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Chiyoko Szlavnics

Series consists of original drawings, scores, handwritten notes and revisions, book/booklets and other materials relating to Szlavnics’ Gradients of Detail. Gradients of Detail was composed by Szlavnics in 2005 especially for Montreal-based string quartet Quatuor Bozzini. Szlavnics compositional process is closely affiliated with her line drawings which became the graphical representation of the score. This visual score was essential to represent the slow sustains and glissandi found throughout this work. The scores are meant to be read from left to right as time (in seconds) and from up to down as the high to low frequency range of pitch, though she cautions against reading this visual representation as exact pitches. These visual artworks must also serve to be art in and of themselves, as that would guarantee that the musical score translated out of it will be strong, according to Szlavnics. She says the forms in Gradients of Detail line drawings are related to the seed pods of the milkweed plant which she drew in Canada in the fall of 2004 just after her father passed away.

Szlavnics, Chiyoko

Lori Freedman

Series consists of musical scores, notes, sketches, concert programs, DVDs, and audio CDs pertaining to three distinct pieces composed by Lori Freedman: Reimsix, To The Bridge, and Concerto Now and Then. Each piece is unique and pertains to a specific era during Freedman’s long musical career. Reimsix was composed by Freedman in 2011 for the flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano. To The Bridge was composed in 2014 for bass clarinet (clarinet in B-flat) and voice. This piece is composed of five miniatures connected by four bridges, hence the naming of the song. The bridge is where the miniatures arrive or depart from a place. Freedman explains her perspective as, “playing music is equally about composition as it is about interpretation and the spontaneous combination of the two — improvisation.” With this piece, Freedman wants to focus on the interconnection between the composer, the performer and the audience. Concerto Now and Then was composed in 2020 for any five musicians. It has previously been performed with a violin, clarinet, cello, alto saxophone, and double bass.

Freedman, Lori

Ana Sokolović

Series consists of musical scores, handwritten notes and sketches, and a manuscript of the printed first version of Il divertimento barocco (“Baroque Fun” in Italian) 1999 with hand-written edits and other unique manuscript material related to the work’s revision in 2019/2020. The piece was commissioned by the Orchestre baroque de Montréal with funding from Canada Council for the Arts and completed by Sokolovic in 1999, when it was performed at the Salle Pierre-Mercure in Montréal on November 4th. It was originally written for violin, harpsichord, and string ensemble, but has also been performed by baroque flute, violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord at the Galerie Montcalm in Gatineau, QC in 2012.

Sokolović, Ana

Advocacy and Bargaining

The series contains records pertaining to the AUCE’s efforts to advocate for their members and bargain as a collective unit. Record types include agendas, minutes, and dockets of the Annual Conventions and Special Conventions held by AUCE, agenda and minutes of the meetings of the General Membership, contracts documenting the collective agreements between the workers and employers, and records of conferences, strikes, working conditions, news releases, as well as training records on stewardship, bargaining, striking and picketing.
While many of the records relate directly to equal pay, increased benefits, and cost-of-living increases, the advocacy and bargaining efforts of the union also changed in response to the changing provincial government and University of British Columbia administrative measures.
With the 1983 election and the introduction of the Social Credit Government, the union worked with other labor organizations throughout the province, forming the province-wide Solidarity Coalition to resist the conservative measures being proposed through legislation. The records also reflect the related efforts to defeat Bill 19, introduced by Bill Vander Zalm in 1987, which directly affected labour unions and their right to strike.
The union also directly opposed choices made by the UBC administration including a decision to bring in Ritchie & Associates, a management consulting firm to assess efficiency in the workplace, as well as budget cut-backs. This resulted in the formation of the UBC. Campus Community Alliance. These and other specific efforts are documented in the series.

Photograph Albums

Series contains photograph albums of various railways, elevators, and bridges associated with Swan's career as an engineer. Series also holds two other photographs outside of albums containing Swan and his associates and military Battalion.


Series consists of manuscripts and sections of manuscripts from poems, novels, plays, essays, and other written works by Hood.

Files consisting of many short texts, or untitled texts, have simply been named "Manuscripts." In all other cases, existing file names have been respected or, where available, have been attributed by the archivist according to the manuscript contained in the file.

