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House and Studio series

Series consists of materials documenting the design and construction of the Smedleys’ home on Gambier Island, including its reconstruction after a fire in 2004, and includes architectural drawings, building permits, correspondence, and related documentation.

The files are arranged in chronological order.

Digital Media series

The series consists of various formats of CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks containing digital images, textual documents, and audiovisual recordings.

Items are organized in chronological order.

Grants and Awards series

Series consists of materials documenting various grant programmes for which Smedley was eligible and includes correspondence and documentation for granting agencies.

The files are arranged in chronological order.

Reference And Research series

Series consists of research materials assembled and used by Smedley throughout his career and includes copies of articles and other publications, mostly annotated or otherwise marked by Smedley, along with some written notes.

Most materials are undated – the range is estimated based on the few items that are dated. The files are arranged alphabetically by file or item title.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographs of Geoffrey Smedley, his wife Brigid, and Geoffrey’s sculptural and other artistic works. Most titles are derived from notes written on the envelopes or boxes in which they were originally stored – other titles derived from the images themselves or based on conjecture are in square brackets.

Notebooks series

Series consists of notebooks filled with drawings, diagrams, and written notes. These volumes and the information included in them arguably constitute the documentary core of Geoffrey Smedley’s work. They are organized into three sub-series. Numbered Notebooks consists of 35 sequentially-numbered volumes, dated 1964-1988, with notes and drawings on various topics and projects. “Descartes’ Clown” Notebooks consists of 12 volumes, sequentially numbered in Roman numerals, documenting Smedley’s Descartes’ Clown project. Other Notebooks brings together the remainder of Smedley’s notebooks covering various topics and projects.
Where the volumes are numbered, they are arranged sequentially; otherwise, they are arranged in chronological order based on dated notebook entries.

Works series

Series consists of documentation of Smedley’s sculptures and other artistic creations and includes written and typed notes and manuscripts, drawings and sketches, photographs, and various digital media. The series is primarily organized into sub-series: Notes and Research Materials, Rowingbridge, Descartes’ Clown, Magneto, Dissections, Piero della Francesca, Cloud of Numbers, Other Works, and Oversized Materials.

The sub-series are based primarily on Smedley’s works, except where the materials refer to more than one work or are more general. Within each subseries, the materials are arranged in chronological order.

Geoffrey Smedley fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1481
  • Fonds
  • 1951-2018

Fonds consists primarily of the working files and other materials of Geoffrey Smedley, together with some personal records. The materials include notebooks, drawings, written notes, correspondence, photographs, biographical and professional information, exhibition catalogues and other published items, and reference materials, in both hardcopy and digital media. They are organized in the following series: Notebooks, Works, Correspondence, Professional/Biographical, House and Studio, Grants and Awards, Reference and Research, Photographs, and Digital Media.

Smedley, Geoffrey

Correspondence series

The series consists of Smedley’s personal and professional correspondence and includes incoming and copies of outgoing letters, printed e-mails, and other messages.

Files are arranged in alphabetical order by subject or correspondent.

Professional/Biographical series

The series consists of materials documenting Smedley’s professional and artistic career and his personal life, including CVs, exhibition catalogues and related documentation, review articles, and press cuttings.

The files are arranged with the CVs placed first and then chronologically.

UBC Student Christian Movement fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1479
  • Fonds
  • 1930 - 1935

Fonds consists of documentation of the activities of the UBC Student Christian Movement during the early 1930s and includes a minute book for the SCM “Grad Group” (1930-35), two small SCM promotional pamphlets (1934), and assorted correspondence (1933-34).

UBC Student Christian Movement

Financial Services fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1478
  • Fonds
  • 1925-2013

Fonds consists of records produced by or for UBC Financial Services which document the University’s finances, including annual financial reports and statements, budgets, appraisals, and staff training. The records are arranged in four series: Financial Reports and Statements, Budgets, Appraisement, and Training Documentation.

University of British Columbia. Financial Services

Training Documentation series

Series consists of an appraisement report produced for the University by the General Appraisal Company of Vancouver, appraising the value of UBC’s properties and physical assets. The report comprises nine volumes; an index included with Volume 1 and a recapitulation.

Budgets series

Series consists of annual budgets prepared for the University and related budget summaries and budget and planning narratives.

Appraisement series

Series consists of an appraisement report produced for the University by the General Appraisal Company of Vancouver, appraising the value of UBC’s properties and physical assets. The report comprises nine volumes; an index included with Volume 1 and a recapitulation.

