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Gently to Nagasaki

Series contains records supporting the production of Joy Kogawa's nonfiction book "Gently to Nagasaki." Records include draft manuscripts, annotated drafts, notes, correspondence with editors, and extensive source materials. Source materials include magazines, newspaper clippings, and printouts of articles and books. Source materials relate to nuclear energy, nuclear bombs, the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese war atrocities, Japanese and Allied personal military accounts of World War two, issues of race, and genocide. Series is arranged by files according to original order.

Press clippings

Series contains magazines, newspapers, clippings and photocopies of articles about Coupland or his various projects. Clippings were either set aside by Coupland himself, or received from professional press clippings companies. Series includes clippings in various foreign languages including French, Italian Dutch and German.

Research and creative notes

Series consists of notes, notebooks/journals, press clippings, photographs, books and sketches that are not directly linked to a specific project. From about 1990 to 1994 Coupland kept made daily entries in notebooks. These notebooks contain Coupland’s thoughts, observations and concepts for future subject. This series also contains material related to an unwritten research project that Coupland began in 1992.

Fashion design projects

Series relates to Coupland’s venture into clothing design in collaboration with Roots Canada Ltd. Under the tagline “Canada Goes Electric,” Coupland designed a limited-edition clothing line as well as various leather goods which were released in stores and online in 2010. This project marked the first time that Roots partnered with an outside designer in this way.

Series includes textual records relating to the design and research of the clothing items. Also included in the series are finished production garments and leather goods, as well as items not approved for production; strikeoffs; fabric and leather samples; and finishing material such as patches, zippers, labels, and fasteners.

Teaching and Academic Records.

Series consists of correspondence, pamphlets, poems, minutes, reports, applications, evaluations and other records pertaining to Miki's teaching and academic activities. Includes correspondence between Miki and colleagues at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and other academic institutions, as well as correspondence relating to Miki’s research activities and his involvement and communication with various interest groups and associations. Series also includes projects, papers, correspondence and evaluations relating to courses taught by Miki at SFU, publications by writers who Miki arranged to have visit SFU, and reports, correspondence, and applications pertaining to Government grant and work study funding of projects proposed by or supported by Miki. Series also includes minutes and related correspondence and reports of a committee to establish a Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at SFU.

Literary and Cultural Events and Conferences Participation Records.

Series consists of correspondence, programmes, papers, and press clippings relating to Miki’s organization of and participation in literary and cultural conferences, panels, talks, and other events, locally, nationally and internationally. Cultural events concern racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, and the Japanese Canadian experience.

Coast Lumber & Fuel Company Limited (Western Canada Lumber & Fuel Company Limited) records.

Series consists of records of the Coast Lumber & Fuel Company, Limited and its predecessor body, the Western Canada Lumber & Fuel Company, Limited. Includes the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Western Canada Lumber & Fuel Company, Limited, as well as financial and insurance records for Coast Lumber and Fuel Company, Limited. Series has been divided into sub-series based on these records categories.


Photographs relating to Doukhobor activities in the West Kootenay region o f
British Columbia and including Sons of Freedom demonstrations in Krestova.,
1960's, n.d. Photocopies of photographs from an RCMP detachment in Nelson
and the Simma Holt Collection at the University of Manitoba Archives as well as an annoted user guide to the Tarasoff Photo Collection on Doukhobor history at the National Archives of Canada.

Pettranella-Production and Reviews.

Series contains sketches, drawings, paintings, preparatory manuscripts, correspondence, reviews and royalty reports related to the production and sale of the book, <i>Pettranella</i>. Two watercolour paintings used for the cover and page one of the book were transferred with a later (2006) accrual, however, these paintings have been housed with the rest of the series. Blades enclosed an explanatory note with the 2006 accrual, stating that the artwork was returned to her recently when the publisher, Groundwood, moved their office and discovered the two watercolours.

A Ride for Martha-Production

Series contains a contract, a BC Book Prize certificate, a storyboard, sketches, drawings, paintings, preparatory manuscripts, correspondence, notes, clippings, research materials and royalty statements related to the production and sale of the book, <i>A Ride for Martha</i>. Some oversized materials are housed in a separate container; please see the file list for further detail.

Six Darn Cows-Production and Reviews.

Series contains a storyboard, page layout, sketches, rejected and accepted artwork, and reviews for the book, <i>Six Darn Cows</i>. Other documents relating to the publication of <i>Six Darn Cows</i>, can be found in the “Anna’s Pet/Six Darn Cows Materials,” series. These materials are in a separate, intermingled series because the documents found in the files relate to both books. The two works were published as part of the same series, around the same time. As a result, the creator filed many of the documents together. They have been maintained as a separate, integrated series in order to reflect the original organizational system utilized by Blades.

University of British Columbia President’s Ad Hoc Committee on British Columbia Native Indian People and Communities

Series consists of two files, one related to business of the Ad Hoc Committee on British Columbia Native Indian People and Communities, appointed by University of British Columbia President George Pederson in 1983 and co-chaired by Thomas Berger and Verna Kirkness, including correspondence, minutes, reports and associated material, and a second file of material assembled for reference related to the establishment of an institute of native studies at the University.