Dorothy Chang

Series consists of final scores, edited scores, notes, and a musical program related to Dorothy Chang’s composition Gateways: Double Concerto for Erhu and Piano. Gateways was commissioned by Nicole Ge Li and Corey Hamm of the Piano-Erhu Project (PEP). Players of the erhu and piano, respectively, they began PEP as a means of exploring the tonal, musical, and cultural blends between two iconic Eastern and Western instruments. For her addition to PEP’s mission, Chang reflected on how she might address the issue of ‘east meets west,’ especially given the solo instruments’ highly distinct and disparate sonic characteristics, performance practices, and musical traditions. Gradually, the piece evolved as a patchwork of musical fragments, moments, and memories gathered from her own multicultural experiences as a first-generation Chinese American, a Western expatriate living in Taiwan, and now an immigrant to Canada. Woven into the three movements are references to a 90’s Chinese pop song, a children’s rhyme, opulent Romanticism, American minimalism, and other influences both subtle and not. The title refers to a Tang Dynasty poem that depicts a gateway as both an opportunity and a barrier, reflecting a deep yearning for a faraway time, place, or memory. The work premiered April 14, 2018 at the VSO Annex Theatre; Ge Li and Hamm served as soloists; William Rowson conducted members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Chang, Dorothy

Typed quotation book from Tao Te Ching

Series consists of a small notebook containing typed copies of poems from Tao Te Ching by Lau Tzu, translated by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English, printed by Wildwood House, London. Also included in the notebook is Land of the Reed Plains: Ancient Japanese Lyrics from the Manyoshu, translated by Kenneth Yasunda.


File consists of newspaper and magazine clippings collected by Hood, some of which relate to his publications.

Graphic materials

Series consists primarily of family photographs. Other photograph subjects include scenes of Vancouver, particularly Stanley Park, as well as images and objects of historical interest. A small amount of textual material,a drawing, and a print are also included.Files names and order have been respected where they existed.

Musical materials

Series consists of both published sacred, secular, and popular music as well as hand-copied, transcribed music, collected by the members of the Icelandic community in Vancouver. Records include manuscript sheet music, part books, solo sheet music, and etude books; as well as vinyl recordings of various Icelandic music. Documents are arranged into files according to genre of music and language.

The music was collected from V. Baldwinson, the Icelandic Lutheran Church choir, H. Johnson, G. Thorleifson, Anna Camb, Gwen Dowding, E. Sigmar, R. Einarson, J. Goodmundson, R. Rasmussen, O. Stefanson, T. Thorsteinsson, O. Howardson, T. Friđliefosn, R. Ásgeirsson, j. Reykdal, A. Sveinsson, S. Sigurdson, and B. Gudmundson.

Deborah Carruthers

Series consists of original graphic scores, conductor's score, working templates, notes, art prints, and photographs related to the work ‘slippages’ by Montréal based composer and interdisciplinary artist Deborah Carruthers. In 2017, Carruthers served as the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia (UBC). Deborah teamed up with science researchers at the institution as well as the UBC School of Music to find a way to creatively combine sound, science, and visual art for the purpose of increasing public awareness of the climate crisis. Carruthers conducted field work for the project in the Columbia Icefield along the border of British Columbia and Alberta. Inspired by the threatened glacial landscape, Carruthers returned to her Montréal studio and completed a series of paintings, 27 of which were selected and arranged to produce a graphic score. Graphic scores use visual symbols to represent music rather than traditional music notation. Because of their emphasis on the visual, graphic scores are frequently considered works of art in and of themselves. Moving from sight to sound is accomplished through the creation of a geography of the orchestra on a sheet of transparent plastic which is then used to map over Carruthers’ art works and determine which instruments take responsibility for which parts of the images. ‘Slippages’ premiered Friday, October 5th, 2018, at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts with the UBC Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the symphony’s Director, Dr. Jonathan Girard. Project documentation includes a notebook holding hand-written texts revealing assimilation of glacial theory, inspirational preliminary sketches, and unique inserts; an audio/video recording of the premier; and a copy of a video component to be shown above the orchestra as it performs the work.

Carruthers, Deborah

Okanagan Artists in their Studios – book research

Series consists of materials related to Ainslie’s book, Okanagan Artists in their Studios, which was published in 2013. The book focuses on thirteen artists who live and work in the Okanagan, highlighting their art as well as their thoughts about their lives, beliefs, and work. Ainslie was welcomed into the artists’ homes and studios, allowing her to get a better picture of the specific environments that inspire them. The materials in the series are those she used to write the book, including notes, interview transcripts, correspondence, promotional materials, audio and video cassettes, photographs, and copies of other published materials on the chosen artists.