Faculty of Education fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1477
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1999

Fonds consists of records made and received by the Faculty of Education, with the bulk of the records originating from the Dean's Office within the Faculty of Education. The fonds documents the leadership role of the Office of the Dean (such as the Dean's Annual Report and Dean's Briefing Sessions) and the administrative role of the office (such as "Budget," "Employment," and "Reorganization"). The fonds also contains minutes and other documentation from the Joint Board of Teacher Education, 1963-1983, and the Tri-Ed Committee, from 1966-1982. Other documented activities include course development and syllabi; symposia, workshops and other special events; faculty research files; faculty committee files; documentation from various programs and departments that comprised the Faculty of Education (Undergraduate Studies, Elementary Education, etc.). Textual records are comprised of meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, and notes. Non-textual records include photographs, architectural plans and drawings, and audio and audio-visual material.
Fonds is arranged in the following series: Dean's Office Subject series, which also consists of the Dean's Office Education Subject sub-series and the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow sub-series; Committee series; Joint Board of Teacher Education series; Tri-Ed Committee series; Teaching Files series; Program and Department Files series; which also consists of the Field Office sub-series; Photographs series; and the 40th Anniversary series.

University of British Columbia. Faculty of Education

Joint Board of Teacher Education series

Series consists of minutes, reports, and other documentation from the Joint Board of Teacher Education from 1963-1983. By 1964, representatives from the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University joined representatives from UBC, the Provincial Department of Education, the B.C. School Trustees’ Association and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation to form the Joint Board of Teacher Education. The series has been re-organized in roughly chronological order. Please note that minutes and other materials relating to the Joint Board of Teacher Education can be found in the University of British Columbia Senate fonds

Teaching Files series

Series consists of course syllabi and materials for Faculty of Education courses. Most of this material relates to courses offered in the 1950s and 1960s, primarily in specialized areas such as industrial science, special education and physical education. The bulk of the series consists of teaching evaluations from 1980-1995.

Program and Department Files series

Series consists of records made by or relating to, the various programs, departments and centers that make up the Faculty of Education. It includes records from Alternative Programs, Arts I, Child Study Centre, Elementary Division, Interior Programs, Internship Programs, Native Teacher Education and Undergraduate Studies.

Tri-Ed Committee series

Series consists of minutes and other information arising from the approximately thrice-yearly meetings of representatives from the Faculties of Education at UBC, UVic and SFU. Although often the members of this committee, which was initially called the “Tri-ed Group,” standing for “Tri-education Group,” were also members of the Joint Board of Teacher Education, these two Committees were distinct. According to minutes from the first meeting in August of 1966, the Tri-Ed Committee was created to keep members in touch with one another about developments at their respective universities. The series has been re-organized in roughly chronological order.

Field Office subseries

Subseries consists of a distinct set of subject files from the Field Development Office. They relate to programs or events organized by the Field Development Office, such as the Young Writers Workshop.

40th Anniversary series

Series consists of 36 video tapes of celebrations about the 40th Anniversary of the Faculty of Education. These celebrations took place over several dates at different schools within Vancouver from May to July 1996. All dates, titles, and times are adopted from the written notes on the tapes themselves or from the transcripts.

Committee series

The series consists of information from numerous committees, meetings, and councils within the Faculty of Education. Examples include minutes and documentation from the Administration Committee, Chairmen of Departments Meetings, Elementary Division Council, Faculty Meetings, Head’s Advisory Committee, and the Policy Council. The majority of the material dates from the 1970s and 1980s. The series has been re-organized by committee/council/meeting name.

Photograph series

Series consists of photographs from the Faculty of Education. The bulk of the photographs are from the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Project.

Dean’s Office Education Subject subseries

Subseries consist of documents about specific types of education. These documents have been retained in their subseries as they were organized differently than the other documents. Relating primarily to the dates of the Deanship of Dean J.M. Andrews, these documents were unique within the fonds in that they were organized alphabetically, labelled with capital letters, and housed in legal-sized folders. They pertain specifically to different types of education, such as “Art Education,” “Counselling Psychology,” and “Reading Education,” and include records from 1971-1980. The documents include letters, and memos addressed to and from Dean Neville Scarfe, Dean John H. M. Andrews, and Acting Dean Roy Bentley during their respective roles as Dean or Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education during the 1970s and into 1980.

Apple Classroom of Tomorrow subseries

Subseries consists of files from Robert Tierney’s research on the "Apple Classroom of Tomorrow" at West High School in Columbus, Ohio. This research preceded Tierney’s appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Education. It includes general information, publications, student files and classroom photographs.

