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Simonides 521: signed broadside

Broadside was illustrated by Charles, with a translation of a piece by the Greek lyric poet Simonides done by Danielle S. Allen. The broadside was printed by Susan M. Allen at the Oldtown Press in Los Angeles. On the bottom of the broadside is printed "Joint Meeting, Zamorano & Roxburghe Clubs, October 2008."

John Oliver Willyams Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of a sketchbook of drawings (the 1820s - 1880s), travel logs and sketches of two trips (1886, 1887) and a bust of Hugh R. Haweis as a boy by J.O.W. Haweis (n.d.).

Haweis, John O.W.

Photograph series

The Haweis family photographs consist of over 1,250 black and white photoprints and negatives contained in albums, portfolios, diaries, and individual items. They cover two main subject areas: the life and times of Reverend Hugh R. Haweis and his wife, Mary Eliza Haweis, and the lives of their children, Lionel, predominantly and Hugolin and Stephen. The earlier photographs, dating back to the 1860s and 1870s, consist mainly of professional portraits of family and friends and travel views of England, Germany and Italy. Most of the photographs in this period are albumen carte-de-visites and cabinet cards. The pictures dating from the turn of the century to the 1940s revolve around Lionel's interests and those of his daughter Renee. In addition, there are professionally taken photographs by Lionel and Hugolin of friends and family and landscapes, art photographs by Lionel, and snapshots of friends.

The four albums of photographs in the H.R. and M.E.J. Haweis series will be of particular interest to social historians and those interested in the history of photography as they exemplify the social conventions of the time and the conventions in picture-taking of the second half of the nineteenth century. There are also many examples of early photographic processes. Researchers of art photography should look at the Portrait and View Portfolio in the Lionel Haweis Family sub-series, as well as his portraits of his daughter. This latter also contains 60 glass plate negative views of Stanley Park, 1912 (Boxes 17-19), which will be helpful to researchers of early Vancouver views. These photographs from Lionel Haweis' Rosetti Studios have been digitized and are available for viewing online.

The photographs in this collection have been arranged into four sub-series according to the name of the creator/collector of the pictures. This mirrors the arrangement of the manuscript materials in the Haweis family papers that have already been processed and relate the photographs to the family member and their papers which the photographs amplify and, in some cases, illustrate. The first sub-series, H.R. and M.E.J. Haweis cover 1860-1900. The photos concern all the family members, including the grandparents and the children, Lionel, Hugolin and Stephen Haweis, before the turn of the century. The second sub-series, Lionel Haweis' family, includes all those photographs taken and collected by Lionel and his daughter, Renee, between 1900 and 1940. The third and fourth sub-series, Hugolin Haweis and Stephen Haweis, which are small series, contain photographs between 1890 and 1940.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographs taken and collected by the Bollert family over the years. Many photographs are portraits of the immediate family of Mary Bollert. The series includes candid shots taken on vacation or at family gatherings and photographs in three separate albums.

Literary Works

Series consists of photostat copies of literary works by George Peele from the 1500s and a manuscript work by an unknown author in the late 1800s containing various excerpts and notes.
Title based on contents of series.

Historical mining research collection

Subseries consists of collected materials with pertinence to the mining industry in the late 19th and early 20th century in the Kootenay, Boundary, and Similkameen regions of British Columbia.
Includes collected photographs, clippings, government publications, maps (mineral claims) and textual records.

B.C. History of Nursing Society fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1831
  • Fonds
  • [189-]-2022

The fonds consists of 22.89 m of textual records, ca. 2650 photographs and extensive audiovisual materials created and/or accumulated by the British Columbia History of Nursing Society (BCHNS). The BCHNS Archives established and organized records into broad groups: fonds/subfonds, collections, biographical files, oral histories and miscellaneous materials. These categories of records have been arranged as subfonds and series under the BCHNS fonds.

