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Historical mining research collection

Subseries consists of collected materials with pertinence to the mining industry in the late 19th and early 20th century in the Kootenay, Boundary, and Similkameen regions of British Columbia.
Includes collected photographs, clippings, government publications, maps (mineral claims) and textual records.

Penticton Indian Band collection

The Okanagan Syilx People have lived in the lands stewarded by the Penticton Indian Band since time immemorial, well before the onset of European settlement in the region. Today the Band is a member of the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Subseries consists primarily of photographs and associated interpretive notes, captions, and other materials.

Inkameep/Osoyoos Indian Band collection

The Okanagan Syilx People have lived in the lands (Osoyoos, Oliver) stewarded by the Osoyoos Indian Band since time immemorial, well before the onset of European settlement in the region. Today the Band is a member of the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Consists primarily of photographs and associated interpretive notes, captions, and other materials.

Private Correspondence sub-series

The sub-series consists of correspondence from MacKenzie's childhood through 1978. The correspondents in this series fall into two groups: relatives and close, personal friends. Consequently, the tone of the series differs considerably from that of the Main Correspondence sub-series. MacKenzie made this distinction himself as most of these letters were kept in bundles or boxes, separate from the Main Series. While there are a few letters from the 1890s and 1900s, the central part of this series begins after 1920. The materials are primarily handwritten letters to MacKenzie, although, for later years, there is the occasional typewritten copy of MacKenzie's reply.
The correspondence is arranged alphabetically and then chronologically. Each person's name is followed by nicknames and, where applicable, their relationship to MacKenzie.
Box 241 primarily contains MacKenzie's outgoing correspondence from World War I to family and friends. Some later outgoing correspondence, mainly to MacKenzie's family, is also included in box 241. Box 242 contains a small amount of correspondence with Marge MacKenzie.

Gold dust publication records

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the publishing of Howard's book, <i>Gold Dust on His Shirt</i>. Records include correspondence between Howard and Between the Lines Publishing House, chapter drafts and revisions, manuscripts, contracts, submission letters and rejections, book reviews, and promotional materials. The photographs in this subseries are images used in the book.

Lower Similkameen Chuchuwaya Bands collection

The Similkameen people have a history with the land that spans thousands of years in what is now Washington State and the Province of British Columbia. Subseries consists primarily of photographs and associated interpretive notes, captions, and other materials. Includes draft of "Natives of the Okanagan & Similkameen.”

Photographs subseries

Subseries consists of photographs of Coolie Verner, his friends and colleagues and his art collection. None of the photographs appear to have been taken by Verner. The majority of the images are snapshots. Many of the titles are derived from the contents of the photos. All of the people identified in the photographs are as noted on the backs of the pictures. There was no apparent order to the images; they have been arranged in chronological order.

Selected images are included in UBC Open Collections UBC 98.1.

General Files

Sub-series consists of correspondence, notes, financial documents, speaking notes, reference queries, legal agreements, research files, newspaper clippings, prospectuses, certificates, and other records made or received by Norman Colbeck in the course of his activities as a book dealer and collector in England and later, in Canada, and his work cataloguing his book collection for the University of British Columbia Library.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Reverend A.H. Cameron collection

Reverend A.H. Cameron arrived in Keremeos in 1906 and established a Presbyterian church where he presided as its first minister for many years. He captured a large number of pictures during his tenure, leaving a photographic record of local affairs. Subseries consists of photographs attributed to him.

Hand-Written Volumes of Poetry and Prose

Sub-series consists of volumes of poetry and prose of nineteenth century authors compiled by Norman Colbeck and written by his hand. The sub-series also contains several notebooks kept by Norman Colbeck containing notes and information about authors, manuscripts, and his book-dealing activities.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Memorabilia subseries

Subseries consists of degrees, certificates, driver's license, passports, sketchbooks, telephone books, commemorative plate, and other materials about Verner's schooling and personal life.

Unpublished Manuscripts subseries

Subseries consists of notes and drafts, both handwritten and typescript of articles, and books on maps, mapmakers, and mapmaking written by Verner but never published. Materials in Boxes 69 and 70 are fragile, having some fire and water damage.

