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Doug Cox research materials

Series consists of Doug Cox’s collecting activity carried out in support of his writing. Points of origin are predominantly the southern interior of British Columbia. Collections acquired are primarily composed of photographic material, secondarily of textual material, with interviews and associated transcripts created to correspond with the main locations and activities of the collection. Contents depict and describe a variety of scenes and settings, primarily concerning industry and infrastructure, family life, city scenes, and landscapes during the first half of the twentieth century. Many photocopies of images exist with annotations by original donor identifying human subjects, their relationships, and their locations.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Series consists of records generated by the business activities Stanley M. Simpson, the corporation he founded (S.M.S. Ltd) and its various subsidiaries between 1906 and 1965, when S.M.S. Ltd. was purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd.
Series documents the operations of several sawmills and wood manufacturing plants, forestry harvesting operations, and retail outlets owned by S.M.S. Ltd. operating throughout the Central Okanagan, predominantly during the mid twentieth century.
Series includes an extensive collection of artifacts, robust photographic record, and company records.
Series descriptions within this sous fonds continue at 2.1.2.

S.M. Simpson Ltd.

Photographs series

The series consists of 16 negatives, 57 photographs, and 2 slides and include portrait shots of H. Peter Oberlander by the University of British Columbia and other photographs collected by H. Peter Oberlander. Physical photographs are catalogued as part of the photograph under series UBC 139.1. There are also digital-born photographs acquired on a CD. These are currently being reviewed; further information is pending.

Non-textual materials series

The series consists of audiovisual materials and digital-born materials featuring H. Peter Oberlander or regarding projects he was involved in during his career. The microfilm is included in box 37.

Cooke / Pulpit Publications series

Series consists of materials documenting Spaulding's long-term project to correlate the entries in the two volumes of The Preacher's Assistant (1783) by the Rev. John Cooke using computer technology and includes notes, correspondence, published articles, drafts (both handwritten and typescript), computer codes, and computer printouts (bound and unbound). It is arranged in the sub-series Correspondence, Provenance Studies, General Notes, Drafts and Printouts, and Bound Computer Printouts.
The physical arrangement is partially based on Spaulding's original file organization and otherwise in chronological order. Many original folders have essential supporting information, presumably written by Spaulding.

Family series

Series consists of personal and family documentation such as birth and marriage certificates, transcripts, copies of articles and some collected newspaper reports.

Teaching series

Series consists of notes for lectures and seminars given in various classes, continuing education, and conferences; course materials, papers from colleagues and students; and documentation related to Norris’ role on multiple committees and boards within UBC and as the Director of the Department of the History of Medicine and Science.

Organizations and Associations series

The series consists of forms, pamphlets, applications, conference proceedings, notes, note-cards and certificates relating to the various organizations and associations that Joy Coghill was a member of or contributed to in some way, notably Western Gold Society and Holiday Theatre / Playhouse Theatre.

Public Record Office series

Series consists of textual records relating to Ralston’s Canada Council-funded leave to conduct research at the Public Records Office in London, UK, and includes correspondence and written notes.

Personal series

Series consists of textual records relating to Ralston’s personal life and interests and includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and minutes.

Other Writings series

The series consists of handwritten and typewritten manuscripts by Chong, many of which are untitled, undated, or otherwise unidentified. Some of them date to his years in high school and university.

Vancouver Public Library series

Series consists of documents relating to the duties and activities of the Vancouver Public Library Board of Trustees. Kevin Chong served as a VPL trustee for two years (2003-04).

UBC series

Series consists of materials documenting Chong’s time as a student at the University of British Columbia and includes correspondence, course materials, written assignments, and published materials.

Columbia University series

Series consists of materials that document Chong’s time in the creative writing programme at Columbia University and includes correspondence and course materials.

Publishing series

Series consists of materials documenting Kevin Chong’s relationships in the publishing industry and includes correspondence, agreements, publishers’ catalogues, annotated off-prints, and readers’ reports.

Other Publications series

Series consists of published materials that Kevin Chong collected based on his interest and involvement in the Vancouver alternative music and literary scenes and includes magazines, zines (self-published items), posters, and other published materials.

Genealogical work series

Series includes a bound, five-volume set of Dr. Lowe’s memoirs along with a bound single-volume history of the Burpee family by Isaac Burpee. It also includes correspondence (copies and originals) and other genealogical records.

Community Service Learning and Community Based Research series

Series consists of records documenting the programmes administered by the Learning Exchange, incorporating the principles of Community Service Learning and Community Based Research. Records include correspondence, reports, minutes, budgets and related financial records, written notes, and published items. Files are arranged in alphabetical order.

Research Materials/Articles series

Series consists of materials used for research or articles. Series also contains materials from Morehart’s research and assignments as a student. Materials include handwritten and typed notes, copies of published materials, sketches/drawings, correspondence related to research, journals, and drafts of work.

Teaching/Lecture Materials series

Series consists of materials, organized typically by class or subject of a lecture, used for teaching. Materials include handwritten notes, typed papers, published materials, and copies of published materials such as articles and drawings.

