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Literary Works

Series consists of photostat copies of literary works by George Peele from the 1500s and a manuscript work by an unknown author in the late 1800s containing various excerpts and notes.
Title based on contents of series.


Photographs BC-2144-1 to BC-2144-147 depict locations and individuals in the early 20th century in the Vancouver lower mainland area and areas on Vancouver Island. Photographs depict members of the Wilkinson family and others.


Series consists of photographs of various canneries, cannery owners and employees in British Columbia, and a photograph of the 1920 Canadian Fisheries Association convention.
Title based on contents of series.


Records in this series include items of an ephemeral nature created and used during WWII, specifically at or relating to the Santo Tomas Internment Camp. Records include envelopes, sets of cards, examples of daily sanitary paper items, and temporary currency.

Personal and administrative records

Records include correspondence between Kujundzic and family, friends, other artists, and fans; curriculum vitae and biographical information; references, job applications, and promotion records; personal notes and writings to art organizations; travel and immigration documents; photographs; and posthumous administration records.

Personal and Professional Slides

This series consists of a photograph and many slides which were not in interfiled with Brown's other papers. The images consist predominantly of scenes from various parts of BC and the Yukon, as well as Brown's trips to Europe in the 1950s. A vast majority of the slides are stereoscopic, designed to produce a three-dimensional image when viewed through a special holder. Of these slides, the majority were processed by the View-Master company and are housed in the circular reels designed for View-Master viewers.

Journals and Writings

The series consists of Journals and personal writings based on practical, historical, and political concerns.


This series consists of letters delivered to a specific person or a group. Series includes printed letters, email, postcards, and telegrams.

By the Sea: An Alphabet Book - Production, Publication

This series consists of materials related to the production and publication of By the Sea: An Alphabet Book, including correspondence, draft illustrations, and information regarding the sale of the original materials. In 1986 Blades received the Elizabeth Mrazik Cleaver Canadian picture book award for By the Sea for the "best illustrated Canadian picture book in 1985." The manuscript and illustrations were sold to the National Library (now Library and Archives Canada) in Ottawa in 1987, but photocopies of these materials are included.

Discussion Series

Series contains textual records related to Lazara Press's <i>Discussion Series</i> publications. These publications are described on Lazara's website as being "a forum for provocative and challenging essays and speeches which address current issues of interest and concern". The series contains both drafts and final copies of each essay, as well as other records such as correspondence, contracts, distribution and cataloguing information, newspaper and magazine clippings, and court transcripts.


Series primarily consists of photographs and negatives related to past Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia (ICC of BC) events, photographs taken of Club executive, membership, and scholarship winners.

General photographs

Series consists of photographs not included in files. Includes photographs of Kogawa, her family and friends, trips to Japan and Hawaii, as well as photographs relating to her participation in various literary, cultural, and spiritual events, and awards and honours she has received. Letters and other documents found with photographs have been retained in a separate folder.

Original manuscript material

Series consists of original manuscript material, including letters, reports, and other documents, related to the early political, religious, and economic climate of Canada, and French Canada in particular. Includes letters and reports regarding the Red River and Riel Rebellions, and letters and other documents by or attributed to Jean Talon, Jean de Lamberville, Bishop La Croix de Saint-Vallier, Francis Maseres, Sir James Monlc, Colonel Charles-Michel de Salaberry, R. Desrivieres, Sir Wilfred Laurier, and Charles B. Rouleau.

Printed Material

Series consists of early printed material, including an engraving, an advertisement, a theater hand-bill, a military report, and a circular letter, related to social, military, and religious activities in early French Canada.

Britain and Europe

This series includes several 18th and 19th century legal documents with the autographs of British and other European political, military, and literary figures. There are indentures, letters, envelopes with addresses and signatures, introduction cards, news clippings, and records signed by royal figures. Also included are records relating to the First and Second World Wars, and the signatures of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), Lady Nancy Astor, and Sir Winston Churchill.

Printed material

Series consists of newspaper clippings, books, pamphlets, articles, and other items relating to Rev. Thomas Crosby and missionary work.

William McLennan

The series contains photographs, textual records, and original artwork spanning the period 1710-1904, predominantly 1880-1903, related to the personal lives and interests of William McLennan and his family, including interests in family and Canadian history. Additionally, a sub-series contains records related to William McLennan’s work as a writer from the 1880s-1903.

