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Photo collection

This series consists of approximately 500 prints and photos of immigrants and their institutions in U.S. and Canada. There is an index list with names, when available, that accompanies this series.


Series contains one file with various poems published in Flow (2018).

Pocket guide for HIV+ women

The sub-series contains records related to Pocket Guide for Women Living with HIV/AIDS project. The pocket guide for women living with HIV was designed as a basic resource tool for women newly diagnosed with HIV. It was developed in consultation with HIV positive women, community AIDS workers, other social services providers and a literacy consultant. The result was a pocket sized (4 ½’ x 6”) folder with information sheets covering questions such as What is HIV? How does Hepatitis C affect HIV? PWN produced both a British Columbia edition, and a national edition in English and French.

Record types in the sub-series include project reports, letters of support for the project, financial records, requests for funding, layout of the pocket guides and timelines.


Subseries consists of records related to Manson's family.

These records include correspondence with family members, invitations for family events, and papers related to Stella Manson's estate.

Art O'Keeffe papers

The subseries contains materials collected by Art O’Keeffe, former business manager of the IBEW Local 213, including correspondence and legal documentation regarding his suspension from the union following the Lenkurt strike in 1966. Also contains newspaper clippings and court case summaries, some of which may have been added later by Ian McDonald.

O’Keeffe, Art, b. 1918

Dolphin SOS

Series includes research materials, posters, and press for Roy and Slavia Miki's book Dolphin SOS (published 2014).

Publications and projects

Subseries contains publications published by Western Forest Products and its predecessors, mostly originating from MacMillan Bloedel. The majority of the material dates from the 1990s, and includes annual reports, internal updates, and publicity material.

Ephemera and memorabilia

Sub-series contains announcements and invitations to literary and cultural events, plaques that Miki was awarded for his literary and political work, a t-shirt and posters advertising Miki’s 1960's rock and roll band Roy Miki and the Downbeats, two t-shirts and buttons advertising the redress movement, broadsheets with poems by Miki and one from the BC Heritage poetry festival which Miki compiled, posters announcing events that Miki participated in and advertising his publications, and two copies of a certificate from the Government of Canada officially acknowledging the redress settlement. Also contains audio discs Miki felt important to include with his work, as well as DVDs that include Miki in some way.

Minutes, newsletters and reports.

Sub-series documents the administrative activities of TRAS. Files contain minutes of meetings, newsletters, reports on visits to India, and other general material such as clippings, correspondence, and newsletters from other organizations.

Manuscripts: essays, poems, and presentations

Sub-series consists of drafts of essays, poems, and lectures that Miki wrote. The essays and lectures included in this sub-series are predominantly works of literary criticism related to Canadian poetry and political commentary and analysis on social and cultural issues related to race, racism, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian redress movement. The sub-series also contains essays Miki wrote as a graduate student, a file of drafts related to an issue of the journal Estuaire which Miki guest edited, and reviews by Miki of works by other authors.

General events

Subseries consists of correspondence, programs, articles, draft speeches, speaking notes, press clippings, posters, photographs, and slides relating to Miki’s attendance and participation in literary and cultural conferences, panels, talks, and other local, national and international events. The majority of these cultural events concern racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian experience. The subseries also includes a photo album documenting Miki’s participation on the Canada Council’s Racial Equity Committee, the 1997 book launch of Roy Kiyooka’s Pacific Windows (edited by Miki), Miki’s 2003 trip to Japan with Hiromi Goto, Miki’s 2003 trip to Berlin with Glen Lowery to present a paper at the Free University of Berlin conference on multiculturalism, Miki’s 1999 trip to Australia with Ashok Mathur, Miki’s trip to the Alberta badlands with Scott McFarland for the Race/Pedagogy retreat, Miki’s 2000 Australia trip with a group of Canadian authors (including Ashok Mathur, Aruna Srivastava, Rajinder Pal, Hiromi Goto, Rita Wong, Larissa Lai, and Tamai Kobayashi), and Miki’s 2001 trip to Calgary for an exhibit curated by Harry Kiyooka.