Series contains notebooks, Greenboathouse Reading Series promotional material, autographs, sales, articles, finances, photographs, catalogues, correspondence, rejected manuscripts, reviews and mentions.

Education and Communication

Records in this series document the FMCBC's efforts to educate and communicate with members, as well as the public at large. Many records relate to the FMCBC's operation of the Canada West Mountain School (CWMS), as well as educational materials about conservation, and wilderness activities. Past issues of the FMCBC's newsletter to members, 'Cloudburst', form a large part of the series. Correspondence, brochures, newsletters and reports are major record types throughout the series, though maps, ephemera, and photographs are also present.

Barbara Monk Feldman

Series consists of scores, edits, correspondence, and a publication related to two compositions by Barbara Monk Feldman: The Northern Shore for Percussion, Piano and Chamber Orchestra; and, The Pale Blue Northern Sky. The Northern Shore for Percussion, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra is a 2018 revision of Monk Feldman’s 1997 work, The Northern Shore. Whereas the earlier version was written for violin, piano, and percussion, the revision is scored for chamber orchestra. Monk Feldman wrote the piece as an abstracted impression of the colors, textures, and atmospheres evoked by a specific place and time in nature, in particular the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec where the St. Lawrence River widens into the ocean. Here, the opposite shore appears across the water to Monk Feldman as a sort of mirage that is either enhanced or diminished by the intensity of light on the water during the day. It is this memory of light that Monk Feldman found inspiring, utilizing the way that differing registrations of the violin are sustained in relation to the percussion and piano as an intimation of light and horizon. The Pale Blue Northern Sky was similarly inspired by the same Gaspé location and thus acts a ‘sister piece’ to The Northern Shore. It was written in 2007 for two guitars and a mandolin.

Monk Feldman, Barbara

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge is a graphic novel written by Irene N. Watts and illustrated by Kathryn Shoemaker. Published in 2016, the work is a sequel to the 2008 graphic novel Good-bye Marianne, and it is an adaptation of Watts' 2000 novel Remember Me. The work tells the story of a young refugee relocated as part of the Kindertransport prior to World War II.

Records in the series include the original art and sketches by Shoemaker (done in pencil) and manuscript by Watts, as well as correspondence between the writer, illustrator, and publisher, and various drafts, corrections, proofs, and research material. Research materials include items used by Shoemaker for illustrations, as well as materials originally belonging to the author, Irene N. Watts, and used to produce Remember Me and Seeking Refuge. These include transit and travel guides, maps, and informally and formally published writing about wartime experiences, particularly focused on the experiences of children.

Together, the files of the series covers the production of Seeking Refuge, from early text to final art, and illustrates much of the creative process by and between Watts and Shoemaker, including transitioning from print to graphic novel, developing graphics, and fitting illustration and text.

Zosha Di Castri

Series consists of scores, sketches, notes, edited drafts, correspondence, inspirational materials, and photographs related to Zosha Di Castri’s composition Sprung Testament: Duo for Violin and Prepared Piano. The work is a collaborative piece between composer/pianist Di Castri and violinist Jenny Koh. Koh was planning a series of concerts for National Sawdust, an innovative arts institution located in Brooklyn, New York, and reached out to various composers/performers to participate. Koh set the theme of the concert, asking each composer to engage with the idea of rebirth and evolution. In response, Di Castri wrote Sprung Testament which encapsulates the concepts of spring and rebirth. In their conversations, the two musicians questioned the journey one goes through in life to transcend personal struggles. Di Castri used sticky mounting putty to modify the piano, thereby creating unique sounds and highlighting Koh’s theme of transformation. Print photographs of the prepared piano can be found in the "Images" file of the fonds. Koh and Di Castri premiered Sprung Testament at National Sawdust on March 15th, 2018.

Di Castri, Zosha


This series contains records created by Kurt Hutterli in the course of his work as author and artist between 1959 and 2018. The series "Works" contains files related to Hutterli's Literary Works, Radio Works, Theater Works and Plays, Art, Unpublished Works, Diaries, Political Works and Actionism, Articles in Newspapers and Journals and Presentations or Speeches. These classifications were made by Hutterli himself. The records are arranged and described by Hutterli - a file usually contains documents related to a single project. Each file has got an identifier (M1 to M131) assigned by Hutterli, that correspond to the description in his finding aid.


This series contains correspondence between Hutterli and friends, fans and accomplices. The correspondence is usually not connected to a specific project or of private nature. It contains fan-letters and general correspondence about Hutterli's work.