Dean’s Office Subject series

Series includes documentation that originated from within the office of the Dean of Education. This includes documentation relating to information such as the promotion and tenure of faculty, reports regarding the Faculty of Education, budget documentation, minutes from specific Dean’s committees such as the Dean’s Advisory Council, documentation relating to programs within the Faculty of Education, FTE reports, and data regarding marks, acceptance information, and regarding the employment of graduates. The files have been re-organized in alphabetical order. Most of the files are dated from the 1960, 1970, and 1980s, although there are some from the 1950s and 1990s. Many files from the 1970s and 1980s were housed in large binders. Note that the minutes and documentation related directly to the Dean (such as the Dean’s Advisory Council, Dean’s Advisory Committee, and the Dean’s Office Meetings) are within the Dean’s Office Subject series.

Indian Education Resource Centre fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1224
  • Fonds
  • 1970-1979

Fonds consists of correspondence, printed material, minutes, notes and reports documenting its various activities in advocacy and education.

University of British Columbia. Indian Education Resource Centre

Faculty of Applied Science fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1476
  • Fonds
  • 1906-2016, predominant 1993-1998

The fonds consists of photographs, as well as reports and printed material relating to the faculty's communications and public affairs programmes, and the faculty's news publication "Ingenuity".

University of British Columbia. Faculty of Applied Science

Awards and Financial Aid Office fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1365
  • Fonds
  • 1948-2001 predominant 1979-1999

The fonds consists of three series, Discontinued Awards (1979-1999), Statistical Data (1975-1992), and Active Awards (1948-1993). The latter series includes substantial records of the Mackenzie King Scholarship Programme.

University of British Columbia. Awards and Financial Aid Office

Legal series

Series consists of legal documentation including, the Asia Pacific Business Institute's constitution and bylaws and legal agreements establishing the Asia Pacific Business Institute and its relationship to UBC.

Active Awards series

Series consists of inactive files of awards which are still active in some capacity. Files are arranged alphabetically by the name of the award. As with the Discontinued Awards series, there is often historical information as to the background of the establishment of the awards and information about the recipients of the awards included. Much of this series is the Mackenzie King Scholarships (Open and Travel scholarships) which is funded by the trust of the late former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King (1874-1950). The files contain correspondence between UBC and the winners of the award between 1965-2001, information on the scholarship committee and financial information related to the scholarship.

Discontinued Awards series

Series consists of files of discontinued awards arranged alphabetically by award name. The files are arranged in five sections based on the time period in which they were discontinued (prior to 1979, 1979-1987, prior to 1994, prior to 1999, prior to 2004). The files provide historical information as to the background of the establishment of the awards and often the reasons for discontinuation. In addition the files often include a listing of recipients of the awards.

Administrative series

Series consists of minutes from committee meetings, financial reports, lists of committee members, correspondence, application grants to the Koerner Foundation, memos, press releases, and newspaper clippings from the Ubyssey and the Vancouver Sun.

General Lecture series

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, announcements, curriculum vitae, publication lists, newspaper clippings, posters, and lists of lectures. The series contains information regarding the General Lectures, the Dal Grauer Memorial Lectures, the Leon and Thea Koerner Lectures, the Hewitt-Bostock Lectures, the Kapoor Singh Lectures and the H.R. MacMillan Lectures. The records in the series are arranged according to their original filing system.

University Lectures Committee fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1363
  • Fonds
  • 1949-2003

The fonds consists of minutes of committee meetings, financial reports, correspondence, curriculum vitae, lists of lectures, newspaper clippings from the Ubyssey and the Vancouver Sun, posters, speeches, songs, photographs and an audio tape. This fonds also contains records of the Dal Grauer Lecture Series. The fonds is arranged in five series: Administrative, General Lectures, J.V. Clyne Lectures, Audio Tape and Photographs.

University of British Columbia. University Lectures Committee

Multimedia series

Series consists of floppy disks and a USB drive containing drafts, correspondence, business, etc. Files from USB drive and floppy disks have been migrated to University Archives digital storage and can be made available to researchers. A handful of floppy disk files could not be read and successfully migrated off the media. The digital files are from the late 90’s and range in format from #2 and #3 type files (from ViaVoice by IBM) to WPF files (WordPerfect software). Users may need to download specialized software to access older file formats. Floppy labels mention documents from 1986 to 2009.

Photographs series

Series consists of three publicity photos for reproduction and a slide photograph of a sailboat. The publicity photos were moved from 4-7.

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