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Travel Records

The series contains records created or collected during Simons’ travels, especially from 1967-1968. Simons’ experiences while traveling were deeply influential in her literary works, particularly her dramatic works of the 1970s. Simons took three major trips in her life: a two-year tour of Europe, including England and France, from 1959-1961; a ten-week trip to Japan, Hong Kong, and India from 1967-1968, achieved with funding from a Canada Council travel grant; and several weeks in Hong Kong, Burma, India, and Japan in 1986. While abroad, Simons attended many plays, as well as several conferences and art shows. Simons collected programs from these events and generated some correspondence and notes during this period.

Records related to Simons’ travels have been grouped physically and in this finding aid. Files are ordered chronologically, and each contains programs and correspondence from a specific trip or country (e.g. Europe in 1960; Japan in 1967). Record types include programs, photographs, and personal and professional correspondence.

Administrative records

The series consists of records relating to the Icelandic Archives of British Columbia’s (IABC) administration, mainly records related to its day to day business operation. Records include correspondence; financial records; and policies and procedures kept by the archives.


Typescripts were fastened together into folders. Although they have been unfastened, the original order has been kept. Any item that is not a manuscript will be described in the order in which it was fastened. All manuscripts are typescripts with the exception of the item in box 1, folder 7. Plays in dramatic form have been listed as poetry.

Chronological papers

This series consist of papers which were condensed into a new chronological system before their donation to UBC. The materials are roughly chronological, and cover a wide range of topics, including papers with topics relevant to all the other series in Brown's fonds.

Personal and Professional Slides

This series consists of a photograph and many slides which were not in interfiled with Brown's other papers. The images consist predominantly of scenes from various parts of BC and the Yukon, as well as Brown's trips to Europe in the 1950s. A vast majority of the slides are stereoscopic, designed to produce a three-dimensional image when viewed through a special holder. Of these slides, the majority were processed by the View-Master company and are housed in the circular reels designed for View-Master viewers.

National Revenue (Taxation) - Personal corrrespondence and other papers

This series consists of materials related to Brown's ten months as Deputy Minister for National Revenue for Taxation. All official records related to his position remain with the government of Canada, so the papers here are personal in nature, including invitations to events, letters upon his appointment and resignation, and large prints of two comics based on his time in office.

Personal Papers and Scrapbook

This series consists of materials related to Brown's married life and childhood, materials with little to no relevance to his work, and the contents of Brown's scrapbook. A great majority of the series contains documents and correspondence related to functions the Browns hosted. Smaller, though notable, items include the script of a play, school papers, and song lyrics all written by Brown.

Subject Files

This series consists of files related to Brown's various interests. Major topics include companies similar to those for which Brown was a director, interests in Hawaii, materials related to the Yukon, and various groups in which Brown was involved, including several cancer research societies, the Metropolitan Opera (New York), and social clubs in Canada.

Personal correspondence files

This series contains Brown's personal correspondence files, when they are not directly connected to the White Pass & Yukon Corporation or the MacMillian, Bloedel, and Powell River Corporation.

Directorship files

This series consists of papers and correspondence relating to the various companies in which Frank H. Brown held a position on the board of directors.

White Pass & Yukon Route Files

This series consists of materials related to Brown's position in the White Pass & Yukon Corporation, with a significant portion concerning the building and launch of the M/V "Frank H. Brown," the M/V "Klondike," and the M/V "Clifford J. Rogers." Other notable inclusions are nearly then entire run of the White Pass Contact (employee newsletter) through 1975, nearly the entire White Pass Container Route News through 1975, and the run of White Pass Annual Reports through 1975.

Research material regarding individuals

Series contains material relating to research conducted by the Forest History Association of British Columbia. Focus is on the biographical details of individuals employed by the Forestry Industry from 1930 to 1970 and features biographical notes, correspondence, photographs, and cassette tape recordings of interviews with individuals as conducted by W. G. (Gerry) Burch, a researcher and member of the FHABC.

