; meeting minutes and correspondence from her work with the Vancouver Chinese Canadian Activity Centre and its subsidiary groups, the Chishaun Housing Society and Plum Blossom Childcare Society; and several awards and certificates of recognition that Lee received for her contributions.

Zosha Di Castri

Series consists of scores, sketches, notes, edited drafts, correspondence, inspirational materials, and photographs related to Zosha Di Castri’s composition Sprung Testament: Duo for Violin and Prepared Piano. The work is a collaborative piece between composer/pianist Di Castri and violinist Jenny Koh. Koh was planning a series of concerts for National Sawdust, an innovative arts institution located in Brooklyn, New York, and reached out to various composers/performers to participate. Koh set the theme of the concert, asking each composer to engage with the idea of rebirth and evolution. In response, Di Castri wrote Sprung Testament which encapsulates the concepts of spring and rebirth. In their conversations, the two musicians questioned the journey one goes through in life to transcend personal struggles. Di Castri used sticky mounting putty to modify the piano, thereby creating unique sounds and highlighting Koh’s theme of transformation. Print photographs of the prepared piano can be found in the "Images" file of the fonds. Koh and Di Castri premiered Sprung Testament at National Sawdust on March 15th, 2018.

Di Castri, Zosha

Zimmer Tower: Astronomical Clock and Studio: Supplement to the Illustrated Guide of Lierre (Belgium) / Louis Zimmer; published by the "Gidsenbond," Belgium

Item is a pamphlet, which describes the clock tower that Zimmer constructed as clockmaker to the Royal Court in Belgium. He finished the tower in 1930 and presented it to the city of Lierre on the occasion of Belgium's centennial anniversary of independence. The pamphlet describes the twelve dials built onto the face of the Centenary Clock. It explains what the dials mean, how they function, and how measurements are taken. It includes diagrams of the clock dials as well as charts and other diagrams. It also describes dials found in the Astronomic Studio. These include thirteen dials, dealing with the subdivision of time, as well as other dials representing astronomical phenomena. Zimmer has included a dial that functions according to Cotsworth's 13-month calendar.

Yukon election materials

This series contains materials relating to Tom’s campaign as a candidate for the Labour-Progressive Party in the June 11, 1945 Federal Election. Included in the series are statistical and informational campaign materials, correspondence, and publications such as the Labour Election Campaign Bulletin and copies of The Yukoner and The Dawson News. There are also miscellaneous promotional materials relating to Yukon Carnival Week, including copies of the Carnival Daily Bulletin.

Young Adolescents Meet Literature series

This book was published by PEP in 2000. The book had several contributing authors, each writing a book chapter.
Series consists of documentation of the publication of Young Adolescents Meet Literature and includes drafts, editorial notes, and correspondence.

Yearbooks series

Series consists of yearbooks of the School of Home Economics and the School of Family and Nutritional Sciences. School of Home Economics yearbooks date from 1973 to 1982 (missing 1980), and the School of Family and Nutritional Sciences yearbooks consists of 1989 and 1996/97 annual.

Written works, manuscripts and drafts

Series consists of the written work of the creator, who published and worked in radio using the name Pamela Stephen. Materials include proofs and illustrations from Stephen's book "Winged Canoes at Nootka and Other Stories of the Evergreen Coast," drafts of stories included in the books; drafts of short stories (including revisions and marginalia); re-tellings of Indigenous stories and histories; and some attempts at fiction.

Written material - draft manuscripts

This series contains drafts of books and essays written by Tom McEwen. Included in the series are drafts for a Labour History of Canada, “Prison Bars”, “Vignettes of the Red Army”, “Aviation Day in the U.S.S.R.”, “”Maoism – Now a Shameless Auxiliary to U.S. Imperialism”, “The History of the U.L.F.T.A.”, and “Men of the Forest – The Story of the Lumber Workers Industrial Union of Canada.”

Drafts are both handwritten and typed, single page, on legal and letter-sized paper.

Writings series

Series contains drafts of articles and books, both published and unpublished, by F.L.S. Upton as well as related correspondence. The series includes subject files on Dictionary of Canadian Biography entries, book reviews and published articles written by Upton.

Writings on Bernadet Ratsoy

Series consists of newspaper clippings related to Ratsoy’s presidency of the B.C. Nursing Association an on her appointment to the position of Executive Director of the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses.

Writings by Bernadet Ratsoy

Ratsoy published numerous articles on issues that confronted the nurses' associations with which she was involved. Frequent articles in the RNABC news while she was President of this association had such titles as "Community Nursing" and "Senior Nurse Managers: A Force to be Reckoned with."

