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Editorial Board Committee

The Editorial Board Committee is responsible for the production of the BCHNPPG newsletters. It was formerly called the Newsletter Committee.

Subseries consists of one folder of minutes, correspondence and other records. Subseries also includes the History of Nursing News quarterly publication from 1990-2022, and promotional materials for events organized by the BCHNS.

Pages of History

Pages of history is an informal way of peer recognition of B.C. nurses deemed to have made a significant contribution to their profession. Anyone could be nominated on payment of a fee.

Records consist of some correspondence and a brief biography and photograph of each person accepted. Many also have biographical files.

Included are: Dr. Beryl K.A. Albee, Barbara Joan Beatty, Ruth Biley, Betty Black, Vivian Mona Blake, Beverly Brewer, Muriel Ruth Brodie, Susan Mary Bruce, Anne S. Cavers, Helen (Betty) Cawston, Ada Mary Conibear, Sheila Copperthwaite, Margaret (Maggie) Diehl, Beverly Marie Witter DuGas, Margaret Duncan, Catherine Anne Ebbehoj, Jean Eilers, Joyce Fergusson, Barbara Gillies, Beryl Golds, Jean Kirstine Griffith, Jane Hassen Sister Mary Victor, Karen Louise Hicks, Dianna Jackson, Margaret Murray Jackson, Marilyn (Lyn) Jackson, Kathleen Gail Jensen, Gwen Kavanagh, Dorothy J. Kergin, Gertrude Richards Ladner, Catherine (Kay) Leask, Clara Lim, Verna L. Lister, Dorothy Byers Logan, Jean Loy, C. Elsie Irene MacDonald, Nancy Lisbeth Malloy, Mary McGovern. Ethel Moorehouse, Esther Paulson, Jessie May Reynolds, Laura Reynolds, Mary L. Richmond, Nana Rogerson, RCH School of Nursing, Nina Rumen, Ruby Siemens, Helen L. Jill Thompson Boudreau, Victoria Louise Tribbeck, VGH School of Nursing, Violet Wait, Ethel Warbinek, Winifred C. Waters, Eva “Billie” Williamson, Carol Lenore Winter, Alma L.B. Witter, Alice Lillian Wright, Sheila Rankin Zerr, Glennis Zilm. Edith Landell Lees, Gloria Stephens, Elizabeth Turner, Dianne Haigh, Mary (Molly) Richards Sarvela, Sylvia (Sally) Lazaruk, Gertrude “Billie” Wiltshire, Fran Gaudreau, Frances Jean Cannon, Monica Frith Green, Jane Lambe, Dorothy May Ladner, Andrea Borsch, Nursing Sister Merle A. (Kerr) MacKay, M. Ferne Trout, Joanne M. Foreman, Mary Winn (Gillespie), Faye Meruser, Ellen Claire Schrodt, Lenore Radom, Donna Fay (Barker) Gordon.

BCNDP Associations, Committees and Advocacy

Sub-series documents Pratt’s membership in the BCNDP prior to and following her time as Party President (1992-1996). Earlier records from the BCNDP Membership/Involvement subseries relate to Pratt’s roles in the Burnaby-Willington NDP Constituency Association (1986-1989), Campaign Manager for Joan Sawicki (1991-1994), Women’s Rights Committees and the SEPC Platform Committee for the 1991 election. Sub-series contains materials from various conventions attended by Pratt, where she served as debate moderator, session chair and on balloting committees. Records also related to Pratt’s role on the Provincial Council 2000-2001 and her involvement in several campaigns. Record types include policies, constitutions, convention minutes, agendas, proceedings and notes, newspaper clippings, committee records, reports, correspondence, a videocassette, campaign banner and buttons, and notes.

Pratt, Patrice

BCNDP President

Sub-series documents Patrice Pratt’s time as President of the BCNDP. She took on this role in November 1992 and finished her term in February 1996. Records relate to various policies, actions and issues addressed by the Provincial Government during this time, including land use and land claims decisions, environmental resources and industries, Indigenous affairs, treaty negotiations, women’s equity, gender parity, youth, multiculturalism, Party membership, and human rights. Materials created and collected from the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holdings Society, Wager investigations and Braaten v. BCNDP also appear in the sub-series. Subseries includes Victoria This Week issues from between 1991 and 1996. Reports, communications, and other materials pertaining to both the Provincial (1993-1996) and Federal NDP (1993-1995) Renewal Commissions are represented in the sub-series. Record types include newspaper clippings, publications, convention materials, committee agendas and minutes, correspondence, and reference material, notes, policies, handbooks, memorandums and communications.

Other Pieces series subseries

Sub-series consists of written work by other journalists collected by Schlesinger in the form of clippings and other published items. Items either mention Schlesinger in passing or were likely otherwise of interest to him.