Materials include full and partial drafts of published and unpublished articles, short stories, novels, and non-fiction works; research and reference materials; incoming and outgoing correspondence; legal and official documents; collected historical materials and documents; notes; sketches and a sketchbook; journals; newspaper clippings and ephemera; photographs; and other materials. Notable correspondents include Gustavus George Stuart, Marion Paterson McLennan, William Durie McLennan, Edward William Thomson, Pemberton Paterson, John Stewart McLennan, Francis McLennan, Bartlett McLennan, Neil Stewart, Hugh McLennan, William Kingsford, and the Royal Society of Canada, among others. Legal and official documents include copies of wills, notarial exams, and a certification of graduation.

Collected historical materials include ephemeral materials such as plates of historical figures and plans of famous battle locations, as well as tracings of famous Canadian autographs, bookplates, and reproductions of historical documents. Many of the original historical documents are related to the McLennan and Stewart families, including correspondence, business and financial documents, and ephemera related to Neil Stewart (1793-1881) and legal and financial documents related to John McLennan (1789-1866). The historical documents related to John McLennan are primarily agreements for land sales in Glengarry County, Ontario, where McLennan was a conveyancer. Other historical documents do not appear to have any particular connection to the McLennan family but may have been collected out of general historical interest. These documents include correspondence, loan agreements, commissions, land grants, letters patent, and a journal / memoranda book. While many of the documents relate to individuals of limited historical importance, others are related to more notable historical subjects including François Desjordy Moreau de Cabanac, Sir John Johnson, Joseph-Maurice Lamothe, Francis Baby, Jenkins Williams, Herman Witsius Ryland, Pierre-Amable De Bonne, John Mure, William Bacheler Coltman, John Stewart, John Gray, and Thomas Dunn.

Maps and Sketches

Series consists of a view of the French fort at Beausejour, a view of the Point of Beausejour and Pointe a Roger, a plan of the Baffle of St. Charles during the 1837 rebellion, and a plan of the Great Quebec Fire.

Books and miscellaneous records

This series contains books, newspapers, photographs and other records from Orr’s collection that relate to his interest in history. The news clippings relate to the two world wars, and several records relate to the military in Canada and in Vancouver. The series also contains two pieces of Japanese paper fire and bomb balloon that landed in BC during the Second World War.

American records

This series contains records that Orr gathered as part of his interest in history. It contains 18th and 19th century letters and documents of American politicians, army officers, secretaries of state and senators, and prominent individuals in the US. There are also autographed documents relating to the early Presidents of the United States and Vice Presidents, army generals, soldiers and war commanders; congressmen and senators; Governors of State; prominent businessmen; and literary figures Nathaniel Hawthorne, Alice Cary, and James Lothrop Motley, and John Kendrick Bangs. Notably, the series contains records with the autographs of Eleanor Roosevelt, Alfred A. Weinstein, Sidney Franklin, US Presidents John Quincy Adams, William Henry Harrison, and James Wilkinson.

Miscellaneous manuscripts and letters

Series consists of miscellaneous manuscripts and letters, including an original manuscript titled Ben Thomas: Confessions of an Old First Lieutenantof the last Century, a manuscript translation of Pliny’s Epistle to Fuseus by Thomas Brown, a 1774 letter to William Nesbit from John Knight in defence of an outstanding debt charged against him, and a letter by Ralph Wilson (recipient unknown).

Additional accrual for Sherrington Fonds

These were unprocessed records within the fonds that may have been a later accrual added by Dr. William C. Gibson. Contains correspondence copied from the Yale Medical Library. Also contains copies of Sherrington articles from the Journal of Physiology. Original correspondence between Carr E.R. Sherrington and William Gibson are also in this series.

Marianne Belcher correspondence

Series consists of correspondence of Marianne Belcher, the mother of Edward Belcher, and is arranged in two sub-series: incoming correspondence and outgoing correspondence.


