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Heavenly Monkey publishing records

Series contains copies of books and ephemera issued by A Lone Press (1998-1999) and Heavenly Monkey (1999- 2010) and includes setting copies, detailed page layout schematics, dummy of final book, final printing schedule and sequence, proofs and impressions, make-ready copies, printing plates, printing blocks, and various other documents used in the creation of each item.

Architectural Drawings

Records include architectural drawings of some of Cardew’s most well-known projects including the Crown Life Building (now known by its address at 1500 West Georgia), the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia, the Calgary Folk Music Festival Hall, the CN Pavilion at Expo ’86, the Lignum Sawmill Offices, Reigning Champ Stores, and the Yunesit’in First Nation (also known as Stone Band) School, as well as private homes, offices and furniture. Drawings are both stapled and loose, hand drawn and printed, on a variety of media such as tracing paper, bond paper and vellum.

Community activities

Series consists of records related to Jean and Bernard’s involvement in various community organizations, particularly local arts, history and Indigenous cultural regeneration in the Okanagan.

Records relate to Jean’s leading role in the Okanagan Mainline Regional Arts Council and other regional arts councils, and their festivals, projects and arts advocacy. Records relate to Bernard and Jean’s involvement with the Okanagan Historical Society: Jean as editor of its annual report (1982-1988) and Bernard as president (1982-1991). Records relate to Jean’s involvement in University Women’s Clubs and Bernard’s roles with the Okanagan Summer School for the Arts and the Festival Concert Society. Records relate to Jean’s writing on local history, including Indigenous history as editor of Okanagan Sources.

Records in the series reflect the development of cultural policy in B.C., the linkages developed among arts and culture organizations through festivals and traveling exhibits, the expansion of provincial and federal cultural policy during the 1970s, and Indigenous artistic and cultural creation and the need to include Indigenous understandings of history in the evolution of the historiography of B.C.

The series includes business correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, reports, research notes and drafts, articles, biographies, and related materials.

Education and employment records

Series contains records related to Bernard and Jean’s teaching certifications and UBC degrees, and respective careers in education, starting in positions in rural schools.

Bernard’s records relate to his first teaching positions before serving in politics. Records relate to his work as a fruit grower and accountant for his father-in-law’s fruit and vegetable packing business while engaged in politics from 1941 to 1949. Bernard’s records related to his early teaching and administrative positions at the high school level through the 1940s and 50s includes his organization of local dramatic festivals and support of amateur Indigenous productions. Many records relate to Bernard’s career advancement by 1965 into full-time educational administrator in the school districts of Vernon, Kitimat, and the South Okanagan and Keremeos. Records relate to his position in the Ministry of Education in Victoria from 1977-1979 before retiring, and his role as executive director of the Association of BC School Superintendents in retirement.

Jeans’ records relate to her first teaching positions before starting a family and political career with Bernard. Records relate to her return to teaching in part-time and contract positions, including as a teaching assistant at UBC. Records relate to her professional service with the Universities Council of B.C. and organization of university extension courses.

Records in the series reflect the development of the education system in B.C., especially rural education and the experience of one-room schools, the development of Indigenous education and curriculum, the philosophy and practice of province-wide testing, special education and the debate over mainstreaming in the 1970s, the development of alternative schools, the assessment and accreditation of schools, and the growth of the college sector. Records also reflect employment challenges faced by married women.

Record types in this series include school records and transcripts, diplomas and certificates, employment contracts, business correspondence, reports, newsletters, theatre programmes, and Indigenous education materials.

Correspondence and biographies

Series consists of primarily incoming correspondence from friends and colleagues of the couple. Records relate to letters from CCF colleagues such as members of the Woodsworth family and Ronald Grantham including letters returned after Grantham’s death. Records relate to a lifelong friendship with Anthony Walsh and Walsh’s biographers. A few letters are from artist and writer, George Clutesi, a key figure in the renaissance of Indigenous arts on the coast, and his wife Margaret. The series also contains personal letters written between Bernard and Jean through the many years the couple spent apart in the 1940s. The series includes biographies of the couple, family members, and colleagues.