Pieces by Schlesinger subseries

Sub-series consists of written work by Schlesinger, in the form of clippings, periodicals, website printouts, and manuscripts.
Includes a print-out copy of Schlesinger’s Globe & Mail obituary for his wife, Myra Eileen (Mike) Schlesinger.

Transcription subseries

Subseries consists of transcriptions taken from videotaped interviews of corporate insiders, critics, whistle-blowers, and other individuals such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Michael Moore, and Milton Friedman. The transcriptions also include the time code that corresponds to the location on the audio video cassettes. These taped interviews can be accessed through VT UBC 1174 to VT UBC 1478.


This subseries contains the translations of Minoru Kudo's diaries performed by Kathleen Merken between 2005 and 2011. Records include printed copies of the translations as well as logs and notes made by Merken as she was translating the diaries. This subseries also contains materials produced by Merken that focus on her vision for the publication of the translations, analysis of themes that she identified throughout the material, and some reflections on her experience of translating the diaries.

Research files

This subseries includes research files primarily compiled by Kathleen Merken that contain correspondence between Merken and other Japanese Canadians, copies of other families’ recollections and accounts of their forced removal, and other reference materials such as maps, timelines, and excerpts from text that help to contextualize and document this history.


Records in this subseries are the original correspondence of Minoru Kudo with family, members of the Japanese Canadian community, and Canadian government bodies. While much of the material is Kudo’s own correspondence, a significant portion of the correspondence in this subseries is from his activity as a daishonin (scrivener) and are on behalf of other members of the Japanese Canadian community.


These photocopies were made by Kathleen Merken during the process of translating the diaries. Photocopying activity occurred primarily before 2004 with some additional copies being made in 2005. While the majority are full copies of each diary, there are some files that were created for thematic grouping of materials across years.

Legal Correspondence subseries

Includes correspondence between David Breen and his legal counsel, his notes on these conversations, and correspondences between David Breen’s legal counsel and the defendants. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Trust Fund subseries

Includes documenting the discovery of the plagiarism and correspondence between David Breen and Association of Academic Staff: University of Alberta, Faculty Association: the University of British Columbia, Canadian Association of University Teachers, Canadian Historical Association, along with other friends and colleagues to gain support (financially and morally) regarding the copyright suit, as well as documents related to the establishment of his legal fund. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Evidence subseries

Records related to the official court filings and decisions, including documents submitted for Discovery, List of Authority, and other court-related documentation. Items are arranged chronologically according to the topic.

Jean Coulthard subseries

Subseries consists of notes, articles, correspondence, drafts, papers and miscellaneous research materials relating to Jean Coulthard.

NDP Committee subseries

Subseries consists of notes, correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas regarding the NDP Education Policy Committee, 1976-1979.

Civil Cases

Subseries consists of court documents relating to civil cases in British Columbia between 1864 and 1903. The cases comprise a variety of document types, including: judge’s orders; affidavits; writs of summons; correspondence; bills of costs; jury lists; judgments; notices; statements of account; motions; bonds; speakers’ certificates; indentures; agreements; receipts of sale; complaints; notices of intention; mortgages; requests; wills; and subpoenas. As a whole, they are indicative of the development of civil and criminal law in the region at the time, closely reflecting British standards and precedence. Differences did develop, however, as circumstances required.

It is important to note that the time period represented in these cases includes years before and after the colonies were converged on August 6th, 1866. Before the unification, the Colony of Vancouver Island and the Colony of British Columbia were separate entities in which civil suits at the local level were a vital part of the decentralized colonial government. Initially, the mainland was governed from New Westminster, but once they were merged into the new Colony of British Columbia, governance took place in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

In total, there are 155 files comprised of roughly 900 documents, wherein each file represents a different case. Of those, the donor has confirmed that 157 are from Vancouver Island and 35 are from the mainland.

Birth Weight Project subseries

Subseries consists of records on the Birth Weight Project. Ward researched tax assessment rolls, ledgers, in-patient and out-patient records, etc., for the following cities: Boston, Dublin, Edinburgh, Vienna, and Montreal. Separate studies were also conducted on the cities of Utrecht and Bologna. Ward’s research on the Birth/Newborn Weight Project was the foundation for the book, Birth Weight and Economic Growth: Women’s Living Standards in the Industrializing West. The code book for the Utrecht birth weight database (file 7-5a) was added in December 2014. NOTE: The Birth Weight Project records on Bologna are expected in a future accrual.

Infant Mortality Project subseries

Subseries consists of research notes and annotated German-Language articles on Infant Mortality between 1880 and 1940. The Infant Mortality Project looked at the changing medical understanding of infant mortality before WWI. Ward pursued a professional and personal interest in this project, but it did not reach the publication stage.

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