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Simonides 521: signed broadside

Broadside was illustrated by Charles, with a translation of a piece by the Greek lyric poet Simonides done by Danielle S. Allen. The broadside was printed by Susan M. Allen at the Oldtown Press in Los Angeles. On the bottom of the broadside is printed "Joint Meeting, Zamorano & Roxburghe Clubs, October 2008."

Publications and Finished Works

Series contains extensive published and finished works authored by Susan McCaslin from 1960 to 2023. The series contains a number of published works authored solely by McCaslin including poetry volumes, chapbooks, zines, small press works such as Letters to William Blake, and other chapbooks written for students and relatives. Also included in the series are works by McCaslin published or featured in edited works, chapbooks, independently published, small press companies, University department annuals and reviews, magazines, writer’s guilds, writing contest anthologies, literary collections, arts publications, church and community newsletters, religious associations publications and communications, among others. The writings in these published works include poetry, non-fiction chapters, creative non-fiction, essays, articles, reviews, memoirs, and opinion pieces, religious and political subject matter. Some of the publications contained in the series include, Andante Literary Magazine, Bellowing Ark: A Literary Tabloid, BC BookWorld, Crux: A Quarterly Journal of Christian Thought, Dialogue Magazine, The Eclectic Muse, Hammered Out, Island Catholic News, Lapis Lazuli, The New Orphic Review, Room of One’s Own, Sage-ing: The Journal of Creative Aging, Zygote editorial, to name a few. Within these publications, McCaslin may have contributed one or various works depending on her involvement, association or the editor compiling the contents. Both reviews of McCaslin’s work and reviews written by McCaslin of other author’s writing appear in the series. Susan McCaslin subscribed to numerous of the serial publications within the series, or received copies of the works as remuneration for her contribution.

Susan McCaslin fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1847
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2023

The fonds reflects Susan McCaslin’s professional career as a writer, poet and teacher as well as her personal interests and involvement in societies, community initiatives, and organizations between 1960 and 2023. Records in the fonds relate to McCaslin’s literary work and publications in various independent volumes, edited works, chapbooks, anthologies, non-fiction monographs, magazines, small press publications, newspapers, University annuals, and religious and arts quarterlies among others. Publicity materials relating to her literary work, tours, reviews, presentations, performances and instructional sessions developed by McCaslin are included in the fonds. The fonds also includes materials created and received through McCaslin’s personal collaborations with fellow artists and authors, community work relating to the environment and her involvement with religious communities and other subject areas. Record types consist of written and email correspondence, chapbooks, zines, published works, magazines, newspaper clippings, promotional and reference materials, drafts, planning documents, reviews and feedback, awards, pamphlets, catalogues, newsletters, communications, posters, bus panels, photographs and other material. The fonds is divided into three series: Publications and Finished Works, Professional, Personal and Administrative Records, and Literary Promotion and Publicity.

McCaslin, Susan

Personal, Professional and Administrative Records

Series documents McCaslin’s various personal, professional, and administrative activities spanning from 1970 to 2023. Awards, achievements and other accolades received by McCaslin from publishers, associations, societies, writing or poetry contests, are included in the series with correspondence and other related information. Materials related to McCaslin’s academic work during the preparation of her Ph.D. thesis at UBC are included in a file. The series contains substantial correspondence between McCaslin and various poets, authors, professors, writers, students, colleagues and visual artists both Canadian and International. McCaslin collaborated with various musicians and visual artists in several literary activities and presentations, correspondence, publicity and background materials are included in these files. Subject files within the series contain background research, drafts and preparation documents for various essays and non-fiction pieces prepared by McCaslin. Including ecopoetics, spirituality and poetry, Thomas Merton and Mary Olga Park. An index of literary influences is provided by McCaslin (RBSC-ARC-1847-09-22), additional files relating to specific literary associates contain correspondence, biographical information, reference material and notes. Some of these associates include Robin Blaser, E.D. Blodgett, Kuldip Gill, Grace Jantzen and Peter Russell.

