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Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Water Resources records

The series consists of records related to Williams' role in the Provincial Cabinet under the Dave Barret government, as well as research materials related to the natural resources of the province. Many of the records pertain to the management of the forestry industry, and in particular, governmental relations with privately owned lumber, pulp, and paper companies. Other subjects include Williams’ relations with various provincial and federal government departments, and his work in conservancy and natural resources, including records of the Environment and Land Use Committee and the British Columbia Institute for Economic Policy Analysis.

Record types include correspondence, speeches, notes, reports, news-clippings, acts and bills, presentation materials, and records of individual energy and forestry companies.

Material regarding NASA

Series contains records pertaining to Jeanne Robinson's involvement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Material relates to her pursuit to enter space as a civilian astronaut and includes correspondence, application material and publicity.

Other writings

Series consists of drafts of book reviews, proposals, drafts, radio scripts, interviews, and other writings of Spider and Jeanne Robinson other than books and short stories.

Material on published and unpublished work

This series contains records of Kilian's writing career and process. This includes research and notes for books and articles, manuscripts, examples of early writing, and book proposals. Topics investigated in these writing processes include science fiction, creative writing and writing for the web, educational systems, and British Columbian history.

Subject Files

Series consists of correspondence, clippings, postcards, photographs, newsletters,
and other printed material on a variety of subjects primarily related to the
W.R.C.N.S. These subjects include administration, women and women's services,
files on persons, ships, uniforms, reports, the Royal Canadian Navy, publishers,
poems, prayers, various cities in Canada, and music.


Series consists of scrapbooks created by W.R.C.N.S. troops. The scrapbooks include photographs and clippings documenting the activities of the W.R.C.N.S.

Photographs and posters

Series consists of an album, and loose photographs depicting various ships, a recruiting display, W.R.C.N.S in the first Vancouver unit, W.R.C.N.S. reunions in Toronto and Vancouver, the H.M.C.S. Chippewa unit, and a W.R.C.N.S Anniversary banquet. Series also contains a W.R.C.N.S’ poster.


Series contains reports relating to the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Materials consist of reports from the Market Committee outlines shingles in Northwest and Eastern Canada, a copy of a paper by R. H. Alexander, net price information concerning the Prairie and Eastern Canadian markets, the development of forest policy in British Columbia, prices with shipping weights, and rail lists. Also included is a detailed report on lumber exports by product, lumber exports by species, distribution figures, and production in the post-war Canadian market. Also include are the annual reports of the activities of different BCLMA committees for each year.


Series consists of meeting minutes from the Company Comptroller Committee, the Executive Committee, the Queen Elizabeth Arboretum Committee, the Safety Committee, and the Traffic Committee.
The series is divided into five sub-series: Company Comptroller Committee, the Executive Committee, the Queen Elizabeth Arboretum Committee, the Safety Committee, and the Traffic Committee.


The series contains advertisements relating to the Consolidated Red Cedar and Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material consists of radio announcements advertising Red Cedar Shingles from British Columbia on CKMO and an excerpt from a radio program on Red Cedar Shingles.


Series contains records relating to committees in the Consolidated Red Cedar Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material consists of lists of committees under the CRCSA, list of committee members, and the association’s by-laws, which list the duties and responsibilities of the committees.


Series consists of meeting minutes related to the Consolidated Red Cedar Shingle Association of British Columbia committees. Material consists of ledger books with meeting minutes pasted inside, type and handwritten minutes.
Minutes are divided into three sub-series: Annual General Meetings, Annual General Meetings of Consolidated Shingles Mills of B.C., and Directors Meetings.


Series contains special projects conducted by the Consolidated Red Cedar Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material contains photographs of the re-shingling of the Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent’s home on Sussex drive in Ottawa and includes correspondence on the progress of the project and background information. Also included are correspondence, letters, reports relating to the use and the promotion of the Colt shingles by W.H. Colt Limited, correspondence with the Handsplit Mill Museum, information concerning the Los Angeles fires and their relationship to shingles, correspondence and inquiries into the re-roofing of St. Peter’s Church in England with B.C. shingles.


