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Series consists of financial statements, convention documents leaflets and correspondence from the Vancouver during the 1970s. This series also contains records of the 1973 “Canadian Administration” convention held at Simon Fraser University and the Vancouver IWW musician’s local.

A Candle for Christmas-Production and Reviews.

Series consists of sketches, drawings and watercolour paintings related to the production of <i>A Candle for Christmas</i>, including 16 watercolour paintings used for the book. Also included are correspondence and notes regarding the production of the book, royalty documents and clippings and correspondence regarding reviews of the book.

A Dog Came, Too-Production, Reviews and Publicity.

Series contains a contract, a storyboard, a trade catalogue, a map, a periodical, sketches, drawings, paintings, preparatory manuscripts, correspondence, notes, clippings, research materials, reviews and royalty statements related to the production and sale of the book, <i>A Dog Came, Too</i>. Some oversized materials are housed in a separate container; please see the file list for further detail.

A Memoir of Friendship materials

The series contains materials related to the publication of “A Memoir of Friendship: The Letters Between Carol Shields & Blanche Howard,” edited by Blanche Howard and her daughter Allison Howard. The series includes photocopies of original correspondence between Howard and Shields, some of which was provided by the archives of the National Library of Canada in Ottawa, as well as original incoming and outgoing correspondence, primarily via email, regarding the book project; drafts and notes; and original and copied photos, clippings, and ephemera. Among the letters between Howard and Shields are letters to and from publishers and editors of the book “A Celibate Season,” which was co-authored by them. The series also contains copies of letters written by Blanche Howard to the editors of the Vancouver Sun and The Province in 1983. Incoming and outgoing correspondence related to the publication of “A Memoir of Friendship” includes emails related to permissions, writing, editing, and promotion, among other issues. Correspondents include Don Shields, publishers and editors, Allison Howard, and others. The series also contains original photos of Carol and Don Shields, their daughter Anne Giardini, and Blanche Howard, as well as colour photocopies of photos of Shields and Howard. The series also contains original and photocopied newspaper clippings related to Shields and/or Howard, postcards and greeting cards, a copy of Read magazine, a theatre program, an invitation, and other materials.

A Ride for Martha-Production

Series contains a contract, a BC Book Prize certificate, a storyboard, sketches, drawings, paintings, preparatory manuscripts, correspondence, notes, clippings, research materials and royalty statements related to the production and sale of the book, <i>A Ride for Martha</i>. Some oversized materials are housed in a separate container; please see the file list for further detail.

A Salmon for Simon-Production, Reviews and Awards.

Series contains sketches, drawings, paintings, a preparatory manuscript, correspondence, reviews, trade catalogues, royalty reports and award related materials, which document the production, sale and critical reception of the book, <i>A Salmon for Simon</i>.

Academic credentials

Series consists of letters of reference from the Prince of Wales High School, Corporation of Point Grey, Vancouver and from the Vancouver Normal School (also referred to as the Provincial Normal School). Also included is a certificate from the Vancouver Normal School.

Academic work

Series consists of records relating to academic work completed by Fraser as a student at Glace Bay High School and at the University of British Columbia. Included are essays, an anthology, and memorabilia relating to graduate work pursued by Fraser in Vancouver at the University.

Academic writing

Series consists of Potrebenko's Honours paper from Simon Fraser University, "Blessed are the Cynical: a clinical investigation of the function of the medical profession in Canada."

Account and Record Books

Series consists of an account book for the Mill Bay Cannery, 1905-1906, as well as books containing catch and packing records. Title based on contents of series.

Accounting documents

This series contains records relating to the accounting and finances of the Boag Foundation. Material primarily concerns financial statements, correspondence on financial matters, bills and invoices and income tax returns.

Accounting records

The series contains records related to the financial administration of Hoffmeister Electric. Records are arranged in seven sub-series on the basis of their documentary forms: Tax records; Monthly time books for employees; Bank books of Reinhart Hoffmeister; Administrative bills; Insurance policies, leases, and deeds; Duplicate client invoices; and Ledgers.

The Tax records sub-series features federal, provincial, and municipal tax records from Reinhart Hoffmeister and Hoffmeister Electric. Files are arranged chronologically. Documentary forms include various corporate statements of assets and liabilities; federal income tax returns for employers; and Reinhart Hoffmeister’s personal property and income tax statements.

The Monthly time books for employees sub-series includes four notebooks used to record the total number of hours worked and wages earned each month by Hoffmeister Electric employees. Notebooks are arranged chronologically by start date.

The Bank books of Reinhart Hoffmeister series features 12 bank books for accounts at the Bank of Nova Scotia and Dominion bank. Bank books record account deposits and total balances. Volumes are arranged chronologically by start date.