Series contains transcripts, correspondence and reference material related to radio, magazine or newspaper interviews with McCaslin. The series also includes materials related to numerous poetry readings and events McCaslin engaged in between 1979-2023. Draft speeches, copies of poems, invitations, correspondence and promotional material related to these events appear in the files. As well as reference material and copies of poems consulted by McCaslin during her poetry memorization practice. McCaslin participated in Poetry in Transit, a project featuring poetry and artistic expression within BC Transit vehicles and spaces; catalogues and copies of the printed bus panels appear in the series. Both reviews about McCaslin’s work and reviews written by McCaslin for others appear in the series, as well as various letters of reference in support of McCaslin’s application for awards or other initiatives. Significant records relate to the preparation of talks, presentations, hosted and organized by McCaslin. The titles of a few talks are: Mothers, Mystics, Monsters (2002), Mental Illness and Poetry (2006), Ecopoetics and Contemplation (2017) and The Forgotten Feminine (2005). The series also includes materials related to workshops developed by McCaslin focusing on Leonard Cohen (2009), her memoir Into the Mystic (2009-10), and Ekphrastic Poetry (2019). Drafts and versions of unpublished works are included in the series. The series also includes significant material from the Han Shan Poetry Initiative led by McCaslin and her husband. Han Shan records include newspaper clippings, correspondence, attendance sheets, articles, planning, maps, events, poetry, artistic works, photographs and other related materials which were originally organized into two binders. Within several files, McCaslin has provided a brief explanation of the materials contained within, this may include contextual information about her relationship with an individual, organization or additional background information.

D.T. Willis collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1844
  • Collection
  • [189-?]-2023, predominant 1948-1962

The collection pertains to D.T. Willis’ career and involvement in construction projects throughout British Columbia predominately between 1948 and 1962. The collection includes numerous groups of photographs documenting the opening of the Hope-Princeton Highway, BC Department of Public Works construction projects and personnel, Engineering Conferences, BC Public Works Events and a 1948 image of the original 1880's wagon trail between Hope and Cache Creek, BC. Numerous photographs have annotations on the back, identifying subjects, dates, and contextual information. Textual materials also appear in the Collection, including a commemorative pamphlet for the Hope-Princeton Highway opening, car mileage recordings for several roadways, photograph indexes and identification sheets.

Willis, Douglas Theodore

Literary Promotion and Publicity

Series consists of publicity and promotional materials related to McCaslin’s literary work and activities between 1976 and 2023. Substantial written and email correspondence appear in the series between McCaslin and editors, contributors, publishers, artists, collaborators, event coordinators, literary colleagues and friends. Reviewers and publishers which McCaslin worked with appear in the files, along with reviews, feedback and comments received from colleagues, editors. Materials also relate to planning and coordination of events, book launches, talks, tours, presentations and poetry readings. The series also includes drafts and final versions of speeches and poetry reading packages performed by McCaslin. Newspaper clippings within the series document McCaslin’s personal, professional, and literary activities, publications, events, and other related materials. Promotional material within the series includes posters, bookmarks, pamphlets, invitations, notecards, author biographies, event information, book launch and tour schedules and occasionally draft or preliminary versions of writing, excerpts or photocopies of published works and other related materials. Within several files McCaslin has provided a brief explanation of the materials contained within, along with additional contextual information about the specific publication or evolution of the work over time. These notes indicate major adaptations or whether the writing was included in another edited publication or collection at a later date.

Roy Miki fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1375
  • Fonds
  • 1912-2022, predominant 1967-2009

Fonds consists of correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, pamphlets, academic papers, poems, research material, notes, transcripts, reports, submissions, agreements, minutes, programmes, photographs, and other material. Records relate to Miki’s writing and editing activities, his academic career, his involvement and support of the Japanese Canadian Redress movement, his participation in various literary and cultural events and projects, and his personal life.