The subseries includes slides used in a performance of “This is Munal Kitagowa” at Expo ’86 and a painting presented to Miki as a thank you gift for speaking as aguest writer for the “American Odysseys: Literary Explorations of Historic and Current Events in the Multicultural Americas” at Utah State University in 2008.

Subject files

Sub-series consists of records related to Miki’s personal, academic, literary, and political activities. The sub-series documents Miki’s participation on award selection committees, his trips abroad, his communications and work with the Canada Council for the Arts, his participation in various literary and political projects, and his dealings with Simon Fraser University, among other subjects. The sub-series contains award certificates presented to Miki, correspondence, notes, reports, travel itineraries, grant applications, research files, articles, essays, and scripts, publication agreements, Miki’s curriculum vitae, news clippings (many featuring Miki), audio recordings of Joy Kogawa speaking and reading and audio and video recordings of Miki speaking, reading, performing, and being interviewed for various radio, television, film and other programs.

[Articles and Newspaper Clippings]

Subseries consists of articles, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks that were collected and maintained by Pro-CAN for use as reference resources. The materials cover such topics as: abortion history, abortion-related violence, medical research, international pro-choice events, key persons, and political parties' involvement in the abortion debate, and so on. The scrapbooks are delineated by which newspaper the clippings came from.

Pacific Coastal Region

Sub-series contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown to document the marine industry and culture in British Columbia, Alaska and Washington state primarily, with some files related to Oregon, California and Hawaii. The file-level arrangement preserves the original order of the creator, who grouped his photographs by date and - typically - location.

Subjects depicted include BC Ferries and their crews, the Vancouver Harbour and the Fraser River.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Southern United States

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown over various visits to Southern United States, mostly to Louisiana and Texas. The photographs document the fishing and marine industries in the area, including boats and ships, shipyards and crews.

Haig-Brown, Alan

General Correspondence

Subseries contains traditional and email correspondence from 1972-2012 covering a range of subjects related to Howard’s writing career, her involvement with The Writer’s Union of Canada, her position as an instructor with Capilano College, her political interests, and her personal life. Material related to Howard’s writing career includes correspondence with literary agents and fan mail regarding “The Manipulator” and “A Memoir of Friendship.” Notable correspondents include Don Shields, Anne Giardini, short-story author Merna Summers, politician Iona Campangola, and author Janet McNaughton. Howard also sent letters to writers to express her appreciation for their work, including Margaret Atwood, Alberto Manguel, and Susan Hill. Related ephemera in the subseries includes grade reports and registration forms for classes taken at Capilano College, a brochure on literary agents, photocopied and printed articles, and reviews and clippings.

Positive players project

Sub-series consists of records related to the Positive Players project. The project was designed to facilitate access to resources and support for positive women in their middle years.

Record types include budgets, contracts and funding agreements, and correspondence about the project.

Unpublished short stories and essays

The subseries consists of material related to the writing and attempted publication of short stories by Blanche Howard from 1969 to 2011. Material includes primarily typed drafts of stories, many edited or otherwise annotated by Howard, as well as correspondence regarding the stories, newspaper clippings and articles used for research, notes, writing contest rules, and other related records. Correspondence consists of email and traditional correspondence with editors and publishers, primarily rejection letters and correspondence containing feedback on the stories.

Gold dust publication records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the publishing of Howard's book, <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt</i>. Records include correspondence between Howard and Between the Lines Publishing House, chapter drafts and revisions, manuscripts, contracts, submission letters and rejections, book reviews, and promotional materials. The photographs in this subseries are images used in the book.

Asia Pacific

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown documenting people and activities involved in the fishing and commercial marine industries in coastal East Asia. Numerous regional boats and shipyards are also captured.

