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M.Y. Williams fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1033
  • Fonds
  • 1875-1973

Fonds consists of biographical notes, clippings, articles, early educational records, research notes, draft manuscripts, field notebooks, reports, publications, correspondence, lecture and course notes, maps, photographic prints, and slides pertaining to M.Y. Williams' professional and personal activities.

Williams, M.Y.

Photographs series

Photos in this series consist of photographs of M.Y. Williams' family. Photographs have been assigned series UBC 49.1, and 49.1/1 to 49.1/147 contain both prints and small prints of the Wiliams family. In this series are photos by WL Uglow taken in 1922; amongst Uglow's photographs, there are images of geological features, campsites, prospecting, logging, and BC towns such as Bakerville, Nookta village and the Tofino "life-saving station." Photos of people include CS Evans, Anthony Watson and C.O. Swanson. There is also a photo taken in Japan of Professor W.J. Head of Wisconsin. These photos can be found from 49.1/148 to 49.1/249. A group photo dated 1947 features Okalitch, Gunning, Swanson, Williams, Warren and Weir (49.1/251). There are also wildlife photos courtesy of the Canadian National Railway and photos of fossils and diatoms. The photo of dinosaur bones in UBC's Department of Geology is dated 1950. These photos are in boxes 52 (1-127) & 53 (128-269).

An itemized inventory of the glass slides is available on the last two pages of the finding aid. The glass slides are located in the vault. (49.1/270 to 382).

Frederick Howay fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1258
  • Fonds
  • 1786-1943

The fonds consists of correspondence, subject files, financial records, speeches, photographs, notes, and a journal, pertaining to Howay, as well as manuscripts and essays on B.C. history and exploration and marine trade off its coastal waters. In addition, Howay created subject files on historical sites and monuments throughout Western Canada, including Barkerville, the Cariboo, Fort Langley, Cut Knife Hill, Nootka Sound, Fort Steele, and Fort Walsh.

Howay, Frederick William

Logistics and Proposals subseries

This subseries consists of meeting minutes, design proposals, outside reports, consultations with other labs, financial considerations, budgets, and other research records related to the material design, financing and creation of the Kaon Factory.

TRIUMF Projects, Notes and Research series

This series consists of TRIUMF project documentation and planning other than the Kaon Factory accelerator. It includes handwritten research notes, research on planned projects, numbers generated by projects, and related records. Projects include FFAG, Courier, ISAC facilities for rare isotope beams (particularly EMMA), and other cyclotron-related experiments.

School, Coursework and Students series

This series contains records related to Craddock’s role at the University of British Columbia and as a teacher at various institutes and outside seminars. It includes course syllabi, slides and presentation materials, registration forms, and administrative records related to graduate students.

Conferences and Workshops series

This series consists of records related to attending, planning, hosting and managing various conferences, including various particle accelerators Conferences, Cyclotrons conferences, SNOWMASS and others. It also includes records related to TRIUMF workshops for the public and those offered at scientific conferences.

TRIUMF History, Origin and Texts series

This series contains records related to TRIUMF documenting its history – including Craddock’s interviews with various key figures, drafts of and correspondence related to the TRIUMF book, obituaries, and records of the TRIUMF Retiree’s Association.

CERN series

This series consists of records related to Craddock and TRIUMF’s partnerships, correspondence, funding from, research published with and consultation with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Collaboration series

This series consists of records related to Craddock and TRIUMF’s visits to and from and consultation with other physics facilities and accelerator programs. Records include programs, queries, research notes, and correspondence.

Michael K. Craddock fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1511
  • Fonds
  • 1958-2015

The fonds consists of Craddock’s professional papers in the form of textual records (including correspondence, reports, minutes, course materials, interviews), published materials, technical research notes, presentation slides and reference materials. The papers primarily chronicle Craddock’s work and role at TRIUMF, particularly TRIUMF’s attempt to build a Kaon Factory particle accelerator. Many other aspects of TRUMF are documented in these papers, including- administration, various committees, workshops, published reports and research, various particle physics projects, physics reference files, and collaborations with other organizations. Craddock’s work on recording TRIUMF’s origins and history is also represented.
Outside of Craddock’s involvement with TRIUMF, other professional papers reflect his teaching career, talks, presentations, correspondence with colleagues, graduate students, and the public.

Craddock, Michael K.

Kaon Factory series

This series consists of records documenting TRIUMF’s attempt to design, build, and fund the development of a Kaon Factory particle accelerator in Vancouver at the TRIUMF facility. Materials include meeting minutes, research, outside evaluations, fundraising campaigns, news clippings, physics research, finances, contracts, and notes.

Campaign and Promotions subseries

This subseries consists of letters and correspondence with various governments and organizations in pursuit of funding and support for the Kaon Factory. It also contains correspondence in favour of the accelerator, pamphlets and community outreach records, news clippings and other materials produced in the course of trying to promote, fund, and actualize the accelerator.