Writings and speeches

Series consists of annotated drafts of Rush's writings and public speeches from 1960 to 1996. Subjects covered in these items include Canadian history, British Columbia labour struggles and foreign affairs dealing with Cold War issues. This series also includes an annotated draft of Rush's 1995 political memoir, "We Have a Glowing Dream."

Writings and publications

Series contains material relating to Jack Scott’s published and unpublished writings. Material includes handwritten and typed drafts of Scott’s books, speeches, critiques, reports, and thought pieces, as well as notes, comments, and corrections on drafts, a galley proof, research notes, and supporting documents. Supporting documents include correspondence, newspaper clippings, photocopies of articles and other documents, and ephemera. The series also contains clippings of articles by or about Jack Scott, as well as biographical sketches written by Scott.

Writings and publications

The series consists of Nakayama published and unpublished works, primarily on the subject of his missionary and church work. The series includes full and partial manuscript and typescript drafts, as well as final published versions, of religious tracts and newsletters, biographical or autobiographical books, non-fiction works on the Japanese Canadian / Issei community, and poetry written by Nakayama. In addition to draft and published versions of Nakayama’s writings, the series contains supporting materials such as publishers’ contracts and correspondence and research related to “Issei, Stories of Japanese Canadian Pioneers.” Materials in the series are in Japanese and English.

Writings and personal records

Series consists of records pertaining to the writings and works done by Bill Collings, along with some personal records. Series includes records such as copies of articles and presentations written by Bill Collings. Series also includes a photograph of Bill Collings, as well as a manuscript and self-published book written by Bill Collings’ father, Tom Collings. Abbreviated as WRITINGS in the file list.


Series consists of personal letters written by or for du Maurier. Handwritten letters by du Maurier also occasionally have illustrations drawn on them. Several letters also have annotations written by the previous custodian of the fonds. 45 pieces of loose correspondence were donated as well as a framed collage with eleven pieces of correspondence, and a self-portrait in oil (which can be found in the “Graphic Works” series as the framed collage was de-framed during processing). File also includes one piece of a written explanation regarding an illustration that is not present in this fonds.


Series consists of various publications authored by Esther Paulson on various aspects of nursing and nursing history. Series is divided into two subseries: Publications by Paulson and Other writings by Paulson.

Writing, teaching, and professional development materials

Series consists of materials related to lectures and courses given by Herring, and to various conferences, events, and projects in which he participated. Records related to his work history and resume are also present. Materials include correspondence, employment and immigration records, certificates, applications, handwritten notes, clippings, conference agendas, speeches, reports, class lists, and brochures.

Writing series

Series consists of copies of reports and articles (1929-1945) and teaching aids (1910-1927) prepared by Gray, and copies of material written by others that she collected (1920-1962).

Writing Series

This series includes notes and copies, both original and photocopy, of the various publications of W.C. Gibson. Also included are copies of the published writings.

Writing series

Series consists of manuscripts (both typed and handwritten) and notes for Samuel Laycock's books, articles and speeches. The majority of the materials are undated. The materials are arranged in the following sub-series: Books, Autobiography, Lectures, Speeches, Articles, Radio Broadcasts, Book Reviews, and Notes.

Writing publicity

Series consists of posters, brochures, and invitations for readings, workshops, performances, festivals, and other events. Readings of Potrebenko's work feature in many of them.

Writing and Editing

Series contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, notes, drafts, grant applications, transcriptions of interviews and conference proceedings, research material, news clippings, photographs, audio recordings, and other records related to Miki’s writing and editing activities and his role in organizing conferences for which he subsequently edited or co-edited the proceedings. Sub-series relate to monographs, journals, and conference proceedings that Miki wrote, co-wrote, edited, and co-edited, and other writing, editing, and lecture projects. Multiple and successive drafts of manuscripts document the development of Miki ‘s compositions.

Writing and coursework.

Series contains records relating to the writing of Aspey’s book What’s All This Got to do with the Price of 2x4’s? The material consists of the fifth draft of the book and photocopies of photographs that would become part of the book. The photographs include originals and several negatives. Also included are course notes from the course Forest Economics and Finance at the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Forestry Department and a course paper for another forestry class at UBC.


Series consists of correspondence, documents, and research material arising out of his writing career including material relating to his public readings of poetry and Canada Council funding. Correspondence with George Woodcock relates to one of Wayman's essays.


Series contains materials related to Alan Haig-Brown's marine writing, including drafts of his published books and research sources.