Awards and Honours

Series includes certificates, programs and letters of congratulations, and plaques for various awards (including the Order of Canada and Simon Fraser University Alumni award) and honours bestowed upon Miki.

Literary and Cultural Events and Conferences Participation Records.

Series consists of correspondence, programmes, papers, and press clippings relating to Miki’s organization of and participation in literary and cultural conferences, panels, talks, and other events, locally, nationally and internationally. Cultural events concern racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian experience.

Events & Activities

Series contains textual and graphic material related to various society events, namely the Antiquarian Book Roadshow (ABRS) and the Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada (Book Design). Material related to similar events put on by organizations/ groups other than the Alcuin Society is also included. File list is organized first generally by event and then chronologically.

Gently to Nagasaki

Series contains records supporting the production of Joy Kogawa's nonfiction book "Gently to Nagasaki." Records include draft manuscripts, annotated drafts, notes, correspondence with editors, and extensive source materials. Source materials include magazines, newspaper clippings, and printouts of articles and books. Source materials relate to nuclear energy, nuclear bombs, the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese war atrocities, Japanese and Allied personal military accounts of World War two, issues of race, and genocide. Series is arranged by files according to original order.

Provincial politics

Series contains files related to Waddell's role as a British Columbia MLA from 1996-2001. These records include both provincial and constituent topics, as well as conferences, events, and projects that Waddell contributed to, and subject files that reflect his multiple ministerial positions in environment, intergovernmental affairs, small business, tourism, and culture. Records include correspondence, reports, press clippings, research and agendas.

As Minister of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture, Waddell was heavily involved in the bid process for the 2010 Olympics. Olympic records focus mostly on the bid process, from applying for the Canadian bid to winning the 2010 Olympic bid. Some post-bidding materials are also included, such as Waddell's personal ephemera from attending the 2010 Winter Olympics. Committee strategies and planning documents, correspondence, research and reports, meetings and agendas are among the records, as well as press releases and press clippings about the Olympic bid.

As a Member of BC Legislature, Waddell chaired the inquiry into treaty negotiations and the Nisga'a Agreement-in-Principle. These records are located in the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs series.

Waddell's international interests during this time, including following the development of the International Criminal Court, can be found in the International work series.

Clayoquot Sound campaign and protests

Clayoquot Sound is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island and contains a number of old growth temperate rainforests. Starting in the late 1970s, local opposition and a growing environmental movement began to oppose clearcut logging in the Sound. The Provincial Government introduced the Clayoquot Sound Land Use Decision in 1993 with the intention to preserve one-third of the Sound’s old growth forests from logging. Continued clearcutting of the remaining unprotected old growth forests led to thousands of protesters to descend upon the Sound to oppose ongoing logging by forestry companies, leading to hundreds of arrests in one of largest acts of civil disobedience in Canadian history. Faced with growing opposition and a Greenpeace-led boycott campaign, forestry companies, notably MacMillan Bloedel, began to work with environmental groups and First Nations to better manage local forests, such as through the jointly run Iisaak Natural Resources. Along with other environmental groups, Greenpeace sought to have the Sound designated as a UN Biosphere Reserve, which UNESCO granted in 2000.

The series primarily includes Greenpeace planning, communications, and strategies to protect forests in the Sound, photographs of clearcut logging and protests, and records produced by external organizations. The Communications subseries includes press releases and reports produced by Greenpeace and external organizations, which includes records by forestry companies, newspapers, and other organizations. Legal documents in the series primarily include copies of BC Supreme Court trials of Greenpeace members arrested during the blockades in Clayoquot Sound and correspondence with legal counsel representing Greenpeace members in court. The Photographs subseries includes all photos not originally housed as part of a file with textual records. File titles are based on the content of items.

Personal Life

Series consists of records related to Manson's personal life.

This series has been arranged into seven subseries: Manson's education, his involvement with the Presbyterian Church, his social life, agendas and planners, notes regarding speeches he gave, his estate, and his family.

Operations and Administration

The series contains records pertaining to Positive Women’s Network (PWN’s) operational and administrative activities. Administrative activities fall into several categories: Board of Directors’ policies and procedures, minutes of meetings, correspondence, and financial administration. Operational activities primarily consist of grant applications and reports to governmental organizations, including the British Columbia Ministry of Health (MOH), Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), the AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP), and strategic planning for the organization as a whole. Records in the series range in date from the early 1990’s to 2017.