Record types in this series include letters, newspaper clippings, and biographical notes and drafts.

Political papers

Series consists of records related to Bernard and Jean’s political careers with the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). Records were created through Bernard’s involvement in the formation of the CCF as a labour journalist, member of the Independent Labor Party, and secretary to J.S. Woodsworth. The series consists of material created and received by Bernard in his role as Member of Legislative Assembly for the riding of Similkameen and leading member of the CCF. Records reflect Jean’s membership in the CCF and close political partnership with Bernard. Many records are related to the CCF, and include election and campaign material and the CCF’s Policy on Indian Affairs drafted by Jean.

Records in the series reflect the local political issues of the time including the creation and early consolidation of a democratic socialist political party capable of forming government within British Columbia; the experience of WWII in B.C. including such important questions as the internment and removal of Japanese Canadians from coastal B.C. and the administration of the economy and the mobilization of labour during the war years; the electoral franchise in B.C. for Chinese Canadians, Japanese Canadians, and those holding Indian status as part of Indigenous self-governance; and provincial post-war rehabilitation.

Records relate to the evolution of labour relations particularly related to mining; the development of public works and infrastructure including the Hope-Princeton highway, rural electrification, flood control, and the disposition of public lands.

Record types in the series include scrapbooks, articles, opinion pieces, a diary, newspaper clippings, political publications, campaign materials, business correspondence, speeches, notes and drafts, government reports, and related materials.

Committee records

The following committees made annual reports to the BCHNPPG. Series consists of textual, graphic, and audio records generated by and related to the committees of the BCHNPPG. Committee reports may be attached to the executive minutes or be filed with their respective committees.

Series is arranged in the following subseries:

  1. Executive
  2. Archives
  3. Biographical
  4. Editorial Board
  5. Membership Information and Lists
  6. RNABC Memorial Book
  7. Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection
  8. Oral History
  9. Pages of History
  10. Scholarship
  11. Website
  12. Treasurer
  13. Advisory
  14. Program

[Biographical Files]

Series consists of 2.4 m of textual records and graphic material related to nurses who have made significant contributions to their profession in British Columbia. They include records related to the person's life and career, photographs, copies of publications, memories and biographical information and other records related to nursing activities in B.C. A brief biography of each subject is included.

An item level description of file contents is located at the front of each file. A full index of all files created by the B.C. History of Nursing Society Archives with biographies, contents list and additional information is available, located in RBSC-ARC-1831-102-15.

Files are arranged alphabetically by individual's last name.

Professional Documents and Other Materials

Records consist primarily of building permit applications, newspaper clippings, awards, diplomas, certificates of membership in professional organizations and posters of various lecture series in which Cardew participated. The series also includes records related to the operation of Cardew’s firm, Peter Cardew Architects, such as account ledgers, the firm profile and an exhibition catalog for his most well-known exhibit Peter Cardew, Ordinary Buildings.

Slides and Photographs

Records consist primarily of slides along with several photographs. The slides reflect projects that Cardew designed and built, including key projects such as the CN Pavilion at Expo ‘86, Lignum Sawmill Offices, Crown Life Building (now known by its address at 1500 West Georgia), the Stone {Yunesit’in} Band School and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia, as well as his most well- known exhibition Peter Cardew, Ordinary Buildings. There are also slides of various buildings that may have served as inspiration for his designs.

