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Blanche Howard fonds
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Correspondence with Carol Shields

The subseries consists of email and traditional correspondence between Blanche Howard and Carol Shields, as well as related correspondence and ephemera from 1974-2006. The correspondence between Howard and Shields deals with subjects such as the respective writing careers of the correspondents, literature, and personal and family goings-on. The subseries also contains correspondence between Howard and other members of the Shields family, including Carol’s husband Don Shields, and daughters Anne Giardini and Sara Cassidy. The subseries also contains correspondence between Carol Shields and Bruce Howard. The subseries also includes some correspondence related to the publication of the book “A Memoir of Friendship.” Ephemera in the subseries consists of newspaper and magazine clippings regarding Shields, including reviews, articles about awards and honours, and obituaries and tributes.


Series consists of email and traditional correspondence between Blanche Howard and Carol Shields, related correspondence, and ephemera from 1974-2006, and general correspondence, related clippings, and ephemera from 1972-2012.

General Correspondence

Subseries contains traditional and email correspondence from 1972-2012 covering a range of subjects related to Howard’s writing career, her involvement with The Writer’s Union of Canada, her position as an instructor with Capilano College, her political interests, and her personal life. Material related to Howard’s writing career includes correspondence with literary agents and fan mail regarding “The Manipulator” and “A Memoir of Friendship.” Notable correspondents include Don Shields, Anne Giardini, short-story author Merna Summers, politician Iona Campangola, and author Janet McNaughton. Howard also sent letters to writers to express her appreciation for their work, including Margaret Atwood, Alberto Manguel, and Susan Hill. Related ephemera in the subseries includes grade reports and registration forms for classes taken at Capilano College, a brochure on literary agents, photocopied and printed articles, and reviews and clippings.

Grant applications

The grant application series contain three files that carry Howard' s applications for financial assistance between the years 1990-92.

Publisher's contracts

Publisher's contract series contains five files that contain correspondence with the publisher, McClelland & Stewart as well as contracts for <em>The Manipulator</em>, <em>Pretty Lady</em>, and <em>The Immortal Soul of Edwin Carlysle</em> and statements of royalties.

Out file register

The single file is an out-file register (stainless steel personal telephone book) of when and where Howard's manuscripts and short stories were sent for publication. It includes a tally of what work was rejected or accepted by date and recipient.

Reviews and Publicity records

The series contains newspaper clippings, jacket designs and hand-written annotations by Howard of when and where reviews of her work appeared. The series spans a twenty-year period 1970-1990; the file also contains wight 5cm X 5cm publicity photographs of Howard.

Vanier Institute of the Family records

Governor General Georges Vanier and Madame Pauline Vanier founded the Vanier Institute of the Family in 1965. Vanier institute of the Family is a national charitable organization.
The organization funds research on demographic, economic social and health issues that effect contemporary Canadian life. In 1980, Blanche Howard was the Prime Minister's nomination for placement on the executive board of directors, for which she was duly elected.
The series contains two files, which include correspondence and board meeting minutes. The predominant subject of the series is a dispute involving members of the executive.

Moodyville Theatre records

Don Williams (producer of the 1970's television series, "The Beachcombers") created the Moodyville Theatre in 1990. William wished to forge a North Vancouver based professional theatre. The theatre put on numerous plays, which included Blanche Howard's, "A Celibate Season" in 1990 before closing permanently in 1992.
Series contains one file of correspondence, minutes (March 1990-Aug. 1990), flyers and programs and financial information including bank statements, receipts, invoices and cancelled cheques. Howard was a member of the board of directors and acted as treasurer for the theatre.

Literary work

The Literary work sous-fonds consists of a variety of Blanche Howard' s writings, such as typescript and computer generated manuscripts of published, unpublished and abandoned novels, essays, short stories (most include hand-written annotations), and research material. In addition, the sous-fonds contains a newspaper column and letters-to-the-editor written for various newspapers in the Okanagan, Vancouver and Ottawa. The sous-fond contains newsprint and photocopies of newspaper clippings of Howard's column, and her various letters-to-the-editor. The sous-fonds also accommodates book reviews written by Howard, speeches written for herself and others and a single play, "A Celibate Season"). Most of the series contain correspondence with publishers. The sousfonds is comprised of the following series : Novels and Plays, Associated Material, Short stores and Essays and Non-fiction series, as well as the single play, "A Celibate Season" (Play).

Associated material

The series contains three of Howard's books: The Immortal Soul of Edwin Carlysle, Pretty Lady, and The Manipulator, as wells as literary work by Carol Shields in both draft and manuscript form for which Blanche Howard was editor (includes hand-written annotations).

Novels and plays

Series consists of novels and plays in draft and finished form. The series contains publisher's copies of The Immortal Soul of Edwin Carlysle and Pretty Lady. Series also contains both hand-written annotations and correspondence with publishers.

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