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Photograph Albums

Series contains photograph albums of various railways, elevators, and bridges associated with Swan's career as an engineer. Series also holds two other photographs outside of albums containing Swan and his associates and military Battalion.


Series consists of manuscripts and sections of manuscripts from poems, novels, plays, essays, and other written works by Hood.

Files consisting of many short texts, or untitled texts, have simply been named "Manuscripts." In all other cases, existing file names have been respected or, where available, have been attributed by the archivist according to the manuscript contained in the file.

Typed quotation book from Tao Te Ching

Series consists of a small notebook containing typed copies of poems from Tao Te Ching by Lau Tzu, translated by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English, printed by Wildwood House, London. Also included in the notebook is Land of the Reed Plains: Ancient Japanese Lyrics from the Manyoshu, translated by Kenneth Yasunda.


File consists of newspaper and magazine clippings collected by Hood, some of which relate to his publications.

Subject Files

This series consists of files related to Brown's various interests. Major topics include companies similar to those for which Brown was a director, interests in Hawaii, materials related to the Yukon, and various groups in which Brown was involved, including several cancer research societies, the Metropolitan Opera (New York), and social clubs in Canada.

Personal Papers and Scrapbook

This series consists of materials related to Brown's married life and childhood, materials with little to no relevance to his work, and the contents of Brown's scrapbook. A great majority of the series contains documents and correspondence related to functions the Browns hosted. Smaller, though notable, items include the script of a play, school papers, and song lyrics all written by Brown.

Graphic materials

Series consists primarily of family photographs. Other photograph subjects include scenes of Vancouver, particularly Stanley Park, as well as images and objects of historical interest. A small amount of textual material,a drawing, and a print are also included.Files names and order have been respected where they existed.

Dorothy Chang

Series consists of final scores, edited scores, notes, and a musical program related to Dorothy Chang’s composition Gateways: Double Concerto for Erhu and Piano. Gateways was commissioned by Nicole Ge Li and Corey Hamm of the Piano-Erhu Project (PEP). Players of the erhu and piano, respectively, they began PEP as a means of exploring the tonal, musical, and cultural blends between two iconic Eastern and Western instruments. For her addition to PEP’s mission, Chang reflected on how she might address the issue of ‘east meets west,’ especially given the solo instruments’ highly distinct and disparate sonic characteristics, performance practices, and musical traditions. Gradually, the piece evolved as a patchwork of musical fragments, moments, and memories gathered from her own multicultural experiences as a first-generation Chinese American, a Western expatriate living in Taiwan, and now an immigrant to Canada. Woven into the three movements are references to a 90’s Chinese pop song, a children’s rhyme, opulent Romanticism, American minimalism, and other influences both subtle and not. The title refers to a Tang Dynasty poem that depicts a gateway as both an opportunity and a barrier, reflecting a deep yearning for a faraway time, place, or memory. The work premiered April 14, 2018 at the VSO Annex Theatre; Ge Li and Hamm served as soloists; William Rowson conducted members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Chang, Dorothy

Musical materials

Series consists of both published sacred, secular, and popular music as well as hand-copied, transcribed music, collected by the members of the Icelandic community in Vancouver. Records include manuscript sheet music, part books, solo sheet music, and etude books; as well as vinyl recordings of various Icelandic music. Documents are arranged into files according to genre of music and language.

The music was collected from V. Baldwinson, the Icelandic Lutheran Church choir, H. Johnson, G. Thorleifson, Anna Camb, Gwen Dowding, E. Sigmar, R. Einarson, J. Goodmundson, R. Rasmussen, O. Stefanson, T. Thorsteinsson, O. Howardson, T. Friđliefosn, R. Ásgeirsson, j. Reykdal, A. Sveinsson, S. Sigurdson, and B. Gudmundson.