Labour Unions

Series documents Pratt’s roles in the British Columbia Government Employees Union, the British Columbia Federation of Labour and the United Way. Numerous academic papers, related to the NDP, socialism, and other related issues written by Alan Whitehorn and sent to Pratt are included in this series. Records related to Pratt’s role as the BCGEU Election Coordinator of the Political Action Working Group, as well as her retirement in 2007. Subject files relate to various women’s issues, BC Benefits, Charlottetown Constitutional Agreement, the Gove Inquiry, Ontario NDP-Labour Union relations, and other labour-related issues. Union professional materials include correspondence, discussion papers, briefs, government reports, committee minutes and agendas, and background papers. 1994 Federal NDP Convention Materials appear in this series as Pratt attended this conference as a BCGEU representative. Some records relate to Pratt’s association with the United Way. Pratt’s labour-related work is closely tied to her political career; where possible these records have been separated by role, however some overlap may be present among the Provincial and Labour Union series. Record types include correspondence, reference material, committee records, reports, newspaper clippings, news release, communications, collected speeches, publications, event programs, a photograph and button.

Pratt, Patrice

Provincial NDP

Series consists of records created and received during Pratt’s involvement with the Provincial NDP between 1986-2016. The series is divided into two sub-series: BCNDP President and BCNDP Associations, Committees and Advocacy. The Party President sub-series consists of professional documents, subject files, and convention materials. Subject files relate to various issues faced by the Provincial Government including: environment, Indigenous affairs, women’s equity as well as the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holdings Society. The BCNDP Associations, Committees and Advocacy sub-series relates to Pratt’s role in the Burnaby-Willington Constituency Association, committee and council membership, campaign involvement and past-President functions. Records include constitutions, policies, election material, correspondence, reference material, reports, convention materials, newspaper clippings, event programs, ephemera and other material.

Pratt, Patrice

Federal NDP

Series contains materials related to Pratt’s involvement with the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) from 1989-1993 and 1997-2005. Pratt was a Vice-President of the Federal Council from 1991-1993, served as a member of the Policy Review Committee and Platform & Issues Working Group as well as Co-Campaign Chair for the BC Campaign during the 1993 Federal election. The series also includes records related to the Social Charter, Party background and constitutions, 1991 convention materials and various records relating to Pratt’s party membership. She was involved with the party in several capacities, including as moderator for the 2002 Leadership debates. Materials have been arranged into the above files related to both functions and subject files. Record types include correspondence, committee agendas, minutes and notes, research materials, reports, final and draft policies, convention agendas, proceedings and reports, final and draft policies, newspaper clippings, communications and campaign banners.

Pratt, Patrice

University of British Columbia series

Series consists of reports, memorandums, surveys and photographs created or accrued by Parimenter during his time employed as a professor at the University of British Columbia. The vast majority of the material revolves around his role in committees that investigated Indigenous students and their academic performance at the university. 13 of the photographs have a letter written in pencil on the verso that corresponds with the supplied list in the file. The list identifies the individuals in the photo.

Research/Miscellaneous Material series

Series consists of research papers, local history, journal articles, annotated bibliographies, essays, reading lists and books on research topics written or accumulated by Parimenter. Most of the material is on residential schools and Indigenous education, but two items document some of Parminter's family history. One is a school exercise book, with exercises completed by hand, entitled "Practical Arithmetick" (1817), written by Samuel Bateson (Parminter's great-grandfather). The other is "Victorian School, "a history thesis written by Sheila Young at James Graham College, Leeds, England (1966), chronicling the history of Farnley School in Yorkshire, where John Vye Parminter served as headmaster from 1875 to 1909.

Regional Inspector of Indian School in British Columbia series

Series consists of official federal and provincial reports, directives, guides, bulletins, addresses, residential school statistics and journal articles accumulated by Parminter during his time as the Regional Inspector of Indian Schools in British Columbia. File 1-18 is restricted due to the personally identifiable information. Any request to view this file is subject to review.

Publications and Presentations

Series consists of working documents and final drafts of articles published by Bunce, notes from presentations that he gave, as well as publications collected by Bunce.

Additional publications and presentations that could be identified as having been prepared by Bunce on behalf of Reid Collins are located in the Reid, Collins and Associates series. Publications that Bunce wrote on the work at the Blue Mountain Woodlot are located in the Blue Mountain Woodlot series.

