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Editorial Board Committee

The Editorial Board Committee is responsible for the production of the BCHNPPG newsletters. It was formerly called the Newsletter Committee.

Subseries consists of one folder of minutes, correspondence and other records. Subseries also includes the History of Nursing News quarterly publication from 1990-2022, and promotional materials for events organized by the BCHNS.

Pages of History

Pages of history is an informal way of peer recognition of B.C. nurses deemed to have made a significant contribution to their profession. Anyone could be nominated on payment of a fee.

Records consist of some correspondence and a brief biography and photograph of each person accepted. Many also have biographical files.

Included are: Dr. Beryl K.A. Albee, Barbara Joan Beatty, Ruth Biley, Betty Black, Vivian Mona Blake, Beverly Brewer, Muriel Ruth Brodie, Susan Mary Bruce, Anne S. Cavers, Helen (Betty) Cawston, Ada Mary Conibear, Sheila Copperthwaite, Margaret (Maggie) Diehl, Beverly Marie Witter DuGas, Margaret Duncan, Catherine Anne Ebbehoj, Jean Eilers, Joyce Fergusson, Barbara Gillies, Beryl Golds, Jean Kirstine Griffith, Jane Hassen Sister Mary Victor, Karen Louise Hicks, Dianna Jackson, Margaret Murray Jackson, Marilyn (Lyn) Jackson, Kathleen Gail Jensen, Gwen Kavanagh, Dorothy J. Kergin, Gertrude Richards Ladner, Catherine (Kay) Leask, Clara Lim, Verna L. Lister, Dorothy Byers Logan, Jean Loy, C. Elsie Irene MacDonald, Nancy Lisbeth Malloy, Mary McGovern. Ethel Moorehouse, Esther Paulson, Jessie May Reynolds, Laura Reynolds, Mary L. Richmond, Nana Rogerson, RCH School of Nursing, Nina Rumen, Ruby Siemens, Helen L. Jill Thompson Boudreau, Victoria Louise Tribbeck, VGH School of Nursing, Violet Wait, Ethel Warbinek, Winifred C. Waters, Eva “Billie” Williamson, Carol Lenore Winter, Alma L.B. Witter, Alice Lillian Wright, Sheila Rankin Zerr, Glennis Zilm. Edith Landell Lees, Gloria Stephens, Elizabeth Turner, Dianne Haigh, Mary (Molly) Richards Sarvela, Sylvia (Sally) Lazaruk, Gertrude “Billie” Wiltshire, Fran Gaudreau, Frances Jean Cannon, Monica Frith Green, Jane Lambe, Dorothy May Ladner, Andrea Borsch, Nursing Sister Merle A. (Kerr) MacKay, M. Ferne Trout, Joanne M. Foreman, Mary Winn (Gillespie), Faye Meruser, Ellen Claire Schrodt, Lenore Radom, Donna Fay (Barker) Gordon.

Photo collection

This series consists of approximately 500 prints and photos of immigrants and their institutions in U.S. and Canada. There is an index list with names, when available, that accompanies this series.

Pieces by Schlesinger subseries

Sub-series consists of written work by Schlesinger, in the form of clippings, periodicals, website printouts, and manuscripts.
Includes a print-out copy of Schlesinger’s Globe & Mail obituary for his wife, Myra Eileen (Mike) Schlesinger.

Oral History Committee

The Oral History Committee was established in 1981 on the 75th anniversary of the RNABC. Its goal was to capture past and present stories and activities of nurses of the province, and to document the development of nursing. About 1987 the Oral History group was brought under the History group, first as a gesture, then formalized as a full committee of the BCHNG about 1992.

Subseries consists of administrative and operational records of the committee. Includes blank copies of interview forms and consent forms. Various photocopies of published articles written from interviews are included. DVD contains recorded interviews with various individuals in 2010.

Pocket guide for HIV+ women

The sub-series contains records related to Pocket Guide for Women Living with HIV/AIDS project. The pocket guide for women living with HIV was designed as a basic resource tool for women newly diagnosed with HIV. It was developed in consultation with HIV positive women, community AIDS workers, other social services providers and a literacy consultant. The result was a pocket sized (4 ½’ x 6”) folder with information sheets covering questions such as What is HIV? How does Hepatitis C affect HIV? PWN produced both a British Columbia edition, and a national edition in English and French.

Record types in the sub-series include project reports, letters of support for the project, financial records, requests for funding, layout of the pocket guides and timelines.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's family.

These records include correspondence with family members, invitations for family events, and papers related to Stella Manson's estate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recorder, and Committee Chairs. Positions carry two year terms.

Subseries consists of records including the Group’s constitution and by-laws; minutes of executive committee meetings and related documents, correspondence, and reports from committees.

BCNDP Associations, Committees and Advocacy

Sub-series documents Pratt’s membership in the BCNDP prior to and following her time as Party President (1992-1996). Earlier records from the BCNDP Membership/Involvement subseries relate to Pratt’s roles in the Burnaby-Willington NDP Constituency Association (1986-1989), Campaign Manager for Joan Sawicki (1991-1994), Women’s Rights Committees and the SEPC Platform Committee for the 1991 election. Sub-series contains materials from various conventions attended by Pratt, where she served as debate moderator, session chair and on balloting committees. Records also related to Pratt’s role on the Provincial Council 2000-2001 and her involvement in several campaigns. Record types include policies, constitutions, convention minutes, agendas, proceedings and notes, newspaper clippings, committee records, reports, correspondence, a videocassette, campaign banner and buttons, and notes.

Pratt, Patrice

Drama subseries

Subseries include manuscripts/typescripts, correspondence, notes, and research materials, including interviews, photographs, press clippings and ephemera related to Hunter’s various produced and unproduced television projects.