Deborah Carruthers

Series consists of original graphic scores, conductor's score, working templates, notes, art prints, and photographs related to the work ‘slippages’ by Montréal based composer and interdisciplinary artist Deborah Carruthers. In 2017, Carruthers served as the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia (UBC). Deborah teamed up with science researchers at the institution as well as the UBC School of Music to find a way to creatively combine sound, science, and visual art for the purpose of increasing public awareness of the climate crisis. Carruthers conducted field work for the project in the Columbia Icefield along the border of British Columbia and Alberta. Inspired by the threatened glacial landscape, Carruthers returned to her Montréal studio and completed a series of paintings, 27 of which were selected and arranged to produce a graphic score. Graphic scores use visual symbols to represent music rather than traditional music notation. Because of their emphasis on the visual, graphic scores are frequently considered works of art in and of themselves. Moving from sight to sound is accomplished through the creation of a geography of the orchestra on a sheet of transparent plastic which is then used to map over Carruthers’ art works and determine which instruments take responsibility for which parts of the images. ‘Slippages’ premiered Friday, October 5th, 2018, at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts with the UBC Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the symphony’s Director, Dr. Jonathan Girard. Project documentation includes a notebook holding hand-written texts revealing assimilation of glacial theory, inspirational preliminary sketches, and unique inserts; an audio/video recording of the premier; and a copy of a video component to be shown above the orchestra as it performs the work.

Carruthers, Deborah

Zosha Di Castri

Series consists of scores, sketches, notes, edited drafts, correspondence, inspirational materials, and photographs related to Zosha Di Castri’s composition Sprung Testament: Duo for Violin and Prepared Piano. The work is a collaborative piece between composer/pianist Di Castri and violinist Jenny Koh. Koh was planning a series of concerts for National Sawdust, an innovative arts institution located in Brooklyn, New York, and reached out to various composers/performers to participate. Koh set the theme of the concert, asking each composer to engage with the idea of rebirth and evolution. In response, Di Castri wrote Sprung Testament which encapsulates the concepts of spring and rebirth. In their conversations, the two musicians questioned the journey one goes through in life to transcend personal struggles. Di Castri used sticky mounting putty to modify the piano, thereby creating unique sounds and highlighting Koh’s theme of transformation. Print photographs of the prepared piano can be found in the "Images" file of the fonds. Koh and Di Castri premiered Sprung Testament at National Sawdust on March 15th, 2018.

Di Castri, Zosha


Series consists of Reed's (unpublished) memoirs, as well as some autobiographical notes and correspondence.

Lori Freedman

Series consists of musical scores, notes, sketches, concert programs, DVDs, and audio CDs pertaining to three distinct pieces composed by Lori Freedman: Reimsix, To The Bridge, and Concerto Now and Then. Each piece is unique and pertains to a specific era during Freedman’s long musical career. Reimsix was composed by Freedman in 2011 for the flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano. To The Bridge was composed in 2014 for bass clarinet (clarinet in B-flat) and voice. This piece is composed of five miniatures connected by four bridges, hence the naming of the song. The bridge is where the miniatures arrive or depart from a place. Freedman explains her perspective as, “playing music is equally about composition as it is about interpretation and the spontaneous combination of the two — improvisation.” With this piece, Freedman wants to focus on the interconnection between the composer, the performer and the audience. Concerto Now and Then was composed in 2020 for any five musicians. It has previously been performed with a violin, clarinet, cello, alto saxophone, and double bass.

Freedman, Lori

Chiyoko Szlavnics

Series consists of original drawings, scores, handwritten notes and revisions, book/booklets and other materials relating to Szlavnics’ Gradients of Detail. Gradients of Detail was composed by Szlavnics in 2005 especially for Montreal-based string quartet Quatuor Bozzini. Szlavnics compositional process is closely affiliated with her line drawings which became the graphical representation of the score. This visual score was essential to represent the slow sustains and glissandi found throughout this work. The scores are meant to be read from left to right as time (in seconds) and from up to down as the high to low frequency range of pitch, though she cautions against reading this visual representation as exact pitches. These visual artworks must also serve to be art in and of themselves, as that would guarantee that the musical score translated out of it will be strong, according to Szlavnics. She says the forms in Gradients of Detail line drawings are related to the seed pods of the milkweed plant which she drew in Canada in the fall of 2004 just after her father passed away.

Szlavnics, Chiyoko


This series consists of works that combine sound, images, and text. Series includes CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes and VHS cassettes.