Fonds has been arranged into the following ten series: Teaching and Academic Records (1971-2004); Interview and Sound Recording Project Records (1981-2005); Literary and Cultural Events and Conferences Participation Records (1987-2017); Japanese Canadian Redress and History Records (1942-2009); Personal and Miscellaneous Correspondence (194-2014); Writing and Editing (1912-2015); General Files (1962-2015); Awards and Honours (1990-2018); Ephemera and Memorabilia (1957-2015); UFFI action association (1982-1983).

Miki, Roy

B.C. History of Nursing Society fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1831
  • Fonds
  • [189-]-2022

The fonds consists of 22.89 m of textual records, ca. 2650 photographs and extensive audiovisual materials created and/or accumulated by the British Columbia History of Nursing Society (BCHNS). The BCHNS Archives established and organized records into broad groups: fonds/subfonds, collections, biographical files, oral histories and miscellaneous materials. These categories of records have been arranged as subfonds and series under the BCHNS fonds.

Materials related to the society include records created by the group in the course of its administrative activities, and accumulated in its function of preserving material related to the history of nursing in British Columbia and elsewhere. Much of the material has a historical value, both in regard to B.C. nursing, and farther afield. A brief history of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia is included. While there are some earlier records, most date from 1985 to 2012. The records of several committees that made annual reports to the BCHNPPG are included. For example, the Oral History Committee was established in 1981 to document the development of nursing and to capture some of the stories and activities of B.C. nurses. The Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection committee was established in 1990 to raise money for the History of Nursing Scholarship fund and to provide a lasting visual memorial for a friend or family member. Histories of hospitals and individuals are also documented. Events, programs and displays are documented through graphic, audio and textual material. Reference material includes newsletters, records related to Florence Nightingale and the roles played by nurses in war. Postcards and other historical materials more generally related to nursing are also included. Fundraising initiatives, and financial records are also included along with membership information and activities.

Records not related to the formation and ongoing functions of the B.C. History of Nursing Society are divided into 35 subfonds. While the subfonds do not generally relate to specific functions of the BCHNS, they all contribute to a general understanding of individuals and groups of nurses who have contributed to the development of nursing in British Columbia. Many individuals are represented in more than one area of the larger fonds.

The original collections consist of 5.6 m of textual records and graphic materials, audiovisual material and an extensive reference library. The textual records include a comprehensive collection of UBC student cards from 1921 to 1994, several diplomas and certificates, and conference related materials. Records from the Kootenay Lake Hospital, the Kelowna General Hospital and the Prince Rupert General Hospital consist of nursing manuals, training schedules and ledgers. Extensive photographs document historical and educational displays prepared and presented by the BCHNS. Many audiovisual materials contain records created by the Society or provide general reference information. The reference library contains books concentrating primarily on B.C nursing and will be catalogued and made available separately.

Biographical files consist of 2.4 m of textual records and ca. 382 photographs related to nurses who have made significant contributions to their profession in British Columbia. Files include records related to the person’s life and career, photographs, copies of publications, memories and biographical information and other records relating to nursing activities in B.C. An item level contents list is located at the front of each file. A full index of the files, which includes a brief biography of each subject and the file contents is available in RBSC-ARC-1831-102-15.

The oral histories consists of recordings on ca. 320 audio cassettes, 72 CDs and related textual records. These interviews date from 1987 to 2013 and are arranged alphabetically by the subject’s last name. Many interviews exist in multiple formats or have multiple cassettes and/or CDs. A small portion of interviews of high quality and enduring interest have been copied to MP3 format, these materials will be made available upon request. Hard copy summaries are arranged alphabetically in this series. A detailed index of all the oral histories is located in RBSC-ARC-1831-013-13, which includes interviewer and interviewee names, topics discussed, date of recording and other relevant information.

The original 34 subfonds have been retained and arranged as such under the BCHNS fonds. A 2022 accrual added the Richmond-Delta Professional Practice Group subfonds. Records of the society are arranged in the following series:

  1. Formation of the BCHNPPG
  2. Annual General Membership Meeting files
  3. Committee records
  4. BCHNPPG chapter groups
  5. Events, programs and displays
  6. BCHNPG fundraising
  7. History of the RNABC and its membership
  8. RNABC
  9. Published and reference material
  10. Artifacts
  11. Financial records
  12. [Original Collections]
  13. [Biographical Files]
  14. [Oral Histories]
  15. [Artifacts]

British Columbia History of Nursing Society

Personal and Miscellaneous Correspondence.