Nan Cheney Photographs

The photographs, negatives, and slides (the slides are duplicate images of the photos, with one or two exceptions) BC1849/1-86 are primarily images of Emily Carr and her artwork.

The slides BC1849/90-158 are primarily informal images taken by Cheney of her numerous Canadian artist friends, as well as slides portraying various U.B.C. dignitaries and other well-known Canadians. These date from 1951-1969 and include a section (numbered BC1849/149(a-f)-158) that is devoted to Dr.’s Ethel and Wallace Wilson.

Photographs numbered BC1849/159-200 are mainly photographs of Nan Cheney’s many friends and acquaintances, as well as photographs of art work, including her own. Also there is a series of photographs which record a sculpture show at U.B.C. in 1956 (BC1849/196a-1).

D.V. White manuscripts

Series is composed of D .V. White's personal notebooks used to create "The Groomsbridge Diary", as well as subsequent notebooks in which she comments on the earlier notebooks.

W.H. White manuscripts

This series is composed of the manuscripts of published and unpublished material written by W. H. White. The notebooks sub-series includes the "Dorothy", "Black", and "White" notebooks, in which W. H. White documents his relationship with D.V. White. For the published materials sub-series, file titles and dates were supplied by D. V. White. With the exception of "Notes on Shelley" and "A Visit to Carlyle" these items were all included in "Last Pages from a Journal". "A Visit to Carlyle" was published in "Pages from a Journal".

Ana Sokolović

Series consists of a manuscript of the printed first version of Il divertimento barocco (“Baroque Fun” in Italian) 1999 with hand-written edits and other unique manuscript material related to the work’s revision in 2019/2020. The piece was commissioned by the Orchestre baroque de Montréal with funding from Canada Council for the Arts and completed by Sokolovic in 1999, when it was performed at the Salle Pierre-Mercure in Montréal on November 4th. It was originally written for violin, harpsichord, and string ensemble, but has also been performed by baroque flute, violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord at the Galerie Montcalm in Gatineau, QC in 2012.

Sokolović, Ana

Barbara Monk Feldman

Series consists of scores, edits, correspondence, and a publication related to two compositions by Barbara Monk Feldman: The Northern Shore for Percussion, Piano and Chamber Orchestra; and, The Pale Blue Northern Sky. The Northern Shore for Percussion, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra is a 2018 revision of Monk Feldman’s 1997 work, The Northern Shore. Whereas the earlier version was written for violin, piano, and percussion, the revision is scored for chamber orchestra. Monk Feldman wrote the piece as an abstracted impression of the colors, textures, and atmospheres evoked by a specific place and time in nature, in particular the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec where the St. Lawrence River widens into the ocean. Here, the opposite shore appears across the water to Monk Feldman as a sort of mirage that is either enhanced or diminished by the intensity of light on the water during the day. It is this memory of light that Monk Feldman found inspiring, utilizing the way that differing registrations of the violin are sustained in relation to the percussion and piano as an intimation of light and horizon. The Pale Blue Northern Sky was similarly inspired by the same Gaspé location and thus acts a ‘sister piece’ to The Northern Shore. It was written in 2007 for two guitars and a mandolin.

Monk Feldman, Barbara

Zosha Di Castri

Series consists of scores, sketches, notes, edited drafts, correspondence, inspirational materials, and photographs related to Zosha Di Castri’s composition Sprung Testament: Duo for Violin and Prepared Piano. The work is a collaborative piece between composer/pianist Di Castri and violinist Jenny Koh. Koh was planning a series of concerts for National Sawdust, an innovative arts institution located in Brooklyn, New York, and reached out to various composers/performers to participate. Koh set the theme of the concert, asking each composer to engage with the idea of rebirth and evolution. In response, Di Castri wrote Sprung Testament which encapsulates the concepts of spring and rebirth. In their conversations, the two musicians questioned the journey one goes through in life to transcend personal struggles. Di Castri used sticky mounting putty to modify the piano, thereby creating unique sounds and highlighting Koh’s theme of transformation. Print photographs of the prepared piano can be found in the "Images" file of the fonds. Koh and Di Castri premiered Sprung Testament at National Sawdust on March 15th, 2018.