Haig-Brown has written several published books, most focusing on the commercial fishing industry in British Columbia. The drafts in the series include the non-fiction, award-winning "Fishing for a Living" (1993) and the children's book, "The Suzie A" (1991). The research sources relate to various figures in the BC fishing industry, and to specific boats. Several schematic drawings of boats are also included within individual files.

Haig-Brown, Alan


Series consists unpublished writing, including music composition. Also consists of criticism and editorial work. 35 books, with full or partial authorship, editorship, or other association attributed to Peter Carl have been separated from the fonds and catalogued as items. See: Books and Pamphlets.

WRCNS Reunions

Series contains correspondence, photographs, and printed material relating to
reunions held across Canada.

World War One

Series consists of letters, telegrams and memorandums pertaining to Canada’s involvement in World War One, and the way the Canadian government operated at this time. This includes correspondence primarily between Robert L. Borden and other politicians, Canadian and British.

World University Service of Canada (UBC) series

Series consists of records from the WUSC, an organization that attempts to arouse the interest of Canadian students and faculty in the problems and aspirations of colleagues in other countries. This material demonstrates the various fund-raising techniques to promote international awareness and exchange. It also includes material on UBC's refugee student sponsorship scheme.

World reunions

Series consists of journals, CDs and DVDs, and invitations about the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th World Reunions of the Johanneans. Series is arranged into ten files.

World Health Organization (W.H.O)

Series consists of records relating to Campbell Jackson's work as a nurse and Nurse Team Leader for the World Health Organization in Tehran, Iran. Records include appointment and payment records; congratulatory correspondence from the Provincial Government of British Columbia; photographs of Campbell Jackson during this period; correspondence to her family, 1954 to 1956, detailing her work and other daily activities and experiences in Tehran; correspondence from a friend also working in Iran; and other documents received in Iran.

Workshops and Events

Series consists of records related to various events hosted by, organized, or participated in by the RDPPG. The group hosted several meetings, workshops, and events throughout the calendar year. Materials document the planning, scheduling, communication, topics, and speakers at these events. The series also includes records from the Chapter’s participation in Nurses Week, including promotional material, correspondence, display planning and photographs. As well as event programs from the 1997 RNABC Awards. Substantial material is associated with the 30th Anniversary of the Chapter, celebrated on May 13, 1997, including invitations, planning, memberships lists, event programs, photographs, and other historical documentation relating to the Chapter. Two scrapbooks containing significant textual and photographic material document various events, programs, workshops, and activities from the Chapter’s existence. Record types include correspondence, communications, photographs, invitations, programs, pamphlets, notes, financial documents, scrapbooks, a tote bag, autograph album, and other material.

Workshops and Conferences series

The series consists of transcripts generated by the AACR Workshop held at UBC in April 1967. Tape recordings of the workshop proceedings were made, and the transcripts were used for a publication entitled New Rules for an Old Game (1967). Series also consists of records related to the ABCL 1968 Conference and the Centennial Citizen's Conference on Libraries in 1971.

Works series

Series consists of documentation of Smedley’s sculptures and other artistic creations and includes written and typed notes and manuscripts, drawings and sketches, photographs, and various digital media. The series is primarily organized into sub-series: Notes and Research Materials, Rowingbridge, Descartes’ Clown, Magneto, Dissections, Piero della Francesca, Cloud of Numbers, Other Works, and Oversized Materials.

The sub-series are based primarily on Smedley’s works, except where the materials refer to more than one work or are more general. Within each subseries, the materials are arranged in chronological order.

Works in Translation series

Series consists of plays, prose, and poetry translated by Bullock from their original French, German, or Italian. The works may be complete or incomplete and in draft, revised, or final form.

Works by Others series

Series consists of published and unpublished works by other authors acquired by Rose in his career and includes printed materials, clippings, offprints, and manuscripts.


This series contains records created by Kurt Hutterli in the course of his work as author and artist between 1959 and 2018. The series "Works" contains files related to Hutterli's Literary Works, Radio Works, Theater Works and Plays, Art, Unpublished Works, Diaries, Political Works and Actionism, Articles in Newspapers and Journals and Presentations or Speeches. These classifications were made by Hutterli himself. The records are arranged and described by Hutterli - a file usually contains documents related to a single project. Each file has got an identifier (M1 to M131) assigned by Hutterli, that correspond to the description in his finding aid.

Working Papers, Reports and Charts series

This series contains working papers, reports, charts, and lessons learned that were created on different subjects related to the creation of ALGOL 68. The series is arranged by report type or subject and organized chronologically.

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