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Photo collection

This series consists of approximately 500 prints and photos of immigrants and their institutions in U.S. and Canada. There is an index list with names, when available, that accompanies this series.

South America

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown in and near Manaus, Brazil, mostly of tugs, canoes and waterfront scenes.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Slogans for the Early Twenty-first Century placards

Series contains 12 artist’s proof placards of Coupland’s Slogans for the Twenty-First Century. Six sets of the slogans were created in early 2011, two of which are artist’s proofs.

The content of the slogans was developed to be featured on the Waldorf Hotel’s marquee in Vancouver as advertisement for the Coupland-McLuhan-YouTube event that occurred on May 26, 2011. Hosted by Douglas Coupland, the event consisted of an interactive presentation on Marshall McLuhan and YouTube. Posters were created out of the placard sets and wheat pasted throughout Vancouver.

G72K10 show

In 2010, Coupland exhibited a series of works that digitally re-interpreted iconic paintings done by important Canadian painters such as Emily Carr and members of the Group of Seven. These images formed the G72K10 show which was presented in Vancouver and Toronto. The subseries also includes 68 artist’s proofs of these works.

Positive players project

Sub-series consists of records related to the Positive Players project. The project was designed to facilitate access to resources and support for positive women in their middle years.

Record types include budgets, contracts and funding agreements, and correspondence about the project.

Laurie Nerman

Subseries contains a copy of Laurie Nerman's broadside <i>When Activism Stops</i> and correspondence.

Southern United States

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown over various visits to Southern United States, mostly to Louisiana and Texas. The photographs document the fishing and marine industries in the area, including boats and ships, shipyards and crews.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Asia Pacific

Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown documenting people and activities involved in the fishing and commercial marine industries in coastal East Asia. Numerous regional boats and shipyards are also captured.

Haig-Brown, Alan


Subseries contains photographs taken by Alan Haig-Brown over several trips to the Netherlands and Belgium. Photographs are of various boats and ships, shipyards and locks.

Haig-Brown, Alan

Jack Anawak

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Jack Anawak's "Who is Equal? The Passage of Nunavut's First Human Rights Act" publication in Lazara Press' Discussion Series. The subseries contains drafts of the publication, as well as the final copy. Other records include correspondence related to the chapbook.

Baxter (Death in a dumpster: A passion play for the homeless)

Subseries contains textual records related to Shelia Baxter's play titled <i>Death in a Dumpster: A Passion Play for the Homeless</i>. These records include correspondence, reviews and promotions of <i>Death in a Dumpster</i>, as well as records related to the production of the work. The file also contains copies of promotional material for other events happening in the Downtown Eastside. The photographs contained in this subseries are images featured in the <i>Death in a Dumpster</i> publication.

2004 federal election records

Records in this subseries relate to the BC NDP’s activities in support of the 2004 Canadian federal election.

The 38th Canadian federal election was held on June 28, 2004, following the dissolution of the previous House of Commons on May 23rd, 2004 by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, on the advice of Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin. The federal New Democratic Party, now under the leadership of Jack Layton, ran a full slate of 308 candidates, and managed to secure 19 seats, up from the 14 seats held at the time of dissolution, with 5 of these seats secured in British Columbia. The next federal election was not held until 2006.

Records in this subseries have been made by two different individual creators. Files 424-10 to 424-21 have been created by David Bieber, Director of Communications. Files 425-01 to 425-05 have been created by Russ Neely, Director of Organization.

Files include correspondence, polls, reports, strategy and messaging documents, reports, notes, meeting minutes and agendas, public communications, and other related materials.

Women's Initiatives for Support and Education (WISE) project

The sub-series contains records related to the Women’s Initiatives for Support and Education (WISE) project. The project was launched to support the target population of young women living with HIV/AIDS with a specific focus on indigenous women, young women who used intravenous drugs, or women involved in sex-work. Objectives included increasing access to care and treatment, creating a peer-driven supportive environment, decreasing isolation and vulnerability to secondary infections, promote involvement of women in the design and implementation of the project, promote awareness to community resources, and to promote testing. PWN partnered with YouthCo AIDS society to implement the project, and the project was funded by the AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP).

Record types include correspondence, project proposals, work plans, related research, funding forms, contracts, and amendments, budgets and cash flows, progress reports, and volunteer information.

Jacqueline Marcus

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Jacqueline Marcus' poetry chapbook titled <i>No Excuses</i>. The records include drafts of the chapbook, as well as the published edition, and copies of correspondence between Marcus and Lazara Press.

Keith Hoff collection

Subseries contains genealogical records of Keith Hoff, a photo of Hoff, and transcriptions of oral histories made by him and his relatives. The subseries also includes a passenger list of the S.S. St. Patrick of the Montreal Ocean Steam-Ship Company on September 23, 1874.