Course Materials subseries

Subseries consists of guidelines, programs of study in adult education, surveys, course evaluations, and grade sheets about courses taught by Verner at UBC. Subseries includes materials dealing with courses at the University of Virginia, the University of Florida, and Columbia University, where Verner taught before coming to UBC. Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Research Materials subseries

Subseries consists of microfilm copies of atlases, photocopies of maps, carto-bibliographic descriptions of maps, and biographical notes maintained by Verner as research material.

Prairie Provinces

Sub-series consists of an original and copies of documents pertaining to the Prairies Provinces, including a photostat copy of Francois Antoine Laroque's journal for his 1805 journey from Fort Assiniboine to the Rocky Mountains, an original commission appointing Alexander Morris Commissioner regarding Lands of Occupants claims in Manitoba in 1876, and typescript copies of letters pertaining to the Laurier-Greenway Compromise on the Manitoba School Question in 1897.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Miscellaneous subseries

Subseries consists of miscellaneous materials related to adult education research. Materials include 4 reel to reel tapes of the NBC radio show The People Act, which first aired in December 1950. The fifth tape contains a lecture by Verner. There are also 17 microfilm copies of books or articles on adult education and rural communities.

British Columbia

Sub-series consists of original and photostat copies of correspondence related to the exploration of British Columbia. Includes a photostat copy of a letter by Robert Gray regarding Nootka Sound (1788) and an original 1852 letter from Sir George Simpson to Hector McKenzie and John W. Simpson pertaining to an expedition to the Pacific Coast by Belanger.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Exhibitions and publicity

This subseries contains records relating to Kujundzic's public life. It includes press clippings, articles featuring Zeljko's artwork, pamphlets and brochures, conference publicity, correspondence with companies regarding exhibitions and his artwork, and photographs of exhibits and galleries that featured himself and his artwork. There are records from various magazines and newspapers, and records relating to the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), Federation Internationale de la Medaille (FIDEM), the Sculptor's Society, the Northwest Designer Craftsmen Show (NWD), Ceramica, Gardens of Art Gallery, and Who's Who in American Art.

Third Year

Subseries consists of Team Meeting Minutes and other records related to Third
Year courses, including issues of scheduling, course content and presentation, text books used and evaluation.

A bookman’s catalogue: the Norman Colbeck collection of nineteenth-century and Edwardian poetry and belles-lettres in the Special Collections of the University of British Columbia: drafts

Sub-series consists of a hand-written card catalogue to Colbeck’s book collection at the University of British Columbia. The sub-series also contains an early draft of Colbeck’s published catalogue, hand-written and over two thousand pages in length, and a proof copy of the catalogue.
Title based on contents of series.

Book binding projects

Subseries contains copies of books Thomas found during his research which he then had bound. The majority of books deal with folk music, while others focus on labour disputes in British Columbia. Note that this series does not include <I>Songs of the Pacific Northwest</I>. Material includes proofs, copies, and notes. Subseries is arranged alphabetically according to book title.

Miscellaneous subseries

Subseries consists of records about creating various types of word games and puzzles. These records include original, copy and draft puzzles, notes, completed puzzles (not started by Messenger), and clippings.

Triple-Ploy subseries

Subseries consists of records about Messenger's regular puzzle column Triple-Ploy, published in Western Living Magazine. These records include correspondence, completed puzzles and revisions.

Penticton Herald photograph collection

Subseries consists of an acquisition by Doug Cox of a Collection of photographic negatives from the newspaper The Penticton Herald.
Coverage includes themes such as the cultural events, sports, rodeo, telecommunications, buildings and community infrastructure, aviation, industry, disasters.

Joe Harris collection

Biographical sketch
Joseph Gleason Harris (b. 1910-07-06, d.1994-12-26) arrived in Penticton in 1917. At age 16 he was invited by Frank Richter, Jr., to the Richter Ranch in Keremeos, from which point he visited the Cathedral Mountains for the first time. Later, in 1939, Joe Harris and Herb Clark of Keremeos launched a pack horse business which would take tourists to visit the Cathedrals. In 1944 he entered the ranching industry and in 1946 took over what was previously Ralph Overton’s ranch. This site was later home to Apex Mountain Guest Ranch. 1946 also saw the launch of a heavy equipment business.
Joe Harris and Margaret “Peggy” Burgess married April 4, 1945 and they made their home in Penticton. Together they raised seven children.
Joe Harris also was heavily involved in civic service. Harris served as the chairman of the Central Welfare Committee for fifteen years throughout the 1930s and 1940s. From 1950-1957, Harris also served as an Alderman on the Penticton City Council. Harris was a member of the Penticton Hospital Board for sixteen years and initiated a local volunteer search and rescue group. Harris participated in many local rescues himself.
Harris was also instrumental in local heritage initiatives and worked as the curator of the R.N. Atkinson (Penticton) Museum from 1973-1984. His deep knowledge of the history of the area poised him to deliver educational lectures to various organizations and to serve as president of the Penticton branch of the Okanagan Historical Society for five years.
Harris was an avid photographer, and won many awards. His photographic record documents local places and events throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
Harris was a close associate and valuable historical source for Doug Cox during his writing career.

