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Research Material

This series contains newspaper clippings and printed material to support the writing of a non-fiction book, The Golden Revolution, about retirement in the 1990’s.

There is background material of a similar nature gathered to aid the writing of the novel, The Statement, about National Socialism, the Carter Presidency, commercial flights, and aircraft schematics.

There is background material of a similar nature gathered to aid the writing of a nonfiction biography of Vladimir Krajina.

Federation of BC Writers/BC Caucus of Writers Union of Canada.

This series consists of the correspondence, minutes of meeting and newsletters of both the Writers’ Union and the BC Federation of Writers. Drabek was a floating representative to the National Council of the Writers’ Union of Canada and president and chairman of the Federation of BC Writers in the late 1980s. Material includes the Federation’s application for a license to form a new radio station, cultural plans for Vancouver, plans for a permanent workspace in Vancouver for writers, workshop information, grant applications and correspondence regarding a proposed schools program in which writers planned to visit school children to talk about writing. Annual general meeting material, liaison activity with other writers’ groups, as well as budget information is included.

Subject files related to party politics

Series consists of subject files related to Berger’s leadership of the New Democratic Party (NDP) of British Columbia and electoral campaign of 1969, arranged by exisiting file classification numbers, together with several scrapbooks and files containing press clippings, arranged chronolgically, related to Berger’s political life and campaigns from 1960 to 1969, as NDP Member of the House of Commons for Vancouver-Burrard in 1962, Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Burrard in 1966-1967, and NDP leader in 1969.


Series consists of files assembled for speaking engagements and speeches as well as speaking tours undertaken or planned by Thomas Berger from 1977 to 1994, arranged by the records’ creator in four subseries corresponding to four periods: 1977-1984, 19851986, 1987-1989, and 1990-1994. Files within each subseries are arranged alphabetically by event, place, or host of the speaking engagement. The files include texts and drafts of speeches, notes, articles prepared for publication, conference agendas and related material, and also correspondence, press clippings of events, and material assembled for reference in writing speeches.

Sandon, B.C. records

This series includes correspondence, reports and other documents related to mining in Sandon and surrounding areas such as Nelson. There are also mineral claim records and mining receipts. There are newspaper clippings dating from 1901-1947, and a copy of “As it was in the Beginning: The History of Sandon”.
In addition, there are general and legal records relating to a Mr. E.M. Sandilands, the General Agent of Sandon ca. 1900.

Records related to Alaska

Series consists of materials related to Herring's consulting work in Alaska and with Alaskan companies, and to his ongoing interest in the state's forestry industry. Included in this series are materials related to the Alaska Pulp Corporation (APC) v. United States case, and updates on various APC projects and interests in which he was involved while he was employed with them. Many background and reference materials are also included, as well as annual reports from companies like Klukwan, Goldbelt, and Sealaska. Materials include reports, clippings and published materials, handwritten notes, correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, business cards, maps, conference proceedings, and more.

Series B: Other Activity 1926-1944

Series consists material related to other left-wing and labour activity in Evans’ life, including the Princeton mine workers strike, his work in support of the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and the Canadian Labour Defence League and the Communist Party of Canada.

University of British Columbia President’s Ad Hoc Committee on British Columbia Native Indian People and Communities

Series consists of two files, one related to business of the Ad Hoc Committee on British Columbia Native Indian People and Communities, appointed by University of British Columbia President George Pederson in 1983 and co-chaired by Thomas Berger and Verna Kirkness, including correspondence, minutes, reports and associated material, and a second file of material assembled for reference related to the establishment of an institute of native studies at the University.

Nisga’a 2000: Calder v. Attorney General British Columbia and Campbell v. Nisga’a Tribal Council

Series consists of clippings, notes and legal documents related to the Calder v. Attorney General British Columbia land rights case heard in the Supreme Court of BC in 1969, the BC Court of Appeal in 1970 and the Supreme Court of Canada in 1973. It also contains records related to Campbell v. Nisga’a Tribal Council case heard in 2000, which immediately followed the signing of the Nisga’a by the Nisga’a Tribal Council, Canada and British Columbia in 2000.