Audiovisual series

Series consists of six audio tapes, including a radio interview with Black (1987), two performances of "Sam Black Sketches (1988 and 1990), and speeches given on his 50th wedding anniversary. The video tapes, particularly "Sam Black: Surface Flows," "Art Explorations A Workshop with Sam Black," and "Shared Visions," provide exciting insights into Black's philosophy about art. The super 8mm film is labelled "Sam Black" and "Schools and London Trip 19th April-21st May 1972".

Digital Media series

Series consists of digital media (3½” floppy disks, CDs, CD-Rs and DVDs) containing items documenting Schlesinger’s life and work, including TV scripts, interview transcripts, typed manuscripts, photographs, and digital video recordings. Various formats, including generic file formats, Word Perfect 5.0, doc (97-2003), tif, jpg, mp3, MPEG, and pdf, are present. In addition, an item inventory is available for each floppy disc and optical disc. Please ask UBC Archives staff for more details.

Editions and Anthologies series

The series consists of manuscripts, correspondence, organization notes, and records related to books and anthologies edited by New. Works represented in this series include the Four Hemispheres (1971), Voice and Vision (1972), Modern Canadian Essays (1976), Active Voice (1986), Modern Stories in English (1975), Canadian Short Fiction: From Myth to Modern (1986, 1992), Literature in English (1993), Canadian Literature (1966-177, 1994, 2002) and A 20th Century Anthology (1984).

Poetry series

The series consists of manuscripts, correspondence, organization notes, and records related to poetry authored by New. Works represented in this series include Riverbook and Ocean (2002), Science Lessons (1996), Raucous (1999), Strait Home (1999), Halfway Home in the Rain (1993), Stone/Rain (2001), Night Room (2003), Touching Ecuador (2006), Underwood Log (2004), Along a Snake Fence Riding (2007), The Rope-Maker’s Tale (2009), YVR (2011), New and Selected Poems (2015), Neighbours (2017) as well as assorted individual poems not collected under titles.

Reference Books series

The series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, notes, lists, contributor forms and printed material related to reference books such as guides and bibliographies authored by New. Works represented include Malcolm Lowry: A Reference Guide (1978), select essays in the Dictionary of Literary Biography (1986-2002), Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada (2002), and Janet Frame: An Enumerative Bibliography to 1990.

Essays and Articles series

The series consists of correspondence, notes and drafts relating to several of New's articles, including his article in volume 3 of The History of the Book in Canada, “Literature in English” in The Canadian Encyclopedia and “The Short Story in Canada.”

Criticism and History series

The series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, notes, and records related to works of literary criticism and history authored and edited by New. Publications include Among Worlds: An Introduction to Modern Commonwealth and South African Fiction (1975), Margaret Laurence: The Writer and Her Critics (1977,) Malcom Lowry (1971), A Political Art: Essays and Images in Honour of George Woodcock (1978), Dreams of Speech and Violence: The Art of Short Story in Canada and New Zealand (1987), A History of Canadian Literature (1989), Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English (1990), Inside the Poem (1992), Land Sliding: Imagining Space, Presence & Power in Canadian Writing (1997), Borderlands: How We Talk About Canada (1998), Reading Mansfield and Metaphors of Form (1999), Annual Review of Canadian Writing, Articulating West: Essays on Purpose and Form in Modern Canadian Literature (1972), Grandchild of the Empire: About Irony, Mainly in the Commonwealth (2003), and From a Speaking Place: Writings from the first 50 years of Canadian Literature (2009).

Time Zones series

Series consists of materials documenting the publication and promotion of Schlesinger’s memoir Time Zones: A Journalist in the World, and includes correspondence, clippings, itineraries and brochures for Schlesinger’s promotional tour in support of his book. Files are maintained in chronological order.