Scope and content
Subseries consists of original photographs taken by Joe Harris as well as some pieces collected by Joe Harris and then subsequently transferred to the custody of Doug Cox. Predominant photographic coverage relates to the Cathedral Mountains, south of Keremeos, BC, during the 1930s. Includes a sequence of interviews with Joe Harris, and some associated transcripts.


Subseries contains general textual records pertaining to Lazara Press' Discussion Series publications, such as mailing lists and inquiries made to and from Goldsmith about potential future publications in the series.

Miscellaneous subseries

Subseries consists of records that were used for or produced during the creation of Literature in English. These records include correspondence, revision, notes, reviews, designs, and various illustrations.

Marusya Bociurkiw

Subseries contains two copies of Bociurkiw's poem titled <i>Not in my Name</i> and of her poem titled <i>Radio Nights</i>.

Maps subseries

Subseries consists of maps, charts, and plans collected by Verner, the majority of which appeared in atlases and books. Subseries also includes a few manuscript maps. The maps, charts, and plans are mainly of North America, in particular the western and northern parts, and of eastern Russia and China. There are many maps of Northern Canada, the North Pole, Bering Strait, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and the Pacific Ocean. A number of maps feature the tracks of the ships of explorers such as Cook, Vancouver, La Perouse, Muller, Cluny, De Fonte, Dixon and Meares, Mackenzie and Hearne.
The maps are engraved and lithographed. Mapmakers from Europe and North America include Aaron and John Arrowsmith, Didier Robert de Vaugondy, Abraham Ortelius, Guiljelmo Blaeu, Gerard Mercator, Jodocus Hondius, Sebastian Munster, Reynold [Renier] Elstracke, Guillaume de L'Isle, Renier and Joshua Ottens, Herman Moll, Isaac Brouckner, Isak Tirion, Thomas Jeffreys, Philippe Buache, Pierre Francois Tardieu, L. Aubert, Neele, Joseph Nicholas de L'Isle, Christian Gotleib Theophil Reichard, George H. Swanston, Adrian Hubert Brue, Alexander Kincaid, J. and C. Walker, Jehoshaphat Aspin, Sidney Hall, Illman & Pilbrow, C.V. Monin, Laguillermie, Mardelet, Samuel Parker, M.M. Peabody, Thomas Foot, J. Bartholemew, Edward Weller, Edward Stanford, August Sontag, Dr. E.K. Kane, James Wyld, and James Alden.

New France/Lower Canada/Quebec

Sub-series consists of manuscript and printed material related to the political history of New France, Lower Canada, and Quebec. Includes original manuscript documents required for the ennoblement of Julien de Rihouei, sieur de Menizeran, and Jean Baptiste Yves Gamier, as well as two printed ordinances and a partial printed report of the Battle of St. Charles.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

William McLennan writing, research, and publications

The sub-series consists of textual records related to William McLennan’s work as a writer from the 1880s-1903. The series includes full and partial drafts of published and unpublished articles, short stories, novels, and non-fiction works; research and reference materials; incoming correspondence; and other materials. Writings are primarily about Montreal, including its history, physical environment, and historical figures. Historical figures treated include Raphael-Lambert Closse, Bénigne Basset, François Dollier de Casson, George Hardy, Pehr Kalm, Medar Jalot, Louis Juchereau de Saint-Denis, Richard Hamilton, Louis de Montéléon, Marie-Anne-Josette L’Estringant de Saint-Martin, Jean-Baptiste Migeon de Branssat, Daniel Greysolon Dulhut, Benedict XIII, Octave Crémazie, James Johnstone, and John McDonell. Research and reference materials include notes from historical sources, character sketches and timelines, and copies of archival documents, as well as original historical documents. Among the historical documents, the series includes a copy of Daniel Greysolon Dulhut's will and testament dated 1710 and signed by Dulhut. Correspondence relates to the writing, research, and publication of McLennan’s works. Notable correspondents include Jean Newton McIlwraith, co-author of "The Span o’ Life: A Tale of Louisbourg and Quebec," historian Joseph-Edmond Roy, archivist Douglas Brymner, journalist and historian Ernest Myrand, and John S. McLennan, among others.