Materials related to the society include records created by the group in the course of its administrative activities, and accumulated in its function of preserving material related to the history of nursing in British Columbia and elsewhere. Much of the material has a historical value, both in regard to B.C. nursing, and farther afield. A brief history of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia is included. While there are some earlier records, most date from 1985 to 2012. The records of several committees that made annual reports to the BCHNPPG are included. For example, the Oral History Committee was established in 1981 to document the development of nursing and to capture some of the stories and activities of B.C. nurses. The Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection committee was established in 1990 to raise money for the History of Nursing Scholarship fund and to provide a lasting visual memorial for a friend or family member. Histories of hospitals and individuals are also documented. Events, programs and displays are documented through graphic, audio and textual material. Reference material includes newsletters, records related to Florence Nightingale and the roles played by nurses in war. Postcards and other historical materials more generally related to nursing are also included. Fundraising initiatives, and financial records are also included along with membership information and activities.

Records not related to the formation and ongoing functions of the B.C. History of Nursing Society are divided into 35 subfonds. While the subfonds do not generally relate to specific functions of the BCHNS, they all contribute to a general understanding of individuals and groups of nurses who have contributed to the development of nursing in British Columbia. Many individuals are represented in more than one area of the larger fonds.

The original collections consist of 5.6 m of textual records and graphic materials, audiovisual material and an extensive reference library. The textual records include a comprehensive collection of UBC student cards from 1921 to 1994, several diplomas and certificates, and conference related materials. Records from the Kootenay Lake Hospital, the Kelowna General Hospital and the Prince Rupert General Hospital consist of nursing manuals, training schedules and ledgers. Extensive photographs document historical and educational displays prepared and presented by the BCHNS. Many audiovisual materials contain records created by the Society or provide general reference information. The reference library contains books concentrating primarily on B.C nursing and will be catalogued and made available separately.

Biographical files consist of 2.4 m of textual records and ca. 382 photographs related to nurses who have made significant contributions to their profession in British Columbia. Files include records related to the person’s life and career, photographs, copies of publications, memories and biographical information and other records relating to nursing activities in B.C. An item level contents list is located at the front of each file. A full index of the files, which includes a brief biography of each subject and the file contents is available in RBSC-ARC-1831-102-15.

The oral histories consists of recordings on ca. 320 audio cassettes, 72 CDs and related textual records. These interviews date from 1987 to 2013 and are arranged alphabetically by the subject’s last name. Many interviews exist in multiple formats or have multiple cassettes and/or CDs. A small portion of interviews of high quality and enduring interest have been copied to MP3 format, these materials will be made available upon request. Hard copy summaries are arranged alphabetically in this series. A detailed index of all the oral histories is located in RBSC-ARC-1831-013-13, which includes interviewer and interviewee names, topics discussed, date of recording and other relevant information.

The original 34 subfonds have been retained and arranged as such under the BCHNS fonds. A 2022 accrual added the Richmond-Delta Professional Practice Group subfonds. Records of the society are arranged in the following series:

  1. Formation of the BCHNPPG
  2. Annual General Membership Meeting files
  3. Committee records
  4. BCHNPPG chapter groups
  5. Events, programs and displays
  6. BCHNPG fundraising
  7. History of the RNABC and its membership
  8. RNABC
  9. Published and reference material
  10. Artifacts
  11. Financial records
  12. [Original Collections]
  13. [Biographical Files]
  14. [Oral Histories]
  15. [Artifacts]

British Columbia History of Nursing Society

Penticton Indian Band collection

The Okanagan Syilx People have lived in the lands stewarded by the Penticton Indian Band since time immemorial, well before the onset of European settlement in the region. Today the Band is a member of the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Subseries consists primarily of photographs and associated interpretive notes, captions, and other materials.

Inkameep/Osoyoos Indian Band collection

The Okanagan Syilx People have lived in the lands (Osoyoos, Oliver) stewarded by the Osoyoos Indian Band since time immemorial, well before the onset of European settlement in the region. Today the Band is a member of the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Consists primarily of photographs and associated interpretive notes, captions, and other materials.

[Biographical Files]

Series consists of 2.4 m of textual records and graphic material related to nurses who have made significant contributions to their profession in British Columbia. They include records related to the person's life and career, photographs, copies of publications, memories and biographical information and other records related to nursing activities in B.C. A brief biography of each subject is included.

