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Songs of the Pacific Northwest

Subseries documents the development of Philip J. Thomas’ book of folk songs entitled <I>Songs of the Pacific Northwest</I>, which was published in 1979. Material includes correspondence, proofs, permissions, and reviews for the book. Subseries is arranged alphabetically by material genre.

Western Canada Tour Scrapbook

This scrapbook was initially included with the A.M. Pound papers. It was felt that since the scrapbook was about A.M. Stephen (compiled by him, and after his death, by his wife, Irene Stephen) it should be included with the Stephen papers. The scrapbook covers the time from 1928, when Stephen made his much publicized tours of Western Canada, to 1963, when Stephen's last edition of poems (compiled by his wife) was published. The scrapbook includes newspaper articles, book reviews, letters (mainly to Mrs. Stephen), and other assorted memorabilia. (Note written by Robert Gore.)

Printed Material

Printed material has been glued into both scrapbooks. The pages have been numbered and general notes in each item's record refer to page numbers in the scrapbooks. The brochures located in folder 02-02 were advertisements for Stephen's publications.


This subseries is Brown's personal scrapbook. Originally contained in a three-ring binder with tabbed dividers, each divided section has been made its own file. The materials have been removed from the original plastic page protectors, and clipped together where multiple items appeared on one page. Originally there was also a divider labeled "1958," but this section was empty.

Some materials have Bawden's notes showing they were originally filed elsewhere.

Asian immigration and Settlement

Subseries consists of records related to Asian immigration to and settlement in North America. These records pertain predominantly to Chinese immigration and settlement in British Columbia, but also include records pertaining to other Asian diaspora as well as other regions of Canada and the United States. These records document early Asian immigration and settlement following the gold rush, such as the Chinese role in the construction of the transcontinental railway, where Chinese workers were assigned the most dangerous jobs, and anti-Asian sentiment in Canada. Other records in this subseries include materials related to Canadian immigration policy and multiculturalism in Canada, Chinese-language educational materials and children's books, Chinese business and residential directories, city directories for Vancouver and Victoria, and materials related to the Sino-Japanese War. As immigration in this context pertains both to first-generation immigrants as well as their families and descendants, records in this subseries also illustrate the Asian experience in Canada and highlight the development of Asian communities, including social, cultural, religious, political, sporting, and educational activities as well as the activities of organisations such as Chinese trade societies, the Chinese Benevolent Association, the Chinese Canadian Association, and the Chinese National League of Canada.

This subseries also contains an extensive collection of early photographs of Asian-Canadians and Asian-Americans. Some highlights include historical class photographs from Vancouver's Strathcona School, street scenes from the Vancouver, Victoria, and San Francisco Chinatowns, wedding portraits, and the 1915-1918 photograph album of Jue Fong, then a Chinese-American teenager, which offers rare candid photographs from that time period.

These records in this subseries are varied and include published monographs, pamphlets, directories, catalogues, magazines, maps, government reports, legislation, petitions, memoranda, meeting minutes, speeches, contracts, forms, certificates, licenses, tickets, passenger lists, immigration papers, taxes, invoices and receipts, donation books and fundraising materials, staff rosters, school workbooks, samples of Chinese calligraphy, newspaper clippings, posters and broadsides, newsletters, brochures and advertisements, correspondence, postcards, invitations and event programmes, restaurant menus, artefacts, ephemera, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and photographs, photo albums, and photographic negatives.

Publishers, Agents & Representatives

This sub-series includes correspondence from book publishers, solicitors, literary agents, and author’s representatives. These groups are both Canadian and American based.

Promotional Material

This sub-series includes articles related to each book, including original and
copied articles with handwritten notes on several. Science fiction, literary, and
academic publications from Canada, the United States and Europe are
represented. There are also promotional book jackets included.


Sub-series predominantly contains material related to the Alcuin Society
Journal Amphora and newsletter Notes from the Alcuin Society, including proofs, manuscript material and reference information. Woodblocks used in the illustration of the Amphora are also included. Material related to proposed and unpublished articles is also included.

Incorporation Records and Directors' Reports

Sub-series consists of early records ofthe British Columbia Packers' Association, including a proposal to create the Association written by Henry Doyle in February, 1922, as well as the Association's Certificate of Incorporation, and Directors' reports for 1904 to 1907.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Statistics and Reports

Sub-series consists of statistics and reports collected by the B.C. Canners Association from various canneries and fishing centres.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Minutes, Resolutions, Agreements

Sub-series consists of minutes, resolutions, and agreements of the British Columbia Canners' Association, Fraser River Canners' Association, Rivers Inlet Canners, and other related associations .
Title based on contents of sub-series.


Sub-series consists of correspondence and related minutes and other documents of the British Columbia Canners' Association, Fraser River Canners' Association and the Rivers Inlet Canners.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Speeches and Writings by Doyle

Sub-series consists of speeches and other writings by Doyle concerning the history of the Pacific Coast salmon industry, British Columbia fishing industry licensing, legislation and regulation, the conservation of fish populations, salmon canning, and canning industry management. Includes also a summary of the ownership of some British Columbia canneries and processing plants, including Namu, Mill Bay, and Kimsquit, 1914-1930. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Speeches and Writings by Others

Sub-series consists of reports, addresses, and other writings relating to British Columbia fisheries, including material pertaining to the conservation and propagation of the salmon population, and to industry organization, production and regulation. Includes a circa 1942 prospectus of a proposed Fishermen's Cooperative Packing Company in British Columbia.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Sub-series consists of miscellaneous incoming and outgoing correspondence, mainly of a business nature. Includes a few letters related to Doyle's position as General Manager of the British Columbia Packers Association. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Biographical Material

Sub-series consists of the postscript to Doyle's "Rise and Decline of the Pacific Salmon Fisheries," which contains an outline of his involvement in the fisheries. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Incoming Correspondence

Sub-series consists of correspondence received by Doyle, including letters of a business nature, letters related to his involvement with various fisheries associations and organizations, and correspondence pertaining to his concerns regarding hydroelectric dams. Title based on contents of sub-series.