The Administrative bills sub-series comprises a sample of bills paid by Hoffmeister Electric for machinery and maintenance of various premises in Vancouver. Bills were paid for clean towels, electricity, water, telephones, delivery services, machine parts, and more. Files are arranged chronologically.

The Insurance policies, leases, and deeds sub-series includes the aforementioned records, which were generated or procured by Reinhart Hoffmeister, his brothers, or Hoffmeister Electric for properties in Vancouver, British Columbia. Records in this sub-series are maintained in their original physical order.

The Duplicate client invoices sub-series contains a sample of original timesheets that Hoffmeister Electric charged to its clients, as well as 12 ledgers featuring duplicate copies of client invoices. Timesheets and invoices record client names, work completed on particular dates, and total amounts owed. Files are arranged chronologically.

The Ledgers sub-series aggregates ledgers used for a number of accounting activities by Hoffmeister Electric employees. General ledgers record client names, contact information, orders, and payment history over long periods of time. Other ledgers chart till passes, total machinery sales in set time periods, and petty cash flow. Ledgers have been grouped according to the specific activities they were associated with (e.g. till pass books are maintained separately from volumes recording total sales). Ledgers are then arranged chronologically within each sub-grouping.

Accreditations and Certifications

Labour Code of British Columbia Labour Relations Board documents signed by companies giving Transport Labour Relations and its predecessor, the Automotive Transport Labour Relations Association, the authority to act as their agent in negotiating, concluding and executing collective labour agreements.

Acme plumbing and heating services and I.B.E.W. union records.

This series consists of the collected records pertaining to George Gee’s activities acting in the capacity of union business agent for Acme Plumbing and Heating Service and The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in the United States and Canada. The series contains correspondence, employer lists, reports, clippings and leaflets, contract amendments, union bulletins and other related documents. Correspondents and subjects include: Department of Labour, The Canadian Labour congress, correspondence with RCA, Rankin, Dean & Simons: Barrister, Solicitors, and Notaries Public, and Maxwell Construction Ltd.

Activism collections

In addition to being involved in many political and social justice movements, Adams also avidly collected items related to those causes. This series contains three subseries: the leftist literature collection; the poster collection; and the button collection.

This series contains newspapers; magazines; newsletters, bulletins, and pamphlets; brochures; booklets; books; posters; and buttons.

Activism involvement

This series contains records related to the different associations and political movements that Adams was involved in after he moved to Vancouver in the late 1960s. The series is largely focused on two organizations/movements: the Vancouver American Exiles Association (VAEA) and the Galindo Madrid movement.

In the mid 1960s, as the war in Vietnam ramped up, those wishing to avoid being drafted into the American military began to leave the United States and settled into new countries, including Canada. In 1968, deferments for those attending university or college were dropped, and as a result, a larger amount of war resisters moved to Canada to avoid being enlisted in the army. Those who resisted the war were threatened with arrest if they ever returned to the United States.

VAEA was an organization, in which Adams played a central role in, that fought for amnesty for American war resisters living in Canada. VAEA also provided support and resources for Americans who had come to Vancouver to escape the draft. The records pertaining to VAEA include correspondence written by or to VAEA members; meeting minutes; interviews that Adams or other VAEA members gave about the organization and about amnesty for war evaders; research material; and journal and news clippings related to Anti-Vietnam protest and amnesty movements both in Canada and the United.

The other major movement Adams was involved in was the Galindo Madrid case. In 1976, Galindo Madrid came to Vancouver from Chile, claiming refugee status from the Chilean Government. Madrid lost his case with the Government of Canada and was sentenced to be deported back to Chile. However, the Vancouver Chile Association, a small but vocal group, protested this deportation and aimed to save Madrid from being sent out of Canada. Vancouver NDP MP Svend Robinson even sheltered Madrid in his own home while a defense team was formed to help keep Madrid in Canada. Records pertaining to this case include news clippings and research related to the political situation in Chile; correspondence; financial records documenting the Galindo Madrid defense movement; leaflets and bulletins; and news and journal clippings related to the case in Vancouver. Madrid was eventually allowed to stay in Canada.

Other records include other activities and movements that Adams was either a part of or took an interest in, mainly in the Vancouver region, but also around Canada and the United States. These records include conference materials and proceedings; bulletins and newsletters; correspondence; and other research material either created by or collected by Adams.

Additional accrual for Sherrington Fonds

These were unprocessed records within the fonds that may have been a later accrual added by Dr. William C. Gibson. Contains correspondence copied from the Yale Medical Library. Also contains copies of Sherrington articles from the Journal of Physiology. Original correspondence between Carr E.R. Sherrington and William Gibson are also in this series.

Addresses and speeches.