Family Reconstitutions Project subseries

Subseries consists of records related to the Family Reconstitutions Project, including censuses, maps, tax assessment rolls, and research notes. The Project was a series of family reconstitution studies for the cities of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and Perth, Ontario, in the 18th and 19th centuries. Ward pursued a professional and personal interest in this project, but it did not reach the publication stage.


Sub-series consists of original manuscript correspondence and other documents pertaining to the history and development of the Maritime provinces. Records concern trade, government, political ties, population, and agriculture. Includes handwritten notations of Prime Minister Sir John Thompson regarding Newfoundland's entry into the Canadian Confederation and its interaction with the United States, a manuscript by John Haliburton concerning his impressions of Joseph Howe, as well as correspondence of George Leonard, James Montgomery and Edward Fanning.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Asian immigration and Settlement

Subseries consists of records related to Asian immigration to and settlement in North America. These records pertain predominantly to Chinese immigration and settlement in British Columbia, but also include records pertaining to other Asian diaspora as well as other regions of Canada and the United States. These records document early Asian immigration and settlement following the gold rush, such as the Chinese role in the construction of the transcontinental railway, where Chinese workers were assigned the most dangerous jobs, and anti-Asian sentiment in Canada. Other records in this subseries include materials related to Canadian immigration policy and multiculturalism in Canada, Chinese-language educational materials and children's books, Chinese business and residential directories, city directories for Vancouver and Victoria, and materials related to the Sino-Japanese War. As immigration in this context pertains both to first-generation immigrants as well as their families and descendants, records in this subseries also illustrate the Asian experience in Canada and highlight the development of Asian communities, including social, cultural, religious, political, sporting, and educational activities as well as the activities of organisations such as Chinese trade societies, the Chinese Benevolent Association, the Chinese Canadian Association, and the Chinese National League of Canada.

This subseries also contains an extensive collection of early photographs of Asian-Canadians and Asian-Americans. Some highlights include historical class photographs from Vancouver's Strathcona School, street scenes from the Vancouver, Victoria, and San Francisco Chinatowns, wedding portraits, and the 1915-1918 photograph album of Jue Fong, then a Chinese-American teenager, which offers rare candid photographs from that time period.

These records in this subseries are varied and include published monographs, pamphlets, directories, catalogues, magazines, maps, government reports, legislation, petitions, memoranda, meeting minutes, speeches, contracts, forms, certificates, licenses, tickets, passenger lists, immigration papers, taxes, invoices and receipts, donation books and fundraising materials, staff rosters, school workbooks, samples of Chinese calligraphy, newspaper clippings, posters and broadsides, newsletters, brochures and advertisements, correspondence, postcards, invitations and event programmes, restaurant menus, artefacts, ephemera, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and photographs, photo albums, and photographic negatives.

Upper Canada

Sub-series consists of an original land deed, with the Great Seal of Upper Canada attached, and warrants, with accompanying accounts and receipts, issued by Sir Peregrine Maitland, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, between 1818 and 1828.
Title based on contents of sub-series.


Subseries contains Thomas' research on different genres of music. Material includes song lyrics, music sheets, articles, and clippings. The subseries is alphabetically arranged according to genre title.

Documents of a national significance

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to the history of more than one region, or to Canada in general. Includes an original financial statement of Sir Alexander MacKenzie's account with the North West Company in 1807, an original 1833 manuscript letter from Edward Ellice to Samuel Gerrard concerning financial matters in the Canadas, as well as transcript copies of letters by William Lyon Mackenzie and Edward Blake.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Financial records

Sub-series consists of financial accounts and correspondence related to Andrew Belcher’s business activities. Includes records relating to the finances of the Wright and King families.


Sub-series consists of originals and copies of journals detailing Belcher’s travels during the period 1821-1827, including his travels in Britain in 1821 and as part of the crew of the HMS Blossom during the Beechey expedition, 1825-1827.

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