Series consists of personal and business letters to and from Blondal, including a number of rejection slips from potential publishers. The letters date primarily from the last decade of Blondal’s life and include a letter regarding the 1960 publication of Blondal’s novel A Candle to Light the Sun, received by Blondal’s husband, Harold, the year after her death. The letters have been arranged as incoming personal letters, incoming and outgoing business letters, and outgoing personal and business letters.


Files include letters sent to Frank Charnley from Viola, Annie and Lane Vlag, Nora Reardon-Parker, Evelyn Fleischman, Frances Christopherson, and copies of letters written by Charnley to various organizations regarding his scientific research and writing, to his daughter Frances, and to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Series is arranged primarily in alphabetical order by sender. Correspondence files also contain greeting cards and general correspondence from other family, friends, and organizations. Intermingled within a file of Father’s Day cards is a small notebook containing mathematical calculations.

Creative writing.

Series consists of unpublished manuscripts written by Frank Charnley including typescripts of three short stories, “St. Gamand Ridge”, “Clouds Over Zeda”, “The Magazines Reader Murder” and three poems, “The Immigrants”, “Confederation Blues” and “Poisson’s Law."

Miscellaneous records.

Series consists of miscellany collected by Frank Charnley including various brochures, publisher lists, constitution and by-laws of the Surrey Co-Operative Association, a bumper sticker, vehicle insurance records, scientific reports, and other miscellaneous items.

Addresses and speeches.

Series contains speeches and addresses related to the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of an address given by Mr. M.G. Robson to the Bankers Lecture Club of B.C. on Marketing Problems of the Lumber Industry of British Columbia, an address by H.R. MacMillan to the Vancouver Board of Trade, an address by J.H. McDonald on the work of the Lumber and shingle Manufacturers Association in British Columbia, a radio address on CKMO on the lumber industry in the world market, and a broadcast on the lumber industry during the depression.


Series contains briefs relating to the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of briefs on the pulp industry in British Columbia, Canadian freight rates, and customs tariff on lumber between the United States and Canada.


Series contains a directory of Western Forest used by the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of a directory book of lumber industry and forest products that provides general information on forestry as well as statistical information.

Interviews & Presentations

This series consists of interviews done by Kilian with Colin Gabelmann, an MLA from the Vancouver area. Issues discussed include women’s rights, social services and a day in the life of an MLA. The presentations are related to education, science fiction and technology.

Chairman files

Series consists of records which document Professor William A. Sloan, Department of History at Selkirk College, involvement as a member and secretary of the HAC and includes correspondence, memos, course calendars and minutes of meetings.

Secretary files

Series consists of records which document Professor William A. Sloan, Department of History at Selkirk College, involvement as a member and secretary of the HAC and includes correspondence, memos, course calendars and minutes of meetings.


Series consists of correspondence received and created by the Archaeological Society of British Columbia on various topics. The majority of the correspondence revolves around The Midden newsletter (called the ASBC Newsletter prior to 1970). The files contain correspondence concerning proposed or requested articles, subscriptions, and general inquiries. Additional correspondence relates to site visits, memos to members, site protection, lecture and event planning, requests for artifact materials and other general information about ASBC.

Visual art projects

Series consists of visual art objects (collages, sculptures etc.), preparatory notes and sketches, photographs of visual art objects, and publicity related to Coupland’s art installations. Documents, photographs and objects related to the visual art projects spanning Coupland's career from 1983 to 2012.

Some of the projects covered in this series include:

Collages (1997 – 2009)
The Canada Pcictures (2000)
Canada House (2003)
Paper Nests (2004)
Canoe Landing Park (2009)
War of 1812 Monument (2008)
Digital Orca (2010)
Douglas Coupland's In Dialogue with Emily Carr (2010)
Group of Seven paintings series (2010)
Canadian Firefighters Memorial (2012)

Litigation files.

This series documents the court cases of Gee v. Waplington, Gee v. Freeman, and Gee v. the IBEW as part of Gee’s attempts to be re-instated into the union. The series contains lawyers’ notes on evidence, memoranda, lists of jurors, affidavits of service, statements of claim, correspondence, defendant’s statements, and various other court documents.