Record types represented in the series include the following: grant applications, correspondence with funding agencies, budgets, cash-flow statements, receipts, invoices, committee meeting minutes, volunteer training materials, employment offer letters, staff correspondence about internal issues, correspondence with other organizations, and annual reports.

Personal and administrative records

The series contains records related to the personal life and administrative affairs of Mary Olga Park from ca. 1898 to 1985.

Park undertook research activities into understanding her own spiritual experiences. She studied astrology seriously, and understood spirituality in the context of star patterns. Park believed that astrological wisdom was central to her worldview, seeing that that the movements of the stars aligned with larger movements on earth.

She kept detailed subject files of clippings, articles, and notes on many different religious and spiritual phenomena, writings, and writers. Park also collected spiritualist publications including: include The Talk of the Times, the Spiritual Healer, The Aquarian Messenger, The International Spiritualist Review, Spiritual Frontiers, and Light: A Journal of Psychic Science. During the years spent in her remote cottage in Port Moody, Park undertook extensive Bible studies, keeping textual notes and annotations of the Book of Revelations, Gospels, as well as prophesies, parables, and other parts of the Bible.

Park maintained correspondence with family, friends, and her “learners” and “seekers” in her remote cottage in Port Moody. Also included are personal records Park kept for her own reference such as biographical research, astrological charts, and education certificates, as well as personal notebooks, notes and diaries. Park also made detailed cassette recordings of her talks, songs, communications with the Teacher, Master, and Rector, and sent cassette-letters to her learners explaining aspects of her communion service. Lastly, Park kept family photographs and collected cards and postcards throughout her life.

Record types include Bible study notes and annotations, family history research, education certificates, childhood books, religious and spiritualist publications, newspaper clippings and ephemera, diaries, notes, and personal notebooks, professional and personal correspondence, subject files on spiritualist matters, astrological charts, obituary records, photographs, audio cassettes, cards, and postcard collections.

Park, Mary Olga

Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was established in 1994 through the support of businesses, environmentalists, and community groups. The FSC created a voluntary market-based approach towards global forestry practices that allows for the certification of forest products that were harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. First established in Mexico, the FSC Secretariat relocated from Oaxaca to Bonn, Germany in 1999. As of 2019, over 199,000,000 hectares of forests have been certified by the FSC.

Records in this series focus on the FSC in British Columbia, FSC reports, business plans, resolutions, publications, and the development of regional certification standards for BC. Other records include correspondence between Greenpeace and FSC, press releases, and publications by forestry companies and the FSC. The series contains no subseries and only file level arrangement of records exists. File titles are based on the content of items.

Research and resource collection

Records in this collection are primarily publications produced by Greenpeace International to raise awareness of Canadian and international environmental issues, with a particular focus on deforestation and climate change. Other publications include materials produced by other environmental non-governmental organizations, governments, and First Nations. The series includes magazines with a focus on forestry and the environment. The series also includes materials acquired by Greenpeace Canada that provide information on the management of forests in different biospheres of the World. The series contains no subseries and only file level arrangement of records exists. File titles are based on the content of items.

Manuscripts and published works

Series consists of manuscripts, some in draft form, and copies of some of Knight's published works . Includes a manuscript of Knight's thesis "Why don't you work like other men do: labour patterns and sugar plantations in the Cauca Valley, Columbia" (1968), and manuscripts of "A Very Ordinary Life" (1974), "Along the No. 20 Line" (1980), "Indians at Work" (1978), "Stump Ranch Chronicles" (1977), and "Homer Stevens" (1992), "Facsism, Jewish Chauvinism and the Holocaust Revival" (2007), "Not a Philosophical Atheism" (2012), "Nativism and Americanism" (2013), "Mort Breimberg: The Reminiscences of a Canadian Radical" (2014), "Vancouver Speaking: A City's Novelized Biography" (2017). Series also includes a typescript of Knight's memoirs.

Support and Education

The series contains resources and materials that the Positive Women’s Network (PWN) created and collected to support and educate its members and the larger community. PWN's support and education activities fall into several categories including: the production and distribution of a bi-monthly newsletter, The Positive Side, and quarterly magazines with members' personal stories, advice, resources, and columns; training in retreat planning, and organizing and participating in retreats; organizing and participating in workshops on topics such as peer training, diabetes and HIV, boundaries, body mapping, massage therapy and more; developing educational content including tool-kits for members and the community such as the Peer Support Training toolkit and The Women and HIV Education toolkit; engaging in community research projects; collecting resources such as the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) magazine, also called The Positive Side, various educational films, and news-clippings about the PWN and HIV/AIDS in the larger community; documenting, memorializing and celebrating PWN achievements as well as the lives of friends and family who had passed away; and participating in conferences.