An item level description of file contents is located at the front of each file. A full index of all files created by the B.C. History of Nursing Society Archives with biographies, contents list and additional information is available, located in RBSC-ARC-1831-102-15.

Files are arranged alphabetically by individual's last name.

Family portraits

Photographs BC-2144-128 to BC-2144-136 depict members of the Wilkinson family and other individuals in portrait and casual settings.

Private Correspondence sub-series

The sub-series consists of correspondence from MacKenzie's childhood through 1978. The correspondents in this series fall into two groups: relatives and close, personal friends. Consequently, the tone of the series differs considerably from that of the Main Correspondence sub-series. MacKenzie made this distinction himself as most of these letters were kept in bundles or boxes, separate from the Main Series. While there are a few letters from the 1890s and 1900s, the central part of this series begins after 1920. The materials are primarily handwritten letters to MacKenzie, although, for later years, there is the occasional typewritten copy of MacKenzie's reply.
The correspondence is arranged alphabetically and then chronologically. Each person's name is followed by nicknames and, where applicable, their relationship to MacKenzie.
Box 241 primarily contains MacKenzie's outgoing correspondence from World War I to family and friends. Some later outgoing correspondence, mainly to MacKenzie's family, is also included in box 241. Box 242 contains a small amount of correspondence with Marge MacKenzie.

Family photographs

Series consists of photographs taken by and of the Whitham and Zoellner family members. Photographs depict subjects such as Dorothy Whitham-Zoellner and family, J.G. Whitham, George Leonard Zoellner and Blanche Hart, J.D. Whitham and Florence Bartlett Clements, and some unidentified portraits. Other photographs show various scenic locations around the Okanagan. Some photographs have been pasted onto pages and have not yet been separated.

Gold dust publication records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the publishing of Howard's book, <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt</i>. Records include correspondence between Howard and Between the Lines Publishing House, chapter drafts and revisions, manuscripts, contracts, submission letters and rejections, book reviews, and promotional materials. The photographs in this subseries are images used in the book.

Geoffrey Riddehough fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1272
  • Fonds
  • [190-]-1994

Fonds consists of a variety of materials, but the focus is on the literary works of Geoffrey Riddehough and includes drafts, manuscripts, and publications of his poetry and short stories. The fonds also contains a number of academic essays, research materials on Joseph of Exeter, and papers that Riddehough presented to various groups. There is also correspondence of both a professional and personal nature. Fonds consists of 3 sous‐fonds and 14 series: Pegeen Brennan sous‐fonds, Lemuel Robertson sous‐fonds, Doreen Nalos sous‐fonds, Murray and Marian Cowie sous‐fonds, Personal Information series, Published Materials series, Manuscripts and Unpublished Materials series, Assorted Poems: Miscellaneous series, Assorted Short Stories: Miscellaneous series, Lecture Notes and Papers Presented series, Joseph of Exeter Research Materials series, Coursework series, Notebooks and Scrapbooks series, Diaries series, Expense Ledgers / Accounts series, Correspondence series, Photographs series, and Miscellaneous series.

Riddehough, Geoffrey B.


An album containing photographs BC-2144-1 to BC-2144-107 depicting locations and individuals in the early 20th century. Noted locations include Sproat Lake Falls near Alberni, BC, Poet Nook, Barclay Sound on Vancouver Island, BC, Mount Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island, BC, Victoria Quay on Vancouver Island, BC and many of Alberni, BC.


Photographs BC-2144-1 to BC-2144-147 depict locations and individuals in the early 20th century in the Vancouver lower mainland area and areas on Vancouver Island. Photographs depict members of the Wilkinson family and others.

Kenneth F. Argue fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1256
  • Fonds
  • [190-?]-1989

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports, teaching materials, notes and manuscripts for speeches, and publications acquired by Kenneth Argue in his professional career, personal papers, clippings, and photographs. The photographs are of family members, and friends and colleagues from outside UBC. The materials are arranged in the following series: Publications and Speeches, Course Materials, Personal Papers, and Photographs.

Argue, Kenneth F.

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