Artifacts series

Series consists of three artifacts, including a drawing of Cyrus Bowers, grandfather of Mary Bollert; a mailing tube used by Grace Bollert, sister of Mary Bollert, to house a number of her degrees; and a Coronation Medal and letter sent from Buckingham Palace to Mary Bollert to commemorate the coronation of King George VI.

Personal Materials series

Series consists of handwritten notebooks, notes for speeches given on various subjects to various organizations, newspaper clippings relating to subjects of interest to Mary Bollert, and notes taken during her trip to Japan and China in the 1930s. When received by the archives, a number of the documents were contained in roughly chronological order within a file box likely maintained by Mary Bollert. These specific files' descriptions include a note recording the title originally written on the folders. Other documents include notebooks written by Mary Bollert and newspaper clippings in envelopes presumably collected by Mary Bollert. These have been included in the series in roughly chronological order.

Bollert Family series

Series consists of diaries of Bollert family members, correspondence to and from members of the Bollert family, newspaper clippings relating to members of the Bollert family, and papers relating to the burial of the Bollert family members at Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, as well as other miscellaneous documentation. In general, the documents appear to focus specifically on the immediate family of Mary Bollert. Indeed, many of the documents appear to have been collected by Florence Bollert (sometimes referred to as Floy) and L. Grace Bollert, as they are addressed explicitly within correspondence.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographs taken and collected by the Bollert family over the years. Many photographs are portraits of the immediate family of Mary Bollert. The series includes candid shots taken on vacation or at family gatherings and photographs in three separate albums.

Mary Lousie Bollert fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1510
  • Fonds
  • [1865?]-1993

The fonds consists of four series – Personal Materials series, Bollert Family series, Artifacts series, and Photographs series. They feature correspondence to and from members of the Bollert Family, information and notes used in speeches on various subjects to various groups given by Mary Bollert, collected newspaper clippings relating to members of the Bollert family, as well as several personal diaries and notebooks. The documents focus on the immediate family of Mary Bollert and include records she collected. The fonds also consists of 512 photographs, many of them portraits of members of the Bollert family.

Bollert, Mary Louise

Dean of Women fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1202
  • Fonds
  • 1957-1972

The fonds includes correspondence, minutes, reports, published materials, and photographs. It spans the period between 1957 and 1972, falling within the tenure of Dean Helen McCrae. The material is arranged in the following series: Committee Records, Dean's Records, Women's Residence Records, Handbook Staff and Programmes, Associated Organizations and Social Activities.

University of British Columbia. Dean of Women

E. Margaret Fulton fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1472
  • Fonds
  • 1975 - 2008

Fonds consists of textual material primarily relating to Fulton’s social activism and some personal materials. The fonds has been arranged in eight series: Conferences and Committees series, Personal Series, Speaking Engagements series, Women’s Studies series, Miscellaneous series, Reports series, Publications series, and Audiovisual series.

Fulton, E. Margaret

Teaching/Lecture Materials series

Series consists of materials, organized typically by class or subject of a lecture, used for teaching. Materials include handwritten notes, typed papers, published materials, and copies of published materials such as articles and drawings.

Research Materials/Articles series

Series consists of materials used for research or articles. Series also contains materials from Morehart’s research and assignments as a student. Materials include handwritten and typed notes, copies of published materials, sketches/drawings, correspondence related to research, journals, and drafts of work.

Mary J. Morehart fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1509
  • Fonds
  • 1949-2006

Fonds consists of textual material related to the teaching and academic work of Morehart at UBC, as well as personal research and publications. There are also materials from Morehart’s personal life, including artwork, which consists primarily of several canvas boards and other flat materials, and personal correspondence. Materials include handwritten notes, printed documents, publications, photocopies of publications and articles, original artwork, journals, and the contents of several binders. Folder names are primarily taken from original folders. There are eight series: Artwork, Correspondence, Miscellaneous, Personal, Photographs, Research Materials/Articles, Sceattas Research Materials and Writings, and Teaching/Lecture Materials.

Morehart, Mary J.

Artwork series

Series consists of several art objects, mainly untitled. There are some paintings on canvas board and pastel work. Several are credited as being by Morehart.

Miscellaneous series

Series consists of materials without any apparent connection to Morehart’s teaching or lecturing. Materials primarily include pamphlets related to an exhibit of the artwork of Vancouver artist B.C. Binning, as well as an art book by the same artist.

Correspondence series

Series consists of personal letters to Morehart from family and acquaintances. Occasionally letters by Morehart are present as well. Series is organized primarily by folders of letters labelled with the name of the individual or family.

Negatives and Print File (Medieval and Byzantine Imagery) series

Series consists of handwritten note cards of a variety of sizes. Most cards feature either a small photographic print or a hand-done drawing of an image accompanied by notes from Morehart. Note cards are arranged according to the order in which they were found, including sub-sections of either place or subject for most of the cards.