Winton/Kindertransport series

Series consists of materials documenting Nicholas Winton’s Kindertransport project and Schlesinger’s involvement in documenting and publicizing the Kindertransport many years later. Winton’s efforts rescued hundreds of Jewish children from European countries under occupation by Nazi Germany in 1938 and 1939 – Joe Schlesinger was one of them, and his name is on the list in File 9-7. Materials include scripts and transcripts for the documentaries Nicholas Winton: The power of good and Nicky’s Children, correspondence, copies of published articles about Winton and the Kindertransport, and related items. Files are maintained in chronological order.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographic prints documenting Schlesinger’s life, career, and travels. Some photographs were taken by Schlesinger, but most were taken by others and show Schlesinger either on foreign assignment or at other events.

Awards and Recognition series

Series consists of materials that document awards, honorary degrees, and other forms of recognition received by Schlesinger during his life and include original certificates, citations, and ceremonial programmes. Files are maintained in chronological order.
Some certificates were removed from their frames during processing.

Miscellaneous series

Series consists of materials that document Schlesinger’s professional career but which don’t fit into any other series and includes a framed poster, several other oversized posters, promotional materials from the CBC, clippings, Schlesinger’s professional membership cards, and the typescript of a speech given at his 90th birthday (author unknown). Files are maintained in chronological order.

Audiovisual series

Series consists of audiovisual recordings that document Schlesinger’s work. Most are recordings of TV broadcasts of his news reports, interviews, and commentaries. Others are original recordings. Some of the materials in this series depict war scenes. User discretion is advised.

Scripts series

Series consists of typescripts of Joe Schlesinger’s television news reports (1966-86) and printouts of his commentaries written for the CBC News and CBC Newsworld websites. Files are maintained in chronological order. The scripts are typed on either “onion-skin” paper or script paper. Many are carbon copies, and most have written edits on them. In many cases, several versions of the same script are retained to consider Schlesinger’s last-minute amendments.

Speeches series

Series consists of typescripts of speeches made by Schlesinger at various events, including his several honorary degree ceremonies. Files are maintained in chronological order.

Correspondence series

Series consists of items of correspondence addressed to and kept by Schlesinger, mainly regarding his professional relationships and career milestones. Items may be handwritten, typewritten, or printed from e-mail. Files are maintained in chronological order.

Scrapbooks series

Series consists of three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings documenting Schlesinger’s work with different newspapers, including the Vancouver Province, the Toronto Star, and the International Herald-Tribune. Files are maintained in chronological order. The volumes are in fragile physical condition, with many loose pages, and are to be handled with care by staff and researchers.

Clippings series

Series consists of newspaper and magazine clippings, photocopied articles, website printouts, other published items, and manuscripts. It is arranged in three sub-series: Pieces by Schlesinger, Pieces about Schlesinger, and Other Pieces. Files are maintained in chronological order. Some items may have been initially included in the volumes described in the Scrapbooks series and are now re-filed here.

Audio visual series

The series consists of various tape formats, including VHS, Betacam SP, Betacam L, Mini-DV, Hi8, DVC-PRO, DVC-CAM and audio cassette tapes. The videotapes are assigned numeric and alphanumeric codes according to the format type and its order in the editing process. For example, the 6000 series are DVC-CAM and DVC-PRO tapes, whereas the 7000 are audio cassette tapes. It is not uncommon that VHS tapes were initially given two numbers codes (by the creator). The alphanumeric codes are the initial tracking codes. This is followed by numerical codes, as seen in the 5000, 7000 and 9000 series. The VHS tapes include time codes.

Only the Betacam are catalogued as part of the University Archives media holdings since these are considered the original, whereas the VHS and other formats are copies. The tapes contain footage of interviews, conferences, such as the Quebec Summit, and the editing process. The Betacam video tapes are accessible under VT UBC 1174 to VT UBC 1478.
Most media was retained, and the duplicate footage was kept in various formats, such as Betacam and VHS. Footage that was not retained consisted of televised material, published works, shots that contained images of landscapes, building exteriors and interiors, audio/video tapes that were damaged, contained no image, and no audio, duplicate footage, PAL format, and images which were severely blurred.

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