Electronic Media

The series consists of DVD recordings of Citizens’ Assembly meetings; DVD copies of photographs in JPG format, promotional materials, copies of the public and private Citizens’ Assembly websites (without discussion forum); CD-ROMs of the Assembly’s final report, various presentations, resources, submission attachments and presentation summaries in PDF and Word formats, audio of Citizens’ Assembly public meetings, and one Betacam recording of footage used in media coverage of the Citizens’ Assembly.

Gently to Nagasaki

Series contains records supporting the production of Joy Kogawa's nonfiction book "Gently to Nagasaki." Records include draft manuscripts, annotated drafts, notes, correspondence with editors, and extensive source materials. Source materials include magazines, newspaper clippings, and printouts of articles and books. Source materials relate to nuclear energy, nuclear bombs, the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese war atrocities, Japanese and Allied personal military accounts of World War two, issues of race, and genocide. Series is arranged by files according to original order.

Nunavut (NTI) files

Series consists of correspondence, reports, clippings and published materials, personnel records, contracts, memos, and other documents related to Berger's role as conciliator regarding the meaning and implementation of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement of 1993. The dispute, between Nunavut Tungavik Inc. and the Government of Nunavut on the one hand and the Government of Canada on the other, related to employment and education and the extent of Canada's commitments in that connection. His 2006 report, <em>The Nunavut Project</em>, proposed far-reaching changes in the languages of education and of the workplace.

Except where otherwise noted, file names been retained and the arrangement reflects the creator's original order.

Source: 2011 letter from Thomas Berger to RBSC, located in Berger's accession file.

Other Joy Kogawa writings

Series consists of drafts and correspondence relating to short stories, articles, introductions, forewords, comments, and other material written by Kogawa.

Public submissions

The series consists of print copies of submissions made by the public to the Citizens’ Assembly on various topics related to electoral reform. Some submissions include attachments or scanned originals of submissions sent in hard copy.

Heavenly Monkey Editions publishing records

Series contains copies of books and ephemera issued by Heavenly Monkey Editions and includes setting copies, detailed page layout schematics, dummy of final book, final printing schedule and sequence, proofs and impressions, makeready copies, printing plates, printing blocks, and various other documents used in the creation of each item.


Series includes of digital and print surrogates of email correspondences, arranged chronologically, with colleagues and collaborators on a variety of printing and publishing projects created by Heavenly Monkey, and Heavenly Monkey Editions, as well other printing projects undertaken by Milroy.

Posters and Promotions

Series consists of posters, promotional material, and newspaper articles about Greenboathouse Press and Jason Dewinetz. Some promotional material for the Greenboathouse Reading Series can be found in the Administration series.

Community Living Coalition

The Community Living Coalition (CLC) was a group of people and organizations who supported individualized funding for people with intellectual disabilities. The group gathered together as an advocacy body to work with the B.C. provincial government to address cutbacks in community living services and support, develop new governance structures for community living, and promote individualized funding.

Series includes meeting minutes, reports, news releases, and correspondence created from the activities of the CLC and Jackie Maniago's participation in the CLC.

Oral history project audio recordings

Series consists of audio recordings made by the Robeson memorial concert committee of various activists and organizers involved with the initial Paul Robeson Peace Arch Concert. These activists include Ben Swankey, Ace Hadrell and Betty Donaldson. Bundled with each audio recording are paper notations which provide details about the interviewee and the interview itself. This series also contains the final, edited compact disc which the committee published as part of the project.

Fashion design projects

Series relates to Coupland’s venture into clothing design in collaboration with Roots Canada Ltd. Under the tagline “Canada Goes Electric,” Coupland designed a limited-edition clothing line as well as various leather goods which were released in stores and online in 2010. This project marked the first time that Roots partnered with an outside designer in this way.

Series includes textual records relating to the design and research of the clothing items. Also included in the series are finished production garments and leather goods, as well as items not approved for production; strikeoffs; fabric and leather samples; and finishing material such as patches, zippers, labels, and fasteners.

Trinity Western University v. British Columbia College of Teachers

Series consists of clippings, correspondence, notes and legal documents related to the Trinity Western University v. British Columbia College of Teachers case heard in the Supreme Court of Canada in 2001. Berger represented the British Columbia College of Teachers, who had denied an application for teacher’s program from Trinity Western University, based on the grounds that the University did not allow homosexual students.