Association involvement and general interest files

The materials included in the series are associated with Howard’s Brief to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in March 1968, involvement with the nuclear disarmament and peace movements, the West End Tenant’s Association, the Vancouver International Folkdancers, and with her interest in aural history. The series also include notes on members of the Malkin family and Ethel Wilson and notes and transcripts of various interviews with Mom’s Repairs. Irene Howard’s biographical material, such as CVs and lists of publications and talks, are also presented in the series.

Project files.

Series consists of project files related including material related to shingle and shake promotion project the Brügman BAU Exhibition in Germany. Records include correspondence, pamphlets, and brochures on shingles and shakes in Germany.
Photographs are of the Brügman exhibition stand at fair BAU in Munich. The exhibition stand is roughly 400 square meters. The fairs dominant feature was its Shingle and Shakes. Another photograph is of Mr. Ravens –British Columbia’s housing minister –standing before a totem pole.


Series contains reports relating to the Council of Forest Industries. Material consists of reports by the COFI president regarding different forestry related topics, a report entitled “Impact of Government on Industry Competitiveness, reports on forestry resources in B.C, a report on sustainable development and B.C. pulp and paper industry, and a document on Native land claims and their relationship with forestry, reports on the overseas markets and the forestry industry, a review on the Northern Interior Lumber sector, information and proceedings concerning the Forest Forever Campaign for Wood, reports to members and divisions of COFI, a short history of Cedar, reports on the shingle and shake program and its promotion overseas, and a CFS Technical Report.

Speeches and addresses.

Series contains remarks and speeches made by the president of COFI. Material consists of remarks made by Mike Apsey as President of COFI at the signing ceremony to launch the cooperative Industrial and Market Development Program.
Photographs include the signing of the $6.85 million agreement between the wood products industry and the B.C. Government. Included in the photo are Ted Cameron, hon. John Jansen, Hon. Frank Oberle and Mike Apsey.


Series consists of handwritten and typed novellas, short stories, plays, and book reviews relating to the various interests of Delafield. Novellas and short stories include The Favourite, Feats On The Fiord, Shop Window, Feats, Provincial Lay in Wartime, and Straw Without Bricks. Short stories include Soviet Without Comment, To Speak My Mind, and As Others Hear Us, as well as other various articles. Plays include No Fury, Thorny Diadem, and To See Ourselves. Book reviews include Men Have No Imagination, Anglo Francaise, Career, and Why Get Married? and numerous other articles. The series is arranged according to genre. The series also includes a subject file on Charlotte Yonge.

Lecture notes

Series consists of lecture notes on modern fiction, novel trends, writing techniques, books on war, Seattle Commune, minor Victorian novelists, children’s literature and more. It also includes activity lists, itinerary notes and article clippings that are related to Delafield’s lecture preparations.

Newspaper clippings

Series consists of newspaper clippings on various plays, short articles, book reviews written by or about Delafield. Also included are her obituaries. Memos accompany some clippings.

Outgoing letters

Series consists of outgoing correspondence related to the publication of Delafield’s works in Time & Tide magazine. Series includes six outgoing letters and two outgoing manuscript articles for publication. The letters are addressed to the staff of the magazine and to the editor. One of the manuscripts is entitled Notes on the Way, and the other is untitled.

Business and concert documents

Series consists of documentation related to concerts and business matters, including documents such as contracts and receipts for business expenses such as printing and photography; concert documents such as reviews, playbills and programs; and requests for songs sent to the sisters. Documents are arranged into files according to
the form of document and topic.


Series consists of field reports regarding plywood flooring, promotional meetings, report on market surveys, reports on specific projects, housing standards, contractors, engineering, and agriculture.


Series consists of the Softwood Lumber Agreement and a signed final copy of the Cooperative Overseas Market Development Project and Western Canada Agreement and a copy of the British Columbia Jobs and Timber Accord.

Hearing and legislation.

Series contains hearings, guidelines, and legislations related to forest industry issues. Material consists of forestry related legislation, hearing transcripts on US-Canada trade negotiations, on natural resource subsidies, regulations and guidelines on the US-Canadian Free Trade Agreement, Freedom of Information Act, Canada Treaty series, the Baucus Bill, and the Omnibus Trade Act, and others.

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