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[Unknown] (Authorized heading) Buildings
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Moro Island, Toboga

Title refers to Tabago Island, Panama. Caption continues: "Storehouses of the PSNC and the scene of the attack by the crew of Zealous when on leave, upon the inhabitant of Tobago, when the Alcade was killed by a stone passing between the quarrelling parties."

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

Royal Cariboo Hospital, Barkerville, B .C.

The Royal Cariboo Hospital was built in 1863 and it burnt down in 1936. Photograph is a reproduction of a photograph originally taken after between 1900 and 1936. The stamp on the back of the photograph indicates it was most likely copied from the B.C. Provincial Archives.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

[Elevated log structure]

View of a small log structure that is elevated off the ground with other log structures next to it. The photograph may be a reproduction of a photograph taken at an earlier date. The log structures may be part of the Yukon Telegraph Line station near Atlin, B.C.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

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