Series contains speeches and addresses related to the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of an address given by Mr. M.G. Robson to the Bankers Lecture Club of B.C. on Marketing Problems of the Lumber Industry of British Columbia, an address by H.R. MacMillan to the Vancouver Board of Trade, an address by J.H. McDonald on the work of the Lumber and shingle Manufacturers Association in British Columbia, a radio address on CKMO on the lumber industry in the world market, and a broadcast on the lumber industry during the depression.


Series contains records relating to the administration of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association. Material consists of company letterheads from forestry related companies, the record containing information about the core functions of the association; general advertising conducted by the association, Societies Act circulars, invitations and menus from the annual banquet, and the general organization and plans of the association.


Series contains administrative records relating to the Council of Forest Industries. Material consists of N.R. Dustings business files regarding the association’s activities and functions, and blueprints of the Canadian Indemnity Building located at 1477 Pender St, Vancouver, offices for the Council of Forest Industries, Plywood Manufacturers Association, British Columbia Loggers Association, Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau, British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association and the Consolidate Red Cedar Shingle Association.


The series relates to the major administrative activities of the union. These consisted of financial administration, research, public relations, correspondence and executive affairs. The series has been divided into the following sub-series to reflect these activities: Finance, Research, Public Relations, General Correspondence, and Executive Affairs.


Series contains notebooks, Greenboathouse Reading Series promotional material, autographs, sales, articles, finances, photographs, catalogues, correspondence, rejected manuscripts, reviews and mentions.

Administration Records

Series consists of membership rosters and mailing lists, committee rosters, minutes of meetings, and other material reflecting day to day operations of C .D.C. organizer/volunteers. Series also consists of press releases and other publicity material issued by C .D.C., blank letterheads, a register of letters received, and some correspondence .


This series contains records relating to the Vancouver Women in Focus Society's administrative functions including the society's day to day management and maintenance. These records consist of: minutes from the annual general meetings, the board of directors meetings, and smaller committee meetings; equipment rental agreements; contracts with artists, producers, and directors; resumes from artists, producers, and directors; building and lease information; graphic design templates; and information relating to events that the society took part in. Additionally, this series contains records relating to the production of the Women in Focus Society’s member newsletter, 'Focus.' Records include: drafts of the newsletter contents; blueprint drafts of the newsletter layouts, and finished copies of the newsletter. The newsletters highlight the society’s calendar of events, productions, workshops, committee news, and membership news. Finally, the administrative series contains several legal documents relating to the various court case disputes that the society was involved in. This series further contains two subseries: the Financial series and the Correspondence series.


Series consists of the business records Arsenal Press Pulp created and/or accumulated over the course of running their printing press. Records include registers, notes on Press operations, employment records, agendas, minutes, internal notes, financial statement, royalty reports, ledgers, legal documents, correspondence and photographs.

The series is divided into the following sub-series:
general administrative records, history/operational records, minutes/agendas and newsletters, financial records, ledgers, legal records, sales/service reports, marketing/distribution records.

Administrative and executive

The series contains records pertaining to Vancouver Status of Women’s (VSW’s) administrative and executive activities. These activities fall into several categories: financial administration, which included grant applications to governments and other organizations, budgeting, tax payments, bill payments, and resource distribution amongst staff; committee administration; volunteer administration; employment offers and employee management; correspondence with other organizations, particularly women centers in Vancouver; and strategic planning for the organization as a whole. Records in the series range in date from the early 1970s to 2016.

The physical order in which records were received has been maintained; original order has been re-constituted intellectually. Record types represented in the series include the following: grant applications, correspondence with funding agencies, budgets, cashflow statements, receipts, invoices, committee meeting minutes, volunteer training materials, employment offer letters, staff correspondence about internal issues, correspondence with other organizations, and annual reports.

Administrative and Executive

Records in this series document the administrative and executive activities of the FMCBC. Major record types include agendas and minutes, handbooks and training materials, annual reports, financial documents, newspaper clippings, and brochures and pamphlets. Executive and administrative activities included training new directors for service on the board, holding annual general meetings and forums, planning, correspondence, policy creation, and fundraising.

Administrative documents

Series consists of administrative documents of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which contains a membership application form; an I.B.E.W. diagram; letterhead; and handwritten financial documents. Series is arranged into one file: administrative documents of the I.B.E.W.

Administrative files.

Series consists of textual records related to the incorporation and running of the Red Cedar Shingle Bureau, especially the B.C. division. Records also contain information related to industry standards and statistics gathered and compiled by the Bureau. Series is arranged into files according to the original order as kept by the B.C. offices of the Red Cedar Shingle Bureau.

Administrative Materials

Series consists of information regarding the history and regulations of the Technocracy Movement, study manuals, correspondence, general mailings, newsletters, activities calendars, cover letters, public speaking guides, lecture transcripts, writing and teaching guides, library inventories, newspaper articles and miscellaneous documents.