Narmada subject files

Series consists of correspondence, clippings, reports, and other documents accumulated by Berger and related to the Sardar Sarovar Dam projects subsequent to Berger's involvement therein, on behalf of the World Bank, in 1991-1992. Also included are materials related to Berger's speaking engagements concerned with this topic. Except where otherwise noted, file names been retained and the arrangement reflects the creator's original order.


35mm slides and digital copies on CD's taken from numerous sources as well
as on location for possible use in the documentary film, "The Spirit Wrestlers."
A slide index was also created.

Encyclopedia of British Columbia

The series focuses on the Encyclopedia of British Columbia (EBC) including the book, CD and website ( Contents include planning and funding information, marketing and promotion, as well as a sample of research and correspondence regarding encyclopedia entries for sports and recreation.

Too Small-Production and Reviews.

Series contains a contract, a storyboard, a document regarding cover layout, sketches, drawings, paintings, research materials, manuscripts, correspondence, notes, galley proofs, a trade catalogue, reviews and clippings, which document the production and critical reception of the book, <i>Too Small</i>. Some oversized materials are housed in a separate container; please see the file list for further detail. This series contains one restricted file.

Ana Sokolović

Series consists of musical scores, handwritten notes and sketches, and a manuscript of the printed first version of Il divertimento barocco (“Baroque Fun” in Italian) 1999 with hand-written edits and other unique manuscript material related to the work’s revision in 2019/2020. The piece was commissioned by the Orchestre baroque de Montréal with funding from Canada Council for the Arts and completed by Sokolovic in 1999, when it was performed at the Salle Pierre-Mercure in Montréal on November 4th. It was originally written for violin, harpsichord, and string ensemble, but has also been performed by baroque flute, violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord at the Galerie Montcalm in Gatineau, QC in 2012.

Sokolović, Ana

Renaerts v. Vancouver General Hospital

Series consists of legal documents, clippings and notes related to the malpractice suit on behalf of Ximena Renaerts, who had suffered brain damage when she was born, heard in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1998.

Blue Mountain Woodlot

Series consists of documents related to the management of the Blue Mountain Woodlot, of which Bunce was part owner. This woodlot was located near Maple Ridge, BC. Throughout the documents, it is also referred to as Woodlot 38. Material includes forest development plans, fire plans, a forest strategy report, recreation management strategy, correspondence and other administrative documents. Also included are articles written by Bunce that address Blue Mountain Woodlot work.

A number of documents containing personal and financial information related to the other owners of this Woodlot were removed because of their confidential nature.

Wolf and the Seven Little Kids-Production and Reviews.

Series contains a contract, sketches, drawings, paintings, research materials, correspondence, notes, galley proofs, reviews and clippings, which document the production and critical reception of the book, <i>Wolf and the Seven Little Kids</i>. Some oversized materials are housed in a separate container; please see the file list for further detail.


Series contains notebooks, Greenboathouse Reading Series promotional material, autographs, sales, articles, finances, photographs, catalogues, correspondence, rejected manuscripts, reviews and mentions.

Barbara Monk Feldman

Series consists of scores, edits, correspondence, and a publication related to two compositions by Barbara Monk Feldman: The Northern Shore for Percussion, Piano and Chamber Orchestra; and, The Pale Blue Northern Sky. The Northern Shore for Percussion, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra is a 2018 revision of Monk Feldman’s 1997 work, The Northern Shore. Whereas the earlier version was written for violin, piano, and percussion, the revision is scored for chamber orchestra. Monk Feldman wrote the piece as an abstracted impression of the colors, textures, and atmospheres evoked by a specific place and time in nature, in particular the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec where the St. Lawrence River widens into the ocean. Here, the opposite shore appears across the water to Monk Feldman as a sort of mirage that is either enhanced or diminished by the intensity of light on the water during the day. It is this memory of light that Monk Feldman found inspiring, utilizing the way that differing registrations of the violin are sustained in relation to the percussion and piano as an intimation of light and horizon. The Pale Blue Northern Sky was similarly inspired by the same Gaspé location and thus acts a ‘sister piece’ to The Northern Shore. It was written in 2007 for two guitars and a mandolin.

Monk Feldman, Barbara

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