Archives Committee

The Archives, Artifacts, and Assorted Articles Committee of the BCHNPPG was formed ca. 1992 in order to accommodate artifacts and articles donated by individual nurses. In about 1993 or 1994, under co-chairs Brenda Flynn and Beverly Du Gas, the Committee became conscious of the need to preserve the group’s own records. The name of the committee was changed to the Archives Committee in 1996.

Subseries consists of committee records, including terms of reference and minutes of the Archives, Artifacts and Assorted Articles Committee, and records related to the development of the Group’s policies and procedures regarding archival material.

Conferences and Photographs

Subseries consists of records and graphic material relating to conferences and displays. Materials relating to the International History of Nursing Conference hosted in Vancouver, 1997 are included. Extensive photographs and textual materials document the many displays prepared and presented by the BCHNS.

Projects subseries

Subseries includes screenplays, drafts, correspondence, contract agreements, publications, interviews, reviews, press articles, films, and other ephemera associated with produced and un-produced feature film projects. Some projects were co-written with others, and others were written under a pseudonym.

Art O'Keeffe papers

The subseries contains materials collected by Art O’Keeffe, former business manager of the IBEW Local 213, including correspondence and legal documentation regarding his suspension from the union following the Lenkurt strike in 1966. Also contains newspaper clippings and court case summaries, some of which may have been added later by Ian McDonald.

O’Keeffe, Art, b. 1918

Nursing in the North

Sheila Zerr examines past and present experiences and challenges of northern nurses from the 1920s to the 1990s. These articles demonstrate the evolving role of the nurse in northern Canada from the 1920s to the present day.

Madeline Harrower Collection

Records of and relating to Madeline Harrower (1867-1891), who served as a nursing sister during the Boer War and World War I, were retrieved by a dumpster diver in Kerrisdale, Vancouver in 2000. Many of these were later sold at auction. Lois Blais subsequently engaged in a research review of this collection. Harrower was born in Australia and moved to Vancouver in the late 1940s.

Subseries consists of material related to Blais’ unfinished research into the historical significance of Madeline Harrower.

Ephemera and memorabilia

Sub-series contains announcements and invitations to literary and cultural events, plaques that Miki was awarded for his literary and political work, a t-shirt and posters advertising Miki’s 1960's rock and roll band Roy Miki and the Downbeats, two t-shirts and buttons advertising the redress movement, broadsheets with poems by Miki and one from the BC Heritage poetry festival which Miki compiled, posters announcing events that Miki participated in and advertising his publications, and two copies of a certificate from the Government of Canada officially acknowledging the redress settlement. Also contains audio discs Miki felt important to include with his work, as well as DVDs that include Miki in some way.

Publications and projects

Subseries contains publications published by Western Forest Products and its predecessors, mostly originating from MacMillan Bloedel. The majority of the material dates from the 1990s, and includes annual reports, internal updates, and publicity material.


Sub-series consists of published copies of chapbooks, monographs, journals, and conference proceedings that Miki wrote, co-wrote, edited, co-edited, and contributed to. Volumes are arranged chronologically according to date of publication except for poetry chapbooks which are located at the beginning of the sub-series.

Minutes, newsletters and reports.

Sub-series documents the administrative activities of TRAS. Files contain minutes of meetings, newsletters, reports on visits to India, and other general material such as clippings, correspondence, and newsletters from other organizations.

Memorial Book Nominations Committee

Subseries consists of material concerning an historical record that honours deceased RNABC members who deserve recognition for their contribution to nursing in British Columbia. Records include criteria for nominations and information on names submitted.

Scholarship Committee

The B.C. History of Nursing Scholarship fund was established to provide financial support to nurses registered within B.C. who are pursuing studies in the History of Nursing, or who are carrying out a history of nursing project.

Subseries includes correspondence, scholarship application forms, application materials, the scholarship trust document, minutes, reports and other records pertaining to the selection of Nursing History Scholarship recipients.

Manuscripts: essays, poems, and presentations

Sub-series consists of drafts of essays, poems, and lectures that Miki wrote. The essays and lectures included in this sub-series are predominantly works of literary criticism related to Canadian poetry and political commentary and analysis on social and cultural issues related to race, racism, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian redress movement. The sub-series also contains essays Miki wrote as a graduate student, a file of drafts related to an issue of the journal Estuaire which Miki guest edited, and reviews by Miki of works by other authors.

General events

Subseries consists of correspondence, programs, articles, draft speeches, speaking notes, press clippings, posters, photographs, and slides relating to Miki’s attendance and participation in literary and cultural conferences, panels, talks, and other local, national and international events. The majority of these cultural events concern racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian experience. The subseries also includes a photo album documenting Miki’s participation on the Canada Council’s Racial Equity Committee, the 1997 book launch of Roy Kiyooka’s Pacific Windows (edited by Miki), Miki’s 2003 trip to Japan with Hiromi Goto, Miki’s 2003 trip to Berlin with Glen Lowery to present a paper at the Free University of Berlin conference on multiculturalism, Miki’s 1999 trip to Australia with Ashok Mathur, Miki’s trip to the Alberta badlands with Scott McFarland for the Race/Pedagogy retreat, Miki’s 2000 Australia trip with a group of Canadian authors (including Ashok Mathur, Aruna Srivastava, Rajinder Pal, Hiromi Goto, Rita Wong, Larissa Lai, and Tamai Kobayashi), and Miki’s 2001 trip to Calgary for an exhibit curated by Harry Kiyooka.

The subseries includes slides used in a performance of “This is Munal Kitagowa” at Expo ’86 and a painting presented to Miki as a thank you gift for speaking as aguest writer for the “American Odysseys: Literary Explorations of Historic and Current Events in the Multicultural Americas” at Utah State University in 2008.

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