Haig-Brown, Alan

General works correspondence, manuscripts and other material.

Subseries consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and drafts relating to the research, writing and publication of various works by Miki including books, poems, articles and correspondence with publishers (including Mercury Press Publishers Limited and Talon Books). The series also includes photographs and negatives of images used in several of Miki’s books including “This is my Own,” and scanned images used for “Justice in our Time.”

[Career with British Columbia Forest Products]

Sub-series reflects Burch’s career with British Columbia Forest Products and other significant events during that time, such as his wedding, tours, trips, retirement, and the dedication of the Gerry Burch Working Forest. Several files relate to other foresters and their careers, which arrived from Burch in several accruals. The sub-series is divided into 30 files, based on Burch’s filing divisions and the functions of the documents: University Diploma, Photographs, Journal, Grooms Book, Sweden/Finland trip, Scuba diving, BCFP and general forestry history, Cruise sheets of Fraser Creek, 1950, Quality Cruising, Lumber appraisal documents, BCFP Forest Practices Guide, 1971, New Zealand Tour, Retirement photograph, BCFP Brief to the Royal Commission on Forest Resources, 1975, BCFP Timber Development Proposal for Berland and Fox Creek, 1979, The Forests Act (Alberta) Thomas Wright, Steve Tolnai, F.D. Mulholland, Working Forest dedication, Bill Young, Cowichan Lake, H.R. MacMillan, Forestry history, Field trip to Port Renfrew, BCFP News, Forest History newsletter, Jack Power, John Hendry and Speech to Association of BC Registered Foresters. Documents include photographs, published materials, newsletters, and reports.

Slogans for the Early Twenty-first Century placards

Series contains 12 artist’s proof placards of Coupland’s Slogans for the Twenty-First Century. Six sets of the slogans were created in early 2011, two of which are artist’s proofs.

The content of the slogans was developed to be featured on the Waldorf Hotel’s marquee in Vancouver as advertisement for the Coupland-McLuhan-YouTube event that occurred on May 26, 2011. Hosted by Douglas Coupland, the event consisted of an interactive presentation on Marshall McLuhan and YouTube. Posters were created out of the placard sets and wheat pasted throughout Vancouver.

South America

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown in and near Manaus, Brazil, mostly of tugs, canoes and waterfront scenes.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Mannequin rising

Sub-series consists of drafts and editor notes of Miki's book of poetry titled Mannequin Rising. The back cover on the book reads, "In Mannequin Rising, Miki describes a world of consumerism, and answers the visual cacaphony of commodities and window displays with a series of poems and photomontages that reflect the uncanny juxtapositioning he sees all around him."

After 1990 - published short stories and essays

The subseries consists of material related to the writing and publication of short stories by Blanche Howard from 1987 to 2010. Material includes primarily typed drafts of stories, many edited or otherwise annotated by Howard and others, as well as correspondence regarding the stories, newspaper clippings and articles used for research, printing proofs, handwritten notes regarding characters, letters of agreement, and other related records. Correspondence consists primarily of email and traditional correspondence with editors, publishers, and literary agents, including rejection and acceptance letters, correspondence regarding royalties, reprint permissions, and awards, and correspondence containing feedback on the stories.

Gold dust research records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to Howard's research for <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt.</i> These records mostly contain photocopies of materials that Howard consulted for her book, including: archival records such as birth, death, and wedding certificates, parish records, Workers' Compensation Board documents, historical newspaper articles, and chapters of books related to topics discussed in <i>Gold Dust</i>. Other records include copies of correspondence, maps, brochures and pamphlets, and Howard's handwritten notes that she took from reading various books and webpages. The series also includes some magazine articles Howard wrote for Highlander Magazine, many of which were later integrated into her book.

G72K10 show

In 2010, Coupland exhibited a series of works that digitally re-interpreted iconic paintings done by important Canadian painters such as Emily Carr and members of the Group of Seven. These images formed the G72K10 show which was presented in Vancouver and Toronto. The subseries also includes 68 artist’s proofs of these works.