FIDH mission files

Series consists of correspondence, financial statements and expense reports, pamphlets, memos, reports, clippings, and handwritten notes. Documents relate to a mission to Chile in 1997 conducted by Berger with Claude Katz, a Parisian lawyer, under the auspices of the Federation Internationale des Droits de l'Homme (FIDH). The mission was to consider the impact of a dam proposed in southern Chile, south of the Bio-Bio River. Except where otherwise noted, file names been retained and the arrangement reflects the creator's original order.

Source: 2011 letter from Thomas Berger to RBSC, located in Berger's accession file.

Printed work

This series contains printed work. The majority of the material is the work of Robert Reid and includes business stationery and cards, certificates, greeting cards, posters and pamphlets. Material was printed under a number of pressed that employed Reid and under the presses owned and operated by Reid.

Also present in this series is the printed work of other publishers, designers and printers. Often, the creators of these works are unspecified.

Writings and speeches

Series consists of annotated drafts of Rush's writings and public speeches from 1960 to 1996. Subjects covered in these items include Canadian history, British Columbia labour struggles and foreign affairs dealing with Cold War issues. This series also includes an annotated draft of Rush's 1995 political memoir, "We Have a Glowing Dream."

Personal and biographical

Series consists of records and published materials detailing the life and personal activities of Maurice Rush. Files in this series include an extensive newspaper clipping collection of articles about Rush as well as a transcript and videocassette of an interview with Rush entitled Maurice Rush: 55 Years in the Communist Party.


Series consists primarily of audio recordings of Rush's political speeches. Subjects covered in these speeches include the international arms race and social democracy.

Academic writing

Series consists of Potrebenko's Honours paper from Simon Fraser University, "Blessed are the Cynical: a clinical investigation of the function of the medical profession in Canada."

Labour Activism

Series consists of pamphlets, brochures, posters, handbooks, illustrations, correspondence, and other documentation related to Potrebenko's involvement with unions and labour activism. Also included is a laminated SORWUC charter establishing Local #One.

Minutes of council and trustee meetings.

Series contains minutes of meetings, memos, information packages, financial reports, and correspondences related to the Stichting Green Peace Executive Committee, the Toxic Coordination Committee, the European Toxics Committee, European trustees/representatives meetings, and other committees and councils on which Mulhall served. The series also contains copies of Annual General Meeting Minuets and reports.

Projects: refused and funded

This series contains records relating to the selection and administration of funding for projects supported by the Boag Foundation. Material primarily includes application documents, inquires and correspondence.

Accounting documents

This series contains records relating to the accounting and finances of the Boag Foundation. Material primarily concerns financial statements, correspondence on financial matters, bills and invoices and income tax returns.

Moving images

Series consists of film reels and videotapes showing footage of Herring's travels, both work-related and personal. Most of these trips were in and around British Columbia and Alaska, but also include Scotland, Australia, Tasmania, Tahiti, and other locations within North America. Subject matter includes Herring's hunting and fishing trips, Highland games, scenic views, wildlife, and scenes of logging, helicopter logging, forestry equipment, and mills.

General business records

This series consist of an assortment of records relating to the vast number of issues that concern the FVOA or directly relate to its operations. The Subjects include; the environment, fishing and vessels, spawning, fueling needs, membership, patrols, First Nations, Transport Canada policies and procedures, correspondence to and from the UFAWU, and correspondence to and from the FVOA management with numerous relevant individuals,
groups, associations, and governmental bodies. The folders are arranged by date.


Series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, book reviews, and book sales relating to anthologies edited by Tom Wayman.


Series consists of correspondence, documents, and research material arising out of his writing career including material relating to his public readings of poetry and Canada Council funding. Correspondence with George Woodcock relates to one of Wayman's essays.