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Icelandic Archives of British Columbia’s (IABC) administration, mainly records related to its day to day business operation. Records include correspondence; financial records; and policies and procedures kept by the archives.

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Scandinavian Cultural Society’s administrative functions. Records include the constitution of the society, correspondence, agendas and minutes from executive meetings, and financial reports.

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia’s (ICC of BC) administrative functions, such as records related to its day to day business operation. Records include constitutions, bylaws, certificates, and procedures; membership lists and procedures; minutes reports from executive and annual general meetings; charitable status records; building and estate information including, mortgage records; and financial records, such as ledgers and casino records.

Administrative records.

Series consists of records created by the administrative activities of TRAS. The series is organized into four sub-series as follows: minutes, newsletters and reports (1962-2014); financial records (1963-1988); funding agencies (1962-1990); and correspondence (1963-1988).

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Icelandic Care Home Höfn Society’s administrative functions, mainly records related to its day to day business operation. Series also consists of the constitution, bylaws, and procedures held by the Society. Records include correspondence; minutes from board of director and annual general meetings; financial records; building and estate information including, mortgage records, estate papers, insurance papers, and renovation specifications; charitable status records; the Society’s original 1947 constitution; certificate of incorporation and constitutions; bylaws, policies, and procedures; and guest books of visitors to the Care Home.

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Sólskin Society’s administrative functions, mainly records related to its day to day business operation. Records include minutes from executive and annual general meetings; correspondence; membership lists; strategic plans; constitutions and founding history; facilities, including the kitchen and library; volunteering records; and artifacts.

Administrative records

The series consists of administrative records made and received by the Icelandic National League of North America (INL of NA). It consists of minutes and report from board of director and annual general meetings held by the national chapter and the Vancouver chapter of the INL of NA. Series also consists of correspondence between the Vancouver chapter of the INL of NA, other chapters of the organization other Icelandic organizations such as the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia, and the organization’s membership. Lastly, the series contains records of the founding history of the organization, as well as the constitution and bylaws held by the INL of NA. The records include the Society’s constitution and bylaws and records pertaining to their revision, its newspapers describing its history, as well as a five year strategic plan created in 1991.

Administrative records

The series consists of minutes from the Women’s Auxiliary of the Icelandic Lutheran Church, event calendars of the Women’s Auxiliary, as well as annual reports. Series also documents the founding history of the Icelandic Lutheran Church and its subsequent development over time. Records include one scrapbook made by the church, and other published and unpublished church histories.

Adolph (unpublished) - production

This series consists of materials related to the creation and attempted publication of Adolph, including letters to publishers, draft and final copies of the manuscript, and draft and final illustrations.


The series contains advertisements relating to the Consolidated Red Cedar and Shingle Association of British Columbia. Material consists of radio announcements advertising Red Cedar Shingles from British Columbia on CKMO and an excerpt from a radio program on Red Cedar Shingles.

Advertisements and literature.

Series consists of clipped advertisements for red cedar shingles and shakes, as well as pamphlets and other literature distributed by the Bureau. Most of the files of advertisements were either sent from Seattle to Vancouver and compiled into files in Vancouver, or compiled by the Vancouver office, as indicated by the file titles. Series also contains a file of photographs showing various uses of red cedar shingles on homes and other structures.

Advocacy and Bargaining

The series contains records pertaining to the AUCE’s efforts to advocate for their members and bargain as a collective unit. Record types include agendas, minutes, and dockets of the Annual Conventions and Special Conventions held by AUCE, agenda and minutes of the meetings of the General Membership, contracts documenting the collective agreements between the workers and employers, and records of conferences, strikes, working conditions, news releases, as well as training records on stewardship, bargaining, striking and picketing.
While many of the records relate directly to equal pay, increased benefits, and cost-of-living increases, the advocacy and bargaining efforts of the union also changed in response to the changing provincial government and University of British Columbia administrative measures.
With the 1983 election and the introduction of the Social Credit Government, the union worked with other labor organizations throughout the province, forming the province-wide Solidarity Coalition to resist the conservative measures being proposed through legislation. The records also reflect the related efforts to defeat Bill 19, introduced by Bill Vander Zalm in 1987, which directly affected labour unions and their right to strike.
The union also directly opposed choices made by the UBC administration including a decision to bring in Ritchie & Associates, a management consulting firm to assess efficiency in the workplace, as well as budget cut-backs. This resulted in the formation of the UBC. Campus Community Alliance. These and other specific efforts are documented in the series.

[Advocacy and Lobbying]

Series consists of event coordination and publicity records, artifacts, correspondence, and Pro-CAN’s various publications, including editions of its quarterly newsletter, The Pro-Choice Press. Artifacts include a fabric banner and promotional pro-choice mail. Correspondence relates mostly to government lobbying on behalf of abortion rights and providers across the province.

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