Women and AIDS Virtual Education (WAVE) project

Scope and content: The sub-series contains records related to the Women and AIDS Virtual Education (WAVE) project. The project was launched to support HIV + women in British Columbia to share dialogue about being HIV positive, to provide access to medical and treatment information, peer support, counselling, resources, education, ‘experts’, such as doctors, lawyers, nutritionists and treatment experts, and to break-down isolation and stigma faced by HIV + women, particularly women in rural areas. WAVE was modelled as a ‘virtual drop-in clinic’ website, and contained question and answer online modules, bulletin boards for HIV + women and community members, and resources such as newsletters, brochures, and links to other important websites.

Record types in the sub-series include project reports, correspondence, financial records, strategy documents, web design and marketing proposals, press releases, and materials related to website such as domain name purchase and IBM customer agreement.

2000 federal election records

Records in this series relate to the British Columbia NDP's activities in support of the 2000 federal election.

Held on November 27, 2000, the 37th general election was called early by Liberal Party Prime Minister Jean Chretien. The federal NDP, under the leadership of Alexa McDonough, succeeded in securing 13 seats in Parliament, a loss of 8 seats from the previous election in 1997. The BC NDP also did not fare well in the federal election, possibly due to the resignation of Premier Glen Clark in August of 1999 surrounding allegations that he had accepted favours in return for approving a casino application. The next federal election was not held until 2004.

Records in this series have been made by multiple creators. Files 412-01 to 412-04 were created by Ed Lavalle, Provincial Secretary. The creator of files 412-05 to 412-15 is uncertain, but appear to be the Director of Communications. Similarly, the creator of files 412-16 to 412-21 is uncertain, but appears to be Ron Stipp, Director of Organization.

Files include correspondence, memos, public communications, polls, candidate biographies, clippings, draft advertisements and promotional materials, agendas and minutes, and other related materials.

Mannequin rising

Sub-series consists of drafts and editor notes of Miki's book of poetry titled Mannequin Rising. The back cover on the book reads, "In Mannequin Rising, Miki describes a world of consumerism, and answers the visual cacaphony of commodities and window displays with a series of poems and photomontages that reflect the uncanny juxtapositioning he sees all around him."

Sharron J. Simpson Photographs

Series consists of photographs taken by, or collected by, Sharron J. Simpson. Subjects documented include sawmill operations, 1999 reunion of former S.M.S. Ltd. employees, and the Okanagan fruit industry, as well as deliberate photographs taken preserving images of S.M.S. memorabilia.

Simpson, Sharron J.

Files related to Robin Blencoe

Subseries contains court documents, media clippings, correspondence, and other materials related to the trial of Robin Blencoe.

Blencoe was an NDP MLA who went on to serve in the Cabinet of Mike Harcourt as Minister of Municipal Affairs (1991-1993), Minister of Government Services (1993-1995) and the Minister Responsible for Sport and Commonwealth Games of British Columbia (1993-1995). In 1994, several allegations of sexual assault surfaced against Blencoe and were closely followed by the media, eventually forcing him from office in 1995. During the hearings, one of the plaintiffs submitted an application to the BC Supreme Court to name the New Democratic Party as a party in the case on the basis of vicarious liability, but the application was dismissed. Ultimately a BC Human Rights tribunal ruled against Blencoe in the case, and ordered him to pay $5,000 to the plaintiff.

Due to delays of the tribunal hearings however, the original claims were not resolved within the first 30 months since the original filing, and Blencoe sought to have the case dismissed by the BC Supreme Court as a violation of his Charter rights. The motion for dismissal was denied, but the BC Court of Appeals later ruled in Blencoe's favour and ordered the charges stayed. Blencoe's case became national news when the case went to the Supreme Court of Canada (Blencoe v. British Columbia (Human Rights Commission), [2000] 2 S.C.R. 307 ), where a 5-4 ruling overturned the decision of the Court of Appeal, and held that the 30 month delay did not violate the Charter or administrative law.

Bociurkiw (Halfway to the east)

Subseries contains textual records related to Marusya Bociurkiw's work of poetry titled <i>Halfway to the East</i>. These records include drafts of the work, as well as copies of correspondence and the contract between Bociurkiw and Lazara Press. Other records include other copies of correspondence related to the work, reviews and promotions of <i>Halfway</i> and other poems by Bociurkiw, and records related to the production of the work. The subseries also contains a copy of Bociurkiw's poem "Radio Nights," both in English and in German.

Babel subseries

Babel was a newsletter created and circulated within the graduate student community and contains written contributions in prose, poetry, and drawings. Sub-series consists of six editions of the newsletter, filed chronologically from September 1998 to March 1999.