Record types in the series include the following: the PWN Positive Side Newsletter, PWN Quarterly Magazine, research reports, posters, banners, awards and certificates, news-clippings, retreat planning tool-kits, Women and HIV Education tool-kits, workshop and retreat fliers, agendas, and evaluations, conference materials, educational films, and films and photographs of PWN members and events.

Federal politics

Series contains files related to Waddell's service as Member of Canadian Parliament from 1979-1993. It includes files on local constituency issues as well as broader, national themes such as free trade and the Meech Lake Accord. Some subject files reflect Waddell's political career, rather than issues of office, such as a file dedicated to the coverage of Waddell's touching of a ceremonial mace, and a file representing his bid for NDP leadership. Records include correspondence, reports, press clippings, notes, news releases, and research.

Waddell's international involvement during this time, notably through the Canadian Parliamentarians for Global Action, can be found in the International work series.

Programs and Projects

The series contains records related to specific programs and projects launched by the Positive Women's Network from the mid 1990’s to 2017. The series is divided into sub-series based on the specific program or project. Across all sub-series, record types include project work plans, timelines, correspondence, budgets and cash flow, project reports, including financial, progress, narrative, and evaluative reports, and applications and contracts for program and project-specific funding.The series contains the following subseries:

-Women’s initiatives for support and education (WISE)
-Women & AIDS virtual education (WAVE)
-Healthcare provider and physician education (HPEP)
-Pocket guide for HIV+ Women
-Positive Players project

Thesis research

The series contains materials collected by Ian McDonald for the purposes of writing his Master’s thesis on the history of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213, from 1901 to 1961. Materials within the series include collective agreements, newspaper and journal articles, court case summaries, interview transcriptions, census tables, meeting minutes, correspondence and dissertations; most materials are photocopies rather than original documents, however.

Also included are materials that pertain to the Lenkurt strike of 1966, which McDonald omitted from his original thesis to limit its scope. He took up the events surrounding the Lenkurt strike in a later essay, “Spontaneity Went Out with Spartacus: IBEW Local 213, Les McDonald, and the Lenkurt Strike of 1966,” which McDonald regards as a continuation of his Master’s research; the essay is also part of the series.

Great Bear Rainforest campaign and protests

Located on the Central and North Coasts of British Columbia, the Great Bear Rainforest contains some of the largest remaining old growth temperate rainforests in the World and is home to a number of rare species, notably including the Kermode (Spirit Bear). Starting in the mid 1990s, environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), including Greenpeace, ForestEthics, Rainforest Action Network, and Sierra Club of BC began to protest, blockade, and campaign against clearcut logging operations in old growth forests. Greenpeace primarily focused its efforts on campaigns to encourage consumers to boycott purchasing wood from companies that clearcut in old growth forests. Faced with growing domestic and international opposition, including Greenpeace’s boycott campaign, several forestry companies began to work with ENGOs towards more environmentally responsible logging within the Great Bear Rainforest.

Starting in the early 2000s, the Provincial Government began to develop Land and Resource Management plans for the Central Coast (in 2001) and the North Coast (in 2004). Protection of some of the Great Bear Rainforest from clearcut logging was first announced by the Provincial Government in April 2001. In February 2006, the Government announced the Coast Land Use Decision, setting land aside for protection from logging and the framework for further development of ecosystem-based management (EBM) in the region to balance human well-being and ecological integrity. In 2009, the Provincial Government announced the protection of fifty percent of old growth forests from logging and a five year work plan to implement ecosystem-based management. Under the Great Bear Rainforest (Forest Management) Act of 2016, the Provincial Government set aside 85 percent of the Great Bear Rainforest from logging to maintain ecological integrity, with 70 percent of old growth forests being protected from logging.

The records in this series primarily consists of Greenpeace campaigns and correspondence with external organizations and records produced as part of the land and resource management planning for the Central and North Coasts. The series contains records relating to other environmental campaigns in British Columbia ranging from protecting old growth forests in the Elaho Valley north of Squamish to protecting the Taku River in northwest British Columbia. These records are available in the Communications, Legal records, and Reports subseries.