Series consists of personal and miscellaneous correspondence of Miki, including letters. greeting and post cards, pamphlets. booklets, poems, and photographs. Includes correspondence with other writers, friends, colleagues, and students, as well as with publications to which he sent submissions. Includes also some correspondence of an academic nature.

Committee records

The following committees made annual reports to the BCHNPPG. Series consists of textual, graphic, and audio records generated by and related to the committees of the BCHNPPG. Committee reports may be attached to the executive minutes or be filed with their respective committees.

Series is arranged in the following subseries:

  1. Executive
  2. Archives
  3. Biographical
  4. Editorial Board
  5. Membership Information and Lists
  6. RNABC Memorial Book
  7. Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection
  8. Oral History
  9. Pages of History
  10. Scholarship
  11. Website
  12. Treasurer
  13. Advisory
  14. Program

Research for book - The Red Baron of IBEW Local 213

This series contains materials accumulated by Ian McDonald related to the writing of his book “The Red Baron of IBEW Local 213” written about his father, Les McDonald. Materials include digital sound recordings of interviews, research articles, notebooks, consent forms, a draft royalty agreement, a draft chapter and a press marketing questionnaire.

Editorial Board Committee

The Editorial Board Committee is responsible for the production of the BCHNPPG newsletters. It was formerly called the Newsletter Committee.

Subseries consists of one folder of minutes, correspondence and other records. Subseries also includes the History of Nursing News quarterly publication from 1990-2022, and promotional materials for events organized by the BCHNS.

Ian McDonald collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1783
  • Collection
  • [1910?]-[before 2022]

The collection contains materials related to Ian McDonald's Master's thesis research on the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 213 “Class conflict and political factionalism: a history of Local 213 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 1901-1961," and related to the activities of his father, Les McDonald, a trade union activist who belonged to Local 213 but was eventually suspended for leading the Lenkurt strike of 1966. Les McDonald was also a multi-sport athlete, and is credited with introducing the triathlon into the Olympics; some materials in the collection relate to Les McDonald's involvement in various sport and environmental organizations, as well as some of his personal papers. In addition to what he received from his father, Ian McDonald was also given papers by former IBEW Local 213 business manager Art O’Keeffe and Barry Sharbo, a board member of the Canadian Union of Electrical Workers (UE), as well as Alfie Huston, the former President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213 from 1985-1988, which are included within the collection.

The collection is largely comprised of newspaper and photocopied journal articles, correspondence between members of IBEW Local 213, legal documentation, newsletters and other printed ephemera related to IBEW Local 213.

The collection also contains sound recordings of interviews with numerous figures in IBEW Local 213 created by Ian McDonald during his thesis research. McDonald's thesis, submitted for the completion of a Master of Arts in History at Simon Fraser University, can be found in the Summit database:

The collection also contains background materials accumulated by McDonald while writing his book “The Red Baron of IBEW 213,” including digital sound recordings of interviews, research articles, notebooks, consent forms, a draft royalty agreement, a draft chapter and a press marketing questionnaire.

McDonald, Ian

Winemaking and viticulture

Series consists of records pertaining to winemaking and viticulture at Quails’ Gate Vineyard Estate and Winery. Series includes both analogue and digital records. Series includes records such as photographs, videos, maps, surveys, and tasting notes.

Personal Records

Series documents Mayrs’s personal interests as well as family history. In particular it traces his passion for running, his correspondence on behalf of his personal political views, and some of his activities from when he was growing up (i.e. his work as a paper boy).

Record types include: a genealogy, recollections of Mayrs’s family history written by the creator, press clippings that mention Mayrs, speeches and letters written by Mayrs for friends and personal milestones, photographs and ephemera that relate to his personal and aggregate professional life.


Photographs depict George Whipple, trees and scenery, some with correspondence on back.

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