Cameron (Sparks from the fire)

Subseries contains textual records related to Sandy Cameron's volume of poetry titled <i>Sparks from the Fire</i>. These records include drafts of the volume as well as copies of correspondence and the contract between Cameron and Lazara Press. Other records include reviews and promotions of <i>Sparks</i>, as well as records related to the production of the work. The photographs contained in this subseries are images featured in the <i>Sparks</i> publication.

Ricepaper Magazine

Sub-series consists of records relating to the production and publication of Ricepaper, a magazine published by the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop. Records include submissions, reports, drafts of articles, flatplans, financial information, correspondence, grant applications and reports, circulation plans, and staff position descriptions.

1997 federal election records

Records in this series relate to provincial NDP activities in support of the 1997 Federal Election, called on April 26, 1997, and held on June 2, 1997. The federal NDP, under the leadership of Alexa McDonough, managed to regain official party status (lost after securing only 9 seats in the 1993 federal election) by winning 21 seats. The next federal election was not held until 2000.

In British Columbia, former Provincial Secretary Gerry Scott was engaged as the BC Campaign Manager, and current Provincial Secretary Brian Gardiner joined the Communications Working Group of the Elections Planning Committee (EPC). These records appear to have been created by Brian Gardiner, Provincial Secretary, and include public communications, memoranda, messaging documents, newsletters, candidate biographies, correspondence, reports, polls, and other related materials.

Susan Musgrave

Subseries contains two copies of Musgrave's broadside <i>The situation in which we are both amateurs</i>.

Collages from book tours

Series contains 86 collages created during Coupland’s book tours from the 1990s to 2009. Collages were created in order to include a visual dimension to Coupland’s daily tour diary entries that were published to his website. Upon creation the collages were mailed to Vancouver, BC were they were then scanned and posted to Coupland’s blog with the accompanying 400-500 word entry.

Coupland describes the collages as embodying both high-tech and low-tech aspects of the early 2000s due to the nature of their creation, transportation and dissemination.

Subsequent exhibition of the collages featured floating the pieces in vitrines (glass paneled-display cabinets) with a ½ inch neutral background while nearby computers displayed the corresponding diary entries. Graphic moments from the collages were made into limited prints and sold at the show venues.

Pocket guide for HIV+ women

The sub-series contains records related to Pocket Guide for Women Living with HIV/AIDS project. The pocket guide for women living with HIV was designed as a basic resource tool for women newly diagnosed with HIV. It was developed in consultation with HIV positive women, community AIDS workers, other social services providers and a literacy consultant. The result was a pocket sized (4 ½’ x 6”) folder with information sheets covering questions such as What is HIV? How does Hepatitis C affect HIV? PWN produced both a British Columbia edition, and a national edition in English and French.

Record types in the sub-series include project reports, letters of support for the project, financial records, requests for funding, layout of the pocket guides and timelines.

Files related to the David Stockell case

Records included in this subseries relate to a provincial court case, known as Friesen v. Hammell, brought against three NDP MLA’s, Premier Glen Clark, and the NDP itself, in which the respondents were accused of electoral fraud. The case took place from late 1996, moving through various appeals until August 2000, when it was finally overturned and the original respondents were acquitted.

Shortly before the dropping of the writ for the May 28, 1996 provincial election in British Columbia, then Minister of Finance Elizabeth Cull tabled a pre-election balanced budget in the legislature, on which incumbent NDP candidate Glen Clark campaigned, claiming it was an example of the NDP’s sound fiscal management. While the NDP narrowly lost the popular vote with 39.45% to the Liberal’s 41.82%, the party succeeded in securing 39 seats to the Liberal’s 33, and Glen Clark renewed his mandate as Premier. Shortly after the election however, newly appointed Finance Minister Andrew Petter completed a budgetary review, and concluded that in fact, the budget for 1996 would not be balanced, contradicting the projections that Cull had tabled before the election for the 1995/96 and 1996/97 budgets. This sparked public controversy, and the media began referring to the episode as the “Fudge-it Budget” scandal. Following this, David Stockell, a resident of Kelowna, founded a group called HELP BC (an acronym for Help Eradicate Lying Politicians) with the intention of launching a court case against the Clark and the New Democratic Party, claiming the party had defrauded voters. The group received funding for its case from the National Citizen’s Coalition (NCC), a conservative lobby group with a strong base in Alberta, and political support from the BC Liberals and others. David Stockell had in fact voted Liberal in the 1996 election and therefore could not name himself as a petitioner in the court case; instead, HELP BC began an outreach campaign to ask members of the public who had voted for the NDP on the basis of its budgetary promises to step forward as petitioners. Three British Columbians from different ridings were identified: Leonard Friesen of the Surrey Green Timbers riding, Holly Kuzenko of New Westminster, and Mildred Umbarger of Rossland Trail. The initial court case was brought forward as a class proceeding, against not only the MLA’s of each riding (Sue Hammell of Surrey Green Timbers, Graeme Bowbrick of New Westminster, and Ed Conroy of Rossland Trail), but also all electoral district MLA’s, electoral officers, Glen Clark, and the NDP itself. The trial began at the end of 1996, and proceeded through various appeals, with the NDP and other respondents eventually being dismissed from the proceedings except for the three MLA’s initially named – though in January 1999, the BC Court of Appeals ruled that the case could go to full trial in the British Columbia Supreme Court. In August of 2000 however, the case was finally thrown out, and the respondents acquitted.