Nisga’a 2000: Calder v. Attorney General British Columbia and Campbell v. Nisga’a Tribal Council

Series consists of clippings, notes and legal documents related to the Calder v. Attorney General British Columbia land rights case heard in the Supreme Court of BC in 1969, the BC Court of Appeal in 1970 and the Supreme Court of Canada in 1973. It also contains records related to Campbell v. Nisga’a Tribal Council case heard in 2000, which immediately followed the signing of the Nisga’a by the Nisga’a Tribal Council, Canada and British Columbia in 2000.

FIDH mission files

Series consists of correspondence, financial statements and expense reports, pamphlets, memos, reports, clippings, and handwritten notes. Documents relate to a mission to Chile in 1997 conducted by Berger with Claude Katz, a Parisian lawyer, under the auspices of the Federation Internationale des Droits de l'Homme (FIDH). The mission was to consider the impact of a dam proposed in southern Chile, south of the Bio-Bio River. Except where otherwise noted, file names been retained and the arrangement reflects the creator's original order.

Source: 2011 letter from Thomas Berger to RBSC, located in Berger's accession file.

Sandon, B.C. records

This series includes correspondence, reports and other documents related to mining in Sandon and surrounding areas such as Nelson. There are also mineral claim records and mining receipts. There are newspaper clippings dating from 1901-1947, and a copy of “As it was in the Beginning: The History of Sandon”.
In addition, there are general and legal records relating to a Mr. E.M. Sandilands, the General Agent of Sandon ca. 1900.

Scrapbook Series

Consists of scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, photographs, public and private correspondence and other paraphernalia which document three distinct periods of McPherson’s career. The original order has been maintained and the original titles are: “War Years,” “Okanagan Helicopters” and “Vancouver Port Authority.”

Research Material

This series contains newspaper clippings and printed material to support the writing of a non-fiction book, The Golden Revolution, about retirement in the 1990’s.

There is background material of a similar nature gathered to aid the writing of the novel, The Statement, about National Socialism, the Carter Presidency, commercial flights, and aircraft schematics.

There is background material of a similar nature gathered to aid the writing of a nonfiction biography of Vladimir Krajina.

Federation of BC Writers/BC Caucus of Writers Union of Canada.

This series consists of the correspondence, minutes of meeting and newsletters of both the Writers’ Union and the BC Federation of Writers. Drabek was a floating representative to the National Council of the Writers’ Union of Canada and president and chairman of the Federation of BC Writers in the late 1980s. Material includes the Federation’s application for a license to form a new radio station, cultural plans for Vancouver, plans for a permanent workspace in Vancouver for writers, workshop information, grant applications and correspondence regarding a proposed schools program in which writers planned to visit school children to talk about writing. Annual general meeting material, liaison activity with other writers’ groups, as well as budget information is included.

Subject files related to party politics

Series consists of subject files related to Berger’s leadership of the New Democratic Party (NDP) of British Columbia and electoral campaign of 1969, arranged by exisiting file classification numbers, together with several scrapbooks and files containing press clippings, arranged chronolgically, related to Berger’s political life and campaigns from 1960 to 1969, as NDP Member of the House of Commons for Vancouver-Burrard in 1962, Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Burrard in 1966-1967, and NDP leader in 1969.


Series consists of files assembled for speaking engagements and speeches as well as speaking tours undertaken or planned by Thomas Berger from 1977 to 1994, arranged by the records’ creator in four subseries corresponding to four periods: 1977-1984, 19851986, 1987-1989, and 1990-1994. Files within each subseries are arranged alphabetically by event, place, or host of the speaking engagement. The files include texts and drafts of speeches, notes, articles prepared for publication, conference agendas and related material, and also correspondence, press clippings of events, and material assembled for reference in writing speeches.


Series consists of typescripts of books. Some files contain reference materials, notebooks of handwritten drafts, correspondence and other related materials. The Vancouver file and Dickens of the Mounted file include photographs. The series is arranged alphabetically by title.

The Singing Basket-Production, Reviews and Materials.

Records in this series indicate that Blades was unsatisfied with the publication of <i>Jacques the Woodcutter</i>, so therefore purchased her rights to the artwork back from the publisher, and collaborated with author Kit Pearson to re-tell the story in <i>The Singing Basket</i>, published by Douglas & McIntyre in 1990.
Series consists of research materials, contracts (including the contract for <i>Jacques the Woodcutter</i>), sketches, correspondence, reviews, royalty documents and artwork pertaining to the publication of <i>The Singing Basket</i>. Note that the final artwork for <i>The Singing Basket</i>, is also largely the final artwork for <i>Jacques the Woodcutter</i>. The artwork has been annotated by the creator to indicate which paintings were used in which publication.

A Candle for Christmas-Production and Reviews.

Series consists of sketches, drawings and watercolour paintings related to the production of <i>A Candle for Christmas</i>, including 16 watercolour paintings used for the book. Also included are correspondence and notes regarding the production of the book, royalty documents and clippings and correspondence regarding reviews of the book.

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