Di Castri, Zosha

Dorothy Chang

Series consists of final scores, edited scores, notes, and a musical program related to Dorothy Chang’s composition Gateways: Double Concerto for Erhu and Piano. Gateways was commissioned by Nicole Ge Li and Corey Hamm of the Piano-Erhu Project (PEP). Players of the erhu and piano, respectively, they began PEP as a means of exploring the tonal, musical, and cultural blends between two iconic Eastern and Western instruments. For her addition to PEP’s mission, Chang reflected on how she might address the issue of ‘east meets west,’ especially given the solo instruments’ highly distinct and disparate sonic characteristics, performance practices, and musical traditions. Gradually, the piece evolved as a patchwork of musical fragments, moments, and memories gathered from her own multicultural experiences as a first-generation Chinese American, a Western expatriate living in Taiwan, and now an immigrant to Canada. Woven into the three movements are references to a 90’s Chinese pop song, a children’s rhyme, opulent Romanticism, American minimalism, and other influences both subtle and not. The title refers to a Tang Dynasty poem that depicts a gateway as both an opportunity and a barrier, reflecting a deep yearning for a faraway time, place, or memory. The work premiered April 14, 2018 at the VSO Annex Theatre; Ge Li and Hamm served as soloists; William Rowson conducted members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Chang, Dorothy

Deborah Carruthers

Series consists of original graphic scores, conductor's score, working templates, notes, art prints, and photographs related to the work ‘slippages’ by Montréal based composer and interdisciplinary artist Deborah Carruthers. In 2017, Carruthers served as the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia (UBC). Deborah teamed up with science researchers at the institution as well as the UBC School of Music to find a way to creatively combine sound, science, and visual art for the purpose of increasing public awareness of the climate crisis. Carruthers conducted field work for the project in the Columbia Icefield along the border of British Columbia and Alberta. Inspired by the threatened glacial landscape, Carruthers returned to her Montréal studio and completed a series of paintings, 27 of which were selected and arranged to produce a graphic score. Graphic scores use visual symbols to represent music rather than traditional music notation. Because of their emphasis on the visual, graphic scores are frequently considered works of art in and of themselves. Moving from sight to sound is accomplished through the creation of a geography of the orchestra on a sheet of transparent plastic which is then used to map over Carruthers’ art works and determine which instruments take responsibility for which parts of the images. ‘Slippages’ premiered Friday, October 5th, 2018, at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts with the UBC Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the symphony’s Director, Dr. Jonathan Girard. Project documentation includes a notebook holding hand-written texts revealing assimilation of glacial theory, inspirational preliminary sketches, and unique inserts; an audio/video recording of the premier; and a copy of a video component to be shown above the orchestra as it performs the work.

Carruthers, Deborah

Herridge Research and Work

The series consists of research completed to produce <em>The Squire of Kootenay West</em>. The series includes interviews Hodgson conducted with Bert Herridge, and Bert Herridge’s family and friends, as well as photographs of rural British Columbia.


This series consists of articles pertaining to teaching English in China and aspects of Chinese culture. These are arranged alphabetically in one folder. There is material relating to the Guangzhou Institute, where Kilian and his wife were employed as an English teacher, and the Foreign Experts Bureau, to which they also applied. This material is mainly correspondence, but there is one contract included also. This is also arranged alphabetically in one folder. There is a considerable amount of correspondence which includes; letters to and from family, friends, students, colleagues and various Chinese and Canadian educational institutes and government representatives. Although the Kilian’s returned to Canada in 1984, the correspondence continues to 1989. The correspondence relates to issues such as, the reality of teaching in China, Kilian’s ideas for articles, student’s futures, visa applications, family matters, fan mail, and both Chinese and Canadian culture. The correspondence is housed in three folders and is not arranged.