Records include court documents, drafts and research notes, correspondence, media clippings and transcripts, opinion polls, and other related materials.

2001 provincial election records

Records in this subseries relate to BC NDP activity surrounding the 37th provincial general election in BC, held on May 16, 2001. Though the Party ran a full slate of 79 candidates in the 2001 election, the BC NDP’s public perception was still suffering as a result of the media-dubbed “Bingogate scandal” which had led to Glen Clark’s resignation as Premier in August of 1999. Under the leadership of Ujjal Dosanjh, the former Attorney General of BC who had successfully won the NDP leadership race in February of 2000, the New Democratic Party succeeded in retaining only 2 of their previous 39 seats in the provincial legislature, those of incumbents Joy McPhail (Vancouver-Hastings) and Jenny Kwan (Vancouver-Mount Pleasant). The BC Liberals, under the leadership of former Vancouver mayor Gordon Campbell, won the remaining 77 seats. The next provincial election was not held until 2005.

The records in this series were received by RBSC in one box; though their contents suggest multiple individual creators, it is difficult to determine at a file-by-file level which files were created by whom. Based on an examination of the contents of the files and notes supplied by the appraising archivist, the likely creators of these files are Ed Lavalle, Provincial Secretary and Acting Campaign Manager for the 2001 election, and either the Director of Communications or David Bieber, Communications Officer for the BC NDP.

Materials in this subseries include correspondence, polls, candidate nomination materials, public communications, campaign literature, media clippings, notes, meeting agendas and minutes, candidate biographies and photographs, financial documents, and other related materials. Certain items not directly related to the election were intermingled with loose materials discovered in the box; they have been left in their received order and can be found in file 415-01.

Jaqueline Oker

Subseries contains textual records related to Jacqueline Oker's broadside poem titled <i>Remember</i>. The records include drafts of the poem, as well as the published broadside. Other records include Oker's biographical information, correspondence, and copies of other unpublished poems written by Oker.

Ursula Franklin

Subseries contains textual records pertaining to Ursula Franklin's "Every Tool Shapes the Task: Communities & the Information Highway" publication in Lazara Press' Discussion Series. The subseries contains drafts of the publication, as well as the final copy. Other records include correspondence, the contract between Franklin and Lazara Press, distribution information, and newsclippings.

Healthcare provider and physician's education projects (HPEP)

The sub-series contains records related to the Physician’s Education Project and its successor, the Healthcare Providers Education Project (HPEP). The project was launched to facilitate education of healthcare providers and physicians regarding HIV/AIDS in general, particularly women-specific issues and needs for preventive care and treatment. Physicians and health care professionals attended presentations put on by the PWN.

Record types include project proposals, reports, project evaluation records, correspondence, and contracts between funding bodies, AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP) and Ministry of Health (MOH) and the PWN.

Across currents: canada—Japan minority forum

Sub-series contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, notes, and other records reflecting Mild’s role on the organizing committee for the conference Culture in struggle: Canada—Japan minority forum. The conference was held in Vancouver in 1995. The sub-series contains photographs of individuals who participated in the conference as speakers, attendees, and performers and of ceremonies and performances in progress as well as audio recordings of the conference proceedings. Finally, the sub-series contains drafts of the manuscript of the conference proceedings which Mild co-edited with Rita Wong. The proceedings were published as Across Currents: Canada—Japan minority forum in 2001. Files related to conference organizing precede the manuscript drafts.

Sharron J. Simpson Research Files

Series consists of materials documenting Sharron J. Simpson’s efforts to collect external information about various aspects of her family history centering mainly on the history of S.M.S. Ltd., but not including research particular to the Simpson Covenant, which is kept separate.
In addition to the collection of published materials (predominantly newspapers) the series also includes recorded oral histories and select transcripts.

Simpson, Sharron J.

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