Les McDonald papers

The subseries contains materials collected by and about Les McDonald including notebooks on his union activities and his participation at the Community Party Education Camp in 1964, newspaper articles he wrote, documents related to the appeal of his suspension from IBEW Local 213, personal correspondence and photographs of IBEW Local 213 members engaging in a job action in 1965. In particular, there are a large number of postcards that he sent to his mentor, Bill Stewart, while McDonald was traveling in his bid to get the sport of triathlon into the Olympics.

McDonald, Les, 1933-2017


Subseries consists of: black and white versions of original Pro-CAN newsletters as well as official colored versions; BCCAC newsletters; press releases; pamphlets; notes and reference materials used for drafting speeches; and membership forms.

Anti-Choice Individuals

Subseries consists of newspaper clippings, articles, notes, photographs, and correspondence related to anti-choice individuals Pro-CAN was monitoring. Correspondence occurs between Pro-CAN and other pro-choice supporters that were sharing information on possible threats and actions from the included anti-choice individuals as well as occasionally between Pro-Can and the actual individual. Photographs contain images of the named anti-choice protestors, usually picketing outside of abortion clinics. Some of the images contain graphic signage. Those photos included in the "Fanatic File" include handwritten notes on the back provided by the members of Pro-CAN.

Simpson Covenant Court Case

Series documents Sharron J. Simpson’s activism as the leader of a legal initiative challenging the proposed dissolution of the Simpson Covenant, a restrictive land sale agreement made between her grandfather, Stanley M. Simpson and the City of Kelowna in 1946.
To explain the context of the creation of the covenant: following a mill fire on S.M.S. Ltd. land on what is now Kelowna’s downtown waterfront (around the area known as Manhattan Point) S.M. Simpson sold this land to the City of Kelowna with the understanding that S.M. would sell at a reduced rate, and the City of Kelowna would agree that the land be used for civic or community (not commercial) purposes. In the 2000s, the City of Kelowna moved to dissolve the so-called “Simpson Covenant,” and in response Sharron J. Simpson launched a court challenge to enforce the maintenance of the covenant.
Series contains correspondence, legal documents (including petitions, reasons for judgment, affidavits, civic records and land title office records, City of Kelowna memoranda, press clippings and press releases, appraisal records, etc.).

Simpson, Sharron J.

Sharron J. Simpson Research Files

Series consists of materials documenting Sharron J. Simpson’s efforts to collect external information about various aspects of her family history centering mainly on the history of S.M.S. Ltd., but not including research particular to the Simpson Covenant, which is kept separate.
In addition to the collection of published materials (predominantly newspapers) the series also includes recorded oral histories and select transcripts.

Simpson, Sharron J.

General files

The General files subseries contains promotional and marketing materials for Harbour Publishing as a company, such as seasonal marketing plans, as well as files that contain records for multiple authors and publications, such as awards applications. Some notebooks and planners from former managing editor Mary Schendlinger are also included.


Sub-series consists of published copies of chapbooks, monographs, journals, and conference proceedings that Miki wrote, co-wrote, edited, co-edited, and contributed to. Volumes are arranged chronologically according to date of publication except for poetry chapbooks which are located at the beginning of the sub-series.

Anti-Choice Groups

Subseries consists of newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, and correspondence related to anti-choice groups Pro-CAN was monitoring. Correspondence is mostly between Pro-CAN and other pro-choice supporters that were sharing information on possible threats and actions from the included anti-choice groups. Photographs contain images of anti-choice cars and license plate numbers taken outside of group meetings.

Family Finances

Subseries consists of records related to the Manson family's personal finances. These records date from as early as Manson's university days and continue past his death with records produced by other members of the Manson family.

These records include bank statements, receipts, insurance policies, mortgages, tax returns, household valuations, stocks purchased for family members, account books, and ledgers.