Personal series

Series consists of paperwork of a personal or career-related nature, including items such as Morehart’s Curriculum Vitae and letters of recommendation, as well as some information on family history.

Sceattas Research Materials and Writings series

Series consists of research materials and writings by Morehart related to studying Anglo-Saxon sceattas, or coins. Sceattas were the subject of Morehart's Ph.D. as well as several articles. The material also covers many years of Morehart's research on the matter and includes handwritten and typed material, photographs and drawings of artwork, and several handwritten journals.

Margaret North fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1508
  • Fonds
  • 1979-1991

Fonds includes memos, correspondence, notes, proposal papers, publications and copies of publication, as well as slides and photographs. Some materials are originally from the Campus Planning Office.

North, Margaret

Manufacturing Consent Companion Book series

Series consists of research material specifically collected for the book, correspondence, manuscripts, graphic material and publicity materials relating to the creation and publication of the companion book to the movie Manufacturing Consent. The series also includes several versions of working manuscripts, most of which are annotated, copies of the published book in digital and analogue form.

Post-production and Publicity series

Series consists of clippings, circulars, media releases, media kits and other promotional material relating to the film Manufacturing Consent. Series also includes movie release information, film festival programs and awards, correspondence and articles published in response to the film’s release and educational materials prepared alongside the TV and VHS releases of the film. It also includes some graphic material ready for the promotion of the film.


  • UBCA-ARC-1507
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2000

Fonds consists of textual and audiovisual material relating to the production of the movie "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media", released in 1992, and the companion book by Mark Achbar published in 1994. The filmmakers chose to capture
the majority of their work on film, rather than video, for several reasons. Firstly, during the 1980’s, video resolution was significantly lower than film negative and in an effort to ensure the image resolution was high film was chosen as the predominant medium.
As well, the NFB (National Film Board) was equipped primarily for film shooting, processing and editing. Finally, the motivation to participate in film festivals, which wanted film rather than video, compelled the filmmakers to use film as their medium. Some small format video, captured using rented broadcast quality video gear, was used for long talks or events which would have been uneconomical to shoot in film. The audiovisual material includes original camera negatives, audio and video tapes and sound bites used as research material and in the making of the film as well as some post-production rough cuts, alternative versions and promotional material relating to the distribution of the film and subsequent video. The textual material includes pre and post-production materials as well as production logs and graphical materials. Much of the post-production material relates to the promotion of the film and the media coverage of the film and of Noam Chomsky.

Manufacturing Consent

Film Production series

Series consists of various audio and visual formats as well as textual records. Film, video, sound and music logs directly relate to the audiovisual materials. The series also includes film proposals, project profiles, correspondence between Noam Chomsky regarding the development of the project, as well as letters written in support of the film. Most audiovisual material has been catalogued according to the original numbering system given the material by the creator but has been re-housed. The material also retains original box numbers created by Anna Sikorski for Necessary Illusions, which can be disregarded in the new arrangement.

Research Material series

Series consists of articles, clippings, fliers, pamphlets, essays, graphics and correspondence relating to the production of the movie Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. Many of the files consist of articles featuring Noam Chomsky, his work and ideas, and media controversies prevalent in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including the situation in East Timor and the first Gulf War.

Lorne and May Brown fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1506
  • Fonds
  • 1957-2018

Fonds consists of materials documenting the lives and careers of Lorne and May Brown and includes two self-published biographies (Lorne Brown Remembered and May Brown – A collection of stories), four photographs of Lorne Brown, a newspaper clipping about Camp Deka, and some of Lorne Brown’s UBC personnel records.

Brown, May

Professional Life series

The series includes correspondence relating to articles exchanged for editing between colleagues and advisees; applications for numerous Research Grants which summarize his various ongoing research projects, presentations that he made; and several Curriculum Vitae from 1966-1992.

Poetry series

This series consists of drafts, correspondence, and originals, including his major poetic opus “Double Star and Other Verses.”

Correspondence series

This series consists of incoming and outgoing letters of correspondence. Harrison and other correspondents would often exchange drafts of articles for review and feedback. In addition, Harrison and the correspondents discuss ongoing projects, inquire about research, and provide references for each other. Some correspondence is personal.

Lionel Harrison fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1505
  • Fonds
  • 1941 - 2008

The fonds consist of Harrison's personal and professional materials related to his career, including correspondence, laboratory notes, teaching notes, and manuscripts. The fonds is divided into four series: Professional Life series (1966-2008); Undergraduate and Graduate Education (1941-A); Correspondence series (1973-2002), and Poetry series (1966-1968). A film is also included, entitled Asymmetry and Dissipation, or, Life is so Irreversible – listed in the Archives as UBC Film # 111.

Harrison, Lionel

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