Documents of a national significance

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to the history of more than one region, or to Canada in general. Includes an original financial statement of Sir Alexander MacKenzie's account with the North West Company in 1807, an original 1833 manuscript letter from Edward Ellice to Samuel Gerrard concerning financial matters in the Canadas, as well as transcript copies of letters by William Lyon Mackenzie and Edward Blake.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

British Columbia

Sub-series consists of original and photostat copies of correspondence related to the exploration of British Columbia. Includes a photostat copy of a letter by Robert Gray regarding Nootka Sound (1788) and an original 1852 letter from Sir George Simpson to Hector McKenzie and John W. Simpson pertaining to an expedition to the Pacific Coast by Belanger.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Prairie Provinces

Sub-series consists of an original and copies of documents pertaining to the Prairies Provinces, including a photostat copy of Francois Antoine Laroque's journal for his 1805 journey from Fort Assiniboine to the Rocky Mountains, an original commission appointing Alexander Morris Commissioner regarding Lands of Occupants claims in Manitoba in 1876, and typescript copies of letters pertaining to the Laurier-Greenway Compromise on the Manitoba School Question in 1897.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Upper Canada

Sub-series consists of an original land deed, with the Great Seal of Upper Canada attached, and warrants, with accompanying accounts and receipts, issued by Sir Peregrine Maitland, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, between 1818 and 1828.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

New France/Lower Canada/Quebec

Sub-series consists of manuscript and printed material related to the political history of New France, Lower Canada, and Quebec. Includes original manuscript documents required for the ennoblement of Julien de Rihouei, sieur de Menizeran, and Jean Baptiste Yves Gamier, as well as two printed ordinances and a partial printed report of the Battle of St. Charles.
Title based on contents of sub-series.


Sub-series consists of original manuscript correspondence and other documents pertaining to the history and development of the Maritime provinces. Records concern trade, government, political ties, population, and agriculture. Includes handwritten notations of Prime Minister Sir John Thompson regarding Newfoundland's entry into the Canadian Confederation and its interaction with the United States, a manuscript by John Haliburton concerning his impressions of Joseph Howe, as well as correspondence of George Leonard, James Montgomery and Edward Fanning.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

A bookman’s catalogue: the Norman Colbeck collection of nineteenth-century and Edwardian poetry and belles-lettres in the Special Collections of the University of British Columbia: drafts

Sub-series consists of a hand-written card catalogue to Colbeck’s book collection at the University of British Columbia. The sub-series also contains an early draft of Colbeck’s published catalogue, hand-written and over two thousand pages in length, and a proof copy of the catalogue.
Title based on contents of series.

General Files

Sub-series consists of correspondence, notes, financial documents, speaking notes, reference queries, legal agreements, research files, newspaper clippings, prospectuses, certificates, and other records made or received by Norman Colbeck in the course of his activities as a book dealer and collector in England and later, in Canada, and his work cataloguing his book collection for the University of British Columbia Library.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Hand-Written Volumes of Poetry and Prose

Sub-series consists of volumes of poetry and prose of nineteenth century authors compiled by Norman Colbeck and written by his hand. The sub-series also contains several notebooks kept by Norman Colbeck containing notes and information about authors, manuscripts, and his book-dealing activities.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Agreement negotations

Negotiation files include past and proposed agreements, proposals put forward by TLR and by Teamsters, proposals agreed to and those dropped, interpretations agreed to, notes, papers, minutes of meetings and some correspondence.

Wilkinson, Kenneth

3 sketchbooks containing pencil drawings by Kenneth Wilkinson depicting his travels and various landscape scenes.

Wilkinson, Thomas Hooper

Papers of Thomas Hooper Wilkinson including a diary, business and financial correspondence and records, personal correspondence and statistical records recording logging in British Columbia.


Subseries contains Thomas' historical research material. The majority of the subseries contextualizes the folk songs he researched. Material includes handwritten notes, reproductions of photographs, and reproductions of maps of British Columbia. It is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Civil Cases

Subseries consists of court documents relating to civil cases in British Columbia between 1864 and 1869. The cases comprise a variety of document types, including: judge’s orders; affidavits; writs of summons; correspondence; bills of costs; jury lists; judgments; notices; statements of account; motions; bonds; speakers’ certificates; indentures; agreements; receipts of sale; complaints; notices of intention; mortgages; and subpoenas. As a whole, they are indicative of the development of civil and criminal law in the region at the time, closely reflecting British standards and precedence. Differences did develop, however, as circumstances required.

It is important to note that the time period represented in these cases includes years before and after the colonies were converged on August 6th, 1866. Before the unification, the Colony of Vancouver Island and the Colony of British Columbia were separate entities in which civil suits at the local level were a vital part of the decentralized colonial government. Initially, the mainland was governed from New Westminster, but once they were merged into the new Colony of British Columbia, governance took place in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

In total, there are 135 files comprised of roughly 500 documents, wherein each file represents a different case. Of those, the donor has confirmed that 92 are from Vancouver Island and 18 are from the mainland.

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