Series consists of letter to and from D.C. Coleman, a President of the Kettle Valley Railway Co. (KVRC), and Andrew McColloch, a General Superintendent (KVRC – Penticton, B.C.) concerning causes of derailments and construction of rail lines. Chinese labor and cabins are discussed in the letters between various employees of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. (CPR). There is also Thomas Daly’s’ Letter Press Book, which pertains to the building of C.P.R. lines in the 1880s. Daly was a Division Superintendent during this time period.

Photographs and slides

Series consists of photographs of Hopkins, her friends and family, her home on Galiano Island, as well as two of her ancestors--Margaret Howe Montgomery (1807-1877) and James Hume Greenfield (c. 1830). The slides are primarily of Ms. Hopkins' artwork, dating 1974, 1978, 1981 and 1982.

Frederick Griffin

The series contains textual records spanning approximately 1802-1895, which reflect Frederick Griffin’s occupation as a lawyer, particularly his position as a solicitor for the Bank of Montreal and his role as counsel for the plaintiffs in Pierre v. Gabriel S. Chouteau and Mary Charlotte v. Gabriel Chouteau, as well as his role as founder of the Canadian Loan Company. Materials include incoming correspondence and draft responses; various financial and legal documents; legal research notes and drafts of legal documents; memoranda; meeting minutes; land and property documents and surveyors reports; newspaper clippings and ephemera; and other documents. Legal and financial documents include bank deposit receipts; property tax assessments and receipts; promissory notes; powers of attorney; copies of historical legal documents; summaries of evidence; depositions; questionnaires from Pierre v. Gabriel S. Chouteau and Mary Charlotte v. Gabriel Chouteau; a copy of a judgement; procès-verbaux; releases of dower; extracts of burials; and a declaration of Tiers-Saisis. Legal research notes and drafts of legal documents include notes on legal precedent and timelines of case histories and drafts of motions, deeds, petitions, charters, opinions, among other documents. Much of the correspondence in the fonds is related to Griffin’s position as solicitor for the Bank of Montreal. Notable correspondents include F.W. Primrose, E.H. King, Lewis T. Drummond, Richard Bladworth Angus, George O'kill Stuart, Hewitt Bernard, Frédéric-Eugène Globensky, David James Greenshields, Ogilvy Moffat, Robert LeMoine, John Greenshields, Hew Ramsay, William Walker, William Rhodes, Henry John Noad, Andrew Balfour, Charles R. Ogden, Timothy Tyrell, Benjamin Holmes, William Badgley, Stewart Derbishire, Alexander J.P. Garesche, Alexander P. Field, David N. Hall, Richard Alexander Tucker, the office of the Governor General, Christopher Dunkin, James Reid, Samuel Gale, Jacques Viger, George Moffatt, Henry Starnes, William Robb, Louis Andre Ducheny, August Belmont, Robert Milroy, and Georges-Barthélemi Faribault, among others.


Series documents Thomas’ research into the folk songs and history of British Columbia. Material includes articles, lyrics, music sheets, photographs, and music catalogues. The series is arranged into the six following subseries: history, music, people, photographs, record catalogue, and song files.

Canadian provinces and politics

This series consists of correspondence Orr had with premiers of other provinces and mayors, as well as early 19th century records relating to the Canadian political landscape. There are records concerning the early Prime Ministers of Canada: John A. Macdonald, Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and Sir Robert Laird Borden. Later records are documents of Orr’s with autographs of prominent MLAs and MPs, Canadian politicians and lawyers, businessmen, soldiers and officers.

Alexander Brymer Belcher correspondence

Series consists of correspondence of Edward Belcher’s brother Alexander Brymer Belcher of London, England and is arranged in two sub-series: incoming correspondence and outgoing correspondence.

Lady Diana Belcher correspondence

Series consists of correspondence received by Edward Belcher’s wife, Lady Diana (nee Jolliffe), including letters regarding her social and charitable activities. Includes letters received from F. Beaufort, Susan D. Durant, W. Forsyth, John Gibson, Helena F. Martin, F.L. McClintock, and [James Prior].

Brymer Belcher records

Series consists of a document regarding the organisation of The Victoria Society, a society established in England to provide employment for impoverished women. The document lists Reverend Brymer Belcher, Edward
Belcher’s nephew, as President of the society.


Series is composed of photographs of William Hale White, William and Mary White, Molly Hale White, and William Hale White's cottage at Groomsbridge.

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