Compact Disc

Consists of one CD titled “Fullwrite Folder”-Crawford Kilian’s Electronic Files:
Books, Articles, Etc

Interviews & Presentations

This series consists of interviews done by Kilian with Colin Gabelmann, an MLA from the Vancouver area. Issues discussed include women’s rights, social services and a day in the life of an MLA. The presentations are related to education, science fiction and technology.


This series consists of typed radio scripts. Some of Kilian’s books have been transformed into radio dramas such as Icequake and Wonder, Inc. There are typed and original handwritten scripts, many with notes attached or included. There is also related correspondence.

Other Writing

Many of these writings came from folders the author entitled “writings from the 1960’s which is why many are dated with 196?. Some writings include handwritten notes and research. Included are several poems and essays from Kilian’s years as a student. The remaining are his early endeavors in writing, including some in the genre of science fiction, history and children’s literature.


The correspondence is separated into two groupings; incoming and outgoing
letters. Included is correspondence concerning Capilano College where Kilian
taught. There is also fan mail regarding many of Kilian’s books, political letters, and correspondence from friends and family. There is both handwritten and typed material.

Science Fiction Articles & Writings

This series includes four writings on science fiction in Canada, propaganda in
science fiction and how to write fantasy and science fiction. There are both original and draft copies.

Educational Articles & Writings

This series includes published and unpublished articles and other writings on
educational issues, especially in British Columbia. Issues addressed include
technology in education, the internet and its affect on education, the Canadian educational system and its future, funding, mature students, and issues regarding teachers such as depression and over-working. Some have handwritten notes included or attached. This series also includes one interview with Crawford Kilian concerning his opinions on education in Canada. Mostly typed, however many of the writings do include handwritten notes and corrections.


There are three columns included: “Crawford Kilian Education” column,
“Opinion”, and a column which was first titled “Good Reading” and changed to
“Books” in 1971. Subjects include education, social and cultural issues,
economics, politics, and the environment.

Appointment Books

Includes C. Kilian’s appointment books. Folders are listed first, followed by
items. They are arranged by date.


Most manuscripts are typed, with handwritten corrections and notes on many.
There are ‘background notes’, ‘author galleys’, ‘page proofs’, ‘copied edited
versions’, and ‘first drafts’. Several are incomplete or without titles. All of
Kilian’s major publications are included.

Personal and professional correspondence

The series contains correspondence to and from Crawford Kilian. The records are of both a professional and personal nature, including letters between friends, other authors and Canadian publisher, McClelland and Stewart.

Material on professional career, talks and workshops

The materials in this series pertains to Kilian's work as an education professional and public speaker. This includes course design and notes, records regarding his involvement with the BC School Board, records from speaking engagements, and materials created and used during his workshops and presentations.

Articles written by Kilian

The material of this series pertains to articles written by Crawford Kilian and published in a variety of magazines and journals, including the Georgia Straight. It includes copies of the articles as well of material regarding the research of article topics. Topics covered in these articles include science fiction writing, British Columbia's educational system, online writing techniques and social issues.

Material on published and unpublished work

This series contains records of Kilian's writing career and process. This includes research and notes for books and articles, manuscripts, examples of early writing, and book proposals. Topics investigated in these writing processes include science fiction, creative writing and writing for the web, educational systems, and British Columbian history.


Series consists of two scrapbooks, 1885 to 1939 and 1904 to 1961, containing documents ,
clippings, and photographs relating to the activities of Won Alexander Cumyow and his family. Includes informal photographs of the Cumyow family, newspaper articles documenting Cumyow's career as an official court interpreter, his family life (weddings and funerals) and his activities concerning the Chinese Empire Reform Association, as well as passport certificates pertaining to Cumyow's entry into the United States.


Series consists of government publications acquired by Barrett in the course of his political activities.

Society Publications & Promotional Material

Series consists of Alcuin Society publications including periodicals, books and published memorabilia. Promotional material, limited edition books, keepsakes, chapbooks, broadsides, pamphlets and brochures are also included in this series. The series is sub-divided into 3 sub-series: „Periodicals‟, „Books‟ and „Keepsakes, Broadsides and Pamphlets‟. File list is organized alphabetically by publication type, and then chronologically.

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