TRIUMF Projects, Notes and Research series

This series consists of TRIUMF project documentation and planning other than the Kaon Factory accelerator. It includes handwritten research notes, research on planned projects, numbers generated by projects, and related records. Projects include FFAG, Courier, ISAC facilities for rare isotope beams (particularly EMMA), and other cyclotron-related experiments.

Legal Decisions series

Series consists of written legal decisions that Nemetz made as a judge. The majority are judicial decisions and opinions from court proceedings, but there are a few arbitration decisions and one procedural report. Textual documents are ordered in Nemetz’s original filing order.

Experiential Science Project series

This series of books was produced as part of a contract with the Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture, and Employment. PEP won the contract through an open proposal process. The series includes three student books and three teacher resource books for grades 10, 11, and 12. Work began on the series in 2006 and carried on into 2012. Experts in the field were brought in to review the content of the books, and First Nations Elders were also included in the project.

Series consists of the Experiential Science series documentation and includes book proposals, minutes, drafts, editorial notes and reports, and correspondence. It is arranged in subseries based on the book title.

National Contexts for Mathematics and Science Education series

This encyclopedia was published by PEP in 1997. Similar to the TIMSS book discussed above, it includes a chapter for each country involved, and each of those chapters was written by a person or persons from that country. The book focuses on the educational systems of each participating country. Series consists of drafts of the work.

B.C. First Nations Studies Project series

This series was published in 2003 and consists of one student book and a teacher resource book. They were created for the British Columbia Ministry of Education for high school students in British Columbia. The student book has been noted as a ground-breaking textbook on the subject. Unfortunately, very few of the records for this project have survived. What has survived is the teacher resource book, though some student book records are included. Series consists of drafts, correspondence, and reviews of the books.

Echoes of the Holocaust series

This book was published by PEP in 2007. It appears that nearly all the chapters were previously published as articles in other publications, based on the fact that the “original manuscript” is a collection of these articles with hand-written page numbers. Series consists of drafts, reviews, and correspondence.

Blessed with Bilingual Brains series

This book was published in 1988. It aims to point out what is working and what needs improvement in the education of immigrant children in Canada. It was most likely intended for use in teacher education courses or teachers already in a classroom. Series consists of drafts, editorial notes, and correspondence.

Teaching to Wonder series

The book was published in 1997. It is “an exploration of the ways in which contemporary literary theory can underpin an inviting secondary school poetry program” and was intended for both practicing teachers and education students.
Series consists of a draft.

Home Economics Now series

This book was published by PEP in 2004. It originated as a series of papers presented at the Vaines Symposium at the University of British Columbia in September 2003. The book was intended for education students and for practicing home economics teachers.
Series consists of correspondence and reviews.

Canada AM and “701” series

Series includes materials related to Saltzman’s involvement as co-host of Canada AM and the cancellation of the show “701” (formerly Tabloid.) Materials include handwritten notes on guests, fan mail, clippings, and scripts.

Meteorology Material series

Series includes materials collected by Saltzman regarding meteorology and other weather-related interests. Series includes publications, historical weather material, correspondence, and photographs.

Order of Canada series

Series includes materials related to Saltzman’s receipt of the Oder of Canada in 2003. Includes correspondence, brochures and testimonials.

Audiovisual series

Series consists of VHS tapes, U-Matic, and audiocassette tapes collected by Saltzman usually feature him in some capacity. The letter was included with audiocassette tape XX, “Interview with Len Scher ‘Intermarriage’ 1992.” Some of the audiovisual materials are not dated.

Alphabetical Subject Files series

Series consists of records documenting Richard Mattessich’s personal and professional life and includes correspondence, copies of publications, published materials, and notes. It is based on an alphabetical filing system that Mattessich used for at least part of his career and was reconstructed based on the order of the files when the Archives acquired them.

Research Materials series

The series consists of materials collected or acquired by Mattessich as part of his research and includes copies of articles written by other authors. Items in this series constitute a sample from all such materials originally acquired as part of the fonds. The criteria for retention were that the items illustrated the scope of Mattessich’s research interests, that they were filed and organized rather than left loose, and that they were annotated by Mattessich, indicating that they were read and actively contemplated during his research and writing processes.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographs of Richard Mattessich at various events, particularly UBC-related events and the occasion of receiving his honorary degree from Universidad Complutense in Spain.

Photographs are stored separately and listed in the UBC Archives’ photograph holdings as UBC 193.1.

Dean’s Office – Historical series

Series consists of records which document the programmes and activities of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration from the perspective of the Dean’s Office and includes correspondence, reports, and minutes. It is arranged primarily by the file numbers assigned by the original office filing system, with several related, non-numbered files included at the end of the series.

Dean’s Office – Michael Goldberg Correspondence series

Series consists of Dean’s Office records created primarily during the tenure of Dean Michael Goldberg (1991-1997) and document the Faculty’s activities and interests during that period, including correspondence, reports, and published materials. It is arranged primarily by the file numbers assigned by the original office filing system, with several related, non-numbered files included at the end of the series. In addition, some records were stored loose, organized, and placed in folders based on file numbers written on the records by the originating office.

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