[General Correspondence]

Subseries consists of correspondence between Pro-CAN and: its members; other pro-choice supporters; anti-choice groups and individuals; government officials; and supportive members of the public. Content covers such topics as requesting retractions of false information, explaining government stances on abortion, and thanking supporters.


Sub-series consists of correspondence concerning distribution, reports of sales representatives and agreements with distributors, specifically the Literary Press Group, Marvin Melnyk and the University of Toronto Press.

Ricepaper Magazine

Sub-series consists of records relating to the production and publication of Ricepaper, a magazine published by the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop. Records include submissions, reports, drafts of articles, flatplans, financial information, correspondence, grant applications and reports, circulation plans, and staff position descriptions.

Helen Potrebenko

Subseries contains textual records related to the works of Helen Potrebenko published by Lazara Press, including <i>Two Years on the Muckamuck Line</i>, <i>Taxi</i>, <i>Riding Home and Other Poems</i>, <i>Letters to Maggie</i>, <i>Hey Waitress and Other Stories</i>, <i>Life, Love + Unions </i>, <i>Walking Slow</i>, and other unpublished chapbooks and collections of poems. Records include drafts and manuscripts, as well as the published editions of many of Potrebenko's works. Other records include correspondence, invoices, reviews and promotional information, distribution lists, and production records such as layouts and prototypes. The photographs in this subseries are images taken and/or selected to be featured in Potrebenko's published works.

Collages from book tours

Series contains 86 collages created during Coupland’s book tours from the 1990s to 2009. Collages were created in order to include a visual dimension to Coupland’s daily tour diary entries that were published to his website. Upon creation the collages were mailed to Vancouver, BC were they were then scanned and posted to Coupland’s blog with the accompanying 400-500 word entry.

Coupland describes the collages as embodying both high-tech and low-tech aspects of the early 2000s due to the nature of their creation, transportation and dissemination.

Subsequent exhibition of the collages featured floating the pieces in vitrines (glass paneled-display cabinets) with a ½ inch neutral background while nearby computers displayed the corresponding diary entries. Graphic moments from the collages were made into limited prints and sold at the show venues.


Subseries consists of official rules, bylaws, action plans, vision/mandate, membership lists, and recommendations of Pro-CAN's various committees. The forms and paperwork required for incorporation–as well as the resulting certificate of incorporation–are also included.

General research files

Series consists of the accumulation of research materials compiled by Doug Cox in support of his author and historian function, and presumed compiled predominantly during the 1980s and 1990s. This series is defined by its collection and/or photocopying from existing published sources and/or other resources, for which the originals reside both within and without the Cox Collection.

Series is composed predominantly of original and photocopied tear sheets from various periodical publications (with emphasis on the annual reports of the Okanagan Historical Society, which have been digitized in full), monograph publications, photocopied photographs with identifying annotations, photocopies of correspondence, some original correspondence, and notes.


Sub-series contains books published by the society as well as manuscript
material, proposed material and proofs. Material related to unpublished society books is also included. Books, and their related material, loaned, donated or given to the society for evaluation are included in this sub-series.

Laurie Nerman

Subseries contains a copy of Laurie Nerman's broadside <i>When Activism Stops</i> and correspondence.


Subseries consists of media advisories, budgets, promotional materials, correspondence between organizers, and chants produced and used by Pro-CAN for events it was involved in. Artifacts include a pro-choice piece of promotional mail featuring a wrapped condom and a hand-stitched satin "BC Coalition for Abortion Clinics" banner.

Income Tax & Charitable Gaming

Sub-series contains financial records related to tax returns and the society‟s status as a charitable organization including charitable receipts, income tax material, GST/HST returns, registered charity information returns, and applications for direct charitable access funding. Invoices, copies of outgoing cheques, bank statements and expense lists for the society‟s Gaming Account are included in this series.

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