Internal branch business

Series consists of records related to the Vancouver GMB’s regular meetings and administrative affairs from 1982-1985 and 1988-1989. The records include minutes, financial statements and correspondence with members and the IWW’s central co-ordinating body.

External IWW organizations.

This series contains the records of a number of Vancouver members who were active in IWW bodies other than the Vancouver GMB. These bodies
include the General Executive Board (the chief co-ordinating body of the IWW) and organizing committees for various regional and national conventions. There is also a file of records debates over Canadian autonomy within the international IWW. Included in this series are minutes, agendas, draft resolutions and other convention-related documents.


Photographs relating to Doukhobor activities in the West Kootenay region o f
British Columbia and including Sons of Freedom demonstrations in Krestova.,
1960's, n.d. Photocopies of photographs from an RCMP detachment in Nelson
and the Simma Holt Collection at the University of Manitoba Archives as well as an annoted user guide to the Tarasoff Photo Collection on Doukhobor history at the National Archives of Canada.

Women's Institute.

Douglas joined the Whaletown Women's Institute in 1950, shortly afterwards becoming president of the local branch. She served on district, provincial and national boards as B .C. publicity director and F.W.I .C. director
of public relations and as president of the North Vancouver Island district. She edited the brief which won the Tory Award for the FWIC and was editor of "Modern Pioneers", a history of the W .I. published in 1960. Series consists of typescripts of articles and news releases, notes and research for articles, and correspondence.

Correspondence : Personal

From an early age, Douglas was an avid letter writer, and maintained many correspondences throughout her life. This series includes both incoming and outgoing personal correspondence, filed separately except where Douglas had kept both together.

Correspondence : Professional

This series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence with publishing firms, periodicals and newspapers, writing associations and others regarding the publication of Douglas' works. Original groupings have been maintained.

Photographic Records (Preliminary inventory)

The photographs date from the 1890s (pictures of or taken by Douglas' parents and family portraits) . There is a large assortment of childhood pictures of Gilean, her schoolmates etc. Douglas started taking photographs as a child and by her early twenties was an avid and accomplished photographer. Photographs taken by her during the 1920s through the early 1940s are for the most part found in the albums . Pictures taken in the 1950s and 1960s fall into 3 main categories : black & white photos of the B.C. coast taken during her trips on the boats of the Columbia Coast Mission, color and black & white photos of communities in B.C. and eastern
Canada taken during her trips for the W .I., and pictures of Channel Rock. Unfortunately the slides and pictures taken on WI trips are unlabelled and for the most part can only be identified as to general location and date. During the 1970s and 1980s the photographs are almost exclusively of Channel Rock. A representative of these in included in this series ; others may be found at the Cortes Museum and Archives.

Aside from Douglas' own photographs, there are several interesting groups of other people's pictures in this collection: an album with pictures of overseas service during World War I, a group of labelled photographs of Baffin Island, Pangirtung, etc . taken in 1926/27 by an RCMP officer, and photographs from a trip around the world on a freighter in 1919.

Series consists of photographs taken by Douglas (both personal and those used to illustrate magazine and newspaper articles) ; family photographs, both portraits and snapshots ; photographs given to Douglas by friends and correspondents; photographs acquired from archival and commercial sources for use as illustrations ; slides and negatives; film strips.

Pre-internment records

This series contains material belonging to the McCanns prior to their evacuation and internment. It includes health records and school work.

The primary contents of this series are exercise books of Leonard McCann during his time at St. Giles British School in Shanghai prior to his internment at Santo Tomas. The exercise books contain notes from classes including geography, history, French, maths, dictation, writing, Latin as well as general notes.

The exercise books in this series were intentionally kept by Barbara McCann and among the items that were brought to the internment camp at Santo Tomas. She continued to keep these books for the duration of the internment and after.


Records in this series include items of an ephemeral nature created and used during WWII, specifically at or relating to the Santo Tomas Internment Camp. Records include envelopes, sets of cards, examples of daily sanitary paper items, and temporary currency.

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