The Communications subseries includes press releases and publications by external organizations, articles produced by news organizations, and publications by Greenpeace Canada and Greenpeace International to shape public opinion and market behaviour regarding the Great Bear Rainforest. Correspondence predominantly includes letters, printed emails, and other correspondence between Greenpeace and external organizations. Ecosystem Based Management subseries includes records relating to land and resource management plans and reports on the Central and North Coasts and Haida Gwaii. External Organizations subseries includes records that originally were external to Greenpeace and later received by them. This includes documents produced by forestry companies and materials produced by other ENGOs.

Files in the Legal records subseries primarily include copies of BC Supreme Court trials of Greenpeace members arrested during blockades in the Great Bear Rainforest and correspondence with legal counsel representing Greenpeace members in court. Planning and Meetings subseries includes planning for Greenpeace campaigns, planning and meetings with other environmental non-governmental organizations, draft documents, and documents relating to the Land and Resource Management Plans for the Central and North Coasts. Protests and Activism subseries includes Greenpeace’s civil disobedience campaigns and market boycott purchasing wood from clearcut old growth forests. Photographs subseries includes all photos, slides, and negatives not originally housed as part of a file with textual records. File titles are based on the content of items.

Rainforest Solutions Project

The Rainforest Solutions Project (RSP) is an initiative that includes Greenpeace, ForestEthics, and the Sierra Club of BC, with the primarily goal to promote conservation and alternatives to industrial logging on the Central and North Coasts and Haida Gwaii. The Rainforest Solutions Project was developed through Tides Canada, a national charity that supports projects that focus on the environment, social equity, and economic prosperity. Tides Canada provides human resources and financial and governance management to help projects achieve their objectives more effectively.

Along with the three environmental non-governmental organizations, the RSP works alongside several forestry companies, represented by the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative (CFCI). The CFCI is composed of BC Timber Sales, Catalyst Paper Corporation, Howe Sound Pulp & Paper, Interfor Corporation, and Western Forest Products. Records involving the CFCI and RSP are included in Joint Solutions Project, RSP Reports, RSP Agreements, RSP Planning, and Communications subseries.

Records in this series include the Joint Solutions Project (JSP), an initiative that supports ecosystem-based management and represents business concerns (represented by the CFCI) and environmental concerns (represented by the RSP). The Joint Solutions Project subseries include meeting notes, JSP agreements, and communications amongst JSP stakeholders.

Records in the Communications subseries include correspondence, press releases, news articles, and legal records. The First Nations Agreements subseries includes agreements between coastal First Nations with either Rainforest Solutions Project or the Provincial Government. Four other subseries include Working Group Notes focused on records relating to the Ecosystem-Based Management Working Group, Ecosystem-based management which includes reports and planning materials on implementing ecosystem-based management, RSP Reports that include reports produced or acquired by Greenpeace as part of the Rainforest Solutions Project, and Government records. File titles are based on the content of items.

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Icelandic Archives of British Columbia’s (IABC) administration, mainly records related to its day to day business operation. Records include correspondence; financial records; and policies and procedures kept by the archives.


Series consists of newsletters and other published material by the Scandinavian Cultural Society for purposes of reference and dissemination. Series also includes a run of the Swedish Press Magazine from 1986, which was used as reference material for the publicity for the Scandinavian Festival 1986.

International work

This series includes Waddell's work on the international scene, spanning his legal and political career. Most notably, the series features the early stages of advocacy for the International Criminal Court, through Waddell's involvement in the Canadian arm of Parliamentarians for Global Action (previously known as Parliamentarians for World Order). Contents include newsletters, press, correspondence, reports, agendas and itineraries, travel information, invitations, and research. Contents cover group memberships, travel and meetings, and subject files on international subjects.

Textual records

The series contains textual records pertaining to the Klondike Gold Rush. The records reflect major activities such as commerce, travel, mining, and tourism in the Klondike. Legal records documenting the mining boom, including mining claims, grants, stock certificates, and court documents are present throughout the series. Records of individual miners and mining companies are included in the series as well as those of prevalent government bodies, including the office of the Gold Commissioner and the Department of the Interior. In addition to these activities, the series also reflects various works of individuals who journeyed north to the Klondike during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as promotional and informational material developed by travel and outfitting agencies. The series also contains records related to the Lind family’s personal connection to the Yukon, including the unpublished account of John G. Lind’s trip to the Klondike.

Significant record types include correspondence, receipts and checks, pamphlets and printed volumes, advertisements, postcards, diaries and journals, newspapers and newspaper clippings, sheet music, theatre programs, as well as guidebooks and souvenir books

Administrative and executive

The series contains records pertaining to Vancouver Status of Women’s (VSW’s) administrative and executive activities. These activities fall into several categories: financial administration, which included grant applications to governments and other organizations, budgeting, tax payments, bill payments, and resource distribution amongst staff; committee administration; volunteer administration; employment offers and employee management; correspondence with other organizations, particularly women centers in Vancouver; and strategic planning for the organization as a whole. Records in the series range in date from the early 1970s to 2016.

The physical order in which records were received has been maintained; original order has been re-constituted intellectually. Record types represented in the series include the following: grant applications, correspondence with funding agencies, budgets, cashflow statements, receipts, invoices, committee meeting minutes, volunteer training materials, employment offer letters, staff correspondence about internal issues, correspondence with other organizations, and annual reports.

Publications and library material

Series consists of newsletters and other published material by the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia (ICC of BC) for purposes of reference and dissemination as well as materials related to the Club’s library holdings. Records include newsletters, brochures, analogue and digital copies of the library catalogue, newsletter formatting materials, and one manuscript.

Collected papers

The series contains materials belonging to Ian McDonald’s father, Leslie (Les) McDonald, and other figures involved in IBEW Local 213. Materials relate predominantly to the activities of IBEW Local 213, though some papers also relate to Les McDonald’s involvement in various sports and community organizations, his writings and his personal correspondence.

Materials within the series include notebooks, postcards, letters, newsletters, newspaper articles and issues, legal documents and photographs. Relative to the ‘Thesis Research’ series, many more materials are original or copies made at the time the originals were created.

Ephemera and posters

Items in this series mostly include posters, buttons, and stickers produced by Greenpeace as part of their campaigns to raise public awareness of the clearcutting of old growth trees in Clayoquot Sound and the Great Bear Rainforest. Other items include awards given to Greenpeace Canada and the Rainforest Solutions Project, reproduced items enlarged onto poster board, protest signs and banners, and t-shirts from Greenpeace campaigns. The series contains no subseries and only file level arrangement of records exists. File titles are based on the content of items.

Corporate records

Series contains administrative materials generated by Western Forest Products and its subsidiaries, including MacMIllan Bloedel, Rayonier Canada Ltd., Weyerhaeuser, and Canfor Corporation. The series is divided into three subseries: Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Publications, and Microfiche.

The majority of the material is microfiche that includes information dating back to the 1950s up to the 1990s. The records represent the activities of the predecessor companies of Western Forest Products.

Projects and lobbying activities

The series contains records related to the projects and lobbying activities undertaken by Vancouver Status of Women (VSW) in BC from the early 1970s to 2015. Significant projects completed during this period include the publication of Kinesis, which was released ten times a year from 1974-2001, the Single Mother’s Resource Guide, which was released every two years beginning in 1991, reports on a range of topics, and the production of anti-gender role stereotyping kits for daycare and preschool workers. In addition, VSW offered a range of services to women, including research assistance, information gathering and dissemination, a library, a lawyer referral service, counselling referrals, community information and women’s movement referrals, endorsements and support letters, and advocacy on behalf of individuals. The organization put on a number of events: training on public speaking, assertiveness, financial management, and advocacy/organizing; workshops on useful tools for single mothers; panels and lectures; picnics; and annual parties. VSW also lobbied its municipal, provincial, and federal governments and other organizations about issues affecting women in Canada, encompassing such diverse topics as welfare, family law, sexual assault, and housing.

The physical order in which all records were received has been maintained; original order has been re-constituted intellectually. Record types in the series include the following: VSW briefs, press releases, submissions to governments, and research reports; correspondence with members of the public, members of governments, and other women centers; songs, stories, and photographs for anti-gender role stereotyping kits; copies of the Single Mother’s Resource Guide; Kinesis back issue indexes, editorial board correspondence, events' brochures and posters, reader surveys, volunteer training kits, and volunteer applications.

General Files

Series consists of records related to Miki’s literary, cultural, political, and academic activities. The series contains conference programs and abstracts, correspondence, travel itineraries and invoices, notes, reports, news clippings, forms, grant applications, research flies, articles, essays, and scripts, publication agreements, Miki’s curriculum vitae, audio and video recordings of conference proceedings and of Miki speaking, reading, performing, and being interviewed, award plaques and certificates, posters, and other records documenting the range of projects and activities that Miki has been involved in over four decades.

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